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February 28, 2014

Doc spoke about his thoughts on why Texas should be independent and what that means to his family and yours. He spoke about the upcoming Rattle Snake Round Up in Sweet Water Texas next Saturday, and went on to cover the upcoming Texas Independence Day celebration on Sunday the 2nd at the San Jacinto Monument and then in the second hour Doc spoke about a very sad and heartbreaking problem where Transgendered voters will have to try to explain the “addadictomy” that they have may have done, or even the “dickectomy” that they may have undergone and it will be soooooo embarrassing. Then Doc went on to explain what happens if there is No God! And a discussion who God’s name and clarified the Trinity for the listeners.



February 27, 2014

Lou Ann Anderson brought the report on Judy Morales Misuse of government equipment and time to promote her own political interests the government is protecting  here by saying There are over 80,000 emails. The cost to produce this request has been estimated at over $50,000 dollars making it impossible to prove that misdeeds since the cost of evidence it too high but it includes Judy Morales call to an employee and her request to delete all the emails that could prove problematic including instructions on how to avoid detection of the deletions, Judy Morales is heard on the tape saying Delete, Delete, Delete! Then at 30 minutes Doc shifted over to interviewing Ken Cope republican for US Senate where they discussed recent budget cuts to the military and to military pensions, and then the dangers of the force reduction to pre world war II levels, and his plan to lower taxes and ease the burden on small business doing under 3 million per year in total sales, and finally discussed reasons to be concerned about the national government purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition, and talked about when should a “wrong” like PBHO being on the Iowa primary ballot due to forged signatures be “righted”? Finally ended up talking about radical Islam in Texas.



February 26, 2014

On Docs Show today he covered the Gun issue as it relates to the upper level races of Governor and Lt Governor and the CJ Grisham issue, then the Drew Darby Harvey Hilderbran connection with bankrupt texas businesses for which they acted as agents, followed up with news and comentary on the overreaches of the EPA, and who people REALLY want for president according to real polling and Chris Christie is in 92nd place to Ted Cruz and Col Allen West and Ben Carson in the top 3 spots. He also covered Barbrara Meeks and the unethical dealings in Galveston County where they listed Heidi Theis as being a Democrat!



February 25, 2014

Doc opened up the show with Crystal Laramore of the Dam Good Times discussing the GOP chair in galveston county’s fight to eliminate TEA Party candidates from the running by endorsing RINOs in the primary in ethical violation of her position as GOP chair and further more charging for her endorsements, while denigrating Crystal Laramore and THE DAM GOOD TIMES for doing a voter guide with NO paid endorsements. We also spoke of San Jacinto County races, and spoke with DJ



February 24, 2014

Doc opened up with a rant on the fear in America, People so afraid of their government that they will not dare to stand up and be heard. He detailed his experience over the weekend with TSA, then spoke on the need for Texas to become independent
Hour Two Doc spoke with Ben Struesand running for CD 36 to replace Steve Stockman, and we covered his stance on the Pro Life issue, Constitutional carry with NO restrictions, Getting our Gold Back to Texas and his support for a flat tax rather than the consumption tax though he would like to phase that in.



February 21, 2014

Hour 1: Host Vaughn Pederson talked about the Olympics. He talked about how people from Russia are surprised when people look them in the eyes. Usually if that’s happening in Russia it’s a police man looking at you or a criminal. He pointed out problems with our liberty being controlled. He interviewed Joel Gardner who is running for State House Representative for District 6. Joel talked about feeling betrayed by both the democrats and the republicans. He owns a small business in the Tyler area. He’s against the people who were suppost to go against Obama and stop him from passing Obama care. He’s against the House of Representatives. He’s for secession and against Obama and many other things. He believes he’d rather fire bullets being against a lot of things then having to fire actually bullets from every gun.

Hour 2: Interviewed Judy Nichols who is running for District 21 State Representative. She talked about her creating jobs by having her Papa Johns. She’s against the minimum wage getting raised because if the people are worth the money they’ll show her. Not her getting forced by the government to pay the employees a certain amount to start. She can’t hire anymore people, because of the Obama Health Care Law if she hires another person she’ll be forced to get insurance for all the workers and basically go bankrupt. All raising minimum wage is doing is killing jobs.



