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Wilbur Witt   God Given Rights

The term, “God given rights” gets thrown around a lot, but just what does that really mean? First we must posit a god, or a natural system. This is a major step in the process of understanding. The theist believes that all things were created by an intelligent being who had reasons for the creation, and a plan that had a definite  outcome.  Since that being was the one and only, all rules, laws of physics, etc must have been absolute in that there was no minority vote. The creation of the universe was not a democracy, it was the will of an intelligent, cognizant being. Everything from the color of your eyes to the number of stars in the sky was set up, and preordained by this creative force.

Now, compare this with the view of the atheist. To the atheist the universe is the result of natural forces that have no will, no plan, and no emotion about the eventual outcome. There is no right, no wrong, just naked results. If the world is consumed by fire, or you win the lottery it means nothing. It is just the spin of the wheel, governed by rules that just came about for no reason. Goodness, mercy, and love do not come an intelligent design, but from the will of each person, directing his/her universe as they see fit. Right and wrong is subjective, and there is no absolute. There is always a formula, a “deal” for every event, for every choice and if the shoe doesn’t fit, just buy another pair. You change the formula.

I’m not going to launch into a great debate about the values of each of these mindsets. I am going to weigh the intent of the writers of the constitution in the light of the reasoning process that formed it. In spite of what some college professors may tell you, most, if not all of the framers of the constitution were theists. They followed various favors of the Christian faith. They believed that men were born with certain ingrained properties that could not be taken away. They called these properties “rights.” There’s that word; rights. People get confused by that word. A government, or king, or a Pope for that matter, cannot legislate a right. You cannot create a right, a right is a natural law of the universe, put in place by that above mentioned creator that cannot be altered or changed. When you attempt to do that you may impede the “right” but it is still there. It never goes away.

The bill of rights does not grant rights, it only recognizes their existence and tries to put their existence down on paper.  Just like you can’t see a black hole, you cannot understand them core natural laws that underlie each “right.” Take the second amendment. I won’t bore you with the vernacular, not because I don’t know it, but when you do that it always ends up reducing the discussion about commas, and the use, or misuse of words. What it boils down to is under the creation, all living things have a will set within them to live, and if need be, to stop other living creatures from destroying that life. More directly, if attacked, a human being may run, or pick up a rock, or a gun, and defend themselves. A dog will do that. A single celled entity will do that. Inanimate, or dead objects will not do that. If a comet approaches the earth the planet will do nothing to stop it, but any being on the earth with intelligence will try to save themselves or hide and run away, no matter how futile that may be.

By micro analyzing the second amendment you are just playing word games that have little or nothing to do with the underlying forces that the “right” is trying to describe. A being must defend that existence. The very idea that we must codify that simple fact is outlandish. To restrict the ability of beings to protect themselves is heinous. If you are hiding under your desk, with your illegal pistol while a madman meticulously shoots everyone he comes to, you will very quickly see the difference between man’s law, and God’s law. You will count bullets not commas.

All beings are endowed with this. They all have “rights.” The moment the sperm fertilizes the egg in a woman’s womb that being has a will to live, and no amount of legal maneuvering will diminish that. That instinct existed right from the big bang and you can’t change it. Other “rights” outline different aspects of existence, but they all stem from the core of the intent of  the creator, that living beings want to keep on living. When you either stop a being from living without being attacked first, or you impede that being from defending itself, you commit murder. You pre-empt the will of the creative force that set all this up. You impeach God!

There will always be bad people in this world. There will always be people of good will that think by legislation they can rewrite the universal code. You can’t break the code, the code breaks you. You can’t change the way gravity works, and you can’t remove the survival instinct set into all living beings.

God given rights. God instituted these rules when He set off the creation, and you cannot thwart that plan. When Jesus said in the sermon on the mount that we couldn’t change one hair on our head He was right. Ask yourself, can we by will or thought , change the direction of one electron of one atom. The same rules that govern galaxies govern that atom, and it doesn’t matter if you believe Jesus was the son of God, or the son of a carpenter the song remains the same. He was right! That is the fundamental difference between Jesus and Mohammed. Jesus advocated a free people accepting the universe as it is, and Mohammed trying to make the universe as he thought it should be. Forget all the churches and mosques down through the years, just look at the men. When the Catholics burned people for eating meat on Friday they were just as wrong as Moslems stoning people for eating pork. Both impeached God!

