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G. E. Kruckeberg: The Alamo

In eighteen-hundred-and-thirty-six,
Will Travis was sent by Governor Smith
To Bexar, near San Antonio,
And the fortress there called the Alamo.

His orders were simple and direct:
To Colonel Jim Bowie pay his respects,
Then pull the powder and canons back
To fortify Fannin at Goliad.

Bowie thought Texas had won the war;
In December, barely two months before,
Milam attacked San Antonio
And captured the guns of the Alamo.

General Cos gave up the Alamo
And went with his troops back to Mexico.
The Texan’s hubris, though, had one flaw:
Cos was Santa Anna’s brother-in-law.

Bowie was confident however
That the war with Mexico was over.
His Cajun elan could not admit
That they’d the fuse of a powder keg lit.

Whether Travis of that was convinced
Or preferred the Alamo for defense
We never shall know; but this we know:
He agreed to stay in the Alamo.

Now the Napoleon of the West
Leading an army composed of the best
Troops in the country of Mexico,
Is fording the river at Laredo.

Over the creeks and rivers in flood –
Over the raw earth the color of blood,
Burned bare of grass his horses to slow –
Santa Anna rides to the Alamo.

Scout comin’ in,” the gate picket cried;
Travis and Bowie both hurried outside.
Then through the gate, a rider dashed in
And reined up his pony in front of them.

“Mexican scouts – ’bout three miles away,”
He said with a curse, “and headin’ this way.”
“Bring in the other scouts,” Travis said,
“Then issue the troopers powder and lead.”

“We’ve no choice now but to stay and fight.
They’ll cut us to pieces if we take flight.
Besides,” he said, “there’s nowhere to go.
So we’ll stay right here in the Alamo.”

With canon and powder for their horns,
Thirty beeves and ninety bushels of corn,
And a spring that in the courtyard flowed,
They felt quite secure in the Alamo.

On February the twenty-third,
Santa Anna by flag of truce sent word:
“Surrender or to the sword be put.”
And Travis answered with a canon shot.

From Travis to Smith this note went out:
“The enemy numbers a thousand now.
Send reinforcements, but if you can’t,
We’ll hold the Alamo to the last man.

I like a soldier shall die,” wrote he,
“For honor and Texas and liberty.”
These fatal words his temper bespeak:
“I shall never surrender or retreat.”

James Butler Bonham, courier brave,
To Goliad rode to enlist their aid;
When he returned to the Alamo,
The message he brought from Fannin was “no.”

But in Gonzales, they heard the call
And mustered thirty-two rifles in all.
Under Kimball, to glory they rode,
And fought their way into the Alamo.

As February wore into March,
More and more soldiers arrived at Bexar,
Until three thousand muskets or more
Surrounded a hundred and eighty-four.

Far to the east, on the Brazos bank,
The second of March dawned frigid and damp;
In Washington there, that fateful morn,
The great Republic of Texas was born.

Back in the Alamo on that day,
The sky and the mood of the men were gray.
The enemy, now three thousand strong
And growing, would storm the walls before long.

Then in the blind night a rider sped
With a plea to Fannin at Goliad.
Captain Seguin, bold ambassador,
Succeeded where Bonham had failed before.

James Fannin left the Presidio
With five hundred men for the Alamo;
But four miles out, a wagon broke down,
And Fannin took his army back to town.

(Twenty days later, at Goliad,
James Fannin with four hundred men and staff
Would be massacred – by the same foe
He’d refused to fight at the Alamo.)

The sixth of March dawned misty and cold –
Then Mexican bands struck up “Deguello,”
And Santa Anna’s two-hundred score
Advanced on a hundred and eighty four.

For five bloody hours, the battle raged –
Texas rifles against muskets and blades –
And when the gunsmoke had cleared, the score
Was sixteen hundred to one-eighty-four.

Sam Houston avenged the Alamo
On the grassy plains at the San Jacinto;
The future of Texas was secured –
At a cost almost too much to endure.

Bowie, Kimball, Crocket, and Travis,
And those less famous, we promise you this:
As long as there’s a Texas, you’ll know
We’ll honor the men of the Alamo.


Reprinted from Belshazzar and Antigone  by G, E. Kruckeberg, Kindle Edition.

