The “Raging Elephant” of 2017 – SREC Committeeman Jeremy Blosser

Jeremy Blosser of Tarrant County, is a member of the State Republican Executive Committee for Senatorial District 10.  He is the author of Republican Party of Texas #RULE44.

The “Raging Loser” of 2017 – Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus

The four-term Speaker of the House announced he would not seek another term as Speaker, or as a State Representative.

“Raging Campaign” of 2017 — James Dickey for Republican Party of Texas Chairman

After the unexpected resignation of former Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler, a campaign that lasted a mere weeks was waged that changed the ideological compass, management, and direction of the state party.  Dickey grabbed victory by a single vote over Mechler’s handpicked candidate to be his successor.

Legislature “Raging Warriors” of 2017?

Senate – State Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R-Brenham)

Not having a reputation of being a Pink Dome liberty warrior, and with an overwhelming blah legislative record, Kolkhorst was a surprise choice to carry the “Bathroom Bill” in the 2017 legislative session. She was pitch perfect and stubborn in ushering the high-emotion bill to Senate passage, twice.

House – State Rep. Matt Schaeffer (R-Tyler)

Shaeffer came out roaring like a lion in the 2017 legislative session.  It was a side of the State Representative that we had not observed in previous sessions.  He pushed hard to get the “Bathroom Bill” to the floor of the House in the face of gross tyranny being practiced by the Straus-ians, but without success.  However, he was successful in putting the teeth back into the Sanctuary Cities Bill after Straus-ian State Rep. Charlie “Cookie Monster” Geren was assigned to carry it in the House after Senate passage.         

The “Raging Story” of the Year — The Sudden Collapse of the Straus Reign

Quicker, and just as unexpectedly, than the opening of the Berlin Wall and the crumbling of the Iron Curtain, was the demise of the anti-liberty control of Texas politics by the regime of Texas Speaker of House Joe Straus.  On October 25, 2017, Straus, one of the most powerful Speakers Texas has ever known, announced he would not be seeking re-election as Speaker, or as the Representative of San Antonio House District 121.  Four minutes later, his number two, State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook, Chairman of the most-powerful State Affairs Committee, announced his retirement, too.

The “Raging Rising Star” of 2017 – State Rep. Briscoe Cain (R-Houston)

Although a freshman under the Pink Dome in 2017, Cain is no Johnny Come Lately.  He’s a veteran of religious liberty and pro-life battles, with deep roots in the Liberty Movement.  This background and experience vaulted him to be graded the most conservative legislator in the Texas House for 2017 by the Rice University Political Science Department.  Cain got his legislative sea legs, quickly, and then became a valuable contributor to the brain trust of the House Freedom Caucus.

The “Raging Activist” of 2017 – Dr. Laura Pressley

Since her runoff defeat for Austin City Council District 4 in 2014, Dr. Laura Pressley has been the leading proponent for election integrity in Texas.  Establishment forces from multiple quarters have attempted to discredit her research and short circuit her statewide crusade to inform Texans about the untrustworthiness on Texas election conduct.  Her legal case battling fraud in her own election advanced to the Texas Supreme Court, she forced the Travis County Attorney to sue the Texas AG to prevent them from giving Pressley emails on the county’s election procedures, and Gov. Abbott placed election integrity on his Call for the 2017 Special Legislative Session.

            Honorable Mention — Terri Hall, Texas T.U.R.F.

Being the most vigilant liberty movement activist on the issue of Texas Transportation, mother-of-ten Terri Hall caught TxDOT trying to execute a flanking maneuver to use unauthorized public funds to finance their continued addiction to toll roads throughout the state.

Honorable Mention — Bexar County GOP, Anderson County GOP, Cherokee County GOP, and Hill County GOP Executive Committees

They did the tough and proper job.  They showed the entire Republican Party of Texas what holding your elected officials accountable looks like.  They held to the truth that “the defense of liberty begins in your own backyard”. They censured the RINOs in their own backyards.

Thanks to these dedicated elected bodies of the party, three Republican officeholders were officially censured and recommended for penalties for the first time in party history:  Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus, State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana), and State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches).

“Never Saw THAT Coming!” – Hurricane Harvey

The storm rolled off the Yucatan Peninsula and within 72 hours developed into a category 4 hurricane only a few nautical miles from the beautiful beaches and communities of the Texas Coastal Bend.  In late August, Hurricane Harvey smashed into Port Aransas and Port Lavaca and flattened everything in its path.

With no prevailing steering currents, for five days Harvey sat over southeast Texas and spun – dumping the Gulf of Mexico on Houston, the Golden Triangle, and causing significant damage and difficulties in at least 30 counties.

