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June 30, 2014

– Interview with TEA Board member Ken Mercer regarding new school test standards pushed by Common Core;
– Interview with Dave Munday regarding the importance of local school board elections;
– Dallas County announces it will receive 2000 illegal alien minors, but has no plan ready;
– Dallas ISD scrambles to prepare to receive 2000 illegal alien minors;



June 25, 2014

– Drug Seizures decline during immigrant crisis because of law enforcement manpower issues;
– Interview with Border Patrol union leader who says morale is low and agents are frustrated;
– Law makers in other states want action immigration crisis in Texas, but Texas state democrats just want more money;
– Metro rail in Austin to get more grant money from federal government;
– Dallas-Houston high speed rail study moves ahead;
– Alamo history could be rewritten by liberals and UN;
– Commentary: My ​suggestion for addressing the immigration crisis;​​



June 24, 2014

– Update of the Border Crisis
– Commentary: It’s a “Humanitarian” Crisis
– What the people must do to stop the invasion.
– News from Austin: Rail system mixed with road improvement spending for bond election; City ordinance targeting pro-life religious clinics overturned by court.
– Op Ed by SA Express-News is reviewed which claims opposition to streetcars in SA is orchestrated by “outsiders”. ​



May 30, 2014

– Recount demand by ousted establishment JP in Rio Grande City
– Texas Solution is a “guest worker program” masquerading as Hispanic outreach;
– Corruption shown in TX Legislator over UT admissions
– TX will not publicize the name of drug company that provide lethal drug for state executions;
– San Antonio Mayor decides he does NOT want public input to street lane closings;



May 29, 2014

– McAllen Border Patrol need temporary buildings because of surging numbers of illegals;
– Saga of political corruption of Vela family in Progreso continues;
– Dan Patrick and Tea Party ready to ride into Austin; Moderates are concerned;
– Georgetown historical preservation and new development clash;
– Brownsville Assistant city attorney arrested for DWI
– SA VIA “compromises” on streetcar routes; will local Tea Party activists accept this and go away?



May 28, 2014

– Commentary about GOP primaries from Dem point of view;
– Valley election results; challenges and questions continue in Dem primary;
– VA hospital issues in Temple surface;
– Local results in Bexar County and Kerr County;
– Can the Establishment GOP and Tea Party come together after the primary and in time for the GOP state convention?



May 27, 2014

– Low voter turn out being reported as of 5pm across the state;
– Races to watch including Dewhurst/Patrick and Paxton/Branch;
– Hidalgo County appraisals of mobile homes skyrockets;
– 1st term Cong. Vela of Brownsville claims “achievements”.
– Cong.Cuellar of Laredo hosts US/Mexico energy summit, but doesn’t push Obama on Keystone XL nor does he oppose EPA overregulation on Eagle-Ford;
– UT Regent Wallace Hall fights for his job after uncovering political influencing in admissions of applicants at UT. ​



May 23, 2014

– Grandmother and mother, and home life;
– Politics: rise of a Latino star; supporters on the liberal left and in the business community
– Anti-Family Legacy in SA: Interviews with Patrick Von Dolen and Mike Knuffke from SA Family Association
– Anti-business Legacy: Interview with Weston Martinez
– Castor sets sights his political future on Texas and the US ​



May 22, 2014

– Speaker Strauss at odds with Dewhurst and Perry;
– Speaker Strauss and friends found “influencing” admissions to UT;
– Growth of San Marcos and it fluoridation problems;
– State Senator Mike Villarreal campaigns to be the next Mayor of San Antonio;
– Education issues from around the state.


May 19, 2014

Immigration news: Illegal alien criminals released; illegal alien children housed at AF base in San Antonio; Crime boss arrested in Mexico  face US charges;
– Pflugerville hotel gets tax payer help;
– Austin rail system to go before the voters in November;
– VA hospital in Temple also under the gun patient list;
– Call to voters…get out and vote!!



May 16, 2014

Immigration part 2
– illegal aliens demand an end to deportation
– Is Mexico our friend?
– Crime and illegal entry thru Mexico
– What’s the solution for anchor babies and Dreamers
– What’s the solution for guest workers
– Stop the “Texas Solution”​



May 14, 2014

– Boehner in SA to talk to Chamber; Gets lobbied by local Dems for UN support; May loose mid-terms because he’s pandering to Big Business rather than to common folks;
– Where are the local GOP and Dems on defending the SA Tea Party against the IRS; more new revelations against IRS scrutiny of Texas Tea Party groups;
– Who is Leticia Van De Putte?
– News about border – Mexico ignores water treaty with the US and Texas; another cartel gangster goes to trial in El Paso; 34 illegal alien gang members arrested in Hidalgo County, plus 41 illegal aliens;
– SA Firefighters continue to be attacked by city government and news media.