February 20, 2014

Hour 1: D2 Interviewed Raoul Torres for State Comptroller. He was asked his stance on Prop 6 which he is against. Reason 1 being that there will be more government and more opportunity for corruption and second because they’re principle taxation is coming out of the pockets of hard workers who have already paid that money into taxes. Basically getting re taxed. He’s against abortion he is pro-life. He helped pass the sonogram bill. As Comptroller he will stand against Legislators spending. A good Comptroller according to him is a problem solver who has a genius financial plan.
Hour 2: D2 wants to gather people together who don’t want to see Islam take over the United States, especially Texas. Sandy Hook and its assault on second amendment rights. He doesn’t even think Sandy Hooks happened and if anything it was just a drill. They keep finding pictures of the kids who were supposedly victims of Sandy Hook still alive. They have FEMA Advocators. Keep seeing this one lady acting and always on the news. She loses a son in Sandy Hook, then is on TV because she lost her house in a tornado, he believes he even saw her as a victim in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Basically the government is trying to take away our protection by staging all these incidents. He’s getting ready because a war is going to come.



February 19, 2014

Hr 1: Doc preached out of Genesis a story of how the government took nearly everything including the souls of the people to save them from starvation.
Hr 2: Doc spoke endorsements of different races. Also interviewed CJ Grisham and how Bill County is raising the cost of transcript to price him out of justice.



February 18, 2014

Hour 1: Doc interviewed Jerry Patterson and talked about limits that Patterson would place on Gun owners. He said its okay to have guns but not too big. Jerry Patterson has a rather soft stance on reducing property tax but doesn’t want it eliminated. His stance on immigrants is to bring as many immigrants as possible to create low wage workers at Texans expense. According to Jerry Patterson Texans won’t work hard. He supports campus carry and open carry.
Hour 2: Doc commentated on the interview he had just had with Jerry Patterson and how he was dissatisfied with the candidates running for lieutenant Governor. He then discussed a story of police shooting a vagrant that they had already locked inside a police car and further discussed the ramifications of the police force.



February 17, 2014

Todd Staples was a no-show so Doc started out with the most recent Home Invasion and robbery in NW Houston, and then he spoke about the coming endorsements for the upcoming election, and talked about the RINO Judge Denise Pratt, then he discussed how the franchise tax works and why it should be abolished and replaced with a simple sales Tax,

Hour Two Doc talked about prepping with Food Storage and water storagage , how to build a faraday cage to protect your electronics, and ended up with how much land do you need to be able to forage for a living vs. Planting for a living.




February 14, 2014

Hour 1: Interviewed Chris Mapp and found out that he does not believe in Open Carry. He has his license to have a gun but doesn’t want guns out in public. He stands on the grounds of changing the was the tax code is structured. He wants the IRS gone and the state to collect. He wants to abolish IRS and have a fair sales tax that is collected by the states. His stance on immigration is seal, protect, defend. He wants to repeal the 14th amendment. He said we have a conflict with drugs we are not at war with drugs. He is against gambling or the legalization of it. He’s against people losing money that they need to be saving too support their family. He’s against the legalization of Marijuana and he’s prolife.Hour 2: Interviewed John Schmude he’s Christian. He tried adopting a kid and he was almost there when the adoption agency told him he messed up by first putting his faith on the paper work. He also needed to take down the cross on the mantle if he really wanted the kid because they’d rather have a non religious parent raising the kid. He DIDN’T vote for Oboma. He’s saying that now he’s seeing the constition being read to a sense where the constitution itself is unconstitutional. His stance on homosexual marriage is that marriage should be between one man and one woman.



