Wendy Davis Campaign Slogans

Wendy Davis Campaign Slogans

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

by Rebekah Maxwell

Remember when a political leader rose to prominence based on their experience, strength of character, moral integrity, and leadership ability?

Me neither. But it was once generally considered bad for one’s career to publicly extol the virtues of murdering innocent children.

Now, it seems one woman (a term I use loosely) is attempting to break the golden-domed ceiling, and run for governor…based solely on her passion for killing babies.

Wendy Davis is a “celebrated state senator,” if you read the NY Times. But her sole claim to fame rose from this summer’s fight over abortion regulations in Texas…remember, the pro-abortionists’ tampon bombings, hate-filled mob protests, “Hail Satan,” etc.?

Davis is the one who filibustered for 11 hours to stop Texas from raising the standard of medical care in their state clinics…because it makes it harder on abortion clinics to scrape by. She spent 11 hours pontificating on the necessities of baby-murder. Oh, and she wore pink sneakers to do it.

Now, Davis is openly talking about running for governor of Texas, a move on which most political analysts have yet to comment…because they can’t stop laughing (although we did make out something about “a snowball’s chance in Austin in August.”)

However, in the interests of sportsmanship…Continued here: http://stevedeace.com/news/wendy-davis-campaign-slogans/

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