Texas Monthly Rides to the Rescue of Dan Branch

Texas Monthly Rides to the Rescue of Dan Branch

by Brandon Darby

The current scandal surrounding Texas State Rep. Dan Branch and his campaign to become Texas Attorney General began when Breitbart Texas sent a media request to the campaign regarding a 2005 amendment Branch sought to include in a bill restricting late-term abortions in the state. Branch sought to include language that could have expanded the medical powers of Texas abortionists, according to recent Breitbart Texas analysis.

The Branch campaign chose not to respond to Breitbart Texas; they instead sent out a state-wide press release attacking the reporter who asked the question. The PR stunt backfired and led to many more eyes seeing the issue–largely due to Texas media outlets writing about the bizarre PR stunt.

The debacle led to the original bill’s creator speaking out against Branch and insisting he was “distorting” truth. Breitbart Texas rightfully called out Branch on his seeming hypocrisy on the matter and went further to call out Branch’s campaign manager for his history of involvement in failed, poorly planned political attacks.

Enter Texas Monthly

“A Petty Turn in the AG Race,” wrote Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder as a headline. After taking every opportunity to attack the character of Breitbart Texas writer Michael Quinn Sullivan, Grieder informed her readers of a long list of matters that she felt should be discussed instead of Branch’s previous attempt, with the heavy implication that apparent character issues and hypocrisy in a Texas Attorney General are irrelevant traits and characteristics for Texans to pay attention to in a candidate. She opined:

Texas has about 27 million people, roughly 5 million of whom are children enrolled in public school. We have six of the 20 biggest cities in the country, and a 1200-mile international land border. We have some of the highest property tax burdens in the country, and some of the worst wealth metrics. Our water supplies are ominously low, and our roads are not in good repair. I get that it’s campaign season, but a failed amendment to an amendment to a 2005 law which has since been made redundant is not, by any defensible criterion, an issue of critical importance to the state of Texas.

Shorter Texas Monthly: It does not matter if a “pro-life” candidate intentionally took an action that could have expanded the medical authority of Texas’ abortionists. It does not matter if the candidate’s campaign director attacks someone asking a question for a news outlet. Questions about a candidate’s character—especially regarding the sanctity of life—are now too “petty” for Texans.


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