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April 30, 2014

— Let’s take away the business of anyone who doesn’t like me or who disagrees with me. Like the NBA is doing.
– Revisiting the El Paso school scandal…how much money is at play in your local school district
– Commentary on Express-News op ed about Tea Party and a union working against Castro!
– Further evidence of “establishment” war against grassroots people.



April 29, 2014

– Commentary on Houston Non-Discrimination Ordinance
– Violations by Mexico of US fishing rights
– Grassroots rebellions against Rio Grande Valley machines; Interview with Mauro Villarreal who is opposing the establishment in Rio Grande City
– “Dark Money” alleged by establishment against 501c4 PACs
– Answering Van De Putte’s comments about the GOP “politics of fear”
– SA Express-News op ed wants money from Texas’ energy industry to fund climate change research;​



George Rodriguez


April 28, 2014

– County commissioners in Webb and Cameron counties charged with corruption;
– Texas gov. candidates begin to focus more on education;
– SA Streetcars battle update;
– SA Express-News continues to deride streetcars opposition;
– Remembering the Holocaust.



April 25, 2014

Cong. Joaquin Castro speaks to McAllen Chamber and criticizes GOP comments about corruption and border crime;

Sotomayor and Castros comments about affirmative action;

Keystone XL pipeline delay by Obama; Do TX Dems support the TX energy industry?

Red River land control brawl developing between BLM and TX

So. San ISD rejects city Pre-K program;

Let the Voters decide on streetcars in SA, by Cong. Lamar Smith​



April 24, 2014

– Comment on 9/11 Museum film controversy in NYC; what’s next rewrite Texas history to not offend Mexicans?
– No prosecutions in the AACOG scandal in San Antonio; taxpayers lose again
– More drug convictions in Rio Grande Valley
– Contractors feeding at the public trough at state and local level
– Leticia Van De Putte supported legislation to keep voters from voting in public development project.



April 23, 2014

​- More guns stopped at US/Mexico border on Tuesday in Reynosa, Mexico;
– Problems in public schools – Progreso school scandal guilty plea; Northside administrators fired for tampering with test scores;
– Reaction to San Antonio Transit VIA comments about firefighters joining the anti-streetcar fight;
– Texas, the number 2 oil producer and number 1 target or EPA and environmentalist.



April 22, 2014

Today’s Affirmative Action Supreme Court Ruling and what it means; Gentrification, community planning, and Agenda 21 – what it means to you and your property taxes; US is considering “limiting” deportations; History of political bosses in south Texas ​and the new bosses.



April 21, 2014

Review of Battle San Jacinto; Interviews with Weston Martinez, candidate for SA City Council and Chris Steele, president of SA Firefighters Association about Chamber meeting with Tea Party leaders; Report by Princeton and Northwestern about American political system.



April 18, 2014

Another Hidalgo County Sheriff Official pleads guilty; Valley Corruption problems plague Image; SA Chamber officials meet with SA Tea Party Leaders over SA Firefighter contracts.



April 17, 2014

Canseco interview regarding the allegations by the Express; Interview with SA Family Association about protest; Op ed commentary about Castro/Patrick debate; SA Chamber to meet with SA Tea Party about pensions.



April 16, 2014



April 15, 2014

Univision bias and fairness in the Castro-Patrick debate; More illegal aliens crimnals arrested in Tyler, and heroine smuggler arrested in El Paso; The Hidalgo county sheriff’s fall and arrest; Mex-Am studies being pushed.



April 14, 2014

Thoughts on Nevada Confrontation and Law Enforcement Officers; Dewhurst loses endorsement of Texans for Lawsuit Reform; Getting Ready for Castro-Patrick debate in San Antonio; Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Pleads Guilty; Liberty Cities show the lead in small government.



April 11, 2014

Support for Fire Fighters and Police Officers’ pensions; Did VIA lie or mislead the public on a referendum? The Texas Solution explained; Deportation numbers are skewed by Obama.



April 10, 2014

Arrogance and Disdain for Voters by Liberals; Enough on Educational Spending, Already! The Castro’s Background; Progreso TX Scandal News.



April 9, 2014

Castro compliments Jeb Bush on immigration position; Castro plays hypocrite at Civil Rights meeting while ignoring his own citizens; Organizing a more “active” Tea Party in south Texas.