Laws of the universe are of the creator. Call Him God, or Allah, or what whatever. Theology is man’s feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable and Rights are man’s feeble attempt to explain natural laws, and no matter how much you edit the prose of rights the master file remains the same and will never change.

Wilbur Witt

Wilbur Witt

This Is Getting Old


transitive verb

1 : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another <infringe a patent>

This thing about kids shooting up schools is getting old! Certainly people have a right to self defense, especially in this day and age when liberal psychiatry has unleashed a hoard of nuts on LSD shooting anything that moves and then theirselves. Second amendment or no second amendment, this has to stop. Social responsibility is important. Look at the Webster’s definition above. Traditional readings of the second amendment take the word infringement to be a carte blanch license to wave a gun around at Target but observe the phrase, “…in a way that violates law…” The constitution gives you the right to own a gun. The LAW says that certain conditions apply.  States have a right to regulate the lawful bearing of firearms within their borders under law. The sheriff of Dodge City had a right to collect the pistols from cowboys on their way to the saloon.

Let’s start with beginnings. I was talking with my friend, Natalie, yesterday and she’s as Liberal Democrat as they come. Gay marriage, shuttles on the border and a baby in every pot. As we messaged each other I began to look online at pictures of active shooters, alive and dead. I noticed one common factor. They LOOKED NUTS! That idiot that shot up the theater for instance. Who in their right mind would sell a gun to Ronald McDonald? And that basket case that shot up Sandy Hook. The whole town knew he was two bubbles short of plumb. I would have shot him AND his mother on general principle. The law should be simple: The moment someone takes  ONE psychotropic pill guns should never be allowed in their house again EVER! If Adam Lanza’s mother needed protection she should have chained him up in the front room at night. Oh, and while I’m on that subject, for all the conspiracy nuts out there that think Obama set up a false flag at Sandy Hook because no pictures of any bodies came forth, sit down and shut up! Parading images of twenty mutilated little bodies for CNN would not be very smart with the parents making funeral arrangements. The withholding of those pictures was an act of common decency.

I digress. What I’m driving at is the problem here is not guns it’s people! You have to keep guns out of the hands of social rejects. All men are created equal but when you are taking drugs that warp your sense of reality and paint yourself up like Bozo the clown you just lost your right to do anything but draw pictures on construction paper with very dull crayons. The law should be written so that when someone like Lanza’s mother puts a gun within reach of something like him she should get life in prison and he should be institutionalized until Jesus comes back!

If an active shooter should somehow live to smile for the camera he should get a fair and speedy trial, and then a fair and speedy execution. They like guns so much do it like the Chinese do it. One shot in the back of the head in the middle of a football field. There! That’s your fifteen minutes of fame!

Gun confiscation is not the answer. I’m not giving up my gun when the Liberal Democrats are filling the streets with circus clowns. I don’t count on police protection. They shoot so bad it takes fifteen of them to kill one guy. I’ll protect myself, thank you very much.  But self defense is the natural right of all living creatures. I rarely go into public places and NEVER go to movies any more. Oh, I know, I know, it’s my right to enjoy a movie. Yeah, right. Sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers and get shot in the back of the head because some ass clown couldn’t get laid. I’ll keep Netflix. When I do go to a cafewith is very,very rare, I sit with my back to the wall and if, by some quirk of fate I don’t have my gun I always have a steak knife. I sit near the rest rooms and I check out every other person. This is the world we live in. And this is never going to get better, folks. I’d love to tell you that Obama is going to fix this with one stroke of his mighty pen, but he can’t even properly fake a birth certificate so don’t even go there. The standard has been set. You all love the Hunger Games, Mad Maxx and movies about smart mouth out of control kids. HELLO!! It will take fifty years for this to turn around because that’s how long it takes a generation to die off. This generation of children is largely lost due to new “innovative” methods of child rearing, CPS guidelines and just plain stupid parents. We, you and I, will not live to see America back to any form of normal, but maybe we can set the wheels in motion so in a hundred years or so the nation may be livable again.

