George Rodriguez, El Conservador, Broadcast Activist

george_rodriguezGeorge Rodriguez is one of the very conservative Hispanics whose voice is heard nation-wide. He was born in Laredo, TX and raised in San Antonio. He served in both the Reagan and the Bush I administrations where he worked in Justice Department, HUD, and the White House.
He is an outspoken conservative who can argue his points in two languages (Spanish and English). He currently serves as president of South Texas Alliance and as the state coordinator for south Texas for the national Tea Party Patriots.
George graduated with a degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University, and has certificates in Community Development from DePaul University, Harvard University’s School of Government, and has done graduate work at West Virginia University in Public Administration.
He has writes two blogs, “El Conservador” and “Texas Watchdog Wire”, and he also writes a weekly opinion editorial for several south Texas newspapers.



George Rodriguez

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