RER Op-Ed: He Made His Point

RER Op-Ed: He Made His Point
CJ Grisham is going a rally at the Capitol today. The march toward Constitutional Carry enters its last heat. The work of reinitiating the Bill of Rights has been long and hard. We had let so much slip away that when the veil was pulled away all the problems were exposed. That’s what happened with Region 7, DPS. They’d been acting on their own authority for years, just nobody thought anything could be done about it so we all just lumbered along hoping for the best. The absurdity of what happened on that Temple road was the tolling of the bell  for the abuse of the Constitution. There were so many red flags that day it becomes impossible to count them all.
CJ was just the right person at just the right time to ignite the passions of people who’d been knowing the problems, but couldn’t put a finger on it for a long time. We had all been led to believe that “Licensing” was a needed step, not even looking at the true meaning. Even though we knew that the Constitution assured the right of self defense we were content to deed that right to the state to dispense as they saw fit, happy when we were “allowed” to exercise said right with the approval of the government.
CJ had played by all the rules. He accepted the state “giving” him the right to have his gun. He took their classes. This is an absurdity in and of itself. A man who has so many medals for serving his country that he doesn’t have enough room on his dress uniform to display them all having to take a class about gun safety! Give me a break! Now, let’s add some other elements. Son trying for a merit badge taking a hike down what is basically a rural road with his father. A freaking BOY SCOUT! With all the punks hanging around the Valero, bumming cigarettes, and this kid is trying for a merit badge?
And let’s look at the officer. Now just picture this. This cop drives up on the scene of a decorated soldier, walking down a country road with his son, who is in the Scouts. What would your first instincts tell you. With all the mayhem this cop has seen on 8th street in Temple (Yeah, I’ve been there) wouldn’t you think such an event would be at least refreshing to him? Is this apple pie version of America so dead that Barney couldn’t even fathom it? Did his “training” so warp his mind, is the public so perverse now that such an image becomes invisible? Now, I don’t have a count, I wasn’t there, but just ask yourself; how many cars must have passed CJ that day and just drove on by? “Gee, there’s a man with a boy walking on the side of the road.” Ok, he had a gun. And now we get to the bottom line (s).
Open Carry Texas has to themes. One, we all have the right to self defense, and two, the public must be desensitized  to the appearance of a gun under normal circumstances, hense the now famous “gun walk!” YES, there are guns in the world, and YES, law abiding, stable people possess and carry them. Mothers against EVERYTHING get OVER it! CJ was (is) a law abiding citizen. He GOT the license. He TOOK the class. He CARRIED in accordance to the law! I’m not the man CJ is. I carry ANYWAY because the police have failed to protect me. I am fully aware that playing by the rules set down by fat cops in Temple will get me KILLED in Killeen, Texas! I carry! I racially profile. Oh, yeah. When I pull up to a store at eleven PM, and some guy is standing outside, in a hoodie, smoking a cigarette, not looking anyone in the eye, I go on point. Sometimes, I just drive away. There are other times if I’m IN the store and such a character enters and goes to the cashier I’m AWARE! These are facts of life, people, and I’m not going to get killed just so “Mothers” can  get a warm fuzzy.
But, as I have said, CJ was just the right guy, at the right time to bust this out. It was almost as if God, Himself, put CJ on that road that day. And this morning he’s carrying the banner still, working for all of us, restoring our God given right to defend our own lives if need be. Like I’ve said before, the very second some young lady pulls her Constitutionally carried pistol out of her purse, and ISN’T raped and murdered, and left in the woods like garbage, CJ Grisham has made his point! I am very proud that he has been my friend. CJ is a chapter in Texas history. I’m very happy to have been one of his footnotes.
By Wilbur Witt
Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin
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