Texas Seeks To Stop Human Trafficking

Texas Seeks To Stop Human Trafficking

The fact is, most Texans probably do not realize that Human Trafficking is a huge issue in the Lone Star State.  On the surface it sounds like an issue that far away countries deal with, not good ol’ Texas.   It’s something we see in movies or on TV, but we forget it actually happens here.   However, recent raids by the FBI and State Agencies in Houston are probably just the tip of the iceberg. 

According to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, Texas is widely considered a major destination, and corridor, for human traffickers because of its major cities and the way the interstate system, specifically I-10 runs from Houston to El Paso.  In addition to this, we have a very large, and very open international border.  At the 2006 Department of Justice National Conference on Human Trafficking, the I-10 corridor between Houston and El Paso was identified as one of the main routes for human traffickers.

After factoring in the porous border with Mexico, the port area around Houston, the other major cities in Texas, and the interstate system, makes for difficult logistics with law enforcement.   In response, the Texas Legislature has created the Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force.

This Task Force was developed by Attorney General Greg Abbott Office to help criminal justice professionals dismantle human trafficking operations through training and awareness.  The Task Force has also developed a training manual for law enforcement to help them identify possible human traffickers and their victims.    The attorney general has said, “The manual is a key tool for law enforcement officers, prosecutors, parole officers, social workers and others who are positioned to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable and the victimized. The criminal justice manual is one more step we are taking to fight back against the scourge of human trafficking.”…Continued here: http://www.hardhatters.com/2013/10/texas-seeks-stop-human-trafficking/

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