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Box: Clockmed the Brat and his Detestable Family Go for the Gold!

Nothing screams “set up” quite like a quicky lawsuit right before you take your “permanently scarred” Muslim family to the Middle Eastern paradise known as Qatar.

And that’s just what little Ahmed Mohamed (a.k.a. Clockmed) and his family have done.

A few months ago, the civilized world was beset upon by this Muslim-activist family (whose father famously battled—or attempted to battle—renowned Muslim truth-teller Robert Spencer, and whose daughter was suspended from school three years earlier for making a bomb threat) with cries of “Islamophobia” after fourteen year old, innocent little Ahmed came to school with what looked like a suitcase bomb. He said it was a clock! Because, you know, this is what we normally think of when we see a clock.

Ahmed had no assignment to make such a “clock” and when he showed his science teacher said  clock, the teacher wisely told Ahmed to leave the suitcase bomb clock in his classroom, because, duh: IT LOOKED LIKE A BOMB. Instead of listening to the sage advice of a teacher, Ahmed snuck out his money maker into another classroom, where his English teacher, alarmed, called administration who called police and then poor little Ahmed was taken in for interrogation because, DUH: IT LOOKED LIKE A BOMB.

Ahmed reportedly was quite glib, evasive, and basically a little smart ass when talking with police, but eventually was released: but not before the Muslim asskissing media and leftists around the globe ran with the story. We were assured from the beginning that bombmaker perfect little angel Ahmed Mohamed was simply a bright, eager student seeking to please a teacher, but because he was (DUM DUM DUM) Muslim, those eeeevil Islamophobes jumped to conclusions and assumed he was making a terrorist threat.

Leftwing hack activists and billionaires jumped into the fray and gifted Ahmed with tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, of computer equipment, electronics, a promise of a MIT scholarship and misplaced sympathy. Naturally, our president, a subscriber to the “let cooler heads prevail” mentality (it’s Opposite Day), piled on and invited Ahmed to the Washington, D.C. to—what? Meet some of his Muslim Brotherhood buddies he’s personally allowed in the White House numerous times? Grouse about America? Rejoice over the one of the most “beautiful sounds in the world”: the Msulim call to prayer? (Mind you: this president would never DREAM of inviting a war hero, the families of the Benghazi terror attack he covered up, or any decent American…but a Muslim kid who, along with his family, perpetrated a fraud? Step right up!)

As more facts emerged about this family’s dubious “woe is me, I’m a Muslim in America” past, the more collective side-eyes were dispensed, and with good reason. The Mohamed family said they could no longer live in a community where their beloved budding scientist had been so traumatized, so they were packing up and moving to….Qatar. (Your guess is as good as mine.)

“Bye, Felicia!” said America.

Ah, but a leftwing, race and/or religion hustler never lets a potential lawsuit go to waste.

On Monday, November 23, Ahmed and his family sent an extortion letter to the city of Irving, Texas and Irving ISD demanding they be given $15 million and groveling letters of apology for causing Ahmed so much suffering.

“As American citizens, all of us — even the ones with ‘Muslim-sounding’ names like Ahmed Mohamed — are entitled to have public officials with whom we come in contact to respect our rights,” a letter addressed to Mohamed’s former school district states.

Oh, I get it now. You see, we Americans should be so dhimmified, so afraid to offend a Muslim, that schools and school districts and people in general are supposed to look the other way when we see something suspicious. Isn’t this the same administration who urged everyone that if we “see something, say something” and who, under the guise of “zero tolerance” for violence in schools, promotes the suspension of first graders for eating a Pop Tart in a way to make it look like a pistol?

It’s only certain “protected classes” (like Muslims) who are allowed to bitch and moan when common sense and concern for public safety are outweighed by rampant political correctness. Let a Christian or a Jewish or an atheist or a pink or a polka-dotted or whatever student bring in the exact same “clock” under the exact same circumstances and see what happens to him or her. Guess what? The school would’ve done the exact same thing, and the media, Mark Zuckerberg, leftwing zealots, the Grievance Industry, and Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t have said a word.

