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The Grassroots Have Spoken: Scott Turner for Texas Speaker

Photo: The Political Chicken 

“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you … you may know that your society is doomed.” Ayn Rand

Texas, we’re there. Need proof? Look no further than the race for the Speaker of the House. “The money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors” has never been more prevalent than in the dynamics of the Speaker of the House race. Folks, we’re in a battle for control of the agenda for the 84th legislative session and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Texas is known as a bastion of conservatism. It’s a Republican ‘red’ state, but far from conservative, by my standards anyway. If we want to make it truly conservative, then we the people of Texas have got to keep our eyes on ALL of our elected officials to ensure that they are voting correctly and really and truly taking a stand to protect our freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Texas Speaker of the House plays a big part in all of these facets of liberty and if you are a friend of liberty, then you are no friend of Joe Straus.

I have written several articles about the speakers race and have discussed how important it is for us to have a say in who is elected speaker. The handwriting is on the wall, folks. County Republican parties all over the state of Texas have endorsed Scott Turner for Speaker of the House. Not only that, but the body of delegates at the Republican State Convention held in June of 2014 voted to pass a resolution in which the vote for Speaker should be a vote cast by none other than the voters of Texas!

To pile onto the sentiment of unrest over the decision for Speaker of the House, on Monday night, the largest county in the state of Texas endorsed Scott Turner for Speaker. I’m happy to say that I’m a member of the Executive Committee of the Harris County GOP by way of being a precinct chair. The resolution was written and introduced by precinct chairman David Wilson with three speakers for the resolution and three against. After some heated debate, the vote was taken and it passed.

I’m not sure what more proof that the representatives need that we want a change in the Speaker of the House! We all know the old saying, “Follow the money.” All of the representatives’ support for Joe Straus has been bought and paid for. I included a link in my previous blog, called, “Is the Republican Delegation of the state of Texas For Sale?” of all the different reps who have received  money from Straus.  We need to make a change.  I don’t know about you, but I for one am tired of our representation being bought and paid for.  Scott Turner for Speaker!

By Kelly Horsley


The Political Chicken

Op-Ed: Watch Your Faucets


One thing that bothered me about the Libertarian platform was the attitude toward drugs. Fundamentally I think this is where the party lost ground because no one with one ounce of common sense would ever subscribe to such nonsense. Wanting to legalize, and regulate marijuana ia one thing, but opening the flood gates for all manner of mind altering drugs from grass to spice is another thing all together.

     There is a vast gulf between someone who holds a job, pays bills, and enjoys a joint on the back porch on a Saturdaynight, and someone who robs, lives in the street and their entire existence boils down to the acquisition of another “rock.” We are not talking about the great Brinks robbery here, children, we are talking about someone who will slip in your yard at three AM to steal the brass water faucets from your garden to sell for one more rock, and don’t argue with me because I’ve seen it happen!

     There will always be the weak among you. There will always be those who should not indulge in anything stronger than a cup of coffee. On the other hand there are those who drink gallons and are more productive than a Mormon Bishop. People come in many different flavors and one size does NOT fit all! Most normal people will confine their relaxation to alcohol and marijuana. Contrary to what your government tells you there are millions of people who use grass and would never be in the same room with coke. There are rednecks who work construction and never drink anything stronger than beer. Then, there is the subculture.

     Call it Ice, Meth, Rock, Spice, or whatever, these drugs are all designed to addict and destroy. There is no such thing as “recreational use!” The user’s entire life is the drug. These drugs have two things in common. They are cheap to produce and more addictive than natural substances. The user on the first use, thinks they can control it. Let me submit; what if practically every person who took the first sip of a cocktail became a full blown dysfunctional alcoholic within one month of that first drink? That’s METH! That’s what you’re really dealing with.

     The cartels are raking in the profits. The level of commerce and return on investment would make the old New York Mafia families blush. Their power is growing exponentially and their “rep” right along with it. A reputation is just that. It is a created image contrived to make someone larger than life. Verily, verily I say unto you NOone is larger than life. There is a ceiling. I’ve found one constant that remains true and never changes. All men can be killed. No gang leader is so omnipotent that one bullet will not solve his issues in the blink of an eye. Ask Billy the Kid. Oh, my bad, you can’t. He’s DEAD! So is John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde and Charles Whitman.