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Terry Holcomb Sr: Something bothersome about the RPT’s Platform Review Committee’s survey results

Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Platform Process Review Committee’s survey

There is something I find very bothersome with the survey I wanted to share with those in the trenches.

Who participated?
7.28%: SREC
7.28%: County Chair
44.52%: Precinct Chair
65.20%: 2012 RPT Convention Attendee
71.47%: 2014 RPT Convention Attendee
8.93%: RPT Auxiliary Leadership

7% of the participants were SREC?????? Follow me now….

Should the Platform function as direction for our legislators?
89.22%: Yes
10.78%: No


So…. do you know how many legislative priorities were in the party platform? ONE… that’s right, just one. Why is this important? Two reasons.

1) At the last republican state convention the overwhelming majority of SD’s submitted a censor resolution to be passed. It made it out of the platform committee and onto the resolutions. The rules committee squashed it like a dirty little bug completely ignoring the SD’s and delegates. There was a huge fight to try and get this done and some of us nearly got thrown out of the rules committee. The party heads do not want to give us the ability to hold those that are elected in our party accountable. Specifically the SREC. Why do I say that?

2) There was a resolution submitted at an SREC meeting to rebuke republican leadership for not even giving the ONLY legislative priority even a committee hearing. The vote failed and the reason is astonishing. It failed because they did not want to say anything negative about someone with the (r) next to their name. It was believed it was the SREC’s job to help get (r’s) elected even if they are really (d’s). They were afraid it would hurt fundraising (money is the root of all evil).

Now we have spoken again in the survey…. and to what end? We had the legislative priority. We gave the republican legislature crystal clear direction on a single issue. They did not only fail to get it done, they ignored it. So reading all of this, it seems we need to take the opportunity to do some work in the SREC at the up and coming convention. We need to be looking to elect SREC reps that will represent their SD’s instead of the establishment that wants the status quo and do not want us to rock the boat.

Terry Holcomb Sr.

George Rodriguez: Border Patrol union: At least 5,000 more agents needed to guard the border

The U.S. Border Patrol needs more boots on the ground and fewer supervisors. That’s what the head of the United States Border Patrol union told a congressional committee is needed for the understaffed and outgunned federal agency grappling with the threat that violence south of the Rio Grande will spread north. Some advocacy groups aren’t so sure. They point to the increase in alleged abuse and corruption at the hands of Border Patrol agents when their numbers were nearly doubled from about 10,800 in 2004 to 21,400 in 2013.

Border Patrol union: At least 5,000 more agents needed to guard the border
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RERscoop: ‘For Cops Eyes Only’ -RER Directly Denied Waco Biker Video After FOIA Request

TABC Seeks to Withhold Texas Open Records Request from RER Correspondent

On May 17, the community of Waco, TX witnessed one of the worst shootouts since the Branch Davidians massacre in 1993.  Authorities have advanced  a narrative of rival motorcycle gangs battling over turf and exploding into violence that left nine  people dead and 18 injured until a massive police presence intervenes, arrests 177 bikers, and restores order to a chaotic situation.

However, reports from witnesses reveal  a different version of events.  While some  eyewitness accounts described an initial altercation between bikers and several pistol shots, it was the intense volley of rifle fire from police that may have killed and wounded many innocent bystanders that  stunned and terrified motorcyclists, restaurant patrons, and pedestrians alike.

So which is it?  Was the Waco shooting a proper and justified response from law enforcement or was it a “Kent State” reaction to a tense situation wherein  a single violent incident unleashed an undisciplined vicious reaction by law enforcement that resulted in additional needless deaths and injuries?  As they say on the television show CSI, “follow the evidence.”

RagingElephantsRadio (RER) has been at the forefront of this story since it broke in the national and Texas news media.  RER broadcast activists have commented on published news reports, conducted interviews, and sought to discover the truth behind the events in Waco. However, the truth has been hard to root out from those officially conducting the investigation.  Law enforcement has refused to release many of the facts and evidence they have in their possession.  A gag order was imposed by the preliminary judge and surveillance tapes have been withheld.  At seemingly every turn, the public has been denied visibility into the events that cost nine  people their lives, that wounded 18 others and painted 177 people as violent criminals via “cookie cutter” arrest warrants and outrageous bail amounts.  With the truth buried, RER special correspondent Mary Huls decided to dig  deeper into this tragedy.

