Glenn Callison, Joe Straus’s newest BFF

Glenn Callison, Joe Straus’s newest BFF

And there it is: the mailer for Glen Callison from something called the Texas Future PAC, a brand new lobby that represents the Texas version of the national Chamber of Commerce efforts against grassroots groups.  Breitbart writes about the group here.


While Glenn is a nice guy, what is clear is this: between his small ‘marker’ donations to Joe Straus and to Dan Branch (when it was apparent Dan was going to be Ken Paxton’s AG opponent) and his utter reliance on incompetently timed mass-mailings from various special interests, Glenn is the local best buddy of Joe Straus. The same Straus  who took a Texas House with a 95-55 GOP majority and allowed 52% of the bills passed be authored by Democrats. If you want someone to join Straus’s ever shrinking group of moderate ‘squishes’, as opposed to the ever-growing cadre of principled conservatives in the Texas house, Glenn Callison has stood up for you. If you enjoyed the Kabuki theater of verbal support without action on a number of conservative issues (gun rights, 10th amendment usage, fiscal sanity), Glenn will talk the talk without walking the walk for you.


Glenn’s buddies also painted the voluntary charity of the exceptional Collin County medical community as ‘make people work for free’: I guess, by Glenn’s definition, this author is being ‘forced’ by the Ugandan government to help orphans.  Is Glenn ‘forced’ by the Plano school board to work for them on the Plano Education Foundation? And the same mailer on Glenn’s behalf also turned Matt Shaheen’s question on technical aspects of the equipment into Matt not wanting the police to have body armor; he merely questioned why the Teflon was good for only 5 year- and SUPPORTED the acquisition. Matt is likely as aware of the Dragon Skin controversy  in which unquestioned deference to equipment vendors could have risked lives. Matt was paying attention enough to have questions; would the voters want it any other way?


It is beginning to look like Matt needs to borrow the mailer from Van Taylor to send out and assure voters he does NOT hate puppies.   But we expected such silly accusations  to come at the last minute from Glenn’s camp- since he hired the same consultants of sleaze that were responsible for the mudfest 4 years ago.

Folks, the choice for conservatives is clear in this one; Matt Shaheen is the PROVEN conservative, backed by EVERY conservative group that vetts and endorses; and Glenn Callison is the ‘go-along’ answer Straus wants to continue to allow the his Democrat buddies to hold…Continued here:

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