Open Letter to Jerry Patterson

Open Letter to Jerry Patterson


Texas Liberty Movement Leaders
United for a Strong Texas


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February 21, 2014


Coalition of TEA Party Grassroots Leaders Stand with Dan Patrick in an open letter to Jerry Patterson and his cohorts:

“Jerry Patterson – You don’t get to change the subject!”


Mr. Patterson,

In your ever predictable ‘don’t look at me – look at Dan Patrick’ campaign tactics, you’ve made yet another desperate attempt to change the subject in the lieutenant governor’s race. Your strategy was two-pronged – 1) to kick enough dust up in the air in early voting that you would weaken the strong and growing support for Dan Patrick, and 2) to distract and deflect scrutiny away from your own record and your own words. 

Mr. Patterson, early on, it was obvious that you were taking a page out of the Dewhurst US Senate race playbook for this campaign. You’ve spent more time railing at Senator Patrick and working to personally destroy him than talking about the big issues facing Texas. How well did that work out for Mr. Dewhurst? Not well at all – as we know from being on the frontlines and in the trenches with Ted Cruz. Every time the nasty attacks flew, we dug in deeper.

So, Mr. Patterson, here’s what we have to say to you – nice try. You private investigation yielded fodder for mocking cartoons of Dan Patrick and blaring headlines in newspapers whose editors would rather drink strychnine than to write anything good about the solutions offered by a genuine conservative like Dan Patrick. While you are entitled to your opinions and to spend campaign funds to tear down Dan Patrick for allegedly hiring a worker in the 80s who allegedly was here illegally, you aren’t entitled to distort the facts about this matter and your own record.

First, we wonder how many people on the ballot have ever hired an illegal worker or contracted with a service company that employs illegal workers? Quite a few, we imagine, but unlike today, back in the 80s it was not illegal to hire an undocumented person.

Second, unlike Dan Patrick, you have been openly derisive when questioned at forums about your “amnesty-lite” positions and your years of deafening silence about the security threats that come with sanctuary cities and the plethora of social service magnets that we can ill afford. 

When asked in debates to square your “amnesty-lite” positions with the 2013 Texas Public Safety Threat Overview and this comment from DPS Director Steven McCraw, “Mexican cartels constitute the greatest organized-crime threat to the state,” you sneered at the questions. [Source:  Star-Telegram, 06/08/13, “DFW now a ‘command and control’ center for Mexican cartels,” Steve Campbell.]

Mr. Patterson, we find your lack of concern on this issue dangerous to law enforcement and dangerous to the future of Texas. You choose to scoff and to ignore the horrific facts laid out by DPS Director McCraw as he describes six of the eight major cartels operating in Texas: “In the last half-dozen years or so, the cartels have expanded beyond drug smuggling to become multifaceted organized-crime groups dealing in murder, extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, oil theft, money laundering, auto theft, weapons smuggling and corruption.” “McCraw said cartels are increasingly pushing back at Texas law enforcement with military tactics.” [Source:  Star-Telegram, 06/08/13, “DFW now a ‘command and control’ center for Mexican cartels,” Steve Campbell.]

Instead of focusing on these serious matters, you spend all your time catering to the cheap labor crowd and digging up dirt on Dan Patrick. Well, we are not distracted from the abysmal voting records and positions of you, David Dewhurst, and Todd Staples on the issue of illegal immigration and its impact on Texas.

Mr. Dewhurst refused to champion a ban on sanctuary cities this past legislative session – although we entreated him to do so. He failed to lead on any of these issues during the last two sessions and only recently took a stand to help law enforcement AFTER Dan Patrick made it a campaign issue. We’ve seen this play before.

Todd Staples has tried to position himself as strong on border security, yet his voting record shows he contributed to the problem. Mr. Staples’ record votes to give in-state tuition to illegals, to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and to expand beyond basic emergency care a free, taxpayer-funded healthcare system for illegal immigrants are what they are – his record.

In an interview with the El Paso Times (02/07/2013), you, Jerry Patterson, stated your support for giving illegal immigrants some form of legal status so they would be granted in-state tuition as a legal resident. Your words: “I support the idea of fixing their status as opposed to trying

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