Acting on a tip that an agent from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) was on the grounds of the Twin Peaks establishment at the time of the May 17 shootings, Ms. Huls filed a Texas Open Records Request to obtain the TABC reports and photos from their investigation.  Ms. Huls had learned that the TABC agent was on-site to investigate an earlier complaint from the Don Carlos Restaurant across the street and, after the shooting, had taken pictures of the dead bodies before they were covered and spirited away, as well as other crime scene photos.  Those photos were purported to show gruesome headshots for six of the victims thereby giving credence to the stories that at least two thirds of the victims may have been killed by police rifles.

Last week, Ms. Huls received a copy of a letter from the TABC to Texas Attorney Ken Paxton seeking to deny the public information request [ID# 584707].  The TABC based their appeal  to withhold information on  two state statutes.  The first was to withhold the application records of Peaktasic Beverages – Waco as private/confidential under Government Code §552.101.  This statute excerpts information from disclosure “if it is information considered to be confidential by law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision.”  Section 5.48(b) of the Alcoholic Beverage (AB) Code states that “the private records of a permittee, licensee, or other person that are required or obtained by the commission or its agents in connection with an investigation or otherwise, are privileged unless introduced in evidence in a hearing before the commission or before a court in this state or the United States.”  Since the application records do not seem to have been entered into evidence before the commission or a court this denial of information seems sound.



However, the TABC also wants to deny the responsive investigation records generated on May 17 from public disclosure under §552.108 of the Government Code which states “information held by a law enforcement agency or prosecutor that deals with the detection, investigation, or prosecution of a crime is excepted if: (1) release of the information would interfere with the detection, investigation, or prosecution of a crime; or (2) it is information that deals with the detection, investigation, or prosecution of a crime only in relation to an investigation that did not result in conviction or deferred adjudication.”

The TABC is claiming in this letter to the Texas Attorney General that they were part of a joint investigation conducted by agents of the TABC and the Waco Police Department at the Twin Peaks location. Why would the TABC and the Waco Police Department be conducting a “joint” investigation? While TABC enforcement agents claim “all the powers of a peace officer coextensive with the boundaries of the state” and “routinely investigates criminal matters, where alcohol has been determined to be a factor,” what alcohol-related crime were they investigating?  Why were they on-scene when the shooting happened rather than after the fact?  These question deserve to be answered.

Indeed, it is with this second appeal  to shield TABC investigative records from disclosure to the public that RER has objection.  The TABC has cited the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office, which is currently handling the case, as confirming that the release of records held by the TABC would interfere with the criminal investigation and prosecution being conducted by their office.  If these records are nothing more than crime scene photos taken by the TABC, how could these records affect the investigation or the subsequent prosecutions?  The defense attorneys already have those.  The judge’s gag order has already been lifted.  The autopsy reports have been made public.  It is already known that none of the victims had any gunshot residue on their persons.  That six of the victims were shot in the head or neck area.  That eight of the nine victims had downward bullet paths in their bodies.  What could the TABC have in their possession that could possibly influence or jeopardize the criminal investigation and subsequent prosecutions?

Well, the answers to these questions cannot be known if Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton grants the request to not disclose the TABC investigation records from the May 17th shootings.  It will be interesting to see if transparency wins out over the “close to the vest” investigation Waco law enforcement and the District Attorney seem to be running.  While the crime scene is incredibly large, the fundamentals of the shooting appear to be pretty straight forward.  Three and a half months after the fact, with modern forensic techniques, who shot whom (cops or bikers) should be known.  The caliber and type of ammunition that struck the victims should be known.  With three policemen firing their weapons and expending only 12 rounds, it should be pretty easy for the police to ascertain their role in the deadly shooting.  With police across America losing the trust of their communities, being targeted by radicals and as the death toll mounts, it is incumbent upon law enforcement including the TABC to expose the truth no matter the consequence.

By Dale Huls





FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Judge denies Deuell petition to dismiss First Amendment lawsuit

Houston, Texas – July 14, 2015: Last fall, Texas Right to Life filed a civil suit against a defeated legislator, Bob Deuell, who lost his re-election bid in the 2014 Republican Primary Election.  The outcome of this lawsuit will widely impact political advocacy, including the ways third parties support or oppose candidates, campaigns are managed, and how individual citizens can express support for or opposition to candidates.