I hope that generation will remember the lessons we’ve learned. As old fashioned as it may sound good Christian values make order. We need to rid America do all non Judea-Christian religions. We need to stand behind marriage in the traditional form. We need to vet candidates so that we never get the Obamanation we have right now. Nixon couldn’t even lie once, Clinton had a girl friend, and a fat one at that, and they were crucified. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it ran up and pissed on his leg. I can’t WAIT for his kids to grow up. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. I think Obama should be impeached and sentenced to twenty years…in Detroit!

Yep, this is getting old and I’m too damn old to put up with it. There was a story I read where someone said they saw the ghost of Daniel Webster, and he asked, “How stands the country?” The answer now? I don’t know. Which country? We can’t seem to find it any more.

Wilbur Witt

Full Color Man

I made a comment today on Facebook, in public, where I proclaimed
myself to be a racist. I can tell you frankly that it was an exhilarating
experience. I haven’t felt that good since I divorced my second ex-wife.
Ever since Shaft entered the White House the standard attack on anyone
disagreeing with the Liberal Democratic flawed political theory has been to
label the person a racist. Now being called a racist is a catch 22. One has
to immediately try to claim they cannot see color while staring right at it.
And the rules identifying a racist are as complex as an Emeril recipe. If
you identify any race you’re a racist. If you dislike Obamacare, you’re a
racist. If you use the word Kool Aid, and you’re white you’re a racist. By
the way, when did Kool Aid become a black thing. I like Kool Aid. Does this
mean I can’t drink it any more? If you write any article such as this one
addressing the issue head on you’re a racist. Ok! I’m a racist!

Know what? Ain’t nothing you can do about it but hate on me. What are
my real feelings about race? Actually I don’t care. Do I think white people
are somehow better, more intelligent, or more elevated than other races?
Whitey please! All I got to do is look at my family to know that boat don’t
float. Prejudice is where you use a prearranged set of criteria that you
automatically place on a group, or culture ignoring any positive input you
may get beyond that preconceived model. Not only am I a racist I am
prejudiced against one group of people. People from California. I mean, I
like the sun and wine, and I even like to talk with them, but I wouldn’t
want one of them to marry my sister.

People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made careers driving
wedges between people. They are relighting the Civil War (from the
Hamptons.) On the other side of the political spectrum Dr. John David
Manning lives in Harlem. I get a lot of entertainment out of Jackson. He is
so unfamiliar with the English language that Tim Conway Jr. actually has a
radio game where he plays a clip of Jackson talking and the first caller who
can correctly identify what he was trying to say wins! Typical line is
something like, “Ala aka relle ruh ruh ruh,” and I think he was trying to
say, “White folks are bad.”

In the 70’s I wrote my first published song. It was for a soul group.
Boy, I dated myself there, didn’t I. It was called, “Full Color Man.” The
tag line was, “In a black and white world I’m a full color man.” I AM a full
color man. I simply appreciate the differences in all people, and I don’t
kiss their asses to do it. Do I date black chicks? No. I like five foot
Scottish chicks, so, yes, I must be a racist.

The good news is that most thinking people see through this crap.
People like Dr. Manning, Byron Antoine Wesley and Tommy Sotomayor have a
firm grasp on this racist nonsense and they are all as black as a cup of
coffee! They are not the only ones. By proclaiming myself a racist I have
freed myself from the shackles of ignorance. I’ve taken the sword from the
hands of small minded liberals who can’t formulate a viable argument and it
gives them some sort of sexual release to call a guitar player from Austin a
racist. Hey, I’ll take any sex I can get, ok?

