On July 21, 2016, Director of Elections Ken Ingram of the Texas Secretary of State’s office sent a letter to the David Maxwell, Director of Enforcement in the Texas Attorney General’s office, referring a Texas Republican primary election of 2016 be investigated. Ingram and the Secretary of State’s office believe that there is ample reason for AG Ken Paxton (R) to investigate the contest between State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) and his liberty movement, upstart challenger Thomas McNutt.

Cook won the March1, 2016 contest by a mere 222 votes.  The results looked “funny” from the start.  McNutt was leading easily going into bedtime.  However, when the rooster crowed the next morning, somehow Cook had pulled out the reelection.  The complaint filed leading to the referral alleges that there were 1,743 more votes cast then there were voters in the election.

Another irony of the story is that the letter to the AG’s office recommending an investigation into the election proceedings came on the heels of the 5th Circuit of Appeals Court in New Orleans essentially striking down Texas’ voter Id law of 2011.

The original story was picked up by outstanding investigative journalists

More ironically, the letter was delivered to Paxton’s office just 48 hours before Dr. Laura Pressley is to be the featured speaker at the RER1836 Saturday Champagne Brunch.  Dr. Pressley has been traveling the state presenting what she believes is concrete evidence that election violations are happening on a regular basis in Texas, and on the GOP side of polling place.  Following a run for city council in Austin, Pressley began investigating what she felt were troubling signs of voting irregularities in her race and filed a lawsuit.  The lawsuit is in the appeal phase.Dr Laura Pressley Working Room

Recently, Pressley’s most vocal detractors have been raising their voices even louder.  Pressley believe the elevated volume is in response to the original article published by RER reporting on the RPT 2016 Platform calling for measures to be put into place to ensure ballot integrity.  Earlier this week, local Houston liberty movement activist Colleen Vera posted on her blog Texas Trash Talk, a blistering attack on Pressley.  One could say Vera essentially charged Pressley with being a fraud, intellectually dishonest by cherry-picking her data, and being a Democrat plant.

Cook is one of the most reviled elected officials in Texas within the ranks of the liberty movement.  He is the chairman of the very powerful State Affairs Committee, routinely attempts to push amnesty legislation through such as the Texas Solution, has been identified as pro-abortion by Texas Right to Life, and is one of the chief henchmen for Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

Cook is one of the original 11 Republicans that launched a coup against the sitting GOP Speaker, Tom Craddick in the 2011 legislative session.  Straus, Cook and the other RINOs allied with 65 Democrat state reps to overthrow Craddick when the House was split 76-74 Republican.

Liberty movement activists have been suspicious of the integrity of GOP primary elections for several cycles pointing to the consistent margins of defeat for LM candidates cycle after cycle while influence amongst the ranks of the party continues to trend heavy toward LM representation.  In the 2012 primary season, the state rep race that ultimately elected Dr. Greg Bonnen (R-Friendswood RER82) to the state house, the vote count was halted by the Eric Holder Justice Department for “suspicious” mail-in/early-voting ballots.  This came after the DOJ issuing warnings of potential voting irregularities that could take place in several Texas counties, including Jefferson.  The vote was eventually resumed and the results certified, but under a big cloud of doubt.  Dr. Bonnen is brother of State Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton RER73), Speaker Pro Tempore of the Texas House.

Now, more than ever, your attendance to the RER1836 Saturday Champagne Brunch couldn’t be more urgent.  Is Dr. Pressley’s data pure?  Are her assertions accurate?  Has Vera proven Pressley to be wrong?  Are LM activists just being historical?

Find out for yourself.  We hope to see you for brunch
in the morning.  Click here to get your tickets.  Only a few seats are remaining!

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