February 13, 2014

Hour 1: Talked to Lou Ann Anderson about Texas politics. We talked about the corruption in Temple, TX. City Officials ignoring city charters and double dipping. The talked about campaign for liberty. Talked about Joe Kennedy and how he made a fortune from running illegal alcohol. His sons later became major political heroes with connection to their father’s organized crime.  We need to go to a pure sales tax. Seems like IRS is auditing all 501c4’s. Doc later went on to talk about a police officer deciding to do a no knock warrant search. Well the home owner ended up killing the police officer thinking he was getting robbed. They tried charging him for murder but lost because his lawyer was good and he was innocent. He had a girlfriend who was pregnant, the police then start to raid his house. He doesn’t know what’s going on and shoots. The police found no illegal stolen weapons and he only had a misdemeanor worth of marijuana in his house.
Hour 2: Gary Elkins was on the phone but he heard too much echo and had to reschedule. Dave Mundy got interviewed. He talked about Come and Take it and then Doc talked about the rally that is going on. Then we talked about CSCOPE and how they haven’t really got rid of it. It just goes by another name TEKS resources and it’s inspired by the common core people. Mundy said that Representative White and the others need to put in place a penalty for people who use Common Core. They people should be fired.  He talked about HB5 and that it’s basically Common Core to the bone. If you want to vote for him go to

Following Doc Greene’s interview with Dave Mundy, candidate for Texas SBOE, Claver revisited the undeniable fact the CSCOPE/Common Core is being applied in the state despite passed and signed legislation outlawing such a curriculum in Texas.  He plays sound from Doc’s journalistic confrontation of Katy ISD school board members and superintendent.



February 12, 2014

Hour 1: Interviewed Dr. Mike Vandewall running for House District 50. Discussed his policies on taxation. Encouraged him to eliminate Joe Straus and also encouraged him to eliminate property tax in Texas.
Hour 2: Interviewed Ron Hale who is running for SD15 found him to be running against John Whitmire a 20 yr republican incumbent. He is for Texas independence, elimination of property tax, constitutional carry, improving education system and returning Texas Gold to Texas.



February 11, 2014

Hour 1: Opened the show with Kristen Ring with Stand Across america, then we went on to disucss several different news items.
Hour 2: Interviewed Eric Reed with Gun Rights Across America, Then went on to interview Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe about the Saxet Gun Show denial. I followed that with an interview with Kate Beckham and ended the show with an interview with Shannon Thomason.



February 10, 2014

Doc opened up with NFL star Scott Turner running for House Speaker in Austin, we discussed his football career and his agenda for Austin which appears to be non-existent, He is Pro-Life and a Christian but beyond had has NO firm plans to do anything.
In the 2nd Hour Doc interviews SD2 candidate Mark Thompson and found him to be a solid constitutionalist with firm views supporting constitutional carry of weapons, Closing the Tex-Mex Border by using the Sheriffs and civilian volunteers, eliminating the property tax in Texas, and defeating Strauss as speaker.



February 7, 2014

Today Doc had Mary Huls and Terry Holcomb in studio for the first hour and we spoke on liberty issues and the need to get good people elected, then in the second hour, Doc Had Barry Smitherman for AG along with a call in by CJ Grisham to discuss his case. BSmitherman asserted his support for liberty in Texas as related to the 2nd amendment.



February 6, 2014

Doc spoke with LouAnn Anderson of WatchDogWire/Texas on the lawsuits in Bell County, Temple Texas dealing with their failure to release internal documents for a FOIA inquiry into the arrest and breaking a collarbone of a young teenager who was an innocent bystander to a police investigation, then we covered a story on Judge Biscoe in Austin denying the Saxet Gun Shows constitutional rights to have a show as provided for by current US and Texas law. Then I interviewed Ken Cope running to replace the RINO John Cornyn in the US senate and we spoke about what restrictions if any should be placed on the citizens of the US, and his plan to abolish the IRS via a 5% sales tax on everything except Drugs and groceries, and hour 1.5 he interview Robert Talton running for Texas Supreme Court against the Liberal Nathan Hecht who is a 24 year incumbent. I gave a way Michael News’s book to David W Smith.



