Senator Cornyn is a Texas Sized Disgrace

Senator Cornyn is a Texas Sized Disgrace

via Kingwood TEA Party

Senator John Cornyn is actively working against Senator Cruz. On the Ed Hendee show earlier today, Senator Cornyn said in reference to a vote against cloture:

“A government shutdown is not in our best interest.”

In a phone conversation earlier today, the Senator’s Deputy Regional Director for the Dallas area, Collin McLochlin, told us the Senator plans to vote for cloture, even though in doing so Harry Reid would be able to strip defunding language from the CR. The reasoning? Mr. McLochlin said the Senator is worried about the Democrats and media blaming a government shutdown on Republicans, and therefore causing the party losses in the 2014 election.

Indeed, on the Ed Hendee Show, the Senator also inferred that it would be better if Obamacare were implemented and people began to feel it’s effects, saying “anything we can do to remind the American public that Democrats own Obamacare, which is becoming increasingly unpopular- a train wreck occurring right in front of our very eyes- I think that sets us up in pretty good shape for 2014.”

So according to Senator Cornyn, Obamacare is fine as long as Republicans win in 2014? The Senator needs to be reminded that a vote for cloture is a vote for Obamacare.

It has been nearly impossible to get through to any of the Senator’s offices, but the phone number which has so far worked the best is his campaign office’s number, which is: 512-494-8535

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