During the 2014 Republican Primary May Runoff Election that followed the March Primary Election, Texas Right to Life aired radio spots about Deuell’s aggressive promotion of legislation (Senate Bill 303) in 2013 that would have expanded the power of hospital committees over the lives of disabled patients.  Texas Right to Life and every major conservative Texas organization vigorously and successfully opposed this deadly legislation, authored by Deuell.

Scorned and embarrassed, Deuell attempted to silence Texas Right to Life, sending threats of litigation through cease-and-desist letters to the media outlets with which Texas Right to Life had contracted to air the ads.  Using one’s political or public office to censor a message about legislative actions is an abuse of power, not to mention desperate.  If anyone can interfere with the contract of two other parties for supercilious reasons, then all contracts between all parties about any matter are unsound.

While Texas Right to Life attorneys and the attorneys of the radio stations collaborated to resume airing the legal and true ads, Deuell indeed succeeded in bullying these stations and silencing Texas Right to Life for two days by interfering with our contract with the radio stations.  Two days is a political eternity—crucial air-time during a condensed primary runoff election time, particularly for an election drawing so much attention.

Yet when listeners in Senate District 2 learned that Deuell, a doctor, sided with the medical lobby in allowing hospitals to deny life-sustaining care to patients, the voters ousted Deuell and elected a new state senator who shared their views on honoring medical decisions of patients.

Nevertheless, Texas Right to Life recognized that other officeholders could (and probably do) use Deuell’s intimidation tactics; therefore, Texas Right to Life filed suit against Deuell over a year ago for tortious interference with our contracts with the radio stations.  At the preliminary hearing this past June, the other issues at stake were clarified: not only contract interference, but also the right to free speech, unconstitutional limits on campaign advocacy, abuse of power, ethical behavior of an office-holder, and many more that could even impact the innocuous posts of private citizens on social media.

If Deuell’s position is accepted, Texas campaigns and political activity will significantly change – and not for the better.  In order to stop a message that a candidate does not want publicized, the candidate would simply need to send this menacing statement from a lawyer to the targeted media outlet: “This letter is sent in contemplation of a legal proceeding.”  The newspaper editorial, Facebook post, or radio or TV ad featuring an unpleasant message can be banned and censored with no responsibility on the candidate.  The silenced organization or individual would not even be free to tell the electorate that they were threatened with possible litigation, thereby heightening the existing entry barrier to protect the establishment ruling class.

This case is far bigger than Texas Right to Life making an example out of a failed moderate politician and his defeated policies.

Texas Right to Life was legally incorporated in 1973 primarily to stop abortion and speak for the defenseless.  We cannot speak for the defenseless and voiceless if our right to free speech, including communicating that which politicians and institutions prefer not be said, is stifled, limited, and eroded by incumbents and courts.

We will always speak loudly and aggressively for those who have no voice, including Pro-Life voters whose elected representatives no longer speak for them.

Founded in 1973, Texas Right to Life is the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas.  Recognized as the statewide leader of the Pro-Life movement in Texas, TXRTL works through legislation and education to protect the rights of the unborn, persons with disabilities, the sick, the elderly, and the vulnerable through legal, peaceful, and prayerful means.



RERoriginal: Who is giving Tom Mechler campaign money?

Image: Facebook

Tom Mechler’s latest campaign finance report is posted… he received $5,250 in contributions this period, $5,000 of which was from Norman Adams – the pro-Texas Solution, pro- open borders, pro- sanctuary cities lobbyist!!!!

Read it with your own eyes HERE.

Heidi Hansing

Heidi's new profile pic 2015



It was a shocking but pleasant surprise when State Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Granbury RER 54.1) announced that he would not be running for re-election.  When someone has the level of power that Keffer has been able to build in the Texas plutocracy, the cynical creature within starts to wonder why?

In 2009, Keffer was one of the original 11 Polo Road Gang that aligned with 65 Democrats to elect Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House.  He has been a bruising supporter and enforcer of the Straus regime ever since.  And, in appreciation, Straus has made sure that money stayed in the treasury of Keffer and that he maintained a committee chairmanship.

Even before the 84th Legislative session was over, the rumors were running hot that Keffer was going to draw an opponent – an audacious challenge to a Straus henchman.  The rumors became fact when Mike Lang announced his candidacy to unseat the 20-year incumbent.

And, then, the bombshell.  Keffer was quitting.