If Irving, Texas and Irving ISD gives this shuckster, lying, scam-artist family one single dime it will send a dangerous precedent: “See Something, Say Something” only applies to non-Muslims and all those fundamentalist, white Christians running around the world raping, genitally mutilating, forcing Christian conversions under penalty of death, blowing up civilians, crucifying, and beheading people in the name of Christianity, all while mass-chanting “Jesus Christ!” in Turkish soccer stadiums after terrorist attacks in Paris.

Oh wait—that doesn’t happen.

Carry on!

Angela Box 

Witt: We’re All You Got!


If you’ve been living under a big yellow rock then you are blissfully unaware that Europe is being taken over by Muslims streaming in from Syria.  Marching in lock step, they have insinuated themselves upon the population, and effectively halted the progress of the last fifty years, not to mention providing all those lovely pictures of women with their heads bashed in, and crashing tables at sidewalk cafes.

Bowing before the gods of political correctness, the various governments have served up their respective countries on a silver platter for the Muslims to feast on. That’s the good news! The bad news is they’re on the way here! Forget America, Obama has screwed, stewed, and tattooed that. The only hope left is Texas.

As you may recall, ISIS took a swing at our little “Draw Mohammed” contest in Garland, and we had to convert to a draw dead terrorists on the parking lot, whereupon the Jihadists scurried like the bitches they were and Pamela Geller just carved two more notches on her gun. Simultaneous to this Angela Box is continually having her way with Quanum X down in Houston and at least twenty militias around the state are just praying ISIS will make another attempt to replace the Lone Star with a crescent moon. To put it in Killeen vernacular Homey don’t play that!

Texas is poised for war. We were going to secede, but shucks, we don’t gotta do that. When Obama gets through there won’t be anything to secede from! I’ve said America is lost, but we can still save Texas, and that’s about it. Americans need to be on notice that Texas is not going to go the way of Europe. Not only are the Muslims not going to impose Sharia Law, they’re not going to pour out one beer! We are the people who’ll  back up into a church and shoot at you, and don’t throw numbers at us because we already proved at the Alamo that we can’t count to five thousand.

So, make fun of our drawl, our hats, boots, pickup trucks, guns, and our crippled up Governor. Call us racist, wave Rainbow flags at us and let California talk show hosts poke fun at our God. When the fertilizer hits the fan, and you all run for cover, we’re all you got!

Bill the Butcher

Check out Wilbur Witt at

Korkmas: So Much Truth in One Day!

Article: The Last Refuge
The above link is one of the most important messages that I have seen in years.  The Texas suit against Obama’s amnesty was upheld.  Also, the destruction of Europe and a documentary that shows what is planned for the US if “refugees” are allowed to enter.  And, to top this all off, who of the Republican candidates have stood against the Trans Pacific Partnership from the beginning and who is still on board with this plan for the destruction of America.
It is not often that so much truth is put out in one day but it is all here for your analysis.
Larry Korkmas

Kruckeberg: Ride ‘Em Out On A Rail!


I know what track walkers are.  I remember the soothing sound of a steam whistle in the middle of the night.  And from the front porch of my Dad’s house I could hear the chuff–chuff–choochoochoochoo–chuff–chuff–chuff sound of a steam switch engine slipping its wheels under a heavy load.  I grew up with the smell of coal smoke and the sound of crossing bells.

The railroads were everything.  They were the reason our town existed.  And we thought they would last forever.  But by the 1050s, they were beginning to falter under the onslaught of overland trucks and passenger cars.  I remember riding the train in 1952 when I was in the Navy and thinking how dingy and dirty the once shining and spotless passenger coaches had become.

Dwight Eisenhower delivered the coup de gras to the railroads when he became President in 1953.  The principal concern of Americans in the ’50s was the possibility of war withRussia.  Eisenhower had fought a war in Europe, trying to move tanks, troops, and materiel over narrow roads with no shoulders.  He felt that, if the United Sates were invaded, we would need an adequate road system to move troops and equipment and to evacuate civilians.