     We have to make the cost of dealing these types of drugs so high that the very idea of dabbling in them becomes insane. In Texas when someone is arrested for possession there is a particular charge that most of them incur. “Possession of less than a gram.” This make it a lesser charge invoking state jail, or even time served in the county jail while waiting for trial. Now, let’s do some math.

     I can already hear it from the peanut gallery. “Oh, Wilbur, now you’re talking about filling up the prisons with more drug users convicted of victimless crimes.” Well, let me clear a few cells. Turn all the marijuana users loose. There! See how that works? Now, let’s work on that Penal code. First time conviction of possession of these man made poisons . . . Ten years withOUT the possibility of parole. For people caught manufacturing and selling, capital offense with all the appeals we enjoy so much.

     What about the business interests in Mexico? The militia is charged with immediate protection on the country when federal intervention is not practical. As Texans we need to serve notice on Mexico to get it right, and if they can’t then we need to show them how. The so called “immigration” issue is a symptom, not a cause. The under current is the massive amount of drug traffic is the power source driving the flow of human traffic streaming across the border and THIS is the difference between Pablo in 1966 and Fernando in 2014. Remember what I said about reputations? That reputation will evaporate when those tanks come across the river between Texas and Mexico and the president of Mexico is served with a declaration of war.

     I hate to be the first one to tell you this, but there’s just no nice way to kill people. Mexico through weakness or design has fostered and proliferated the drug trade. The Mexican people are being held hostage and their so called”government,” and I use the term loosely, does nothing to fix the problem. Now, I know the liberals will rail against this article. I know Obama doesn’t have the testosterone or intelligence to take this action. I know it will most likely never happen, but it will work. Until then, watch your faucets!

By Wilbur Witt


Op-Ed: The American Dream


 I think we need to realign our priorities as Americans. While we claim to welcome the huddled masses, yearning to live free, we burden immigrants with impossible loads, impeding their full integration into the American dream. Be you born native American, or naturalized, either way you are AMERICAN. How can you be a little bit  American. That’s like being a little bit pregnant.

     The same goes for political office. If a citizen is a citizen what difference does his country of origin make? America has been called the great melting pot. People from all over the world bring their cultures to our shores, lending to the multi-cultural construction of America previously unseen in human experience. Yet we are encumbered by antique restrictions that indeed belie the very spirit of the American experience. An immigrant is not allowed to run for the highest office in the land by simple reason of an accident of birth!

     A man rose to prominence on the world stage. A man exemplified by courage, wisdom, compassion, and all the other things needed to bring America through these troubled times. A man tempered by adversity, who’s eye is fixed firmly upon the goal, with the spirit of the founding fathers, and liberty beating in his chest. A man so revered on the world stage that his very presence demands respect. A man who gives credit to God, and stands against the anti-Christian  sewer that the west has become  We should not impede this man, but embrace him as the next President of the United States. I nominate Vladimir Putin!

Wilbur Witt


Op-Ed: The Fabric of Civilization


How do you destroy the fabric of a civilization? It’s very simple, actually. Regular people tend to go with the flow. It’s not that they’re cowards, or stupid, or anything like that. It’s just that between meeting the bills, getting to work, and feeding the kids most people expect the government to do what it was hired to do, i.e. pave the roads, protect lives and put out fires. Since most people would never knowingly break the law they don’t worry about how the police operate, what congressmen do, or where the money comes from or goes. Pay, pray, and obey.

     Human beings have a little thing called a moral compass. I think it’s God given, and  I know there are those who would differ with me, but no matter. People tend to know what is inherently right and wrong. You get married before having babies. You obey the law. You don’t take, or even think about taking someone else’s property. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai the children of Israel already knew pretty much what was on those stone tablets. Rules by which civilized men and women live by have been constant for millennia. This is the fabric of civilization.

     You can’t just rip this fabric apart. You must find a loose thread and work from there.  Something as simple as this. No one in their right mind would take a baby, crush its head, and toss it into a trash can. Add a Supreme Court ruling, a clinic, and a white coat and that’s EXACTLY what you get! See how that works? No one with any comprehension would sympathize with a robber. Add a few fires, an out of control wannabe preacher and a little CNN and right away you have a black Davy Crockett. See the fabric unravel?