One such person challenged me with the racist title not long ago. I had
said while it was true that all men are created equal, time and tears will
invariably make one more equal than the other. Bada bing bada boom…here
come da racist card! So, I put forth a situation for my liberal friend’s
consideration, and I did this carefully because she was cute and I was
trying to get her drunk at the time. Yeah, I’m a Chauvinist, too. Anyway, I
proposed to her two babies being born in the same hospital on the same day.
Then I told her to leap forward twenty years. One became a team leader in a
large call center while the other peddled crack in continence store parking
lots. We’re they still equal. She leaped on it. “There you go! Just because
the kid is black you assume he’s heading for the streets!” I let her know
that I didn’t tell her WHICH kid was in the parking lot. (Told you I didn’t
have any style with women.)

So, my advice is when someone calls you a racist just agree with them.
You get a wonderful “deer in the headlights” look that is priceless. They’re
looking forward to seeing you try to talk yourself out of the racist barrel
and when you fill that barrel with warm water and take a bath in it you
become truely clean, and free. And you that’s one more idiot you don’t have
to put up with. A liberal who doesn’t know who they are, and sure as HELL
don’t know who you are. Be a full color man.

Wilbur Witt

Goats, Sheep, and Libertarians

The Libertarian party is in need of a great realignment. The stated
philosophy of liberty for all has proven to be the undoing of the very
foundation of what was a great rebirth of American concepts. To be very
blunt it is not a party at present but more of a country club. Let me define
that a bit more. A country club is reasonably organized. The party is more
like a biker bar. The very idea that delegates can assemble for three days
and not even construct a platform stating what the party stands for and what
agendas the majority wishes to forward should be a huge red flag. This is
the reason Wendy Davis isn’t worried about us. This is the reason Gregg
Abbott already has his change of address cards for his expected move to the
Governor’s mansion.

The reason you have a party is because there is strength in numbers.
Five hundred people running in five hundred different directions will never
prevail. This “non-aggression” talk is a bunch of nonsense. If you are going
to take state offices, if you are going to change policy, if you are going
to win elections you must be aggressive, positive, and single minded. Our
opponents have dominated Austin far too long and I hate to be the one to
tell you this but before we can run the pond we are going to have to knock
someone OFF the lilly pad. The Republicans and Democrats are so much alike
I’m surprised there are separate restrooms at the capitol. And they aren’t
worried about us.When you say the word Libertarian the general public sees a
sea of tin foil hats because that’s what we are. We’re the idiots trying to
work out trade agreements with the cartels. Wait, I take that back. That was
Obama. We’re the ones wanting free bus service across the border.

Speaking of busses, Kathie Glass is barnstorming Texas in a bus right now
and there is a contingent of malcontents doing everything they can possibly
do to pop the wheels on that bus! And they don’t even care that they are
derailing our efforts to redirect Texas into the 21st century. We need a
unified front. If you can’t understand that you need go get out right now
because you will do more damage with your Willie Wonka mindset than any good
that we could possibly distill from your sour mash of disoriented thoughts.
And yes, I’m not what you have come to know as a Libertarian. When you
support the freedom to run naked down the street with a joint hanging out of
your mouth I’m the one who will call you out.

Kathie has said Texas is a battleground state and it is. We are being
invaded by immigrants. Not from Mexico, from California! Toyota is just the
latest major company to flee the land of fruits and nuts and run to the
economic hope of Texas. Governor Perry has every right to be proud. Only
problem is they will bring all the same idiots who voted in California to
destroy what was the most beautiful state in the union and they will destroy
Texas if we don’t have a strong, unified front and firm foundation on which
to build on. The conservatives in California are dancing in the streets
right now as we absorb 1500 space cadets a day. They are actually planning
the conservative take over of two districts in SoCal to turn around the
political climate. The conservatives are actually considering a split in the
state with the people in one and the orangoutangs in the other one. You want
to know why good solid California voters want that? You want to know how
crazy it can get? You think C J Grisham is crazy? Let me tell you crazy. We
are simply trying to enforce an existing law in Texas whereas a citizen can
carry personal defense openly. In California the law has been modified to
the point that a grown man cannot carry a scout knife in his pocket! That’s
about as UNLibertarian as you can get. And crazy. In a place where you can
smoke a joint you can’t whittle a stick.