The Interstate Highway System was Eisenhower’s answer to the perceived need for mobility in case of war.  It was also the death knell for the railroads.  As broad new interstates began to span the nation, the railroads became more and more superfluous. Grand old Baldwyns were cut up for scrap iron, railway rights of way were simply abandoned and left to grow up in weeds, and the lofty architectures of iron railroad bridges were left to rust away.  I used to take my sons rabbit hunting when they were growing up along an abandoned railroad track.

Comes now a consortium of investors called the Texas Central Partners with a proposal for a high speed rail line from Houston to Dallas.  The proposed super train, traveling at 200 miles per hour, would whisk passengers from downtown Houston to downtownDallas in 90 minutes.

But I can fly from IAH to DFW in 70 minutes and from HOB to DAL (Love Field) in 60 minutes.  And Southwest and United don’t have 240 miles of high speed track to maintain.

And high speed track is in constant need of expensive maintenance, which is why the “bullet train” is possible in Japan, where railroads are nationalized and maintenance is covered by the government.  But there are other problems with high speed rail inAmerica.  Passenger rail transportation in America is an anachronism.

My Uncle Rudy, who was a brakeman for the PRR, always said that a railroad lives on its freight.  My Uncle Rudy was right.  It wasn’t the passenger car that killed the railroads, it was long distance trucks.  Passenger service was always just frosting on the cake for the railroads.  You can’t make money hauling only passengers, which is why AMTRAK passenger service has to be subsidized by the government.

But beyond that, rail transportation itself is an anachronism in the United Sates. American railroads were a viable interim means of transportation between canals and interstates, but they have been obsolete for fifty years.

When I lived in Japan and in England, I made constant use of their extensive, clean, and on time rail systems.  But rail transportation works in other countries because they have no choice.  Automobiles are scarce, and since petrol is expensive, the automobiles that are available are generally low powered vehicles designed for short range use. Consequently, decent long distance roads are rare.

The United States, by contrast, has a vast interstate and State highway system and a surfeit of automobiles.  Fifty percent – one out of every two – private motor vehicles in the world is in the United States.  And America’s love affair with the automobile is still going on.

Most travelers from Houston to Dallas would prefer to go no farther than their garage to board their transportation – and at any time that suits them.  They also want the freedom to stop off at Buffalo for lunch at Ernie’s Pharm or the Stagecoach Deli, and maybe take a short jaunt into Corsicana for a sweets fix at the Collin Street Bakery.

In short, rail transportation in the United States is a dumb idea.  Yeah, you can spend 10 billion dollars building a high speed rail line, but it’ll be useless if you don’t have any passengers.

Rail transportation in America has been dead for half a century.  Let’s let it rest in peace.

G E Kruckeberg

Box: Houston ERO – It’s About the Bathrooms, Stupid


The Left’s latest forward march against common sense and decency comes to a head tomorrow, November 3, when Houston will vote on HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance). The collective Left will tell you it’s us rubes on the Right who are seeking to discriminate against women, minorities, gay people, purple polka dotted elephants, and anything or anyone else they can shove into this bill.

This is a flat-out lie.

HERO originally was the dreamchild of Mayor Anise Parker, who lamented the fact that every other major city in Texas had such an ordinance protecting people from discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual preference, yada yada yada…the list never ends. (Never mind there have been federal, non-discrimination laws on the books for years—but don’t let facts deter hysteria.)

The mayor running the fourth largest city in America decided it would be totally non-fascist and super progressive to demand—scratch that—subpoena the sermons of pastors to see if they were in any way critical of gay marriage…presumably so she could seek to have their tax-free statuses revoked. The pastors fought back and took her to court—and won.

The people of Houston also won a substantial victory when the Supreme Court of Texas unanimously sided with the people and told Parker and the rest of her LGBT-obsessed posse that the people of Houston indeed had a right to vote on an ordinance that essentially let people choose their own gender and head to whichever bathroom they felt best represented their genitalia that particular day.

But here’s where it gets sticky. You see, in every other major city in Texas with HERO, the authors of the bill removed language that everyone and their Great Aunt Sally found objectionable—the language declaring a person can choose their gender at will and pop a squat in any bathroom they choose.

