Spencer Golvach was a young business owner, thriving in Houston. On January 31, 2015, he was shot in the head at a Houston stop light, just after dropping off his girlfriend. The killer was Victor Reyes, an illegal invader that had been deported four times and had spent 5 years incarcerated.


After murdering Golvach, Reyes went on to murder two more men – one Hispanic, one African-American. The threat was terminated and his life ended by police in a shootout on that same night.


In an interview with RER’s George Rodriguez, Dan Golvach, Spencer’s father, squarely lays the blame of his son’s death at legislators in Austin, and their financiers, that refuse to eliminate sanctuary cities in the state. Golvach’s position is that legislation has been repeatedly filed to deal with the crisis. Yet, session after session sanctuary cities are not dealt with, severely. The opposite can be said and argued logically when legislators in both parties are willing to openly state that sanctuary cities don’t exist in Texas.


In his interview with El Conservador live on RER Wednesday, February 17, Golvach stated, “That’s exactly what happened 5 years ago with SB9 that became a house bill, HB9. Joe Straus killed it with stall tactics.


“There’s a lot of different ways you can kill a bill in committee. My friend Maria Martinez (Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement, TFIRE) sat in on a lot of that. JoAnn Fleming and various people. And, he (Straus) just used stall tactics and wouldn’t let it get through. Had that bill passed, I’d still probably have a son.”


HB9 was taken up in Texas House State Affairs Committee in the 2011 legislative special session. It was left pending in committee on June 20, 2011. As was the case in 2015 when sanctuary cities legislation was killed, back in 2011 the chairman of the Texas House State Affairs Committee was State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56). The History of HB9


“I’ve been involved in this campaign against Joe Straus because he has these stalling tactics and he is not going to let any sanctuary cities bills go through”, said Golvach.


“I’m at the point now where I’m willing to say this on the radio. I have some culpability in my son’s death. I’m going to tell you why. Because since this happened – yes, I always voted in the general elections and mid-term elections — but, I was one of these people that was a lifelong Republican and I would just go in and vote the straight “R” ticket. That’s not good enough. We need to quite thinking that a president is a political panacea for all of our problems.


“These local elections, your state rep, your state senator, United States Congressman…, or your U.S. Senator, those are very, very important elections. That’s why Joe Straus is in the Speaker’s seat. He’s not elected by Texas. He’s elected by one district. And the Democrats all voted for him because they know he’s not really a Republican, he’s one of them.”


Golvach admonished Texas voters to know the donors of legislators that refuse to close the border and end sanctuary cities, “Yes, I think that it is very troubling to me that someone like Charles Butt (the H.E.B. grocery store chain magnate) can walk into the state legislature like that because he’s got so much money and he has invested in so many campaigns that he can say ‘Don’t pass this sanctuary city bill or don’t pass this border security bill’, and they won’t. Because they’re terrified of him. Because they’re bought.”


Butt has been a strong financial backer of Straus and other pro-amnesty legislators with “R” behind their names. Just in the last election cycle, TEC reports show that Butt threw nearly $170,000 towards Joe Straus, alone.


Despite what is printed in Hearst Newspapers such as the Beaumont Enterprise, Houston Chronicle, Laredo Morning Times, Midland Reporter Telegram, and San Antonio Express-News, it is well documented that Reyes was an illegal invader and the murderer of Spencer Golvach.


Dan Golvach appears in a TV ad produced by Young Conservatives of Texas. Of the ad, Gilbert Garcia ( wrote on February 18, 2016: “…which features a testimonial from Dan Golvach, whose son Spencer was murdered in Houston last year, allegedly by an undocumented immigrant who had been repeatedly deported.”


RER HOT CLIP Golvach Faults Straus Cook HEB for Son’s Death (full interview)


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