We can win this election. You see that’s what a lot of so-called
Libertarians have lost sight of. They have become so used to the tin foil
hats and knowing they have absolutely no chance of winning any office that
they have reduced themselves to attending conventions accusing each other of
not being a “true Libertarian.” I hate to lose. My entire life has been a
series of doing exactly what people tell me I can’t do. Every time I
listened to some “expert” turned out I was giving an ear to a fool. I’ll
just do things my way, thank you very much. I will fight to save children,
secure borders, legalize ALL plants, reduce taxes and government spending,
get the government OUT of our bedrooms and try to build a secure fence
between Texas and California.

Wilbur Witt

Passed a post through on Facebook tonight that I didn’t think much
about, but as usual in my travel through the space time consortium it had
ramifications. I agreed that I would like prayer allowed in schools. Well,
as luck would have it a good friend of mine (from California) had some
objection to that. Now back in the day I would have leaped upon my soap box
and said all kinds of redneck stuff that would assuredly made me look like a
fool. That having been said I’ve found that in the last ten years or so I
have developed a frontal cortex and I generally think before I speak now,
not being a lawyer so here goes.

I considered not only prayer in schools but a host of other conceptions
and misconceptions about the south and respectively, Texas. In Texas we’re a
bit different so I always try to separate “us” from “them,” but having been
born in Louisiana I I have a perspective on Texans and foreigners that is
fairly balanced. Beginning with school prayer. I thought long and hard about
this and honestly I can’t remember ever being part of a morning prayer in
any grade I attended from the first in Lake Charles, Louisiana to my final
grade in Killeen, Texas. I never saw anyone even cross themselves until I
saw The Good The Bad And The Ugly and Tuco crossed himself and even then I
didn’t know what it meant. Religion was simply never a factor. I can’t
remember one kid even praying over his lunch, butI may have missed

Now this is where I’m going. It seems that every whacked out special
interest group is hell bent on total destruction of every core belief most
Americans have held all of their lives. The ones against prayer in school
aren’t just against a morning prayer in home room, they don’t want a single
kid bowing his or her head in the lunch room and saying a silent grace. They
don’t want the word, “God” coming out of their mouths, however, “God Damn”
doesn’t seem to bother them at all, but I digress. The same with the
pro-choice crowd. They’re not so much about pro-choice as they are at
wanting as many abortions as possible and they get MAD if some girl turns
back at the last minute and decides to be a mother instead of a murderer.
Yeah, I just said that, get over it! The Gay Rights people, same thing. They
allude to wanting to be free to live their life style, but actually they
want to PRESENT their lifestyle to six year olds to make real sure that we
don’t run out of gay people in the next generation. See where this is going?
Swat them bees, swat them bees.

If some kid wants to say a private prayer over his lunch, so be it.
It’s a private invocation between them and God, no matter how they perceive
that God to be. A Muslim girl can wear a head scarf in school why can’t a
Catholic girl cross herself before eating? You will never separate church
and state because unfortunately the church and the state are made up of the
same people.

Young people are led to believe that my generation had Klansmen walking
down every street, that gay people and blacks were hung every weekend and
that every basement had a midwife doing abortions with with a coat hanger
for twenty-five dollars or two chickens depending on where you lived. I have
never saw a Klansman, my parents simply laughed at gay people, and Girls had
babies like they were gonna stop making them next year. But, I was just born
in Shreveport, Louisiana in the 1950’s so what do I know, right?

The attack on Christians has got to stop. If it doesn’t I fear we will
see the backlash that these so called “liberals” always rail about because
eventually what the people who work jobs, pay their taxes, and want
grandchildren will come to understand is that these fringe groups are no
longer just things they must put up with, but a danger to society that must
be dealt with accordingly. Think about it!

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Wilbur Witt

by Wilbur

1 : the killing of an infant
2 [Late Latin infanticida, from Latin infant-, infans + -i- + -cida -cide] :
one who kills an infant

Whenever you have mass murder there is always a perverse logic behind
it. For those involved this logic relieves guilt and perpetuates the
completion of the program where the genocide is employed to achieve whatever
“goal” may be sought. For those observing from without there is no excuse or
explanation that will white wash the ugly reality of the act(s). So it is
with abortion.