     And what is Mr. and Mrs. Middle America doing? Why they’re sitting there quietly, watching TV, confident that the government is honest and true, and everything will be fine in the morning. But the fabric is unraveling. Then take sacred institutions like say, marriage, and redefine them. Then force this redefinition on the public in such a way that if you oppose it you stand out from the crowd, and good Lord, nobody wants to do THAT! That’s the main rule of BEING the PEOPLE! The people want to remain anonymous.   Then remove all means of self defense so just in case some of the people DO begin to see the fabric of civilization coming apart at the seams there’s nothing they can do about it anyway, so there!

     To be honest most people will muddle through their mundane lives and drink the Kool Aid. Only a few, a very select few will stand up. If the moral compass is reset then their children and grandchildren will read about it in history books. The people who stood up will be called “Patriots,” but who they really were, and what they really stood for will be sterilized. A generation later their image will be scrutinized and their very humanity will be brought into question until the nay-Sayers will find that loose thread again, and the whole process will be begin again.

     You will never change this. Civilization is dynamic, not static. People want to just be left alone. As long as the moral compass points reasonably north most people will continue the march.  There were a few soldiers of the Pharaoh, but there were thousands of workers building those pyramids. A newly married couple in Kansas would never kill a baby, break a law or be late on their taxes because they simply cannot believe the government they voted into power would ever do anything to upset their lives. You will never convince them otherwise. It is only when the moral compass goes completely off the rails will a very small, very special group raise its head. The three percent!

     Three percent of the population will recalibrate the moral compass  Ninety-seven percent will sit by and wait for new directions. This is the way of the world. Don’t be discouraged when you see only a few standing up with you against tyranny. Be confident knowing that as small as your numbers may be are they are larger than the tyrants. The people will not fight on your side will certainly not fight on the other side either. It is our duty to fight and defend these people. That’s moral compass. We need them. You can’t love your country while hating ninety-seven percent of the people in it!

     We at Raging Elephants know the fabric is unraveled and lying on the ground. We know that it will take an apocalyptic event to stitch it back together again. The people who tore it know this too. They know they’re riding on a crest of deceit now, and this ride will not last. We live in great times. Small groups can change history. Just remember Jesus went to Jerusalem with twelve guys, two loaves of bread and one jack ass. Guy did pretty good, I think!

Wilbur Witt


Op-Ed: Well Fed Liberals


 You know, solutions to complex problems are really quite simple when you step back and look at them objectively. It’s only when you inject legalese, or liberal thought do you get multi-layered psycho-babble that leaves the thinking person with exasperation. I am going to offer some of my solutions to complex problems, and please, bear in mind, I’m from Texas. (Save your fork, folks. This is gonna be good!)

     Freedom of speech. This means you can say anything you want to say so long as you don’t threaten someone’s safety or life. You can get on a soapbox, in front of the White House and expound any cock-eyed theory of foreign policy you want so long as you don’t tell people to fire a pistol through the White House door. If you are stupid then only stupid people will listen to you. Come to think of it, you’d probably draw quite a crowd up there. There is no such thing as “free speech zones!” Right now we have the silliest set up the world has ever seen. Texas Patriots cannot talk about Texas independence outside a “free speech zone” at San Jacinto while some nut jobs can put a reward on the Internet for a police officer’s head. Am I the only one laughing here? Oh darn! My bad. The nut jobs were black. That explains it.

    Right to bear arms. Did you ever stop to think how many hours have been spent trying to get around this one line amendment? It is simple. Translated into Texan it simply states, “Y’all can have guns.” The Constitution puts limits on the Federal government. In the so called Wild Wild West the local sheriff controlled guns quite well. And people don’t have to be told not to carry a gun to church. Now that’s CHURCH, boys and girls, not Mosques! You should carry a gun there. Bad people will always get guns. Good people need guns to shoot bad people. You’ll never run out of bad people with guns. Every now and then I say something profound. It happens. I sit here on this porch with a cigarette and a glass of Jim Beam and the spirit comes upon me. Once the spirit told me, “When you’re hiding under your desk as some nut is shooting everybody in your office, you won’t be worried about commas in the second amendment, you’ll be worried about your ASS!”

     Presidents don’t make laws, they formulate policy. Now, work with me here, ok? Some guy gets elected based on ideas he has about how do direct the nation. He has goals. He takes these ideas to Congress. You know, that bunch of wine heads you pay a lot for nothing? He says, “I want some kind of affordable health care so folks can see a doctor without selling their first born. You guys work it out and send it over to my house and I’ll sign it for you.” Then the Congress draws something up. It can be as simple as the sudden realization that you can’t control doctors, and you shouldn’t, but you can put a leash on insurance companies. You see, there’s your problem. Some doctor comes up with a treatment and puts an astronomical price on it,  the insurance companies say, “Heck we’ll pay that,” and they pass the cost right on down to Suzie Sweetcheeks working as a waitress down at Mel’s Diner. Just tell the insurance companies they can pay all they want, but they can’t gouge the public for their extravagance. The Congress does all the work, the President signs it, and he looks like a great innovator while hanging out at the golf course and kissing a few babies.

