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A political earthquake has hit Texas.

The #2 powerbroker in the Texas House, State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) has announced that he will not seek another term. “Lord Byron” is the Chairman of the powerful Texas House State Affairs Committee.

At 10:22 a.m. this morning, the Quorum Report posted the headline “Speaker Straus will not seek reelection”.  At 10:26 a.m. this morning, the Quorum Report posted the headline “Chairman Cook will not seek reelection”.

In one day, the top of the Texas plutocratic pyramid has crumbled.

“Lord Byron’s” announcement reads in part, “It is an honor to represent the families of Anderson, Freestone, Hill, and Navarro Counties in the Texas House of Representatives.  However, I will not seek a 9th term in the upcoming March 2018 Republican primary for the Texas House of Representatives.”

It may be a pleasure for Cook to represent them, but apparently it’s not a pleasure for them to have him as their representative.  On September 23, Anderson County officially voted to #RULE44 “Lord Byron” – the first State Representative to be officially censured and recommended for sanctions by a county party in his district in Texas.

On the same day, Hill County debated the identical resolution, but decided to give Cook 30 days to respond to the charges contained within the censure resolution.

Cook’s primary victory in 2016 remains under a cloud because undeniable voting fraud was discovered and investigated by the office of the Texas Attorney General.  Questions over whether he should have taken the oath of office for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session bounced around the chattering class.

Perhaps Cook’s most notable moment in the 2017 session was when he had citizen journalist Amy Hedtke dragged out of the State Affairs Committee room by Texas DPS and arrested for video live streaming the committee proceedings.

Cook was one of the last remaining Original Straus 11 that aligned with 65 Democrats in 2009 to take over the Speaker post.  With Cook’s announcement and Straus’ announcement, only State Rep. Charlie “Cookie Monster” Geren (R- Fort Worth) remains of the 11.

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RER Girls From Texas Friday Sep 29 2017 (AUDIO)

The Girls From Texas,Holli Feeley and Gloria Cox discuss the ongoing problems Texans are having trying to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. Our guest today is Darla Redwine, reporting as a boots-on-the-ground volunteer.

Holli and Gloria also discussed Representative Byron Cook and Hill County efforts to censure him for his actions that are in direct oppositions to the reasons he was elected and in defiance to the Texas Republican Party Platform. Joe Palmer is their guest for the last hour to discuss the political shenanigans.

RER Claver Kamau – Imani Thur Sep 28 2017

Although State Rep. Phil King (R-Weatherford) has declared as a candidate for Texas Speaker of the House, current Speaker Joe Straus simply has to hold his chairmen and he maintains power.

RERcontributor Pastor Stephen Broden reports on the activities of the SREC from their meeting from September 22 and 23.

RERcontributor Alice Linahan met with mothers from around the country on a teleconference last night. They discussed the federal government appropriations for education and how it’s actually doing damage to Texas children within the classroom.

Austin GOP activists and TV host Mike Lee expresses his views on #TakeTheKnee and how conservatives can use the uproar to their political advantage.

Apostle Claver talks about a #TakeTheKnee youth football league story that happened almost a year ago.

RER Claver Kamau – Imani Wednesday Sep 27 2017

Citizen journalist Amy Hedtke was attendance for the special meeting of the Hill County Executive Committee last Saturday. The committee considered and debated a #RULE44 resolution naming liberty nemesis, State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook. Claver captured the audio from Amy’s video and played significant portions of the tension-filled meeting.

RERcontributor Eugene Ralph and Apostle discussed the announcement that State Rep. Phil King has decided to challenge Joe Straus for Texas Speaker of the House. They went on to hammer NFL players for #TakeTheKnee.

RERbroadcast Activists Holli Feely and Gloria Cox were in attendance for the Navarro County Republican Women’s Club meeting. Freshly-#RULE44’D State Rep “Lord Byron” Cook was the featured speaker.

It’s rare to record a full public address of “Lord Byron”. By the time he finishes his remarks, it becomes quite clear to any liberty-driven Texan why his own constituents of Anderson County had just censured him last Saturday.

Cook’s comments reveals the real attitude of the Texas plutocracy — where the rules are set by the check writers and Fortune 100, and not the voters of the GOP base.

RER BEST OF Claver Kamau – Imani Monday Sep 25 2017

RERcontributor Alice LInahan and Apostle Claver debate her view that she wouldn’t vote for the #RULE44 censure resolution being pushed by a faction of Bexar GOP precinct chairs.

Sutton Ford is a privateer truck driver that banned together with other Texas volunteers to assist hurricane victims in the Golden Triangle. He reports on how Army National Guard was witnessed pirating hay that was donated by a private rancher to help livestock rescued from the high waters.

REReditor of pop culture, Tina Moody Bryan, how dried cotton bolls sold in Hobby Lobby have been tagged as “racist” by a Texas woman.

RER Girls From Texas Friday Sep 22 2017

Our guest today is Tommy Attaway who is explaining how FEMA/Red Cross is abusing their authority.