Perhaps the emancipation of not having to run for public office and being beholden to Straus has revealed a more truthful Keffer?

The Houston Chronicle reports that Keffer was recently the guest speaker at a meeting of the Association of General Contractors – one the most powerful players in the Texas plutocracy. The “Contractors” were huge donors in the campaign to pass Proposition 6 (the Water Bill) in the 2013 Constitution Amendment election standing to make billions in potential contracts for infrastructure projects to be funded by the raid on the Rainy Day Fund.

At the “Contractors” meeting, Keffer told them (and, in essence the entire plutocracy) to wake up! When it comes to the GOP primaries, there’s a new reality.

Bobby Cervantes, Houston Chronicle, reported this quote from Keffer, “Things are good in Texas.  Everyone’s out running their businesses, doing what’s made them successful.  Their focus is not on politics.  Most people would like to be as far from that as they can.”

Cervantes also quoted Keffer as saying, “I was told that if I had stayed in the race going forward, they were willing to spend up to $2 million against me.  That makes you stop and think.  If you know your opponent has that much and they put their money where their mouth is, it’s not a hollow threat.”

On the prospect of liberty movement candidates taking over governing majorities in the Texas Lege, Cervantes wrote that Keffer said it will take some time, but that prospect is not as far off as many Republicans like to think.

“If they ever get speaker, it’ll be sad day in Texas”, was Cervantes’ closing quote from Keffer.

What Keffer has revealed is that the plutocracy is very aware of the growing strength and seriousness of the Texas liberty movement.  And if he’s not lying, which he’s prone to do, and there really was an arsenal of $2 million pointed at him, one of the plutocracy’s greatest fears is coming to fruition.  The Texas liberty movement is finding money from somewhere.

And even if he was lying, which he’s prone to do, it still means his efforts were to stir up even more cash from the pockets of the financial sponsors that fund and defend the status quo through a naked scare tactic.  There’s a whole lot of shakin’ going on!


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RERoriginal: The Sons of Confederate Veterans Issue Powerful Righteous Statement. Denounce KKK!

Since the tragic murder of churchgoers in South Carolina last week, a national conversation has been raging about symbols of the old Confederate States and their historical figures.  A particular focus has been on the Confederate Battle Flag.

On Thursday, June 26, RER’s broadcast activist, Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, gave a heartfelt monologue about his personal feelings about the controversial standard, and his opposition to its glorification. “If the honor and meaning of the flag has been hijacked, that’s unfortunate for the supporters of the battle flag.  But, make mistake no about it, as it stands today it is a symbol of white supremacy, period.  I find no glory in it.”

After sharing his personal experiences with those that proudly brandished the battle flag during his youth in Southeast Texas, Claver gave a suggestion, “Those that are supporters of the battle flag need to do some serious rehabilitation when it comes its national brand.”

David Dunham Kurrus is an avid supporter and listener to  After hearing Claver’s story during live RER webcasting, he was moved to write a personal letter to Claver.  Claver received his permission to read the letter on air.  And, you may hear Claver’s reading of the moving and sincere letter by clicking here:  RER HOT CLIP A Letter From a Son of Confederate Veterans

Kurrus went further by submitting to RER a statement that was issued by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.  RER decided to post the statement in its entirety.

In response to the SCV statement, Apostle Claver said, “This is totally fantastic! Awesome! This is exactly what is needed to start that rehabilitation I’ve been talking about.  The SCV needs to absolutely be applauded for their gracious and humble statement.  Way to go, SCV!  Now, that’s what I’m talking about!”

Below is the SCV statement. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans

It was a week ago, on the Seventeenth day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand fifteen that a mentally disturbed, racist individual entered the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina under the false pretense of worship. It was with Christian love and care that the Pastor and members of the congregation welcomed that young man. There within that Church where the Gospel of the Peace of Jesus Christ was being actively shared we note that Christ’s Words in the Gospel of John 13:35 was and still is being seen today: “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

While the worshipers motives were pure in the Christian Faith, the motive of the young man was not evidenced for over an hour when his hypocrisy was seen in what Christ stated in the Gospel of Matthew 15:8 in that “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” Sadly, the murderer did not respond to the Christian love shown to him for his heart was far from that place of worship.

Thus the Sons of Confederate Veterans condemns the tragedy and we share in the mourning of the families affected by this tragedy that occurred in Historic Charleston, South Carolina.