This is what Parker and the rest of her screeching, leftist-agenda pushing yentas left in the Houston bill. And yes, this is what we’ve come to—that the people of Houston have to vote on something so asinine it would be hysterical if not so diabolical.

From HERO: a male can express himself to be female, at any time, without restrictions. “An individual’s innate identification, appearance, expression, or behavior as either male or female, although the same may not correspond to the individual’s body or gender assigned at birth.” Did you catch the truly off-the-chain crackalacka insanity at the end there? The “gender ASSIGNED at birth.” Because, evidently, it’s now a parent, doctor, or hippie midwife’s job to “assign” a gender—not those pesky X and Y chromosomes!

In addition, HERO says that any business, private or public, that would bar a dude in a dress from hitting the female stalls or showers would be slapped with a $500 per incident fine—all for protecting women and girls. Feminists, come get your trophy! This is how far the pendulum has now swung into Crazy Town—that harpies with the same mindset as those at Glamour Magazine who made Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner a “Woman of the Year” contender while he is still in possession of a penis and testicles, are now cheering on allowing dudes with more problems than I have space to expound upon here, access to women and girls in public bathrooms and locker rooms.

In addition to all this fascism, HERO would also discriminate against religious people who have serious reservations about non-traditional marriage based on faith and principles, as well as the proverbial baker and photographer who refused to provide services to a gay wedding or gender-switching ceremony or whatever the case may be.  Off with their heads!

The Left got its Holy Grail last summer with five lawyers in black robes who overturned the will of the people when they declared that gay marriage was legal in all fifty states. You’d think the Gay Mafia would be satisfied, right? Just take the victory lap and go about its business like normal human beings. Oh, how wrong you would be!

Never underestimate the willpower of an unrepentant Leftist.  They are relentless.

The same people who have now coined the phrases “transphobic” and “hetero-normative” (I can’t) just won’t leave well enough alone. This hyperbole about how conservatives seek to discriminate against whoever isn’t JUST LIKE THEM is a lie, and a damnable one.

Nobody in the conservative movement believes anyone should be discriminated against at any time. However, conservatives also possess that elusive quality of common sense that evades liberal brains and understand that creeps and perverts would most certainly take advantage of the “bathroom law” and needlessly skeeve out women and girls in extremely private situations.

To those transgendering individuals who feel I’m being unfair and unduly harsh, I have a suggestion for you: hold it until you get home.

Problem solved.

Vote No on Houston Proposition 1—the Bathroom Bill. Don’t let the Left gain yet another foothold into the rapidly devolving culture.

Angela Box

Box: Why is Texas Governor Abbott Hesitating on Defunding Sanctuary Cities?

Last session in the Texas House and Senate, the vote to defund sanctuary cities (those jurisdictions where illegal aliens feel even MORE safe and secure to live off the teat of the American taxpayer and do all those great things some illegals do–like raping, killing, assaulting, robbing, etc.) stalled. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

After all, this is Texas, the supposed “reddest of the red states” where, generally speaking, we eat liberals for breakfast. Despite the efforts of scurrilous liberal groups trying to “Turn Texas Blue”, we have remained stalwart in our opposition to their foolery.

Now, Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview: RER Score 91.8 ) has signaled he would very much like Gov. Abbott to call a special session to deal with this outrageous thwarting of federal law once and for all. Since Barack Obama won’t do it, and has threatened to veto any bill defunding sanctuary cities (because at his core he detests the American people) it’s now up to individual states to show the feckless, weak Republicans in Congress how it’s done.

However, Gov. Abbott has said he would “prefer” to wait until the 2017 session begins. (Sidenote: Texas’ legislative sessions happen once every two years, for some inexplicable reason.)  So let me get this straight: our allegedly “conservative” Republican governor, who knows such a move is supported by the overwhelming majority of Texans, would rather wait so more murders and rapes and assaults and grifting in sanctuary cities can occur, rather than handle the mess?

