The election for Republican Party of Texas Chairman will be held during the state convention in Dallas, May 12 through 14.  The candidates are the current interim chair, Tom Mechler of Amarillo, and the former 6-term Harris County GOP Chair, Jared Woodfill of Houston.

If voters have complained about a lack of a choice in elections, this is one where that complaint should fall of deaf ears.  Woodfill and Mechler couldn’t be more different in personalities, styles, experiences, ideologies and philosophies.  While Woodfill has the posture of a fire-breathing social conservative with a steel grip on the ideas of the platform and a determination to protect and advance the planks into Texas law, Mechler feels the party should be more of a PR operation for whomever the candidates and officeholders are, and the platform should be abridged.

Mechler is anti-confrontational and operates under the belief that if you “carry the water” for the elected, that’s the best way to get the results the Liberty Movement (LM) are seeking.  Mechler, elected by the State Executive Republican Committee (SREC) during the second quarter meeting of 2015 to replace the resigned chair Steve Munisteri, has admonished LM activists that a confrontational attitude toward the elected will only result in the opposite of what the activists want.

Heading toward the 2014 general election Mechler was still Treasurer of the TxGOP.  He accepted an invitation to be a guest on “The Amazing” Doc Greene’s program that summer. The interview lasted for nearly an hour and a half.

For the first 60 minutes of the interview it seemed to be relatively pedestrian in nature with no real news-making comments.  But, then the last half hour turned explosive.  The real Mechler began to show himself – and, it was jaw-dropping shocking. Who knew Mechler was so RINOCIOUS!

This is the CAN’T MISS interview for any Texan that cares about the direction and management of the Texas Republican Party.  If you are a delegate to this year’s state convention, these last 20 minutes of the interview should be considered mandatory to listen to before you cast your votes.

Interview highlights:

  • The current Texas leadership has taken a “tremendous” amount of action to thwart the national governments intrusion into Texas sovereignty.
  • Mechler does not know the Texas State Constitution and Bill of Rights, and opposes several sections of the Texas State Constitution.
  • Mechler does not believe in tax revolts – the very action that launched the American Revolution. He feels it’s mandatory to fund the national government.
  • Objective number one for Mechler is to beat the Democrats. But, here in Texas, Democrats should be no threat and have no power.  It’s controlled by Republicans.
  • Does not believe in a peoples’ right of self-determination.
  • All problems will be reversed with the election of a Republican president to go along with Republican majorities in Congress.
  • Staunchly believes that U.S. Senator John Cornyn is a strong conservative. Additionally, Mechler approved of Cornyn’s support of the communist former Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro, for HUD Secretary. Cornyn, also from San Antonio, gave an endorsement speech for Castro in the Senate.
  • Vehemently opposes criticizing any Republican in public office. Should focus party efforts on defeating Democratic representatives in Texas – virtually impossible with gerrymandering.  Republican officeholders should not have to endure any opposition from the GOP base.
  • Does not believe that corruption exist within the U.S. Supreme Court and is full of good justices.
  • “Don’t throw rocks” at Republicans, just help “pull the sled” and get more elected. Currently, the GOP holds 98 out of 150 seats in the Texas House, and 20 out of 31 seats in the Texas Senate – in 2011, a super majority existed for the GOP with 101 seats in the House.  How many more Republicans must be elected to get liberty legislation enacted into law?

RER highly recommends you take the 20 minutes to hear the interview for yourself.  You will be a more informed Texas voter, to be sure.

Team RER

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