The pro-choice segment uses all of the methods employed by the Nazis
when pushing their own special brand of “No child left behind.” First they
identified a “problem.” There are just too many unwanted babies born into
this world. Let’s look first at that mindset. Look at a picture of a baby,
any baby. They smile, grab your finger, look you in the eyes, and they are
totally helpless. How can they be unwanted? How can a human being struggling
to learn the word, “Ma Ma” be so despised? Then you have a support mechanism
that clicks in. It’s not a baby, it’s a choice, a fetus, a this, a that, a
whatever. The Jews weren’t human beings, they were a problem, a curse,
something in need of a “final solution.”

When you commit genocide you simply cannot do it out in public. There
is no “Dancing With The Stars” for abortion. Like the Nazis you must keep
the mechanics of this project out of the view of the public because if the
people see what you are really doing your acts will be exposed for what they
truly are. You must keep the doors closed. You must stifle the screams. You
must make the machine sterile. You must make it relentless. You must remove
all human emotion from the act because the people who must cooperate with
you must never fully understand the consequences of their actions. In the
death camps certain Jews were convinced to assist in the herding of the
masses to the gas chambers on the promise of “special treatment.” When their
part of the project was completed they found that their “special treatment”
was a “decent burial!”

These Jews led their neighbors into a gas chamber. A young mother leads
her child into a butcher shop. And her “special treatment” is the forfeiture
of her innocence, her motherhood, and her very soul! But, the pro-life lobby
has no problem with this. If an unborn child has no soul why should they
believe the mother has one either? God has made human being very complex.
Doctors and research scientists, both theist and atheist are constantly
amazed at the complexity of the human condition, and I don’t care if you
ascribe it to God or evolution you must admit that we have learned a lot,
but we still have a long way to go.

There is one difference in the Nazi’s “final solution,” and the
pro-choice agenda. In Hitler’s briefings with Himmler it was understood that
if the project were carried out correctly eventually the goal would be
achieved and there would be no more Jews; no more reason for the death
camps. Then, all they had to do was bulldoze the buildings down and plant
trees for the “Master Race” to enjoy, free of the problems the Jews had
brought by their very existence. Pro-choice supporters have an ever
increasing supply of “problems” and their final solution will never be

To carry out a successful genocide you should mix in a bit of
scientific legitimacy just in case the population should actually see what
you are up to. The Nazis had Josef Mengele. The pro-choice people have stem
cell research. They also mix in a “concern” for the life of the mother. Ask
yourself, what was the mortality of mothers giving birth in the 1800’s, and
what was the mortality of infants in the first two years of life then? Now,
stack that on top of the millions and millions of abortions we have now. I
am not going to cite actual numbers because I know the pro-choice group will
skew or discredit them but just ask yourself; has medical science not
advanced enough in one hundred and fifty years to the point where a woman
can safely birth a child? You KNOW the answer.

Now, ask yourself just why is pro-choice so hell bent (and I used that
word deliberately) to push this agenda so vigorously? Just Google the ratio
of the “termination” of poor black babies to rich white ones and you will
very quickly see what to goal of pro-choice truly is. They can’t just march
black people into gas chambers so they roll the mothers into “clinics” to
“terminate” pregnancies. To me this is a perversion of the highest
magnitude.Growing up in Louisiana durning the 1950’s black women did all the
cooking in our schools, hired out as nannies, and kept homes clean and
functional. This was because they were the best! To this very day I do not
believe white women can cook. To see black mothers lining up to go into an
abortion clinic is something I simply cannot get my mind around. It does not
compute! Pro-choice is but one aspect of a much larger agenda. You take a
people, take away their hope, put them on a system that takes away all
incentive, all ambition, tell them society is their enemy, and them murder
their children so hopefully this “problem” will be smaller for the next

Now, as a result of this article I will get a LOT of input, I’ll assure
you. I will hear everything from “a woman has a right,” to calling me a
religious nut. I just don’t like to kill children, whatever size or flavor
they may be. When you take a knife and draw blood you kill! Now I don’t mind
some killing. I’ve got several CPS workers whose obituaries I would read
with a great deal of satisfaction. But those are grown people who receive
the consequences of their actions. What actions has a child who hasn’t even
opened his eyes yet done to deserve execution. Oh, silly me, I’m just a
simple Ol boy from Austin…it’s not a baby, it’s a CHOICE!

