Texas Government: Hey, Big Spender

Texas Government: Hey, Big Spender

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A fact about Texas politics that outsiders are often surprised to learn is that its legislature convenes only biennially. Meeting for a few months every other spring is among the reasons why the Texas economy has performed so beautifully through the Great Recession and its aftermath. To put it bluntly, by restricting the very ability of its lawmakers to convene, the Texas Constitution helped secure the blessings of prosperity to its people in a way that should leave Californians and Illinoisans with pangs of envy.

RERadio_logoThis past spring, 2013, was one of those years when the legislature met. By the middle of June it was beginning to appear as if the regular sessions of the Texas House and Senate would have all their business wrapped up. Then, a scene of near-pandemonium ensued on June 25 when Democrat Wendy Davis, an all-but-anonymous Senator from Fort Worth, launched a successful 12-hour filibuster that doomed an abortion-restriction bill.

Governor Rick Perry responded by…Read full story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/briandomitrovic/2013/08/20/texas-government-hey-big-spender/

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