     To have a country you almost must have borders. I think the rules to enter the country should at least be as stringent as the ones governing admission to a biker bar, ok? I mean, you set up a country, draw a circle around it and say, “We be here!” Then you put people in charge of that and tell them, “Shoot anybody who climbs over that there fence.” Now, there will be a little bit of an outcry from the climbers for a few days, but eventually they’ll figure it out. I am not unfeeling. When they start throwing their kids over the fence, spank their asses and throw them BACK! Shoot the parents. And drug smugglers? No problem! When you catch them just make them eat their fill of whatever they are bringing into the country and burn the rest. Uh, don’t burn marijuana. That doesn’t work. Send that to Austin. Them boys will take it from there.

     Welfare. Wow! Where do I start? Ok, don’t have it. In all my years I’ve never seen a skeleton lying in a ditch by the side of the road. Know why you have riots in Ferguson? Them people have too much energy and too much time on their hands. They don’t have to work and dinner is always on the table. Michael Brown stole cigars, not Little Debbie cakes, although from his picture I know he’s seen a few Little Debbies in his time. Hey, news flash. Necessity is the mother of invention. Hunger does away with a lot of tootie fruity ideas. I used to have a lot of pie in the sky theories. Then I went to Nashville and them fellers simplified all that nonsense. Pie in the sky got reduced to pie in one lesson.

     Separation of church and state. I love this. Three kids get reprimanded for praying in the corner of a school yard while some Imam prays over Congress. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Here’s the Congress of the United States sitting there blinking while some raghead babbles on and on about Allah. And not one of them, even got up to go to the restroom. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said “Raghead,” get over it! I told you they were wine heads. Hey, it’s not just up in Washington, we got a few of these idiots running loose in Austin. A few years ago a congressman down here introduced a resolution acknowledging Albert DeSalvo’s contribution to birth control and the Texas congress overwhelmingly approved it. He let the resolution be all printed up with a pretty bow around it before he told the voice of the people that Albert was the Boston strangler. Like I said, you can’t make this stuff up! You cannot separate moral teachings from government, or maybe that’s the problem here, hmmmmm? After years and years of trying to sterilize the human soul we have a congress full of, well, wine heads.

     And last but not least, Gay Marriage. (May I have a drum roll please!) This all stems from licensing. Let’s look at marriage license. Billy Joe Jim Bob falls in love with Suzie Sweetcheeks. “Gee, Suzie, I sho’ Nuff would like to jump in your drawers.” “But, Billy Joe, you know we’s got to go down to the court house and gets us one of them marriage licenses afore we can do that. And they’s rules!” Billy Joe scratches his head, “Rules?” Suzie continues, “Why yeah. First I gotta be a girl, and you gotta be a boy” Now, Billy Joe already had already figured that part out so there was no problem there. “Then, Billy Joe, we gots to go to the doctor so’s you don’t give me the Clap like your cousin gave Miss Elderberry the school teacher.” Billy Joe agrees to that. “Then, we’s gotta find twenty dollars, cause that’s what the government charges so we can say the words over to the church.” Well, Suzie and Billy Joe do tie the knot and live happily ever after. Billy Joe even becomes a pillar of the community, he and Suzie get a mortgage on a double wide and raise their boy to be a great leader. Suzie, and Billy Joe Abbott were very proud of him. Now, that was a pretty good poke at Texas white trash, and I am qualified to do that because I’M Texas white trash. Kinda like some black folks using that word we crackers can’t even write in a letter to mama, but we all know how that goes, now don’t we? Ok, now remove marriage license from the equation. See how that works? Then people so inclined can just trot down to the church of the Pink Flamingo and get hitched. Oh, and by the way, if we have this “separation of church and state” how’d a marriage license get through the church doors in the first place. I’m confused. And tax credits for fellers marrying fellers? Just add a square to the tax forms. Shouldn’t take much time or ink to do that. They printed up ObamaCare, didn’t they? One added feature. If you have to license something then just license it! All licenses must be renewed from time to time. Say after two years, things just aren’t working out you just don’t renew and go your merry ways. No more divorces!

