How to Protest Your Property Value

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2015:  Important Year to Protest Your Property Value

The real estate market has been robust so expect notices from the county appraisal district that your property value is up over last year. Although many had hoped that the more than 100 tea party supported candidates who have taken office in the Texas Senate and House over the last three legislative sessions would finally act to lessen the pain of appraisal creep, a future with lower appraisal caps doesn’t look good for the 84th Session. So, take matters into your own hands. Join County Tax Assessor Collector Cheryl E. Johnson who, for the 11th year, will teach techniques – not tricks – to help …. read more here.

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By Cheryl E. Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector

Inspector General’s Report: Oversight of Unaccompanied Alien Children


How To Pass a Resolution to Protect the Health, Safety, and Security of the Citizens In Your Town

People have asked how to go about passing a Resolution to protect the rights of citizens in their town or city, concerning the federal harboring and encouraging of illegal aliens.  First of all, let me say that we shouldn’t have to do this, but the federal government started this fight a very long time ago, and now we’re in the 11th hour.  It’s up to us to finish it.  The big government politicians and open border activists have made their true intentions very clear, so don’t accept the rhetoric that all they want are a few tiny, inconsequential concessions here or there…”for the children”  NOT TRUE!  Their ultimate goal is AMNESTY and wide open borders.

Do not sit back and wait for your representatives at any level of government to do this for you, it’s like pushing a rope.  By the time you are forced to admit they don’t have the guts or are being out-maneuvered by their Legislative leaders, it will be too late.  So do what you can do, where you are at:  your own city.

Below are some simple steps to follow to get a Resolution presented in your town.  Warning: most of you will get push back, and many city council members may resent you or their colleagues for forcing them to take a stand one way or another in this battle of principles.  It’s all fine for them to talk the tough talk, but they get really testy when you want them to WALK their talk!  Don’t let up – they need to take a stand one way or another to send a message.  Be professional and courteous, but be firm. You are the boss.

1. Download a working template of the Resolution here (Word format).  It’s in a ready-to-go template that can be customized to your town.  If you live in another state, replace the Texas Constitution citations with corresponding citations from your own State’s constitution.

2. Speak with selected Council Members or County Commissioners who claim to be Conservative, garner their understanding and support and request the Resolution be put on the agenda. You will need one or two Council Members to sponsor the Resolution, depending on your city’s rules of governance.  I don’t recommend going to the unelected City Manager/Administrator or City Attorney – that’s the Council Member’s job.

3. Get the support of your local Sheriff or Police Chief by talking with them and showing them the actual resolution you would like to put on the City or County agenda.

4.  Marshall your resources. You can use my research on Unconstitutional Acts and/or the actual law that expose the truth about how the feds are mismanaging and exacerbating the problem.   More notes are here, supported by various news articles and information current as of July 5th, 2014.  This is a rapidly morphing crisis.

5. Pack your next City Council meeting with supporters. Use phone lists, email, Facebook, and Twitter to get the word out to the local public to attend.  Keep showing up to each meeting until and when they put the Resolution on their agenda for a vote.  The night of the vote – pack the house!  Let them know how important this is by getting everyone to show up for this vote!

6. Contact your local Tea Parties, veteran’s organizations (which have large networks of contacts), grassroots groups, etc – they will help you spread the word.

7. Contact your local veterans groups, they fought and died for the rights of soverignty that the politicians are ignoring.

8. Send letters to the local news outlets – opinion pieces and letters to the editor are vital in winning the support of your town’s citizens.

9.  Finally, and most important – DON’T GIVE UP.  Many politicians will try and wear you down with indifference, manufactured outrage, pomposity, condescension, bureaucracy, and just outright wasting your time.  This is too important to get easily flustered or frustrated.  See their histrionics for what it really is – they are SCARED.  Don’t back off – be polite, but firm. Just know going into this that you’ve got to be in it for the long haul.

10.  If you have Council Members or County Commissioners who take this stand – make sure you and others tell them how much you appreciate them taking a risk to do what hasn’t really been done at the local level before.  These are dire times and they require drastic measures.  Any Council Member or County Commissioner who has the intestinal fortitude to vote for this resolution NEEDS to hear your approval and appreciation.  They’ve just taken a risk on everyone’s behalf and they need to know you’ve got their backs.

If you need help, I’m here to assist in every way I possibly can:  832-613-1509.