April 8, 2014

Border Hearing in Austin, and Reality of Border Problems; GOP and Dems attacks on Tea Party immigration enforcement; Load and Carry issue in San Antonio.



April 4, 2014

City of SA Firefighters pension in jeopardy;  Elitists in Government and Business; Defending MY opposition to the Texas Solution.



April 3, 2014

First Responders battle with SA City Hall; Political Bosses in Texas; Progreso City Scandal in the Valley; Dewhurst Campaign; Texas Solution and SA Tea Party VP.



April 1, 2014

Players and What Game is being in San Antonio; Alamo Area Council of Govts. scandal.


March 31, 2014

Final sign-up for ObamaCare in San Antonio; Immigration update; Streetcars; more scandals in the Valley.



March 28, 2014

San Antonio citizens denied vote on streetcars; Abortion law upheld by court; Immigration/Amnesty and Texas GOP.



March 27, 2014

Agenda 21 in San Antonio; Critique of Cesar Chavez movie; Energy Industry fight for is fight for Texas Independence; Don’t Confuse Politicians and Grassroots leaders.



March 26, 2014

Van De Putte Tour; Illegal Alien Releases; Corruption in the Valley, Military Budget Cuts affecting SA;



March 25, 2014

Wendy David pushes equal pay issue; Election fraud in the Valley; Water Treaty with Mexico failing; San Antonio & Bexar County govts. push smaller cities around.



March 24, 2014

4th Anniversary of ObamaCare; Hillary Clinton visits the Valley; StreetCars in San Antonio; GOP District conventions; Charity vs. Govt. Welfare.



March 20, 2014

Op Ed Response to State Rep. Jason Villalba; Scandals continue on Rio Grande Valley; Pay Equity issue in Texas; EPA targets Texas.



March 19, 2014

GOP State Rep. Jason Villabla “laments” Latino Alienation; Jeb Bush supports Common Core; Progreso City and ISD Sandal Continues; Election Problems in El Paso Race; San Antonio first responders are being Ripped-off”.



March 18, 2014

Voting irregularities and a recount in the Valley; Deportation numbers questioned; Cesar Chavez movie set to open; Apprehension of illegals rises as Obama announces relaxing deportations.



March 17, 2014

Recap of Patriot Rally; More complaints about Eagle Ford Shale; Education issues; Interview with Dave Mundy, candidate for SBOE; SA Express criticizes the “Morality police” for complaining about the Miley Cyrus concert.



March 14, 2014

Liberal analysis of Patrick Lt. Gov. candidacy in general election; Changes considered to stop deportations; Crystal City problems; Patriots Rally announcements.



March 13, 2014

Cong. Castro and Boycotting Bucc-ees; Immigration and Border Crime news; Education spending and debt.



March 12, 2014

Congressman Joaquin Castro picks on a small business he disagrees with; Border violence and crime continues, and two days after the new policy on lethal use of force, a Border Patrol agent has to use his gun; Obama Care continues to falter in Texas.



March 11, 2014

Streetcars in San Antonio challenged; FBI and Texas Rangers enlarge their investigation in Hidalgo County; Dems and Wendy Davis “NOT concerned about low voter turnout in primary; New message by Wendy Davis calls abortion “women health”.



March 10, 2014

Border Patrol “guidelines” on use of force; Julian Castro and Dan Patrick debate coming; Military Down-sizing justified by Congressman Joaquin Castro; Julian set to establish a committee to recommend Alamo Plaza changes; Abortion Clinics closing in Rio Grande Valley.



March 6, 2014

Continued analysis of Texas primary from Hispanic point of view, Speech by Cruz at CPAC; ObamaCare Changes; San Antonio Moves to redevelop Alamo Plaza without Taxpayer Input.



March 5, 2014

El Conservador, wrapped up the 8 hours of historic and unprecedented 2014 Texas Primary Election coverage and review.



March 4, 2014

Matt Beebe’s election race and interview; Conservative talk show radio in other states; Recall Effort in San Antonio falls apart; Galveston County Judge’s Assistant Threatens Business owner; EPA Tightens Regs for Txas Energy Industry.



March 3, 2014

TTP Denies Endorsing Steve Stockman; New Message by TTP for PR; Sessions Videoed Supporting Amnesty; Gov Candidates in the Rio Grande Valley; Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Farmers’ Branch case about illegal aliens; More Voter turn-out in Willacy County; Grenade Thrown at Elem School in Mexico; Texas Tribune critical of conservative voters’
influence in state elections.
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