Governor Abbot has granted the Feds the power of control over Texas citizens. The Interstate Commerce Act is being used to terrorize citizens during times of disaster. FEMA/Red Cross is literally taking from those who are in desperate need by confiscating private donations of food, water, and the basic essential needed to live. ​

RER Girls From Texas Friday Sep 15 2017


Girls From Texas, Holli Feeley and Gloria Cox’s guests are Roger Lewis the owner of SSG LLC. who is using his warehouses as a distribution hub in Alvin, Texas. Brian Fontenot, President and Chairman at Diamond Hills Fund, NGO and Rick Cameron who is the Founder of Confederate Riders of America.

These men want to tell Texas and the USA the truth about private donations to Texas being stolen and stored to keep them from being distributed to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Girls from Texas have the scoop on the atrocities committed by FEMA and the Red Cross to Texans. Texan’s donations are being confiscated. Where are they going, how many truck loads have been taken, why are they taking them, and who is giving them the permission to take them in the first place? Do the elected officials in Austin know about this? We have the answers. Listen now!

Rodriguez: Americans of Mexican decent, politics, immigration issues, and more

George Rodriguez, El Conservador,, sat down with Christian Reporter News recently and talked about Americans of Mexican decent, politics, immigration issues, and more.



Rodriguez: TX House Speaker’s power and goal


Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus, a Republican from San Antonio, has become the third (some would say second) most power politician in Texas. He has built a ruling coalition in the Texas House that includes almost all of Democrats, while he has limited the power of conservative Republicans.

Straus won the speakership the help of a less than a dozen Republican, but with almost 100% Democrats in 2010. Many GOP supporters are proud of Straus and his leadership style which includes a define deference to Democrats who got him elected, and their liberal policies. However, in a legislature where there 98 Republicans and 52 Democrats, is that inclusion necessary? Does Texas have a Republican House or “Straus House”, and is Straus more interested in retaining his power than in promoting a Republican, or conservative agenda that responds to the “will of the people”.

Another question that should be asked, is will Straus do anything to help Hispanic Republican candidates in south Texas? Hispanic Democrats, known in many areas as “La Palanca”, have dominated south Texas politics for generations. There is the constant claim by GOP leaders about their efforts to recruit and elect more Hispanics…however, if Straus was elected by Hispanic Democrats, will he lift a finger to help the GOP opponents of the Texas house Democrats who voted for him?

The political power of conservatives in Texas has grown since the inception of the Tea Party movement. The number of Republicans in the Texas House has grown from 75 Republicans in 2010, to 98 in 2014, thanks to the conservative grassroots movement. But Straus seems to have put the brakes on the “will of the people” in favor of being elected Speaker by the minority party.

Analysis: Dancing With Those Who Brung Ya


George H. Rodriguez 

Kruckeberg: Inconvenient “Woman’s Right”

Many people – including many Texans—may not knows that our current runaway abortion problem started in Texas.  The Wade in Roe v Wade was Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade.  And Jane Roe was Norma L. McCovey, who filed in 1969 to get an abortion under Texas law by claiming to have been raped.  Her request was denied when she failed to produce a police report attesting the alleged rape, and her attorneys, Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, appealed to the courts.   By the time the Supreme Court made a judgment in the case on 22 January 1973, McCovey’s child had been born and was three years old.

From this modest beginning, abortion in America has grown to a 1,060,000 annual body count business.  That’s two innocent children killed every minute for no other crime than that they were inconvenient.

In the last five minutes, more innocent children have been murdered than Chris Harper shot to death in Roseburg Oregon.  And another ten innocent Americans will be killed in the next five minutes.  That’s 121 innocent lives lost every hour, or 2,900 murders a day every day of the year!

Clearly this “woman’s right” is being egregiously abused.  But numbers are faceless things that numb the mind.  The following two poems may serve to put a more personal perspective on the problem.

Little Meg

On Christmas morning little Meg
Came down the stairs in disbelief
As with eyes glowing she surveyed
The presents there beneath the tree.

Then suddenly she turned and ran
On padded feet back up the steps.
What she returned, her pudgy hands,
Held a present wrapped in Kleenex.

The package had been wrapped with pride
And lots of scotch tape, and in red
Crayola printed on the side,
Was “Merry Christmas Jim from Meg.”

She knelt and ceremoniously
Placed the present beneath the tree.
Then standing, she stared wistfully
At it, and a tear ran down her cheek.

Her Grandma, who’d been watching, said,
“Meg, who’s that pretty present to?”
“It’s for my brother Jim,” said Meg.
“I thought he needed a present too.”

Her Grandma frowned and said, “But, Meg
You’ haven’t got a brother Jim.”
“I would have, though,” Meg sadly said,
“If Mommy hadn’t aborted him.”





I wanted to be a good man,
Helping others without complaint.
I wanted sons to make me proud
And to carry on my name.

I wanted good friends around me
To share in my joy and laughter.
I wanted my wife beside me
Through triumph and disaster.

I wanted to share, in our old age,
Fond memories of when we’d courted.
But I must have done something bad,
‘Cause I’ve just been aborted.


Reprinted from Insights and Outlooks by G. E. Kruckeberg, Kindle edition.

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