     Life’s most difficult challenges become so simple when you just step back and look at them. And while you’re laughing consider this. All my suggestions would work. Well, they’d work until the liberals got involved. But they’re too well fed and just have too much time on their hands. Good day!

By Wilbur Witt


Op-Ed: Is The Republican Delegation of the State of Texas For Sale?


“You were bought with a price.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

We all were, if you are a Christian.  Jesus paid the ransom for our sin with his own blood so that we could have eternal life.  Pretty hefty price, if you ask me.

One could say that our delegation of Texas State Representatives have been bought with a price, too.   Not one as noble as the price that Christ paid for our sins.  What I’m talking about here is their vote for the Texas Speaker of the House, bought and paid for by current Speaker of the House, Joe Straus. Follow the money, especially all the lobbyist money Straus distributes with strong strings attached.  See the article just written by a contributor to Raging Elephants Radio with a complete list of state reps who have received contributions from Speaker Straus.

Now, you might accuse me of being extreme here with the parallel I’ve drawn, but I don’t think so.  See, the state of Texas and it’s future rests squarely in the hands of the Speaker of the House, which is a position that needs to be held by a true conservative member of the house.  My choice?  Scott Turner, that’s who.

Scott Turner understands the responsibility he has as a legislator and where our priorities should be.  From a fellow blogger, Adam Cahnman’s most recent blog post he relays some of Scott’s legislative priorities:

“…As a candidate for the Office of Speaker of the House, I have spent the last several months traveling across our great state and have heard the voice of the people calling for their representatives to help promote and protect our shared values of faith, family, and free enterprise. It is important that we focus on the future of Texas and not rest on the perceived victories of the past.

As the next Speaker of the House, I want us to focus on securing our borders, fully implementing E-verify, and completely ending the practice of sanctuary cites. Moreover, we can no longer put off giving parents and families a choice to provide the best educational environment for their children. Additionally, we must provide a solid financial environment for our state by repealing the Gross Margins Tax and implementing a fiscally conservative budget that exemplifies responsible stewardship of the taxpayers’ money.

I look forward to working with my fellow members to seize the opportunities set before us, work on the passage of the critical legislation the people are calling for, and move forward in a bipartisan effort to ensure true freedom and prosperity for Texas.”

As someone who’s been working with the Scott Turner team, I’ve been privileged to hear him speak more than a few times.  One of the quotes I gathered from him that I found rather inspiring myself was this one, “Status quo and complacency rob you.”  This quote can definitely be applied to the upcoming legislative session.

Sadly, as I mentioned earlier, it seems that the Straus camp has already sent out their talking points to his delegation, and their little army of ‘lemmings’ has all but regurgitated the information on all of their Facebook walls and at speeches around the state.  Lots of them reflect Scott’s perceived inexperience as a legislator.  Another quote from Scott that refutes that claim, “I’m no stranger to scrutiny and accountability.”

I believe it is that same scrutiny and accountability that he speaks of that will make him a great speaker.  Win or lose, Scott will take the vote to the floor, because in his own words, once again, “It’s time.”

By Kelly Horsley

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Op-Ed: Is Obama Planning a Unilateral Amnesty?


It appears President Obama just doesn’t get it. Less than 24 hours after his Party lost the Senate, and lost more seats in the House, and even lost governors’ races, he arrogantly quipped he would “work with and without Congress”, and he would “not only listen to the 1/3 who voted but also to the 2/3 who did NOT vote. 

One of the hot button issues in this past election was immigration, and now it appears President Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for overhauling U.S. immigration policy, on his own, without Congress, via executive action. This will include suspending deportations for millions of illegal aliens. 

The president’s plans were leaked and the announcement could come as early as Nov. 21, pending final White House approval. The proposed plan contains 10 initiatives that cover everything from increasing border security to improving pay for immigration officers. Those points are apparently meant to appease conservatives. 

However, the most controversial part of the plan is that millions of illegal aliens could avoid deportation with “deferred action.” The plan will expand deferred action for illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children…and also for the parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents. This group might number up to 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults with U.S.-born children. 

