Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Go Free

Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Go Free

Federal officials are releasing women and children who enter the country illegally, a CHANNEL 5 NEWS investigation revealed.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported in 2013 that the feds were releasing anyone deemed a low threat to national security.

Border Patrol officials on Friday confirmed a spike in illegal crossings in the Rio Grande Valley. The agency reassigned agents to the region to deal with the increase in crossings.

A CHANNEL 5 NEWS crew on Monday found a group of women and children at a bus station in Harlingen. The group had just been released from Border Patrol custody.

“I feel very happy, because other mothers can’t do this,” said Mari Jimenez, a Guatemalan national.

Jimenez and her 2-year-old daughter, Marlifer, prepared to board a bus. The single mother said she carried her baby from Guatemala to the border.

Federal officials gave the woman documents that allow her to travel anywhere in the United States.

“Thanks to the authorities who gave us this chance to see our families,” Jimenez said.

Hermilia Maria Ortiz Moran, a Guatemalan national, said detention centers are overcrowded.

Border Patrol officials said most of the immigrants crossing the border come from countries other than Mexico. They said some of those immigrants are sent to Laredo or Del Rio for processing. Still, many are being released.

The immigrants get documents that indicate what they can and can’t do during their stay in the United States.

Ortiz and her three children are scheduled to appear before a deportation officer on May 27, in Hartford, Conn.

“First and foremost, I have to thank God and ask him if there are any opportunities for work, I will work. Just as long as the permission allows us to,” Ortiz said.

The papers she got from officers prohibit her from working. They also must not commit any crimes. They must report any change of address to federal officials.

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