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has signaled he would fast track such legislation if a special session is called, but, of course, the usual suspect RINOs are loathe to buck the governor and, it would seem, would rather screw over their constituents than make Abbott angry.

In Texas, what is truly deplorable are the number of sanctuary cities that currently exist.  Austin, Baytown, Brownsville, Channelview, Denton, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Katy, Laredo, League City, McAllen, El Cenizo, Port Arthur, and San Antonio (which is looking to become an official sanctuary city) all give protection to illegal aliens. The police and border patrol are essentially powerless to stop them from living, working, using taxpayer resources (welfare, schools, health care, food stamps, Section 8 Housing, etc.) and generally behaving as if they are above the law—because in sanctuary cities, they are.

Laws in sanctuary cities help shield illegal immigrants from deportation, even after they’ve committed felonies—and illegals commit a LOT of felonies. Because of rampant political correctness, our government refuses to release actual statistics on how many illegals commit crimes. What has become abundantly clear, however, is that our government is more concerned with offending criminals who have broken into our country than they are with actual American citizens.

Look at these statistics. In 2013 and 2014 alone, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) released more than 66,000 illegal immigrant criminals who had over 166,000 convictions (30,000 for drunk or drug driving, 414 kidnapping, over 11,000 rapes or other sexual assaults and 395 homicides). And now, thousands of those innocent little lambs have already been convicted of new crimes in the United States–including felonies–since their release.

Ask all the families who have been directly affected by a criminal alien—rapists, murderers, child molesters, armed robbers, drunk drivers, etc.—if they think Gov. Abbott should call a special session to deal with defunding these safe havens for criminals (and YES, they are ALL criminals if their first act in America was to break and enter into America). Ask the hardworking Texans and Americans at large who are getting their wages slashed or their jobs lost altogether because of illegal aliens undercutting wages and taking their livelihoods if they think Gov. Abbott should call a special session. Ask the teachers whose workload increases tremendously because school districts have to bend over backwards to accommodate criminal aliens’ children if Gov. Abbott should call a special session. Ask the doctors and nurses overrun by illegal aliens who never pay their bills if Gov. Abbott should call a special session. In fact,  ask anyone but the cronies on the Left, who want a perpetual underclass of Democrat voters if they get their way with amnesty, and the RINOs, who are so beholden to the Chamber of Commerce and their buddies in the donor class they have no problem sticking it to the rest of us.

Gov. Abbott should do the right thing and call a special session so these ridiculous, lawless, unfair, illogical, and just plain assbackwards sanctuary cities get defunded.

Angela Box

Kruckeberg: Gestapo Project In Fort Worth


Back in July 2009, President Obama said on national television that the “Cambridge police acted stupidly” in their handling of Henry Gates, a drunk and disorderly Black Harvard professor.  The President then added to his rant the following, “We (i.e. the federal government) should work with local law enforcement to improve policing techniques to eliminate bias.”

This was not an offhand remark.  It was the announcement of an agenda.

In August 2014, Michael Brown, a hopped up cheap hood fresh from a strong arm robbery of a convenience store, attacked Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson and was fatally shot.  Wilson is White.  This was the incident Obama had been waiting for.

Eric Holder’s DOJ sent agents to Ferguson to incite rioting and create the illusion of police brutality.  The Managed State Media was shifted into overdrive to inundate the American public with a false narrative of racist White police officers preying on innocent Black youths.

The men who founded America were rightfully afraid of the threat posed to the republic by democracy.  Since democracy can’t be made to work on a large scale, they were fearful that unscrupulous politicians (I know – that’s redundant) would hijack the concept and use it to invoke the manufacture of bogus popular demands.  That’s exactly what Obama did with Ferguson.

In December 2014, in the wake of the Ferguson riots, President Obama convened a “Task Force On 21st Century Policing.”  The members of the task force included the Black mayor of Baltimore Maryland, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  In March of 2015, the task force presented their findings – basically a recommendation to nationalize the country’s State and local police.

