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Stephen Broden: God’s Judgment and COVID-19

God’s Judgment and COVID-19

Could COVID-19 be a judgment on the world for the wholesale murder of babies, human trafficking, the normalization of the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriage, and the redefining of morality to immorality?

There is a spiritual tenor to the effect this virus is having on the psyche of the world. Humankind is terrified, fearful, and frightened by the prospect of falling victim to this horrific virus.

Luke 21:11 says, “…and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terror…” Here the Greek word terror is phobetron, which means dreadful sight, terrible occurrence, fearful event. The English word phobia is derived from the Greek word phobetron. Phobia means an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Without question, these definitions describe what’s happening in the earth resulting from COVID-19.


National Guard Soldier Charged With Smuggling Mexican Nationals Over Border


Thousands of National Guardsman are deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border to support U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in keeping people out of the United States, but at least one of them is allegedly working overtime to smuggle people in.

  • California National Guard Pfc. Edward Jair Acosta-Avila has been charged with human trafficking as part of a scheme to smuggle several Mexican nationals into the United States, USA Today reported on Thursday.
  • Acosta-Avila was reportedly arrested Saturday with three Mexican nationals in the back of his car who told law enforcement they “made smuggling arrangements and agreed to pay between $6,000 and $7,000 each to [be] smuggled into the United States,” per USA Today.


Shifting electorate in North Texas led to close call for U.S. Rep. Kenny Marchant of Coppell

WASHINGTON — Last week’s midterm elections showed that the Texas electorate is changing dramatically, and even Republicans who survived found themselves with surprisingly close calls after coasting to reelection for years.

One U.S. representative who saw the ground shift was Kenny Marchant. The Coppell Republican won his eighth term by 3.2 percentage points — about 8,400 votes out of 262,000 cast.

That’s a far cry from his landslide victories in the last three elections: a 61-36 margin in 2012, and 65-32 two years later. Against the same opponent in 2016, Democrat Jan McDowell, Marchant coasted to a 56-39 win.

For this year’s rematch, McDowell raised just $100,000 against the incumbent’s $1.1 million.


The Governor of Texas Suggested the Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is Dead. It’s Very Much Alive


Rumors of the Texas bathroom bill’s death are greatly exaggerated.

During a Saturday gubernatorial debate against Democrat Lupe Valdez, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott appeared to satiate a nation starved for good news when he declared the legislation is “not on [his] agenda” for the upcoming 2019 legislative session. Instead the incumbent outlined a plan to provide relief to Hurricane Harvey victims, cut taxes, tackle America’s school shooting epidemic, and create jobs.

“That is going to be my agenda this coming session,” Abbott said. “Period.”

The governor’s soundbite made for a good headline in Monday morning takes published by NBC News and the San Francisco Chronicle, but the insinuation that the bathroom bill sleeps with the fishes isn’t accurate. It also doesn’t reflect what the governor actually said.

When debate moderator Steve Spriester prodded Abbott on the bathroom bill question, he dodged answering it.



Trooper Seized Thousands of Dollars Texas Man Said He Won Gambling

Williamson County, Texas, is directly north of the state capital of Austin. Because it sits along Interstate 35, many state troopers guard this roadway and other major highways in the county. Interstate 35 is a major drug trafficking route between the U.S. and Mexico border. A Texas multi-state trooper was conducting routine radar checks on the interstate when he saw a car speeding.

After the trooper pulled the car over, the driver, Marquis Overton, told him his story. And, what the trooper found in the car made his story interesting.

The Traffic Stop

The traffic stop occurred just north of the city of Round Rock where the interstate moves from a high-density traffic area to a more suburban traffic area.


The math gets more complicated in the speaker’s race

As in state Rep. Walter “Four” Price IV, now the seventh announced candidate to become speaker of the Texas House. And before next week is out, the people who get paid to pay attention to these things think Price and his announced opponents will be joined by as many as two more in what has fast become a wide open race to replace outgoing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

Price, R-Amarillo, filed his paperwork with the Texas Ethics Commission Thursday; he’s the fourth candidate with ties to Straus, who did not run for reelection to his House seat. Price had long been rumored to covet the job and, according to several political experts, is the candidate Straus favors to succeed him.

