Texas Right to Life (TRL) has produced a television ad and a long-form YouTube video that doubles down on the organization’s labeling of State Rep. Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball RER61) as a pro-life “fraud”. TRL would not release the exact dollar amount of the media buy. But the scathing charges of killing pro-life legislation during the 84th Legislative Session of 2015 within the videos come in the second week of early voting in the Texas GOP primary.


Riddle is locked in a re-election struggle with liberty movement favorite, Valoree Swanson for the House District 150 seat, which is located in north Harris County. Other candidates in the race appear to be drawing little attention.


The HD150 race was one that labeled as a “one to watch” this primary because of the past alliances that Riddle once had within social-conservative political circles that now consider her a foe. But, it’s not as if the crosshairs of TRL and other LM orgs trained on Riddle isn’t deserving. As the TRL YouTube video points out, Riddle was considered a conservative stalwart and enjoyed the support of TRL in past years and cycles. However, Riddle has since become a “lieutenant” of the pro Planned Parenthood Speaker of the House, Joe Straus.


The final straw for TRL was Riddle’s role in killing SB575 by State Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood RER73). Written to prohibit insurance companies from covering abortions in Texas, TRL confirmed and the Texas Tribune reported in May, 2015 that it was Debbie Riddle that sided with Democrats in the secretive and powerful Calendars Committee to achieve the assassination of the bill.



Apparently, authoring, sponsoring, and co-sponsoring bills with Democrats has become the standard M.O., for Riddle. It was RER that revealed how Riddle worked with four leftist Democrats to craft HB2150 in 2015 that fundamentally changed the way grand juries are selected in Texas. The reasoning being presented in the ranks of pro-life activists for the incomprehensible grand jury indictment of citizen journalists in the Planned Parenthood baby body parts trafficking case is because of this change in the judicial system.


Riddle especially drew the ire of and its president and CEO, Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani for being one of the nearly 50 Republicans that voted in favor of SB19 on the last weekend of the 2015 legislative session. SB19, written for the purpose of ethics reform under the Pink Dome, was easily passed in the Texas Senate and sent, clean, to the Texas House. In the House, the bill was turned into a Frankenstein monster that would have stripped Texans, literally, of their United States Constitution 1st Amendment rights, and sections of the Texas Bill of Rights dealing with freedom of religion, speech, and the press. Kamau-Imani stated on RER, “What Riddle and other Straus-ians voted for would have made the tactics of Lois Lerner, of IRS intimidation fame, legal in the state of Texas. They’ve tried to achieve stripping Texans of constitutionally-protected rights for two straight sessions, now. In both instances, Riddle voted in favor of tyranny – Texan-on-Texan tyranny. She needs to be fired, promptly, with much cause. Riddle is a legislative criminal and tyrant. The title of ‘Texan’ should be stripped from her identity.”


SB19 was so altered by the Joe Straus-led House, with the able assistance of State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) that the bill’s name had to be changed, and convening a conference on the bill was impossible.


Texas Right to Life went even further. That didn’t just limit their ammunition to anti-life actions of Riddle, they also clobbered her on killing American Laws for American Courts legislation (ALAC) in the Calendars Committee, supporting an increase in the minimum wage, and with her strengthening ties to Speaker Joe Straus, her RER Liberty Score has plummeted over the last two sessions meaning that she’s now voting for leftist legislation as TRL’s TV ad emphasizes.


As revealed in the Riddle attack ads, Texas Right to Life is endorsing Valoree Swanson in the HD150 race.



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