In April 2015, a Black police informer, Freddie Gray, was beaten to death in the back of aBaltimore police van.  Although there is evidence to suggest that Gray was killed in retaliation for squealing to the police
(see, Mayor Rawlins-Blake, fresh from her stint on Obama’s committee to legitimize the nationalization of America’s police, directed her DA, Marilyn Mosby, to file charges against six police officers.  She also, as the riots began, directed her police force to stand down and give the rioters “space to destroy.”

While Baltimore added needed propaganda fuel to the nationalization inculcation conflagration, Obama was already moving ahead with his plot.  Armed with the preordained results of his task force, the President directed Eric holder in March to set up a nationalization “pilot program” involving six U.S. cities.  The six cities selected were Gary Indiana, Stockton California, Birmingham Alabama, Minneapolis Minnesota,Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and – are you ready for this? – Fort Worth Texas.

That’s right.  Obama is sending federal goons into Fort Worth to infiltrate a Texas police department and turn it into a model for the imposition on the entire country of a national Gestapo.  And how did Fort Worth Police Chief Rhonda Robertson respond?  “Upon learning about the project, we immediately realized the opportunity it would present to strengthen our existing community partnerships and to develop new relationships built upon trust within the community,” she gushed.  Buzzword buzzword buzzword.  But not a word about the bribe – er, “grant” – of more than 4 million taxpayer dollars Fort Worth will be paid for their prticipation.

Fort Worth is a prosperous city with a population of 800, 000.  It is only 18% Black, and it is 33% Hispanic.  Per capita income is $24,489, and unemployment is 3.8% (for the Dallas-Fort Worth Area).  Fort Worth is run by a Republican Mayor, Betsy Price.

In contrast, Gary Indiana is a city with 10,000 abandoned houses and  80,000 inhabitants located only 40 miles from the Chicago loop.  Gary is 85% Black, with the inevitable White flight, crumbling urban infrastructure, feckless police, and rampant crime that comes from a longstanding history of Democrat city rule.  The only effective law enforcement in the city is the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Gary is a city that needs help, if even from the inept and corrupt Department of in-Justice.  But why inject federal Gestapo moles in Fort Worth?

Could it be because Fort Worth is in Texas?

G E Kruckeberg

Kruckeberg: RED HERRING!

Ken Aderholt runs cattle on 1,250 acres on the banks of the Red River in north Wilbarger County Texas.  Aderholt’s father was deeded the property in 1941 by the State ofTexas.  For 74 years, the Aderholt family has lived on and raised cattle on their land.

Now suddenly comes the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claiming that 600 acres of Aderholt’s land adjoining the river belongs to the federal government.  That 600 acres not only comprises half the Aderholts’ land, it contains the Aderholts’ house and barns.

“The BLM” Aderholt said “is saying we should have never had a deed to [that land].  That Texas should have never produced that deed,”

Why is the federal government interested in seizing 600 acres of land from a small rancher in northern Texas?

Wilbarger County boasts a population of 14,676 – over 78% White and less than 9% Black – with a median household income of $29,500.  The County has 2 zip codes and 1 telephone area code.  A Confederate Soldier monument is still proudly displayed in front of the Wilbarger County Courthouse in Vernon, a town of 11,000.

Wilbarger County is one county removed from Childress County, where Childress City Police Chief Adrian Garcia was recently attacked by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for displaying our national motto “In God we trust” on the town’s police cars.

In short, Wilbarger County is a hotbed of Americans – a colony of those conservative, independent, self-sufficient, gun loving bible thumpers that must be eliminated if we are to fundamentally transform America.  And it is, therefore, the perfect place to stage a red herring land grab to incite a conservative reaction that can be media hyped into an armed rebellion against federal authority.

Back in late April 2014, following Harry Reid’s ignominious defeat in his attempt to use the BLM to misappropriate the land of Cliven Bundy in Clark County Nevada, the BLM threatened to seize accretion land along the Red River in Texas and Oklahoma.  On 25 April I wrote the following on my blog:

This latest attempt to seize the land of Ken Aderholt is clearly a red herring to incite a grass roots rebellion.  The U.S. government has no use for 600 acres of Texas land on the south shore of the Red River.  And they have offered no proof that the land belongs to them or ever did belong to them.  Furthermore, under adverse possession laws of the State of Texas, they have no legal claim to the land even if it did belong to them.