~Heidi Thiess
Council Member, City of League City  “The voice of the grassroots of Texas”
Exec. Board Member, Clear Lake Tea Party
Member, Texas Border Volunteers
Citizen Activist


Notes To Support Resolution Protecting the Health, Safety, and Security of City’s Residents

This is a very explosive and fast-moving crisis.  It is not dramatic to say that it had breached the bounds of the government’s ability to control it.  Some of the information I have collected below will be outdated very soon as more and more is revealed concerning the true status of the crisis.  Nevertheless, my notes as of July 5th, 2014, are below.

Supporting document links to include in data sheet:

I just wanted to take the opportunity to present you with some of my reasoning behind this Resolution. I’ve been following this burgeoning crisis VERY closely.  I am well aware that it is running rampant and is outside the bounds of the government’s ability to control it.  They are scrambling to find places to dump the overflow from their government-run camps.  Places around the country are pushing back.  In our area alone, the feds have sent over a thousand UACs (unaccompanied minors) to Conroe, Houston, more to Oyster Creek, and the feds are negotiating for a big place in Baytown, and possibly Galveston.  Furthermore, even more are being dumped on the streets in towns across Texas, and many of them are walking out the revolving doors of the holding facilities and right into the communities (like Conroe).  I am going to include a partial list of resources (in addition to the ones listed in the data sheet) of news coverage so that you can get an overall picture of what I believe we are dealing with.  I hope then you will see where I am coming from.

First off, let me start off by saying that my main concern is for the health, safety, and security of my community, League City.  That is where my loyalty lies, and nowhere else.

Todd Starnes, Fox News: Unsustainable tax & health burden on communities:

The federal mismanagement of the border crisis is inhumane and exploitative. And the fed and state authorities are allowing the crisis to worsen.

My intention with this resolution is to send a message that we will not allow a detention center for illegal aliens in our community.

Not while this is going on:

Nor this:

Nor while this is going on:

And while the feds block representatives of the people from knowing what is going on they cannot bring that secrecy and threat into our community. Congressman Bridenstine blocked from accessing camp: …

No transparency = no trust. My concern and loyalty is first and foremost for our citizens.

Due to federal mismanagement of this crisis, the feds are burdening local communities.

City leaders are being excluded from fed plans to disperse out of detention camps.

This will adversely impact our city’s public safety services, our schools, and City resources.

Worse news from BP agent Cabrera:

Cabrera’s biggest fear is happening. We must protect the children, seniors, and citizens of LC as best we can.

Our Texan children and seniors are most vulnerable to sicknesses endemic in Third World, but that are not common here.

I don’t want this to happen in League City schools:

Rep Cuellar (D-TX): “…when you’ve got kids coming in from some of these countries where they don’t have great health systems, we gotta watch out.”

So far these states have refused illegal alien holding facilities in their towns: CA, NY, MD, VA.

Rep. Ken Calvert, R-CA. pleaded with Homeland Security to “leave CA out of the Texas border mess” …

Congressman Chris Collins from New York says “it’s a humanitarian crisis. The children need to be housed and looked after. But not here.”

“I don’t believe New York should be on the list,” Collins said.

Rep. Collins: “…because ultimately, if not immediately, there will be a cost that will be passed on to the New York taxpayers.”

Brean: “So if not here, then where?” Rep. Collins: “I would just suggest not here (NY).”

Rep Collins (NY): “My comment is, they’re crossing the border in Texas and Arizona, that’s where they should be.”

NY says NO:

CA says NO:

VA says NO:

MD says NO:

So Texan taxpayers must bear this burden alone?! But not blue states that have pushed for the very misguided national policies that have created this crisis?!
We cannot trust the federal government to get this right, nor should we be forced to bear the brunt of the burden of the crisis they created and exacerbated through their subsequent mismanagement. Federal authorities are out of control of the health, safety, and security aspects of the border crisis and they cannot be allowed to establish a foothold in our city. State authorities must call a special session to deal with this crisis. However, in light of the State Legislature’s inaction, we local leaders must act to protect the citizens within our own jurisdictions. If we leave it until the feds try and work something behind our backs, then we too are left with only poor crisis management. To lead, we have to anticipate the problems. We have to get out ahead of the crisis and send the message that we decline to participate in the federal mismanagement of this border crisis!

Thank you for hearing me out.


