G. E. Kruckeberg: Texas Can Fight Back

G. E. Kruckeberg: Texas Can Fight Back

President Obama, in his insane fervor to repeal the Second Amendment by executive action, has directed the Social Security Administration to enter into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) the names of any Social Security recipients who have an “administrator” (e.g. wife) that receives and administers the recipients disbursements.  This would effectively prevent such recipient from ever being able to purchasing a firearm.

Obama is basing this Constitutional raiding party on the provision in the Gun Control act of 1968 that prohibits the sales of firearms to the mentally ill.  The blatant and unsupported assumption is that anyone who, for any reason, desires another person to handle their affairs must be mentally ill.  Of course, by that definition, Obama, who routinely abdicates the responsibilities of his office to Valerie Jarrett and others while he plays golf, must be mentally ill.

In truth, there is no tenable foundation for this dastardly attack on the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of senior citizens.  This is clearly an act of desperation by the President – an attempt to do something – anything – to look like he’s reducing access to firearms.

This nefarious assault on the Second Amendment rights of seniors has served one useful purpose, however.  It’s uncovered another unsavory fact.  The Veterans Administration is already placing veterans on the NICS who have an administrator receiving their benefits.

So the Obama mis-administration has for years been depriving the brave men and women who fought for our Constitutional rights of their own Constitutional rights.  These are people who have been trained in the safe and effective use of firearms.  To deprive them of their Constitutionally guaranteed right to possess a firearm would be ludicrous if it weren’t so insidiously evil.

Texas has an opportunity to lead the nation in a negative response to this Fascist assault on the Constitution of the United States.

Governor Abbott should convene the Legislature to enact legislation to the effect that Texas veterans and Texas seniors (over 65) are exempt from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  The Second and the Tenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States grant him, as the Governor of a sovereign Sate of the United Sates, the right to do that.  The legislation should state that, since the integrity of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System has been compromised by the federal government, all firearms dealers in the State of Texas are prohibited from checking the NICS when selling firearms to a Texas veteran or to aTexas senior.  Furthermore, they are prohibited from providing any information on such veteran or senior to the NICS or to any other federal agency.

Since it is a federal requirement that all federally licenced firearms dealers report sales to the NICS, the legislation should further provide that no firearms dealer in the State of Texas will be required to have a federal firearms licence to conduct the business of buying and selling guns and ammunition within the State of Texas or to import firearms into Texas from other States.

If Texas will set the pace, other States will follow our lead.  It is the destiny of Texas to ride  point in the national stampede to trample the tyranny of Washington DCinto the West Texas dust from which Lyndon Johnson built it.

At some point, we’ve got to tell Washington DC to go to hell.  And this is a good place to start.

G. E. Kruckeberg


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