G E Kruckeberg: Houston Wins For Common Decency

G E Kruckeberg: Houston Wins For Common Decency
On Friday the Texas Supreme Court ordered openly lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker to either repeal the onerous Houston Evil Rites Ordinance (HERO) or put it on the September ballot and let the voters decide if they want dirty old men going into the bathrooms with their High School Freshman daughters.  The Court gave Ms (or whatever she/it is) Parker 30 days to comply.  The Court’s order also suspended the Evil Rites Ordinance until and unless the voters decide they want to reinstate it.
Governor Abbott said Friday that, “Today’s decision by the Texas Supreme Court appropriately returns jurisdiction over this matter to voters while reassuring the people of Houston that their personal values remain beyond the reach of government.  Freedom of expression can only exist once government removes itself from stifling free speech, repressing religious liberty and interfering with the lives of its citizens.”
Thus another in a long line of attempts by the queer coalition to force their unnatural perversions on the rest of us has been foiled, this time by the good and decent people of Houston.  Understand, we Houstonians are not anti-queer.  We’re anti-shoving it down our damn throats.  We don’t really care what queers do to each other behind closed doors, but we have a right to demand that they keep the flippin’ doors closed!  We’re not against them, but we are against their parading their perversions in front of our children.
And please don’t try to con me with the old tripe that their actions are not a perversion.  Anyone who’s taken a course in highschool biology knows the natural function of a couple, whether it’s cardinals, penguins, or humans.  And since a same-gender couple is biologically incapable of fulfilling that function, their union is unarguably a perversion of nature’s intent.
Nor is their battle cry of equality valid.  Equality is gained not by agitation but by activity.  Equality of opportunity is gained not by marching in protests, but by quietly exercising one’s skills and abilities to achieve an equal status with one’s peers.  Political equality is gained not through rioting and civil disobedience, but by voting knowledgeably and by being involved in the political processes of candidate selection and voter education, and by actively letting our elected representatives in government know what we want. 
And queer equality can be gained only by respecting the institutions of normality, not by trying to usurp them and destroy them.
C. S. Lewis said, “The claim to equality… is made only by those who feel themselves to be in some way inferior.  What it expresses is precisely the itching, smarting, writhing awareness of an inferiority that the patient refuses to accept.  And therefore resents.”  And therein, I believe, lies the source of queer agitation. 
Queers are obviously the result of a normal biological union between a male and a female, and they were raised by mothers and fathers who instructed them in the normally accepted rules of social propriety.  Their activities violate those childhood infused precepts of propriety, and on some subconscious level, that makes them feel guilty.  It is this usually repressed guilt that drives them to indulge in drugs and to abuse alcohol.  And it is this guilt that drives them to try to  implicate the rest of us in their delinquency.
The next thing you know, the Boy Scouts of America will be approving of queer Scout Leaders taking our sons on overnight camp outs.
Oh, wait!
G E Kruckeberg
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