Kruckeberg: Gestapo Project In Fort Worth

Kruckeberg: Gestapo Project In Fort Worth


Back in July 2009, President Obama said on national television that the “Cambridge police acted stupidly” in their handling of Henry Gates, a drunk and disorderly Black Harvard professor.  The President then added to his rant the following, “We (i.e. the federal government) should work with local law enforcement to improve policing techniques to eliminate bias.”

This was not an offhand remark.  It was the announcement of an agenda.

In August 2014, Michael Brown, a hopped up cheap hood fresh from a strong arm robbery of a convenience store, attacked Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson and was fatally shot.  Wilson is White.  This was the incident Obama had been waiting for.

Eric Holder’s DOJ sent agents to Ferguson to incite rioting and create the illusion of police brutality.  The Managed State Media was shifted into overdrive to inundate the American public with a false narrative of racist White police officers preying on innocent Black youths.

The men who founded America were rightfully afraid of the threat posed to the republic by democracy.  Since democracy can’t be made to work on a large scale, they were fearful that unscrupulous politicians (I know – that’s redundant) would hijack the concept and use it to invoke the manufacture of bogus popular demands.  That’s exactly what Obama did with Ferguson.

In December 2014, in the wake of the Ferguson riots, President Obama convened a “Task Force On 21st Century Policing.”  The members of the task force included the Black mayor of Baltimore Maryland, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  In March of 2015, the task force presented their findings – basically a recommendation to nationalize the country’s State and local police.

In April 2015, a Black police informer, Freddie Gray, was beaten to death in the back of aBaltimore police van.  Although there is evidence to suggest that Gray was killed in retaliation for squealing to the police
(see, Mayor Rawlins-Blake, fresh from her stint on Obama’s committee to legitimize the nationalization of America’s police, directed her DA, Marilyn Mosby, to file charges against six police officers.  She also, as the riots began, directed her police force to stand down and give the rioters “space to destroy.”

While Baltimore added needed propaganda fuel to the nationalization inculcation conflagration, Obama was already moving ahead with his plot.  Armed with the preordained results of his task force, the President directed Eric holder in March to set up a nationalization “pilot program” involving six U.S. cities.  The six cities selected were Gary Indiana, Stockton California, Birmingham Alabama, Minneapolis Minnesota,Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and – are you ready for this? – Fort Worth Texas.

That’s right.  Obama is sending federal goons into Fort Worth to infiltrate a Texas police department and turn it into a model for the imposition on the entire country of a national Gestapo.  And how did Fort Worth Police Chief Rhonda Robertson respond?  “Upon learning about the project, we immediately realized the opportunity it would present to strengthen our existing community partnerships and to develop new relationships built upon trust within the community,” she gushed.  Buzzword buzzword buzzword.  But not a word about the bribe – er, “grant” – of more than 4 million taxpayer dollars Fort Worth will be paid for their prticipation.

Fort Worth is a prosperous city with a population of 800, 000.  It is only 18% Black, and it is 33% Hispanic.  Per capita income is $24,489, and unemployment is 3.8% (for the Dallas-Fort Worth Area).  Fort Worth is run by a Republican Mayor, Betsy Price.

In contrast, Gary Indiana is a city with 10,000 abandoned houses and  80,000 inhabitants located only 40 miles from the Chicago loop.  Gary is 85% Black, with the inevitable White flight, crumbling urban infrastructure, feckless police, and rampant crime that comes from a longstanding history of Democrat city rule.  The only effective law enforcement in the city is the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Gary is a city that needs help, if even from the inept and corrupt Department of in-Justice.  But why inject federal Gestapo moles in Fort Worth?

Could it be because Fort Worth is in Texas?

G E Kruckeberg

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