Not only is Obama ignoring the will of the people who voted, he is ignoring the warning Republican leaders gave him to not “poison the well” by acting unilaterally on immigration. 
Obama’s action will allow illegal aliens to receive Social Security numbers and government-issued IDs so they can work legally. Additionally, the “deferred action” could allow nearly 3

00,000 new young illegal immigrants to stay. 
In a cynical “money can buy anything” approach, the plan provides pay raises and promotions for Immigration employees to “increase morale”. Obama and his appointees failed to understand the low morale was a result of his immigration policies and lack of enforcement. 

Another part of plan calls for the revision of removal priorities in the program known as “Secure Communities”. Non-violent, low risk offenders like petty thieves and drunks will have low deportation priority. 

Obama unilateral actions, in spite of the landslide elections and GOP congressional warnings should not surprise us. Just look at the comments by ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber when said “the voters are stupid”. Obama and his liberal supporters, including local and state Democrats, are arrogant and tyrannical. They are “globalist” who seem to be listening to non-citizens rather than to citizens. 

Illegal aliens broke the law to enter our country, and they should NOT be rewarded, even if they were brought here as children. We cannot let America become the orphanage to world where every nation leaves their children at our doorstep to be raised by the tax payer. 

Since Obama will not listen to the people who voted, Congress must listen to the people who voted them in and act by would barring money from being used for this amnesty plan.

Call your local congressional leaders now!

By George Rodriguez “El Conservador”


Op-Ed: What ever happened to them fellers?


Maybe I haven’t made myself clear enough in the past. I do apologize. First off I am NOT an American. I was born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. I am a Texan! America, as we knew it was dissolved a long time ago. All those high sounding words were all very fine, but they went away about five minutes after the asphalt dried on Wall Street. You want to see Illuminati? You want to find the New World Order? Look no farther than 5th and Broadway. The Americans love all the noble precepts of self government and We The People, but when anyone actually tries to use them the tide quickly changes. If there were but two sentences in the entire constitution the self appointed elite would pervert them with ten thousand pages of rebuttal to crush all opposition. No, I’m amTexan. Anyone can be a Texan. It springs upon you. It sprang upon CJ Grisham on a lonely road in Temple, Texas. An American began that walk with his son that morning, a Texan stepped across William Barrett Travis’ line.

     I believe that family is the most important thing. That was brought home to me this week. You have to have people that will rally around you no matter who, or what you are. People who will never cast you out. It doesn’t matter how that family is configured. It just has to be real. It has to be where you can point to a common denominator and say, “This is who I am!” Then BE that person. If we only had that, family unity, we could solve most problems. That is the very foundation of society. When government seeks to impose its will the family is the first thing it attacks. Strong family values makes for strong politics. In such a world view the children are most important. They must be taught that they are special, and they are that way because they come from somewhere, and they are going somewhere. If one cousin goes to congress, and another plays a banjo on a porch, they all meet on Thanksgiving at the same table and give thanks to God!

     Yeah, that’s what I said. God! Big guy in the sky, El Supremo, the Unmoved Mover. You don’t need a library of theological books to look up into the night sky and realize you didn’t create that! And that God will not condemn you for not being as smart as He is. He will only condemn you for refusing His love. That’s another thing a tyrannical government must abolish. If you teach your children to trust in God then they will understand absolutes, and a lying government can’t have that. Absolute truth is absolute. Whenever you read a statement of absolute truth, and that statement comes to the word, “but,” and there is a comma, everything after that is a lie! Truth is either the truth, or it is not, and THAT is an absolute truth!

     People need to adhere to common decency. Now I don’t care who you are, how liberal, gay, radical, smart or stupid you may be, you know what common decency is. I don’t even have to give you examples. There is one rule. If you see, or hear anything that makes you say, “DAYUM!” then that’s not decent! You don’t need to protest funerals, stone people, or start a commune. Just walk away and shake the very dust from your feet! If you let a jackass bray long enough eventually he will see himself. You want to see heresy? Any “religion” that disrespect women is a heresy. Just apply that rule and all the worms will crawl out.

     There are many more things that I believe, but these are a good start, and the hardest to accept when you’ve been indoctrinated by liberal human secularism. Sometimes a new idea will work, but if you look at it there is really nothing new under the sun. Just new explanations of very old and basic rules of life. Reject anything that doesn’t work. Theoretically you can nail a mirror to the wall, but common sense will tell you screws work better. Theoretically marriage is just a contract between two consenting adults, but common sense will tell you that you just have to have kids. And i can already hear it. Adoption has its place but all the liberal theorists point to the universe, explaining concepts they dreamed up in their crazy minds. Just put two bar magnets together at the north ends and get back with me on the results. Theoretically you can reason that an unborn child is not fully human, but then you have to figure out just when the child became human, and what made that happen.

