G. E. Kruckeberg: Our Texas Nightmare

G. E. Kruckeberg: Our Texas Nightmare
Our 2,000 mile long border with Mexico is as porous as the hull of the Titanic.  At its western end, it’s riddled with tunnels from Tijuana used to funnel drugs into the San Diego California distribution point.  Farther to the east, in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, coyotes routinely walk unimpeded across the unmarked border with trains of criminal infiltrators in tow.  But there is an even greater danger than drugs and criminal infiltrators posed by our federally promoted open border – Muslim terrorism.

Mike McCaul, U.S. Representative for the tenth district of Texas and Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has warned repeatedly of the danger of domestic Muslim terrorism presented by our southern non-border.  Representative McCaul recently stated:

“President Obama claims that our borders are more secure than ever before.  This is simply not true.  As of last count, only 44 percent of the border was under operational control.  Just last year the Border Patrol apprehended almost half a million individuals along our Southern border – representing only the people we know that are being stopped.  We have no way of telling how many people we didn’t catch, or what they brought with them.”
So a little over 1,100 miles of our 2,000 mile long border with Mexico is simply not being secured by our Gestapo-esque Department of Homeland Subjugation (DHS).  That’s a strip of border as long as the distance from Houston to Chicago that’s wide open to anyone from drug smugglers to Muslim terrorists.

And if you think the latter is hysterical exaggeration, consider that earlier this year, two ISIS training camps were discovered in Mexico.  One camp is only eight miles from Juarez, which is right across the border from El Paso.  The other camp, is in Puerto Palomas in Mexico’s Chihuahua State, within walking distance of the New Mexico border.  And the border in that area is no more than a line on a map, with the nearest towns of Deming and Columbus, over thirty miles to the north.

Now why would ISIS be establishing jihad training camps in Mexico adjacent to the southern border of Texas and eastern New Mexico?  Are they planning to attack Mexico?  Or could this just possibly be a training ground from which to launch terrorist attacks against the Great Satan, the United States, across its unsecured southern border?

And if this immanent threat is so obvious to Representative Mc Caul and myself, why is it being not only ignored but denied by the Obama mis-administration?  The easy answer to that is that the Democrats plan to milk the criminal infiltrator community for votes and hence are intent on keeping the border open at whatever potential cost in drugs and terrorism.  But that answer seems a bit simplistic, and it posits a level of impassiveness that seems hard to attribute even to one as clueless of the realities of life as President Obama.

No, I think there’s something more at play here.  Barack Husein Obama is a Muslim.  He was born a Muslim in Kenya and he was raised a Muslim in Indonesia.  The Muslim principle of Umma requires him, as a Muslim, to assist his Muslim brethren in whatever endeavors they may undertake, even if those endeavors threaten the security of the entity he took an oath to protect.  (Of course, under the Muslim principle of Hudaybiyyah, any oath to an infidel is non-binding in any case.)

So we have a foreign entity just across our southern border preparing to invade our country and a Commander-in-Chief who is committed to aiding and abetting that invasion.  And you can bet your best pair of boots that invasion is coming to Texas!  Muslims are fascinated by symbolism, and they see Texas as the distillate of everything they hate about America – freedom, free enterprise, and confident arrogance.

But Muslims are, as I said, not strategically motivated.  They would rather destroy the World Trade Center, a symbol of American hegemony, and kill a symbolically large number of Americans than take out the Hoover Damn and deprive three States of electricity.  San Antonio has a greater chance of losing the Alamo than Houston does of losing the ship channel.

In preparing for this invasion, therefore, we should concentrate on protecting those entities that symbolize Texas strengths and values.  The Governor and other State officers are obvious targets, as are commercial buildings in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.  Each of those three cities, incidentally, harbor an enclave of Muslims ready and eager to assist in jihad against Texas and everything it stands for.  Sporting events and other venues involving close concentrations of people should be avoided, since Muslims would rather bomb a Boston Marathon than a nuclear generating plant.

Above all, stand tall, don’t be daunted, and keep your guns oiled and your ammo supply well stocked.

Semper Fi.
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