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Wilbur Witt

by Wilbur

When you make the conscious choice to become a writer you expose
yourself. Mentally and emotionally you should prepare yourself to embark on
a journey where you believe that your ideas and your opinions out weigh a
majority of the population, i.e. readers, and this is a form of arrogance.
Relationships with humanity is a great equalizer. The world strives to keep
everything on a base line. When you rise above that base line the world will
attempt to pull you down to the level of the crowd, and that’s not
necessarily a bad thing. This is what protects the majority of the herd when
the lion comes lurking about. There is safety in the herd.

The fastest gazelle will draw the most female gazelles, but for every
fast gazelle there are ten average gazelles and three below average
gazelles. A writer, like the gazelle, will have supporters, and detractors.
A friend of mine in Nashville told me years ago, “Everybody wants to get
next to a ‘happening’ guy.” The average gazelle wants to graze beside the
fast gazelle, and is in full awareness that although he can never be as fast
perhaps he can at least enjoy the same grass.

Writers are like that. When you consider yourself a writer you are
putting yourself out there as being faster than most gazelles. You are
saying that your thoughts have more substance than most other people’s
thoughts, no matter how humble you may portray yourself. And writers are a
paradox. Most, if not all writers are loners. Now, I’m not saying they don’t
engage with people, and I’m not saying they do not enjoy to company of
others, what I’m saying is they enjoy the company of themselves above all
other situations. Even the visit of a good friend will slightly irritate a
writer because if you are a writer you know that the juices simply will not
flow in a crowd. Ideas will form, the egg will be laid, but the chick will
not form until incubation comes about and that incubation is almost always

Good pieces do not come from arguments at parties. No matter how lively
the discussion the final full circle of a great article, or blog, or book,
or whatever will never complete in the company of others. It only occurs
when the writer listens only to the voice in their own head. They listen to
that voice and try to write it down for the readers to take in. Then they
sit back and wait to see how the world hears that voice and they most do
this with not a grain but a box of salt.

If you are a fast gazelle you will find a few others running near or
slightly behind you. An average reader will never have lofty thoughts.
That’s why they borrow yours! Thats why the average gazelles are content to
just eat the same grass as the fast gazelle. That’s the beauty of writing. A
select very few will be given the keys and have the ability to share those
keys with others who use those keys to unlock doors shut to them before.
They share the grass! But, remember the slower gazelles? They either will
not receive the gift at all or will only take it to use it against you. They
will not appreciate the grass and even may hate the grass because they are
so embroiled in their own sloth, or perhaps cannot even understand it at
all! They cannot comprehend the key, much less the door it opens. Anyway, by
the time these gazelles catch up most of the grass is already digested and
the fast gazelle is leading the herd to new pastures.

You cannot judge a writer’s success in dollars. One of the wonderful
things about the blogging explosion is that it is predominately divorced
from the trappings of financial scales that have plagued writers for years.
All writers have had that question, “How much MONEY have you made?” A
beginning writer will be put off by that question, but a seasoned writer
will know the answer, although they probably won’t be rude enough to say it.
“I’ve made more money at it than YOU!” You will never get this question from
successful writers because they know it takes many grapes to make wine, and
a large part of what you write will be consigned to obscurity. The
individual grapes are sacrificed to produce the whole of the Bordeaux.

I never judge another writer by the dollars or even the number of views
on a blog. A friend of mine, Jenny Tolley Crossen, has a blog I consistently
read. I have never looked at how many reads she has. I just enjoy the blog.
I would like to add that I have never been able to negotiate my way beyond
the first chapter of a Stephen King novel, and that’s not to say he’s not an
excellent writer, I just like the Farmer’s Market more than Walmart, that’s

If you think you are a writer then you ARE a writer. As I said in the
beginning of this article you write alone, and in the end if that’s the only
person who reads your stuff you haven’t lost anything. The other gazelles
simply can’t see you because you’re so far ahead, that’s all.



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