     Texas has embarked on a great adventure, one that will change the way people think. We are a unique blend of the past and the future. God blessed Texas with His own hand, and he did it for a reason. The farther to the  left America moved the closer to the center Texas moved. That’s right, the center. Not left, not right, center! A place for all men (and women) to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Gosh, seems like someone else said that. Wonder what ever happened to them fellers?

By Wilbur Witt


Op-Ed: Trial Before A Family Court

The evidence is gathered. It began with an accusation from a vague report that a child was being harmed in some way. There was no physical evidence, only a report of some kind of mental abuse. The twelve year old girl was of a  group of girls. She, and others began to have seizures, crying out, and an anonymous report was made to the government authority that would investigate.
An investigator was sent to compile the report. The little girl told the investigator that a baby sitter had mentally tortured her. The abuse had led her to become very disturbed. She began to black out, have hallucinations, and could barely hold anything on her stomach. She was sent by the investigators to a doctor, who, after a thorough examination, concluded that, even though there were no outward sings of abuse, the abuse was indeed of the mind, and the doctor had good reason to believe that the baby sitter had indeed performed some type of abuse on the child.
The parents, of course, had great concern, and fully cooperated with the investigation. After all, it was they who had first noticed the problem with the girl. Upon interview, the little girl named some of her friends, who had also been cared for by the baby sitter, and they, too, had developed various stages of mental issues, which upon seeing the baby sitter, would manifest in hysteria.
The parents of all these girls were appalled. The baby sitter was.brought up on charges of child abuse of the most base type. In court the girls would describe games that she would play with them, and even during testimony they would become distraught.
The government investigators reasoned now that if this baby sitter, indeed, all the baby sitters in the employ of the agency, could be doing this form of child abuse, then how could the parents not notice this for so long a period of time. It was decided to question the parents also. The evidence was clear. Most of the parents were simply too wrapped up in their lives to attend to the welfare of their own children, and this very fact led to this massive amount of abuse at the hands of this group of trusted caretakers.
In closed court, with no jury several of the parents were brought up. While there was no actual physical evidence to support the allegations, the circumstantial evidence was overwhelming, combined with the Doctor’s report of the mental state of the children, and the investigator’s reasons to believe that something sinister was at hand here.
After the hearing the initial little girl was removed by the court and placed in the care of the government. The parents’ lifestyle was seemed to be just too unorthodox and they should not be trusted with a child, not even their own!  There was no reprieve. There was no defense. The judge’s decision was final. It would later be revealed that this judge was a protege of a certain councilman who had an interest in the holdings of  the parents of the first little girl. The judge fully understood that an unfavorable ruling against them would earn him the political gratitude of the councilman, which would quickly translate into votes come next election, and assure the judge of a continued tenure of office. Of course the ruling would lead to the public and financial ruin of the family, forcing them to sell their holdings at a reduced rate with the councilman more than willing to pick up at mere pennies on the dollar.
Before the investigation was over more baby sitters were brought up on charges, with the children’s stories becoming more and more detailed until some of the baby sitters were actually brought up on criminal charges, and more than a few of the children were removed from their homes.
I know you think I am talking about the CPS.  I apologize for misleading you. I was describing the Salem witchcraft trials. Now, do you understand?  Do you FINALLY understand?
By Wilbur Witt

Op-Ed: Let’s Hear It For Social Workers


Mary I want to thank you for your words of wisdom today. BTW, did you know that I’m a writer? Every day I feed many blogs, radio shows, London papers, periodicals in Texas and elsewhere, and sometimes I have to look for something to write about. Welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame.

You admit there are some bad people in social work circles. Let me ask you something. How many dead children are too many? I submit that one may be one too many. When I see a two year old girl get her brains bashed out on a fireplace, or a 13 year old girl raped in a Holiday Inn, I said “a” no, MANY girls raped, so many I thought CPS got a RATE from Holiday Inn, anyway when I see things like that I tend to take exception. And then I see the “social worker,” or CPS case worker reciting the time honored mantra, “I vas only following ordehs! Ze family iss ze enimi!” And there’s always someone, like you, who wants to be a part of the Child Procurement Services who comes out in defense of this unholy union, of course with appropriate obscenities, That puts you on one side of the line, and me on the other.