Within the city of Charleston, the people of the South saw the passage of South Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession and the Opening of our War for Southern Independence. It was there in One thousand eight hundred and sixty-four that the Spirit of Liberty still animated the people to endure bombardment day and night from a foreign invader. So it was within that winter, that thousands of Confederate Soldiers turned their hearts to our Lord Jesus Christ and became such dedicated Christians that once our War for Independence ended in failure some One hundred fifty years ago, they endured the crucible of mistreatment, abuse and cruelty under the hands of an occupying Federal Army until one thousand eight hundred seventy-seven.

The Christian Spirit which was strengthened through the storm of War and spread so much throughout the conquered South that this region within the restored Union has become known as The Bible Belt and such heritage was uniquely felt in the wake of this horrendous shooting in our beloved city of Charleston, South Carolina.

It was thus with dismay and sadness that we within the Sons of Confederate Veterans have observed a renewed assault upon all vestiges of our Confederate Heritage in the wake of this time of mourning. Those that are antagonistic towards our emblems of heritage have begun to wage an ethnic cultural cleansing, the likes of which have been unseen in quite some time. One by one we have watched as stores have banned the sales of Confederate themed merchandise, Legislatures have begun calls anew to change the locations or displays of Confederate related Statues, Memorials, Automobile plates, Flags and other related Icons of Southern heritage.

Just as those who gathered in worship on the seventeenth of June did not know the heart and motive of the young man assembled with them, the same is true in that one cannot know the heart and motive of all who don or fly a Confederate flag. We within the Sons of Confederate Veterans know why we fly our flags and tend to our ancestors graves – to honour, preserve and respect our American Veterans who served the Confederate States of America. While so doing in a spirit of Christian love and respect towards others who judge us or do not share or understand our motives we do denounce the use of the Confederate Battle Flag and any other Confederate symbol by any hate group and/or the Ku Klux Klan any extremist group or individual espousing political extremism and/or racial superiority as the desecration of a symbol to which any hate group and/or the Ku Klux Klan has no claim; and maligns the noble purpose of our ancestors who fought against extreme odds for what they knew was just, right, and constitutional.

Thus is was in the bleak January of one thousand eight hundred sixty-five, that the Confederate Congress called upon, President Jefferson Davis, to call the nation to prayer, to implore God’s help in time of trouble. President Davis stated in his proclamation:

“It is our solemn duty, at all times, and more especially in a season of public trial and adversity, to acknowledge our dependence on the mercy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and to bow in humble submission before the footstool confessing our manifold sins, supplicating His gracious pardon, imploring His Divine help, and devoutly rendering thanks for the many and great blessings which He has vouchsafed to us.”

I ask all you believers within the Confederation, while we are under this renewed attack to: “let the hearts of our people turn contritely and trustfully unto God; let us recognize in His chastening hand the correction of a Father, and submissively pray that the trials and sufferings which have so long borne heavily upon us may be turned away by His merciful love; that His sustaining grace be given to our people, and His divine wisdom imparted to our rulers; that the Lord of Hosts will be with our fellow compatriots, and fight for us against our enemies who would seek to destroy, degrade and abuse our honoured heritage; and that He, our Lord will graciously take our cause of vindication into His own hand and mercifully establish for us a lasting, just and honorable peaceable existence of the unsullied display of our Confederate heritage.

I concur with President Davis’ sentiments in that we should not forget to render unto His holy name the thanks and praise which are so justly due for His great goodness, and for the many mercies which He has extended to us amid the trials and sufferings of this strife being waged over our heritage.

Now, therefore, I, Charles Kelly Barrow, Commander-In-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, do issue this my proclamation, appointing DAY OF THE WEEK, the 26th day of June, as a day of public fasting, humiliation and prayer, (with thanksgiving,) for “invoking the favor and guidance of our Almighty God and Saviour Jesus Christ;” and I do earnestly invite all compatriots to observe the same in a spirit of reverence, penitence and prayer.


Deo Vindice!

Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans



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RERoriginal: In the Midst of Crisis & Only 6 Months in Office Paxton Holds Swanky Moneymaker


The Supreme of the United States has just made two of the most egregious rulings in the history of nation.  On last Thursday, their decision was announced that defended Obamacare, once again. On last Friday, the level of arrogance and pride reached new high mark as they literally defied the Biblical definition of marriage by imposing same-sex “marriage” upon the entire nation.

