Political Journalism

The 21st Century economy is evolving at warp speed. Disruptive business models are erupting all around the globe. The vastness of the geo-economic revolution orbits around the internet and ecommerce. Even the dot com crash couldn’t kill it.

RagingElephantsRadio.com is a digital multi-media company. Live audio streaming, internet radio, is our foundation for creating original content for the enterprise.

The uniqueness of RER is that our format is the Texas political eco-system – we are the only webcasting entity that produces such a high volume of original audio content that focuses almost entirely on Texas news. Currently RER produces 45 hours of live original audio content per week with expansion to 60 hours already in construction phase.

Contained within that original audio content is breaking news stories, probing interviews, and provocative commentary.

When you become a RERintern with emphasis on journalism, your tasks are designed to sharpen your journalistic writing skills, integrating multiple communications platforms, and becoming comfortable working under professional deadlines.

You will be assigned to the production team of a specific RER broadcast activist (our terminology for show host). You will extensively follow and report on the content produced by your broadcast activist.

From the content produced by your broadcast activist, you will produce 4 articles of 350-500 words per week. You will receive attribution for all compositions. You will be taught how to create an audio production to accompany your articles. You will receive frequent evaluation of your work and coaching on how to improve.

Your productivity creates a link between the audio platform and posted copy that broadens the company’s options for content distribution and helps diversify options for content consumers.

To further develop skills in teamwork and in-depth research and investigative journalism, you and your fellow interns will be assigned 4 joint projects – one for each quarter of your internship term.

At the completion of your 16-week internship your proficiency executing journalistic skills on multiple platforms will be improved. You will be a part of a team of mentors comprised of communications professionals that will be able to share their decades of knowledge and experience to further your education. You will be able to include a most cutting-edge media brand to your résumé.

RER will work with you and your institute of higher learning, however we can, to see that you receive credit toward graduation through the completion of your internship. There is not a limit to the number of internship periods you may participate in. Freshmen to seniors may apply.

Additionally, not unlike all RER internships, we do not limit applicants to only college students. Those seeking career changes, or who have aspirations to improve their journalistic skills, generally, are also eligible to apply.

To express your interest in becoming a RERintern, please email: info@RagingElephantsRadio.com and place “Intern” in the subject line.

We look forward to you joining the RER team and witnessing your professional growth.

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