Even before Price’s announcement, however, conservative lightning rod Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, posted this tweet, suggesting the number of Straus allies vying for speaker shows a coalition in disarray.


Texas Woman Sent Back To Prison For Illegal Voting


It’s so hard to tell the fake news from the real stories these days, isn’t it? For example, we all know that there’s no voter fraud going on. We’re aware of this because Democrats and the mainstream media tell us so on a weekly basis. And yet a woman in Texas was just sent to federal prison for illegal voting. How could this possibly be the case? (CBS Dallas)

This case is a bit of an outlier from the usual voter fraud stories we cover. The woman in question wasn’t an illegal alien or non-citizen, nor was she underage, voting multiple times or using a fake identity. (All of which we’ve seen happen in the past.) She was a felon on supervised release during the 2016 election, having been convicted of fraud, serving part of her sentence and then being released.


Texas Jazz Festival may be in the market for a new venue (VIDEO)

Emilio Reyes, President of the Texas Jazz Festival Society, said the city would require them to make changes that could cost them an estimated $40,000.

Author: Taylor Alanis

Corpus Christi (KIII News) — UPDATE 2:30 p.m. Tuesday: Event organizers have confirmed that this year’s Jazz Festival will be held at Heritage Park, but they are also looking at the future of the event.

On Monday organizers of the Texas Jazz Festival said they may have to look for a new venue after 17 years of hosting the longest running free jazz festival in the world at Heritage Park.

Organizers said additional security requested by the City of Corpus Christi could force them to find a new venue but as of Monday night, 3 News was told the group is negotiating with the city to try to come up with a solution.


Texas Schools Choose Shooter Detection Systems


ROWLEY, Mass.Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the leading K-12 school gunshot detection solutions provider, today announced that Texas schools are choosing the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System as a part of comprehensive security upgrades to secure schools against the active shooter threat. The SDS system continues to be selected due to its proven performance history at other schools, its zero-false alert history and its proven, certified technology integrations with many schools’ current security technologies.

The company has had a presence in the state of Texas since 2016 with installations in schools and corporate spaces, yet this year marks the company’s largest expansion in that region. “We are experiencing a clear trend upwards in the K-12 school market, especially in Texas,” said Christopher Swanger, Senior Vice President of Sales for SDS. “Texasschools are prioritizing funds for school safety and they see the value of our zero false alert system to empower students, staff and law enforcement to respond. Would you send your children to school without fire alarms? Schools are now looking at active shooter detection in the same way.”

In response to the groundswell of support for the implementation school safety measures after the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, authorities are recognizing that an active shooter detection system is a critical technology for school safety. Alongside video surveillance, mass notification and access control systems, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has placed gunshot detection on the list of “products and technologies for consideration” in their recently published K-12 School Security Guide for Preventing and Protecting Against Gun Violence and in Texas, Governor Greg Abbottadvocates for gunshot detection in his May 2018 School and Firearm Safety Action Plan, citing “active shooter alarm systems” among his recommendations to reduce security threats and improve Texas schools.

“We are very pleased to see Government authorities advocating for gunshot detection systems for schools,” said Christian Connors, CEO for the company. “As a parent, it’s been painful to see schools that want gunshot detection unable to move forward to secure their schools due to tight or non-existent security budgets. It’s refreshing to finally see schools shifting budgetary priorities to focus on school safety, and Texas is leading the charge.”


Gov. Greg Abbott: The ‘very best’ teachers in Texas should make six figure salaries


Some Texas teachers could soon get a raise if Gov. Greg Abbott has his way.

Abbott this week suggested that the best teachers in Texas should be on their way to earning salaries around $100,000.

“We want to structure the compensation plan that would be the very best educators on the pathway to earning a six-figure salary,” TV station KXAN reported Abbott as saying Monday in New Braunfels.