February 5, 2014

Doc opens show with an interview with Joe Pool for Tex Supreme Court and then at the 2nd hour he interviews Bonnie Parker Live in Studio and her race to defeat Pro Abortion Sarah Davis in the River Oaks West U area.



February 4, 2014

Doc started out with People who used legal tender jailed for counterfeiting and people who were trying to use counterfeit bills signed by Moe Money, and people returning printers for refunds with counterfeit money still on the scanner, Spoke of the driving goal of RER is to support liberty for Texans and then a woman who is under an eviction notice for living “Off The Grid”   Then He moved on  to real news with a new San Antonio Tx knock out game victim,
At 45 minutes into the show Doc interviewed Anthony “Tony” Leatherman running for precinct chair in the Galleria are, and we got into his philosophy of Taxation, Abolishing the IRS which he was reticent to do, and Gun Rights where he agreed that there should be NO restrictions on Arms for Americans, and dealt with whether or not he was serious about the constitutional need and requirement for Texas to exit the Union and be a free and independent state. Listen for yourself and decide.



February 3, 2014

Freedom Or the Lack Of It! Doc started with the Recent shootings in the NW Houston area by gang bangers, then covered the recent trend where LEO deem knowledge of a gun in a home reason to ignore the 4th amendment provisions of search and sizure and the case of the deputy that sought such a warrant on a man susprected of having marijuana that was killed in the No Knock raid, Then covered the San Antonio man who was shot in the face during a home invasion and asked the question; How could a man know if the Raiders were LEO and not Gangsters, Finally in the last 15 minutes he interviewed Dr. Brian Babin running in CD36 to replace Steve Stockman.



January 31, 2014

Doc had Johnny Johnson in studio to talk about the Bill of Rights and why its being ignored today, and his six points of restoring our rights, rejecting National mandates, requiring the government to tell the truth, securing our Borders Texas Style, Then Doc had Joel Gardener libertarian for District 6 Smith County State Rep and discussed the need for constitutional carry, abolishing the property Tax, and understanding the life begins at conception, and the need to legalize drugs to destroy the drug cartels.



January 28, 2014

Hour 1: Interviewed Luo Ann Anderson she talked about Texas News as well as spoke alot of Wendy Davis. Wendy Davis’s financial problems, and basically everything that she’s been caught lying about. Also Interviewed Dr. Brian Babin who talked about property tax and how he disagrees with it. Saying it renders home owners as slaves to the state and then started discussing his race for congress.
Hour 2: Interviewed Tammy Blair who is running for Judge. Asked her about how she’s getting ready for the election.



January 27, 2014

Doc opened up with monologue on why we need to show up for every meeting and quit being so sectarian. Then he covered an eye opening survey on what Muslims in America really believe, you will be shocked. Missouri is working on a bill to make it illegal to cooperate with federal officials in enforcing Gun laws, and to allow carry in schools. Why Not Texas, Then Dave Wilson came in to the studio at 10:45  and spoke for the next hour on “HOW TO WIN” as a white conservative in a black liberal neighborhood. He knows, He DID it. Doc closed with summing up how Dave did it and you can to.



January 24, 2014

Hour 1: Interviewed Bobbi Johnson women who’s three kids got kidnapped by CPS. The considered her a bad mother because she did not work. She home schooled the kids and they got along. CPS made false allegations to take her children away. She and her husband had to give up their rights to their children. Her children have been adopted out and she doesn’t even know where they are other than Plano Texas. She is no longer allowed to see her kids. She doesn’t get to visit them on their birthday’s or school functions.
Hour 2: Doc had his speech at the GRAA rally, also Rachel Malone and Terry Holcomb’s speech.



January 23, 2014

Doc had Lou Ann Anderson with Watchdog wire discussing the recent case where a man who police attempted to stop for a minor traffic violation ends up in a chase with police and is finally tased multiple times, and jerked from his car, and is sentenced to 10 years for resisting arrest.
Hour Two: doc covered the case of how Jerry Paterson, Allan Blakemore, and Steven Hotze sold conservatives out at the convention in 2012 by using dirty tricks to deprive the delegates of their votes.