The operable statute here is Tex.Civ.Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.025, which states:
(a) (a) A person [i.e., the original owner] must bring suit no later than five years after the day the cause of action accrues to recover real property held in peaceable and adverse possession by someone who:

(1) cultivates, uses, or enjoys the property;
(2) pays applicable taxes on the property; and
(3) claims the property under a duly registered deed.

This BLM Gestapo maneuver is the “It may not be tomorrow, but something will happen” that Harry Reid promised 18 months ago.  This is Harry Reid’s revenge against the armed patriots who thwarted his scheme to steal Cliven Bundy’s land and sell it to a Communist Chinese company.

It is imperative that the State of Texas get involved in this obvious land grab, both in the interests of justice and to keep the peace.  Governor Abbott should send the Texas National Guard to Wilbarger County to preclude any community reaction against the BLM and to secure Ken Aderholt’s land pending proper legal proceedings.  Attorney General Paxton should immediately bring suit against the BLM in Texas Court.

It is our duty as Texans to protect the property of our citizens and to prevent Harry Reid from starting a min-civil war in our State.

G. E. Kruckeberg


Box: Sex Toys Used as Legitimate Protest against Campus Carry Because Only Criminals Should Have Guns?

Liberals, as we know, are among the most pedantic, obvious, too-clever-by-half, self-proclaimed “smartest people in the room.” We received another dose of their insufferability recently when a *very* ironic and witty student at the University of Texas named Jessica Jin decided that staging a Facebook event urging students to carry around dildos in order to protest the upcoming Campus Carry law (which the Texas legislature finally passed) was, like, a really empowering and brave statement to make, like, against patriarchy and misogyny, and like, guns and stuff.

The logic of the protest is this (try and follow along): because the Texas legislature passed Open Carry and Campus Carry, laws which allow legal firearm owners to carry a weapon for protection either openly or concealed, the braintrusts at the University of Texas at Austin, itself a hotbed of leftist idiocy, are up in arms (pun intended) and have declared that this law will lead to more, not fewer, gun-related attacks. Therefore, the thoughtful organizers of this event have decided that walking around with a dildo strapped to a backpack in order to show what the campus doesn’t allow to be openly carried is, to a gun-grabber, tantamount to Rosa Parks not giving up her seat on a bus to a white man.

Never mind the fact that it’s been proven demonstrably that when individuals have the choice to be armed (you know, that whole Second Amendment thing), far fewer gun tragedies occur. Fully 92% of mass shootings happen in those magical places called Gun Free Zones, where criminals and lunatics suddenly start following the law. No, that’s not what happens. Criminals and lunatics use the people unfortunate enough to be in a Gun Free Zone as target practice.

Imagine if just one of those students in Roseberg, Oregon at Umpqua Community College had been able to stop the Christian-targeting madman Chris Harper-Mercer like the quick-thinking officers in Garland, Texas did in May when two Religion of Peace devotees attempted to mass murder people at the Draw Mohammed art contest?  Or if one person in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado was able to stop the leftist thug James Holmes on his rampage? Or if one single school that has been a target for a mass murderer allowed at least administration and teachers to be armed for their and their students’ protection? Or if our soldiers were permitted to carry on base or in recruiting centers so as to not be targets by Muslim fanatics? Or any other mass shooting that would’ve been stopped much quicker had simply one civilian had a weapon and wasn’t afraid to use it?

When hippy-dippy professors quit their jobs (as Daniel Hamermesh did at UT), citing that they are super concerned that in classes where discussions become divisive or heated, that some right-wing nut might just pull out his glock and start offing people. Actually, if that did ever happen, chances are it would not be a right-winger, but a leftist. (Look it up.) Furthermore, this being Texas, there’s also a pretty solid guarantee that there would be at least one other person in the classroom packing heat and would have the ability to stop a shooter before he could do more damage. Lawful gun owners aren’t the ones generally going out and slaughtering people. Why shouldn’t we have the ability to defend ourselves and our fellow human beings against people with wicked and evil motivations?

