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Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) has written his book, “The Secrets of My Life” and he is out promoting his book that talks about what he refers to as his “journey”. A journey, that he unfortunately, unwittingly drug along children, a wife and grandchildren along with him. I am not “mis-gendering” anyone here. Whatever Jenner, had surgically altered or consumes daily in the form of hormones does not change the fact that he is a man. Last night, 4/24/2017, one of FOX New’s most respected hosts, Tucker Carlson, had Jenner on as a guest. With the news out that this was a post-Sexual Reassignment Surgery interview; there was only one Tucker on this segment (har dee har har har). It was the most awkward of interviews in the history of interviews. Jenner’s appearance is daunting. Jenner can hardly close his right eye when he blinks and his lips are sideways. It is hard to tell if this is all a result of too many injections of Botox and fillers or a combination of plastic surgery and fillers. Regardless, it is completely scary. He looks like a transsexual Cyclops. His voice is an unmasked masculine voice. Many people do not realize that you do not merely take pills to change your voice; you must take voice training lesson to alter your voice. I would imagine that it is difficult to alter your voice at Jenner’s age. Jenner also still has the masculine size issues that many men have which prevent them from ever realizing the mirror image of femininity they desire and leave them depressed. Jenner has huge man hands and enormous wide shoulders. There is a reason he was such a great athlete, not only did he work hard, but he was built like an athlete. More on how he was built later.  I don’t bring up his look to merely make fun of how Jenner looks.  I bring it up to point out that transition is not a huge success, here we have a man with the means to purchase the best plastic surgery money can buy and he still appears awkward and this former Olympic gold medalist doesn’t even finish the race when it comes to accomplishing the look of a woman.  That is why I bring it up.  Many men who transition are left in limbo land as well, feeling never quite completely man or completely woman.  Sadly, this is not often talked about by the community and it should be.

Beyond appearance and into the mind of Jenner, Tucker Carlson asked Jenner about his politics to which Jenner responded that he is a republican but he is not a one issue voter which is why he was able to vote for Trump despite Hillary being the obvious LGBT candidate. He thought that Trump appeared to be pretty good on LGBT issues. I would agree that Trump seems to be fair to the LGBT population. But now Jenner laments that he is disappointed with Trump over a few issues. Jenner criticized the administration for revoking the Obama administration’s guidelines allowing public school students to use restrooms and other facilities that correspond to their gender identity. Well, I think Trump was being reasonable here. Why can’t Trump be reasonable and still be fair to LGBT?

Jenner also complained that Jeff Sessions refused to prosecute some murders of transwomen as hate crimes. Wait a second, I thought Jenner said in this very same interview that he was a republican because he was for limited government but now a few sentences later he is for the feds stepping in to  state investigations and declaring some murders “hate crimes”. Not every murder of a trans is a hate crime. Just because a person is a trans doesn’t make a crime against them rise to the level of a hate crime and it this is not equal treatment under the law to prosecute people differently dependent upon the class of the victim and the motives of the perpetrator. This would fall under premeditation, which would elevate the class of murder if it applies and that is where it should be left for the sake of equality.

While we are on murder, Jenner brought up Murder and “all the problems that plague the trans community. Here we go with the victim talk again. As if none of these people are successful people in their own right either before or after transition. Of course, we know better because there sits a shining example right there on the screen. If putting off transition is such a horrible discomfort and causes suicide then how did Jenner manage to become a decorated athlete and success story? He goes against the narrative which is why the trans community wants you to forget all about Bruce Jenner and focus entirely on the airbrushed image of Caitlyn and most of them do not want Jenner as a spokesperson at all, as they like to say “Bruce Jenner” is the “dead name”. I say that is the birth name and real name and Caitlyn is the now legal name and given alias. Jenner says there is a high suicide rate. There is a very high suicide rate indeed, even after transition. So, what that means is that transition is not an effective treatment. Now, people can do what they want, but don’t pitch this transition as something one has to do in order to stay alive. Don’t call people bigots for not going along with allowing men in women’s restrooms and changing areas and don’t say we just don’t understand and call us confused about gender.  The people who are very sadly confused are the transgender and the LGBT activists. Most people in the USA have compassion for people who are confused but that doesn’t mean we care to accommodate men or boys in the female bathrooms and locker rooms.

At the very end of the interview Tucker Carlson asked about athletics and transwomen competing with women. Now to any logical person this would seem obviously unfair, but to Jenner this seems perfectly fair as long as some committee says the hormone levels are within a certain range. Never mind the muscle mass and bone differences that are different in a man and a woman. In sports a fraction of a second can make a difference in a race. A transwoman pumped up on testosterone just beat over 50 females in a row to take the title in Texas wrestling competitions at the high school level this spring. Some of the girls opted out of competing. That hardly seems fair. Women carved out a space for themselves to compete and now here come men competing in their space and there are delusional people in authority allowing it to happen. That is what is really a disgrace. It is not a surprise that some people are delusional and do things to comfort themselves, but for UIL and Olympic committees to go along with it is just more evidence that our society is putting its head in what I like to call a “transgender mind blender”. Let’s immerse ourselves in the truth, that’s the kind of culture we need to have.

The final word from Jenner was that he (remember that I use the gender that the good Lord assigned, not the one that has been reassigned in case anyone is confused) is fighting for the next generation. I want to ask you to think about that. Let that sink in.  That should send a chill down the spine of every parent or grandparent in America.  The LGBT agenda or more appropriately, the sexual agenda is being peddled in our schools, in media, and everywhere. It is even being peddled to children before they can read and write. Are you going to fight for the next generation?

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