January 22, 2014

Tuesday 012114 Doc spoke on texas news, the Rally in Austin, Did the Sweetwater Texas Jaycees Rattle Snake Roundup, and covered the Debate between Jarred Woodfill and Paul Simpson for HCGOP chair.
Hour Two Doc played the interview between Ben Swann and Debra Medina from the King Street Patriots Candidate forum.



January 20, 2014

Doc started off talking about Abortion Barbie (Wendy Davis) and talked about the GRAA rally in Austin , Vote For Shannon Thomason, Terry Holcomb , District 7 DPS violating the civil rights of Texans, causing us to have to put a banana in our holster instead of a Black Powder Pistol Replica, Doc played Kathie Glass Speech given at the King Street Patriots debate hosted by Ben Swann, I talked about Dan Patrick being a no show even though he promised,
Hour Two Doc interviewed Molly White for Texas House 55 in Temple Texas.



January 17, 2014

Doc had Terry Holcomb in studio as co-host of show and we spoke of the need for Gun Rights and open carry in Houston, Covered John Otto as a Straus Henchman, who fails to represent his district properly.

Hour Tw we interviewed Harrison Whitaker running as an independent to replace the RINO Kay Granger.



January 16, 2014

Doc and Vaughan Pederson interviewed Lou Ann Anderson of Watchdog wire about the Set Asides the Texas state school system is no giving to students who can’t afford tuition. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor, and how Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg  had Drew Darbys gun charges dismissed. Then Vaughan and Doc talked about Guns and Freedom and the law,
Hour Two Doc and Vaughan interviewed Lee Hon DA from Lake Livingston who is being primaried by Elizabeth Coker a democrat in republican clothing, and spoke of constitutional issues in the State of Texas. Lee is on record as pro open carry in Texas and pro gun in general.



January 15, 2014

Hour 1  Doc played Wild Bill for America on Bacon, Beer, and Islam , Spoke about Rinos being hunted for being insufficiently pure, reminded people of the Vince Foster investigation , Dan Patrick not showing up on Clavers show is proof that ruling elite is ignoring the voters reasons why Shannon Thomason and Terry Holcomb are so important. Do not vote straight republican. And closed with the legislature raising the budget by 26% PHBO is jealous.
Hour 2 Doc interviewed Marc Reid commissioner Precinct 1 and got his views, as well educated him on current affairs in Texas.



January 14, 2014

Hr 1: Talked about the Seven Lakes High School bomb threat yesterday. Talked about a theater shooting over texting. Talked about Texas Textbooks and evolution vs. creationism. Also talked about relative teach satisfaction in Dallas ISD.
Hr 2: Johnny Johnson we talked about the United States Constitution. and how is should be a job description for politicians. Texas State constitution subject to the U.S. Constitution. Only so long as the United States honors article 1 of section 1 of the Texas Constitution. Which they have failed to do.



January 13, 2014

Segment 1 Doc talked about a Christian Homeschooling family that had their children taken by CPS for the crime of teaching them Christian Values, CPS said mom must be mentally ill because no one in their right mind could stand to be with children all day.
Segment two Doc talked about Public school problems like Gangs, Teachers posing nude for Playboy and teachers having sex with students and students attacking other students and one mother who is homeless getting 5 years in prison for putting her son in a good public school where she did not live.
Segment 3 Doc covered the Homeless mom jailed for theft because she put her son in a good quality school, and then the physical assault of a young girl in the locker room caught on video then SHE gets expelled
Segment 4 Doc covered the need for employees for Nuclear power plants and the fundraising for Wendy Davis and Gregg Abbot
Hour 2
Segment 1 Doc covered the first gun made for women in India to stop the rape Epidemic there
Segment 2 Doc interviewed David W Smith and talked about NDAA
Segment 3 Doc interviewed CJ Grisham to talk about two more abuse cases that have arisen
Segment 4 Doc spoke with Molly White who is running against the RINO Ralph Sheffield for Bell County Temple Texas Area



January 10, 2014

Doc covered the new City of San Elizario in west Texas and the need to get good solid constitutionalist to run for office there, The he covered the Texas Supreme Court case on using the internet to post things about people and whether free speech applies to the on line comments the he covered  Larry Robbins being arrested for making bombs in austin, armed robbery in Taqueria Arrandas by 6 amred gunmen, and finaly the bullet train to Dallas from Houston, HR 2 was an interview with Larry Smith  for Congress district 34 where he questioned him on his views of the IRS, The 2nd amendment, Open Carry , Militias and other things.