A Resolution To Protect the Health, Safety, and Security of the Residents of League City

RESOLUTION NO. 2014-_______



WHEREAS, the citizens of League City, Texas recognize their duty as law-abiding citizens to act in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution, and agree that their right to life, liberty, and property shall not be infringed; and

WHEREAS, the federal government has failed to protect the homeland in accordance with Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, Texas has the right and obligation to protect its citizens in accordance with Article 1, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution:

Freedom and Sovereignty of State.  Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired to all the States.

And is supported by Article 1, Section 29 of the Texas Constitution:

Provisions of Bill of Rights Excepted from Powers of Government; To Forever Remain Inviolate. To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein designated, we declare that everything in this (Texas) “Bill of Rights” is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto, or to the following provisions, shall be void.

WHEREAS, the citizens of League City Texas are greatly concerned regarding the ongoing massive influx of illegal aliens seeking unauthorized entry to the United States; and

WHEREAS, it is estimated that more than 90,000 minors will arrive in the United States during the 2014 fiscal year and an additional 145,000 illegal alien minors in 2015 fiscal year, with most expected to remain in Texas cities and communities; and

WHEREAS, the leaders of League City question the impact that the sudden influx of school-age illegal minors will have on our Independent School Districts’ (ISD) educational funding, school resources, campus security, and health safety for our children; and

WHEREAS, health advisories report that many illegal aliens suffering from diseases endemic in their countries of origin are being released into our communities; and

WHEREAS, the federal government is actively seeking more locations within Texas towns and counties to accommodate the unprecedented overflow of illegal aliens and unaccompanied minors; and

WHEREAS, the increasing volume of illegal aliens is already bankrupting some cities and counties in the State of Texas by overwhelming the local medical, educational, law enforcement, and judicial systems; and

WHEREAS, members of dangerous transnational criminal organizations and radical Islamic terror groups continue to exploit the situation to infiltrate the United States for the purpose of establishing criminal activity, terror cells, and training operations within our homeland; and

WHEREAS, without a secure border Texas cities and communities cannot protect the health and safety of their citizens;


Section 1. That all agencies of the City of League City are instructed to refuse requests or directives by federal agencies to permit or establish any facility for the purposes of processing, housing, or detaining any illegal aliens, designated as “refugee” or otherwise.

Section 2. We hereby appeal to our state legislators and elected officials for action and accountability to urgently address the continuing influx of illegal aliens across our border.

  • Through State executive and legislative actions demand that the Federal government provide additional resources for new and/or existing Border Patrol checkpoints, and employ a contiguous physical barrier where strategically prudent.
  • Demand the Texas State Legislature to enhance state smuggling and human trafficking laws, and provide civil liability protections for Texan landowners against criminal trespassers.
  • Demand the Texas State Legislature abolish any and all state-controlled or sponsored magnets that exacerbate the problem of rampant illegal immigration, such as (but not limited to): in-state tuition subsidies, welfare benefits, and free non-emergency health care for illegal aliens.
  • Require the State to perform a cost/benefit analysis of the illegal alien presence and report that cost to Texas taxpayers and state agencies.
  • Pass legislation to prohibit “sanctuary cities” which restrict law enforcement from determining the immigration status of detainees after the commission of a crime within our communities.

Section 3. That civic responsibility demands that community and state leaders begin crisis planning immediately to address the unprecedented wave of foreign minor school age children that could be enrolled in Texas schools this summer; and

Section 4. That the City of League City, State of Texas, calls on other communities and jurisdictions to join with us in this action by passing similar Resolutions.

Section 5. That copies of this Resolution be immediately transmitted to the Governor of the State of Texas; the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Texas’ legislature; each individual legislator that represents our City in the State of Texas; the Commissioner’s Court of Galveston County; and the Sheriff of Galveston County.

PASSED AND APPROVED on the _______ day of July, 2014.


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Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment

September 26, 2011
Dear Fellow Texan:
I am pleased to deliver to you this important report entitled “Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment.”
This report is the culmination of many efforts that started with rural farmers and ranchers bringing pleas for a secure border to me.

Continue reading here.


Texas Transparency


Tell the Truth Texas


Texas Legislature Online


How To Dispute Your Property Appraisal

2014.Lower Your 2014 Taxes

Click on link to access larger files from google docs (including a powerpoint presentation)

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