Lt. Gov. Makes Personal Donation to Put More Deputies on the Streets in Falfurrias

Lt. Gov. Makes Personal Donation to Put More Deputies on the Streets in Falfurrias

by Bob Price

Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst made a personal donation to the group of police officers from South Texas who are volunteering their time to help the financially beleaguered Brooks County Sheriff’s Office in Falfurrias, Texas. The donation will put nearly fifteen additional reserve deputies on the rolls and out on the streets and highways of Brooks County.

Governor Dewhurst made a personal donation of $4,000 to the Border Brotherhood of Texas, a group of certified peace officers mostly from the Rio Grande Valley who travel the 80 to 100 mile journey to Brooks County in order to work as non-paid reserve deputies. The donation from Dewhurst is expected to put almost fifteen deputies into the list of available deputies. Each deputy agrees to work at least two shifts per month in Brooks County. It costs about $300 per new deputy for the uniform, bond for the county and a bullet-proof vest.

Brooks County currently only has about one paid deputy per shift to cover an area of almost 1,000 square miles. There have been massive budget cuts in the county because of loss of funding. Brooks County is not considered to be a border county because it is about 80 miles from the border. However, it has most of the problems of a border county, if not more, because of the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the county.

“Only one deputy per shift is not acceptable,” Dewhurst told this writer who accepted the check on behalf of the Border Brotherhood of Texas. “To be able to put more deputies on the streets to help back up the Brooks deputies and save the lives of illegal immigrants who are dying in large numbers in the ranches in this county for only $300 is a great return on investment.”

The Lt. Governor was also responsible for helping Brooks County offset the cost of burying the illegal immigrants who have been dying in the ranchlands. Through his interaction with Governor Perry’s office, over $300,000 has been sent from the State of Texas to Brooks to defray their cost of about $2,500 per immigrant death.

In an interview with Fox 26 Houston’s Kristine Galvan, filmed this week but not yet aired, Brooks County Chief Deputy Benny Martinez said repeatedly, “Only one elected official from the state has actually helped Brooks County. That official is Lt. Governor David Dewhurst.”

“The Lt. Governor has long been aware of our problems in Brooks,” Martinez told Breitbart Texas. “He doesn’t just come down here and talk about our issues. He actually gets something done.”

Donna Independent School District acting Police Chief Daniel Walden is the founder of the Border Brotherhood of Texas. He is a human trafficking law enforcement instructor and learned about Brooks’ problems during one of the classes he was teaching. He started the organization because he couldn’t bear the thought of this law enforcement brothers being out on patrol with no back-up. He was also concerned about the deaths of the illegal immigrants who are being lied to by their smugglers. He began the program whereby certified peace officers from other jurisdictions could become sworn in as reserve deputies for Brooks County.

“We are very grateful to the Lt. Governor for his extremely generous donation to help our program,” Walden said. “We have a backlog of over twenty deputies who are ready to volunteer their time to come help. This donation will go directly to putting more boots on the streets.”

“They will provide the citizens of Brooks County with more protection,” Walden continued, “and they will help save lives by interdicting the illegal immigrants in the southern part of the county before they get dumped into the fields where nearly fifty have already died this year.”

“These volunteer, non-paid deputies have already made a huge difference to both our department and to the residents we serve,” said Chief Martinez. “When there are more deputies on the streets, response times for calls for service are much lower. People are also happy to see more than one vehicle arrive at the scene of major calls.”

“As for our immigration issues in this county,” Martinez continued, “The more of the illegal immigrants we can interdict before they are dropped off, the less people will die. These volunteer reserved deputies have also made a difference in finding and rescuing many on the north half of the county who have found their way back to the road in need of water and/or medical attention.”

The deputies have also helped Brooks County increase the capture of human smugglers, the seizure of drugs and the seizure of vehicles used in the commission of these crimes according to Chief Martinez.

Facebook page has been set up for the group where readers can learn more about their activities and fund raising efforts. A PayPal account has also be set up for anyone who might to help this battle on the front lines of our illegal immigration and border security battle. While Brooks County is not a border county, the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint gives Brooks all the problems of a border county with none of the funds border counties receive to help their law enforcement efforts.

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