January 9, 2014

Hour 1 and 2: Talked about banning gun show in Travis County with Lou Ann Anderson. Then with Victoria Montgomery talked about guns and self protection for women and Texas Open Carry. Finished off the show talking to Harrison Whitaker who is running for congressional district 12 to replace Kay Granger.



December 23, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed SECEDE Kilgore for Texas governor.
Hour 2: Interviewed Johnny Johnson for US Congress. He is running for congress to replace Al Green on the south side of Houston.



December 20, 2013

On Todays Show Doc went into the connections with the communications scandal uncovered by John Foddrill Where an IT company is padding their bills to the city of San Antonio, and played Sound Bites from Leticia Vandeputte showing her awareness of the problem  but she has failed to attempt to draw attention to it. In Hour two Doc covered the DWI convictions of two people including one in Travis County and contrasted that with the recent DWI of Rosemary Lehmberg who got off with a couple of weeks in jail,  and ended up with the Duck Dynasty A&E debacle.



December 19, 2013

Hour 1: Had Lou Ann Anderson on the show and we talked about CJ Grisham and the fact that he still does not have his gun. Also about the revolution of Texas.
Hour 2: Interviewed Craig McMichael about the 2nd Amendment rights and how they have been getting violated for so long. All the new gun laws are unconstitutional and should be treated as such. Also talked to McMichael about Texas possibly seceding from the United States. To which he said that he fought to hard for us to secede right now.



December 18, 2013

In the first hour Doc covered the movement of Sherifs that are not going to enforce the new restrictive gun laws from DC and even state legislative agendas because they violate God Given constitutional rights, Also the carjacker shot by the police in Dallas. At the 45 minute mark, Doc starts the interview with Daniel Miller the president of the Texas Nationalist Group and they covered why Texas like every other state CAN secede, The financial reasons why Texas would be better off, and whether or not Texas can defend itself with out the US government military.



December 17, 2013

Doc covered Rino Season in Texas with Elizabeth Coker a democrat who switched to Republican to run against conservative republican Lee Hon in second hour Doc interviewed State Rep Gary Elkins and spoke of the militarization of the police in Texas, the false arrests of CJ Grisham and Terry Holcomb all of which he was unaware, and the problems in the Texas Schools where SAT scores continue to drop while tax revenues and expenditures continue to rise



December 16, 2013

Hour 1: Talked with the Chaplin Gypsy Roberts about Oath keepers, the fall of the Roman empire as it pertains to America and covered the communist manifesto and how America is following in it’s path.
Hour 2: Interviewed Heather Fazio. Talked about government overreach and the way that we can take back government is through grass roots efforts and by getting patriots elected into City Council in Austin.



December 13, 2013

Hour 1: Talked about DA Rosemary Lehmberg and her getting a DWI, as well as the congressional budget deal.
Hour 2: Interviewed Dwayne Stovall.



December 12, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Lou Ann Anderson.
Hour 2: Talked to Levi Greene about 4th amendment violations, and Interviewed James Stoanczak for district 29.



December 11, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Malachi Boyuls who is running for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Hour 2: Interviewed David Bellow who is running for Hardin County Judge.



December 10, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Crystal Lee Laramore of a Dam Good Times and talked about the Roll Over Pass Issue.
Hour 2: Interviewed CJ Grisham about his case and more on police abuse.



December 9, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Linda Vega who is running for senate to replace the Senator John Cornyn.
Hour 2: Talked about Chuck Norris and CSCOPE. Also talked about what was going on in the chat room.



