RER Op-Ed: That Pesty Ol’ Constitution

RER Op-Ed: That Pesty Ol' Constitution
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
In Illinois, a new law aimed at curbing cyber bullying, gives schools access to kids’ social media account passwords, but some are saying the law goes to far.
You know, whenever liberals get hold of anything and try to twist it up they always say they’re trying to do something good, something noble. Did it with free speech, with guns, and now we have personal security. Back in the day liberals were always the ones in the street protesting the Vietnam war because it wasn’t a declared war, and they were leaning on their right of free speech and the right of the people to speak out. Where did that all change? Where did we go from hippies standing on their soap boxes defending the Constitution to the same people sitting back and watching the entire Bill of Rights get shredded like cheese at a Taco Bell?
Like I said, there’s always some noble reason behind this nonsense. Bullying. Yeah, yeah, yeah, big kids pick on little kids. Darnedest  thing I ever saw. God know’s that’s a new thing. Never happened before. I remember when I was in the fourth grade. There was this kid named Alvin. Alvin looked a little like Alfalfa from Our Gang, but he was a head taller than me and every day he found me in the school yard and pushed me around. Well, I was a nerdy kid with two left feet. I tried to dodge him, but old Alvin would seek me out and shove me around while all the other kids laughed.  Then one day I came upon a plan. It was a simple plan, actually. I hit Alvin in the mouth. He went to the ground and started crying and bleeding. Now boys and girls, this wasn’t sex, but it was close! So, I hit Alvin again. Matter of fact, after that, I hit Alvin in the mouth every chance I got.
So, anyway, this Illinois school has decided to end bullies by circumspection of the Fourth Amendment. It doesn’t stop there, people. What if some kid says something on his/her Facebook that the school thinks is dangerous? Well, by criketty, they’d just have to go to the police, now wouldn’t they? Then the police would have to look at the Facebook page, and of course, since the parents are responsible, they’d have to check out mom and dad’s pages too. Yep, we’s a gonna stop them bullies! Root ‘em out!
Now what was that line up there? Let me copy and paste it ‘cause I don’t want to misquote here. “. . . secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects” Now, I’m just a simple ol’ boy from Austin, but the way I read that is the word “effects” means stuff you own, like maybe, grocery lists, pictures of grandma, and FACEBOOK accounts. But then, I’m not a real lawyer.
What’s wrong with a good, old fashioned warrant. You know, some kid vocalizes for everybody within earshot that he would like to inflict bodily harm on some nerdy kid (like me) and the principle calls the police. The police go to a judge and tell him that they’d like to take a look at what this bully is putting out on his social media. Then the judge writes out this thing we call a warrant. It says, “These police fellers have the right to look at this kid’s Facebook account specifically for harmful threats against Elmer the nerd.” They show up at the bully’s house, present this paper and sit down and take a peak at the account. IF they see something that says, “I’m going to punch Elmer the nerd in the nose” then they proceed. They’re not WORRIED about how many beer cans are in the living room. They’re not WORRIED about the gun rack on the wall. They’re not WORRIED about Doc Greene streaming out of the TuneIn App. They center on one kid, making serious threats concerning the safety of another kid.
Where they go from there is totally up to the courts. Police gather information, the court sorts information. Wow! That’s so simple. But, you see, that doesn’t fulfill the liberal agenda. That won’t nullify that pesty old Constitution with all those out of date amendments, now will it? We can’t have people running around keeping their personal effects to themselves, can we? You can’t just tear apart a little piece of the Bill of Rights. When you punch a hole in a balloon it just pops. There is no “sort of,” or “just a little.” That’s like being a little bit pregnant. You’re either secure in your person, or you’re not. You’re either free to speak your mind, or you’re not. You have a right to defend yourself, or you don’t!
The parents of this boy should march into the principle’s office, with a lawyer, and remind him of these simple facts, and don’t be jelly fish about it. Don’t accept being told they HAVE to submit. Don’t just cower because some school marm tells them that if they don’t lay down, and play dead their kid will be thrown out of school or worse, here comes the CPS. That’s always the joker in the deck.  Now who’s the bully? First and foremost, public schools are an abomination before the Lord, anyway, but if you must allow your kids to go there, please don’t leave their citizenship at the house. Hey! That’s a radical idea right there. Teach your kids about the Constitution and its practical application. I outta be a school teacher, really, I should!
Wilbur Witt
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