Harvey’s impact on the Texas economy and politics will last for a decade, or more.

“We Told Ya So…”  

A few of the stories can claim getting the scoop.

            Mechler Resignation

48 hours before he planned to spring it on the rest of the party and state, RER told our audience that Republican Party of Texas Chairman Tom Mechler was going to resign before the expiration of his term.

            Straus #RULE44

RER was embargoed on the hot info.  After knowing that the Bexar County GOP Executive Committee would attempt to #RULE44 the Texas Speaker Joe Straus, RER held the critical info for days before e-blasting out the breaking news shortly after midnight on the day the resolution was to be filed by the San Antonio precinct chairs.

            Pink Dome Civil War

The 2015 legislative session in Texas was Gov. Abbott’s first session.  It was also Lt. Gov. Patrick’s first.  By Sine Die that year, the frustrations between Abbott, Patrick and Speaker Joe Straus was starting to erupt in the public sphere with nasty comments exchanged in media.

We read the tea leaves that Abbott and Patrick would team up during the 2017 session to isolate Straus and go right after him on his weakest positions – especially the social issues.  That was clear when Abbott placed an unheard of 20 items on his special session agenda designed to give Straus and the House heartburn.  Straus called the agenda “horse manure”.

The “Raging Class Act” of 2017 – State Senator Bob Hall         

We’re not sure if State Sen Bob Hall (R-Canton) is a prophet.  Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that his clairvoyance on the issue of Texas security should certainly conjure up the question.

Even before his election in 2014 in an upset victory, Hall had become a champion of border security and protecting the Texas electrical grid.  Texas has its own, independent, standalone power grid.  Hall has been fighting to pass legislation for the funding and completion of the grid’s hardening to protect from a hostile EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack.   Have you been following the developments in North Korea and with “Little Rocket Man”?

Hall also gets points for being a terrier against toll road proliferation and being instrumental in the killing of red light and speed cameras, statewide.

Although a tenacious legislator, Hall goes about his business with direct, yet, gentle words and abundant courtesy.

The “Raging Chicken(s)” of 2017 – Harris County GOP

Very much like her political mentor, Joe Straus, we can’t think of a single issue within the Texas GOP Platform that State Rep. Sarah Davis (R- West University) believes in.  Most every action she has taken while serving in the Texas House has been a violation of the party’s foundational principles.

Yet, when given the tool to chastise her for being an outspoken opponent to the principles and agenda of the party – namely through #RULE44 – the Harris County Republican Party, under the leadership of Chairman Paul Simpson, didn’t do their duty.

The Harris GOP didn’t protect the platform and the principles of the party.

Why?  They were just chicken.  Thus, we gloss the Harris GOP Executive Committee and its Chairman, as “THE CHICKEN COOP”.

The “Raging Jerk” of 2017 – State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook

Article 1 Section 8 of the Texas Constitution establishes press credentials for every Texas citizen.  The Open Meetings Act doubles down on the right of every Texan to record and report on any public meeting.

On one given day during the 2017 Texas Legislative Session, Texas citizen journalist Amy Hedtke decided to practice her craft in the House State Affairs Committee Room of Chairman “Lord Byron” Cook.

“Lord Byron” ordered her to cease live streaming during his committee hearing.  Amy refused.  Cook had her literally dragged out of the room by DPS Troopers and arrested.

Now that Cook and the Texas House are under legal pressure for his actions, the Cook defense is that the courts of Texas don’t have jurisdiction within his committee room.  It will no longer be his committee room in 2019.

            Dishonorable Mention – State Rep. Travis Clardy

We’re trying to figure out where State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches) got his swag, and why?  He fancies himself as the next Texas Speaker. From our observation he’s peddling faux swag.

Clardy may have taken home the trophy if it wasn’t for the unthinkable acts of “Lord Byron”.

The Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee failed to meet the threshold to censure Clardy after two meetings where Clardy made a 100% ass out of himself in an attempt to stop the action.  He was condescending, arrogant, and acted entitled.

Just when he thought it was clear sailing toward the Speaker’s suite, Cherokee took a second stab at it and Clardy went down in history as the second Texas Republican officeholder to be censured through #RULE44.

The “Raging RINO” of 2017– State Rep. Sarah Davis

No brainer.

State Rep. Sarah Davis is pro-abortion with financial ties to Planned Parenthood.  She is pro neo-morality movement.  She possesses a deep resentment toward the principles of the party, has no problem voicing that sentiment. Pretty much every legislative action she takes violates those principles.

We think we can save a lot of money at RER on award costs by pre-ordering the future Davis “Raging RINO” trophies and getting a bulk price break.

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