December 6, 2013

Doc reports on the appearance of AG Greg Abbott at the Downtown Pachyderm Club in Houston.



December 5, 2013

Hour 1: Lou Ann Anderson of WatchDog Wire to discuss the CJ Grisham Case.
Hour 2: Talked about the world and how corrupt it has become, Bizzaro world.



December 4, 2013

Opened up with farmer found 150K  of Marijuana plants growing on his farm, Gregg Abbott on Education and Common Core, Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis counting on Women to vote her in, Principle in Hempstead fired for banning spanish being spoken in school, Texas Culture, MRAP vehicles in Alvin and Dallas, Kyle Janek and Obama Care,  Hour two ACA, Coffeecare Audio from , Merida Aid to Mexico and teaching RAP to Mexican children with your tax dollars



December 3, 2013

Hour 1: Talked about militarization of police and the loss of freedom in the state of Texas.
Hour 2: Continued topic and gave a call for activism for people to call their elected officials.



December 2, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Sydney Thomas
Hour 2: talked about Freedom or the lack there of and talked about candidates for senate attorney general.



November 27, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed David Smith Candidate for the Senate to replace Texans to remove John Cornyn from office.
Hour 2: Talk about CScope and Common Core still being used in the Katy ISD and Interviewed Ann Carpenter.



November 26, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Cecil Ince for congress.
Hour 2: Quinn Eaker to talk about his how his farm got raided by police even though outside city limits, and he had broken NO laws. Randomly through out the 2 hours: Audio from the Katy ISD where you will find that Cscope is now called Common Core and is being used in the Katy ISD!



November 25, 2013

Hour 1: Texas News
Hour 2: Interviewed Dwayne Stovel


November 22, 2013

Hour 1: Talked about Texas and the violence that is happening around the state.
Hour 2: Interviewed Kathy Glass.



November 21, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Tyler Slater who was arrested and beaten by the cops yesterday.
Hour 2: Interviewed Dwayne Stovall for Senate



November 20, 2013

In the first hour we covered un-constitutional search and seizure violations by the national government (4th amendment) In the second hour I interviewed Lou Ann Anderson with Watchdog wire to discuss the jury selection in the MSgt. CJ Grisham trial and ask why the jurors are not being allowed to see the dash cam video that proves the officer behaved improperly.



November 19, 2013

Hour 1: Talked about police raiding a family farm in Arlington, and Texas becomes the #1 Exporter in USA.
Hour 2: Interviewed Lisa Fritsch she’s a Republican Candidate for Texas Governor.



November 18, 2013

Hour 1: Interviewed Jeff Judson and Ince Congressional District 3 candidit.
Hour 2: Medicare Advantage Dropping Doctors , Texas A&M Professor wanting to appeal 2nd amendment rights.



November 13, 2013

Dissected Prop Six, and Texas Water and Land Laws
In the second hour he covered Church Bells being protested and interviewed Mary Huls for State Rep on her views of property taxes and border security, and Open Carry.



November 11, 2013

Hr 1: Interviewed Rocky Palmquist running for Libertarian Ag Comm.
Hr 2: Talked about ENDA



October 31, 2013

Today’s show starts with a discussion of Open Carry and then the rest of the show is a discussion of how Obama Care is affecting Texas Business and what we can do about it. includes Guest appearances by Dana Loesch, and Tony Katz.



October 15, 2013

D2 interviews a gun rights activists that trains single women and mothers in firearm self defense and then gifts them with pump shotgus.



October 9, 2013

Wednesday  Oct 9 2013 On Docs show today, 1st hour He covered The amendments to the Texas State Constitution, and his vote recommendations, Illegal Immigration is  being affected by the US government Shutdown, The Evolutionists fighting to eliminate any references to Creationism in Texas Textbooks. Second hour Doc interviews Eric Dick candidate for Houston Mayor.



October 2, 2013



October 1, 2013



September 27, 2013



September 26, 2013



September 25, 2013



September 24, 2013



September 23, 2013


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