Barely in office for six months, and issuing only an opinion on the same-sex “marriage” SCOTUS decision, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has scheduled a swanky fundraiser on the outskirts of Houston’s River Oaks community.  The soiree is scheduled for Tuesday, June 30.

Top ticket?  $25,000.

Paxton is not up for reelection until 2018.  Apparently, he’s following the pattern of his predecessor, Gov. Greg Abbott.  Abbott never faced a primary opponent the entire time he held the office.  As a result, by the time it was his turn to sleep in the Governor’s Mansion, he’d piled up $40 million in campaign donations.

Paxton is off and running in courting the plutocracy.  The question then becomes, how much courage will he show after promising so much during his campaign?

Paxton appTeam RER

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TeamRER: TxDOT = NSA? Using Bluetooth to Track Texans’ Travel Patterns & Data Mine

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Terri Hall,
Texans for Toll-free Highways and Texas TURF,
(210) 275-0640, and

TxDOT tracks drivers to mine data without their consent 

Bluetooth reader used to stalk motorists’ travel patterns      

(San Antonio, TX – Tuesday, June 2) At a recent stakeholders meeting on the I-35 bypass study, it came to light that a consultant hired by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) used a Bluetooth reader to collect the trip origination and destination data involuntarily from innocent travelers. Such data mining by government invades a motorist’s privacy and violates one’s Constitutional rights.

“Whether it was TxDOT or its consultant doesn’t matter, it’s all being done with taxpayer dollars and for a government agency. Didn’t they learn from the NSA wiretapping scandal how much Americans detest government spying on the private lives of innocent, law-abiding citizens?” notes Terri Hall, Founder and Director of Texans for Toll-free Highways and Texas TURF.

When pressed, the consultant claimed the data could not be traced back to individuals, but since the data was collected via Bluetooth enabled smartphones, it’s not hard to trace a phone number back to a specific individual. They gave no assurances that this data was being discarded after the trip information was collected and no assurances that this data isn’t being given to or sold to other entities for other uses, particularly law enforcement agencies.

“No matter what excuse they come up with, warrantless snooping and tracking is a violation of our rights. They need to get consent,” contends Hall.

From checkpoints to covert snooping

Just a few years ago when it was collecting trip information for the US 281 and Loop 1604 toll projects, TxDOT set-up checkpoints where its consultants asked motorists to voluntarily provide trip origin and destination information. But after getting flack for the checkpoints and being called the ‘gestapo,’ now it has turned to covert, involuntary collection of information on Texans’ travel patterns.

The data includes time of day and location information which could be used for ill against those travelers  – whether by 4th amendment violations by law enforcement or by a criminal element should the information fall into the hands of those wishing to prey on those travelers.

Think about it. With this data, any common criminal could figure out where the smartphone owner lives and see when they’re not home and break in to their house. Someone could lie in wait for a vulnerable female when she arrives at work or on an errand or at home in the dark. Third parties are known to sell such information and TxDOT nor its consultant had no answers as to where it derived its authority to do this or whether this information is protected from its contractor selling or disclosing this information to others.

TURF and Texans for Toll-free Highways asked TxDOT to give an immediate accounting of why the decision was made to collect involuntary trip information for this I-35 bypass study using a private contractor, where this information is being stored and for how long, if this information is being barred from disclosure to any other entities (whether public or private), and when and how this information will be discarded.

Past infringements met with swift legislative action

In 2007, TxDOT came under fire for keeping a database of all license plates that used its toll roads, allowing travel data to be collected unbeknownst to the vehicle owners with no protection from the data being sold to private parties. The outrage prompted former San Antonio State Representative David Leibowitz to pass a bill to prohibit such information from being sold to private parties. House Bill 570 specifically states that license plate information gathered manually or by automated enforcement technology can only be used for toll collection, toll collection enforcement, and law enforcement purposes, and can not be sold to private entities for commercial purposes. There is no such law to protect travelers from trip data collected by Bluetooth readers.

Hall concludes, “It’s too bad this revelation didn’t come to light in time for a bill to be filed in the Texas legislature that concluded its 84th session yesterday. But rest assured, there will be legislation at the earliest opportunity to protect Texans from such an infringement on their individual rights. Indeed, TxDOT should cease and desist immediately on its own.”

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