 And all you can say is, “Mistakes will be made!” Are American families THAT bad? I don’t fight for my daughter in law. She was a woman of means. I fight for Maria Sanchez in the valley who lost her child because of a beer can. I fight for the old couple driving through Texas who lost their grand children because of a chigger bite. And there’s always some “social worker” in the mix who thinks they know how to run some family’s business better than they do!

Back in the ’60s Lyndon Johnson came up with the Great Society. He funneled basically illiterate people through college. Now,  these people couldn’t measure up to real course loads   so then we got affirmative action, and they all got degrees in the humanities which qualifies them quite well to work the window in a Taco Bell. (Politically incorrect enough for you, Mary?) But, do they serve that noble cause? Why heck NO! They decide they’d be better suited   Psychoanalyzing some mother who forgot to tie her child’s shoes before sending him off to school. So, the child is removed, and given to a pedophile. Gosh, how do such people get into the system? Do the math. Google it. What is the prevalence of pedophilia among foster parents and school teachers. Heck, let’s include lawyers. Four years to get a degree, three more in law school, cross the bar…”What do you want to do with your career?” “Why, I want to work on a government salary with molested little girls!” If you caught me hanging out with molested teen girls you’d assume I was a child molester…and you’d be RIGHT!

Then you ignore the constitution, grant immunity, and turn these animals loose among the unsuspecting public, and when a child dies you retreat to, “I wasn’t involved at that tiiiiiiime.” I had a friend who was a doctor of psychology. A real one, not some worker with three weeks training from CPS. In his career he did MMPIs on murders, rapists and kidnappers incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections. Later, he was hired as a contractor by CPS. As luck would have it he did the same tests on selected case workers. Perfect match! The exact same Narcissistic predatory personality to a “T.”

Did you know case workers are not sworn in family court? Did you know that in one case in California,,the CPS went through great expense and time to remove an abusive father from the home. The man had been dead for three years! Ruh Roh! My own granddaughter was in a diabetic coma for three days because a case worker played doctor, indeed, over ruling the chief pediatrician at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. Her next case was to remove my grandson from his medication causing him to have twenty-five seizures in one day, one while taking a brain scan. When confronted with the print out from the hospital she swore she had never seen it. (We stole it from her brief case while she was in the potty!)

How do you get information from the CPS? Well, you can’t do it through the courts. Family Court judges live on CPS “product.” No, you can’t do that. You just find out which case workers do crack and which ones do meth and all good things will come. Ugly enough for you? I did a story based on a fact sheet given to me by Jim Black. It numbered the amount of children who died while under CPS care. Think Sandy Hook was bad. Imagine five classrooms full of children, all laid out in the hallway, covered with sheets! Hitler would be spinning in his grave if he had one.

And you defended this, Mary. You defended it. I have seen homosexuals fill out menu cards choosing an eight year old boy and get the boy. And racist. You want to see racism? White blue-eyed children come at a higher price than black or Latino children. And don’t even try to tell me federal bounties are not paid and bonuses not given. There are far smarter people than me reading this.

And my little comment about punishment for criminals within this system? Let me give you an example. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument that me, Doc Greene, and Johnny Johnson decide to rob us a bank. I’m driving, Doc is doing the robbing, and Johnny’s waiting at the airport with his plane to fly us out of the country…California, or some place like that. Well, a teller gets rowdy and ol’ Doc shoots him. When we’re caught who do you think goes to the gurney? I don’t know how things work up there in Hill Billy heaven, but down here we have a little thing called the law of parties. We ALL take the ride, and while other states are doing away with the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane. Case worker removes a child because daddy drinks beer. Oh, and he’s a white Christian, and that never helps. Kids goes to foster care. Case worker overlooks the fact that foster daddy had to leave Florida because he “liked” the little girls. To make a long story short you can’t have sex with a seven year old. It KILLS them. Of course, the foster dad gets to go to death row. What about the case worker? Wasn’t she keeping the car warm while the bank was being robbed? The needle goes in the left arm, I believe, and being “Po-Dunk” we never seem to get it right, but the results all turn out the same.

 So, you get your degree. You go to work, all for the good of the children, but know this: we’re out there, Mary, and  we’re not going away. Some of us have already paid the price and you can’t intimidate us. We’ve long since given up our souls in the fight to end this abomination. Now, Mary, you’ve tasted my mutton. How do you like it, huh?

By Wilbur Witt

Wilbur Witt