Stop The Magnet: Houston ISD’s Arabic Immersion Magnet School Issue

Stop The Magnet: Houston ISD's Arabic Immersion Magnet School Issue

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Houston ISD’s Arabic Immersion Magnet School Places Children in the Crosshairs of Civilizational Jihad 

Concerned Texans and taxpayers that oppose the Arabic Immersion Magnet School will gather for a First Amendment assembly on December 11,2015 at 1PM at the Arabic Immersion Magnet School.

Houston ISD is permitting the fox to guard the henhouse in utilizing poorly vetted teachers of Arabic language often obtained through organizations such as the Arab-American Cultural and Community Center (ACC) and Qatar Foundation International. Placing PK-K aged children in the front lines among those who are seeking to undermine the United States is negligent, inexcusable and reckless.
Houston ISD relies heavily on the assistance of the ACC to locate Arabic speaking staff. ACC,a group heavily involved in Arabic refugee resettlement alongside CAIR, a terrorist group, as identified by the UAE raises questions. Nationwide, Arabic charitable groups are working together to promote the Islamic mission of hijra through mass Islamic immigration via the refugee resettlement program, a form of civilizational jihad. Please note the Muslim Brotherhood strategy paper on North American settlement here: Investigative Project

HISD has hired Syrian natives and accepted applications from middle eastern teachers recommended by ACC (that are experienced in teaching the Koran), to teach Arabic in its schools:
Meanwhile,the war on terror against the West escalates and federal law enforcement agents bemoan the total lack of security checks on such individuals as a result of the nonexistence of data bases to cross-check amid a burgeoning market in falsified passports. Fears of ISIS reaching the US via the refugee waves are a genuine concern among many lawmakers and security experts,

We believe that Houston ISD is motivated by Qatar Foundation’s generous grant streams and forced multiculturalism. Unfortunately, this agenda is in opposition to responsible and prudent decision-making based on security concerns and the best interests of young children residing in the United States.

QFI in its MOU agreement with HISD states that they are: “…advancing the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser and the vision of Qatar Foundation of connecting cultures and advancing global citizenship through education.”

Sam Herrera, outreach director for Stop the Magnet asks: “So will very young children in Houston be “connecting” to a Wahhabi state that still utilizes slavery to construct World Cup infrastructures in the desert? or helps to finance ISIS?”

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