Illegals and Flesh Eating Bacteria

Illegals and Flesh Eating Bacteria

James Stanczak

A middle aged man in Florida died from a “flesh eating bacteria” this week. The bacteria, called vibrio vulnificus, can be fatal for victims with chronic health conditions. For someone who is not physically fit, who has chronic health conditions, or a weakened immune system, this bacteria can be fatal if it enters the bloodstream. When it does enter the blood, a condition known as Septicemia and Bacteremia can occur. According to pediatrician, Dr. Kathleen Hassel MD, a Texas Children’s physician, in the last several weeks there has been an explosion of pediatric patients coming in with new forms of skin and rash infections. Those infections include everything from hand, foot, and mouth, which according to the CDC, is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old, but lately even adults have been treated. Other infections such as staph, strep, and CRE, among others are showing up in clinics everywhere. The main issue is that many of these strands are becoming antibiotic resistant and more contagious. According to Dr. Susan Evans, MD, (Dr. OZ Show) this disease is already, “somewhat contagious, and bacteria from this disease can be spread by kissing, or touching an infected wound.” According to the World Health Organization, strands from different parts of the globe, especially in less developed areas, are becoming more and more contagious.

Infectious disease experts at St Luke’s Hospitals in Houston ,Texas have confirmed that several new strands are being seen in hospitals all over Texas, and patients have been admitted, some for lengthy stays into the hospital. One of the most common strands of infection doctors are seeing is called MRSA, which means methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Once a bacteria finds its way into the the tissue, it becomes known as Necrotizing Fasciitis, this is an infection that often starts in the tissues just below the skin. It then spreads along the flat layers of tissue known as fascia, which separate different layers of soft tissue, such as muscle and fat. This dangerous infection is most common in the arms, legs, and abdominal wall. The terrifying issue of this disease is that it is fatal in 30%-40% of all cases according to the AMA and World Health Organization.

In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a report showed that MRSA infections reached 127,000 in 1999, with as many as 11,000 people dying from the deadly superbug. MRSA pneumonia or sepsis deaths have lessened since then, however, according to health officials in Texas, a large amount of new cases have surfaced with strands of infection that are more difficult to treat with the standard antibiotics. Many of these strands may in fact have found their way into the U.S with illegals crossing the borders. Reports have surfaced this summer of illegals bringing in a host of unfamiliar diseases and illnesses, and they have been reported by border patrol, hospitals, doctors offices, and individuals who have come in contact, and seen outbreaks first hand.

Various reports from corporate and social media have stated that the sick population, especially the elderly is going to be the worst affected by new infections and illnesses. Speculation and rising concern from many Americans is that if “Obamacare” was created with the idea in mind that an influx of new diseases and health issues would be introduced into the American population as borders are opened up, and the United States government and corporations begin pushing for millions of new immigrants from all over the globe to enter into the US. This influx is allowed by officials such as the President, in hopes that it will help the economy, and free up border security issues in North America.

The majority of government and pro-federal reserve economists claim that illegal immigrants have a net positive effect on the economy and help global corporations.  A professor of economics at the University of Texas stated this week, If they’re “taking our jobs,” it means they’re working, and getting paid, and spending that money, Americans are asking too much of corporations for them to hire them. Illegals don’t care.” Congressman Gene Green stated, “That isn’t bad for the economy — that is the economy, and the economy is better than it has ever been in my lifetime.”

Roberto Unger, former Harvard economics professor of President Obama stated, “Washington has abandoned America’s workers while pushing a policy of “food stamps, and living with illness” and this has become, “the vehicle for the progressive alternative in the country.”

Regardless of the many new illnesses and economic hardships Americans will now face for years to come, early treatment  of these illnesses, like “flesh eating bacteria” is critical. Hospitalization, usually with treatment in the intensive-care unit (ICU), is required. Surgery to remove infected fluids and tissue may be necessary, along with medications to treat shock and other potential complications. At least we Americans, illegals included, can have government healthcare pay for the new bills-those that millions and millions of Americans are bound to rack up.

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