Even if we lived in a mythical land where the government was able to confiscate everyone’s weapon (like those sweet and cuddly Nazis did in Germany), evil would still exist. It will always take the noble and righteous to attempt to stop evil in its tracks. Giving law-abiding gun owners the ability to carry concealed or open on campus will, I predict, deter more mass shootings—not inspire them.

Murderers LOVE sitting ducks in Gun Free Zones. If the staff and students at the University of Texas in Austin, as a whole, are too stupid and dense to get that through their heads, and if they think shoving dildos in the faces of everyone is seen as protest art (or whatever), hopefully there will still be enough normal people carrying weapons just in case a tragedy occurs.

You can thank them after they save your life, liberals.

Angela Box

Kruckeberg: “Mike” Hamermesh in I, The Jury

Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor who has taught at the University of Texas at Austin for 22 years, has decided to resign.  In a letter to President Fenves, Professor Hamermesh says that, “With a huge group of students my perception is that the risk that a disgruntled student might bring a gun into the classroom and start shooting at me has been substantially enhanced by the concealed-carry law.”

The law which Professor Hamermesh mislabels the “concealed-carry law” is the Campus Carry Law, which passed the last session of the Texas Legislature earlier this year and will take effect on 1 August 2016.  The law allows holders of a Texas concealed weapons permit to carry their guns on campus.  So is Professor Hamermesh justified in fearing the impact of this law in his classroom?

I have a Texas concealed weapons permit, and I can attest that they are not handed out like California driver’s licenses.  The State of Texasran an exhaustive background check on me in every State in the Union.  It took them nearly six months before they decided I was clean enough to carry a concealed weapon in Texas.  If they had found any felony in my background – any thing more serious than a minor traffic violation – my application would have been denied.

The point is that the people empowered by this law are squeaky clean.  They are not the sort of people who would be inclined to shoot a professor over a low grade.  They are, on the contrary, precisely the people who would risk their lives to protect the professor in such an event.

Professor Hamermesh is far more at risk of being gunned down in his classroom tomorrow than he will be after the first of August next year.

Professor Hamermesh is honest enough to admit that he’s not risking a great deal for his principles.  “I’m 72,” he wrote.  “I have a very large pension and I have lots of alternatives.  I’m fairly successful and economics is a good business.  So it’s sort of cheap heroism.”

“On the other hand,” the professor continues modestly, “it will cost the university and other universities in the State.”

So, will UT-Austin miss Professor Hamermesh?  Maybe, but from some of the student reviews on his ECO304K class, not a lot of students will miss him.  One student wrote, “It doesn’t really matter if you know the material, it matters if you can decipher his trick questions.  He’s a great teacher; makes his lectures valuable and understandable for the every man.  The wording on his multiple choice tests, however, is a totally different story.  Want a GPA booster?  Don’t take this.”

That last note was a frequent complaint.  Another student wrote, “Hammermesh (sic) thinks he’s funny but most students would say otherwise.  If you want to learn microeconomics take someone else.  Hamermesh likes to trick you and most students make a low C or D in his class with very few As or Bs.”

And another, “The quizes (sic) and tests are difficult and hard to understand, and you must keep up with the readings if you do not want to fail his class.  Great guy, noooot a fun class.”

And finally, this, ” Hamermesh has an unusual sense if humor and loves to jump around in class.  He seems less serious about teaching economics and likes to crack absurd jokes.  His handwriting is so atrocious, I’ve seen first graders who can write more legibly than he can. He likes to ask tricky questions which make no economic sense and his final is tough as hell.”

So Professor Hamermesh, despite his self-vaunted importance to the operation of the University of Texas Economics Department, will pass into UT history with barely an eye-blink from the people for whom the University of Texas exists – the students.

And the University of Texas campus – as well as every campus in the State – will be safer for both the students and the faculty.  With or without Professor Hamermesh’s tenure.

G. E. Kruckeberg