Box: Why Rep. John Culberson Should be a Top Primary Target for Conservatives

Box: Why Rep. John Culberson Should be a Top Primary Target for Conservatives

Rep. John Culberson is my Congressman. Not many people around the country know much about the man, because he tends to fly under the radar, ruffle zero feathers, side with the establishment in the Republican Party, and quietly get reelected every two years.

I have called his office a number of times, urging him to vote yes or no on certain bills. Invariably, I am disappointed and angry at the outcome.

Digging in further, I realized that Culberson’s Liberty score (complied by the excellent Conservative Review) is quite abysmal. He stands at 60%–which takes into account his votes from 2009-2015. (He has been in office since 2001.) 60% is a D-minus–ONE POINT away from an F. For a Texan who claims conservatism as his philosophy, this makes no sense. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

Let’s find out why.

On immigration, Culberson claims to be as rock-ribbed for border security, defunding sanctuary cities, not granting amnesty for illegals, and everything else conservatives would demand from a presumably conservative Congressman. However, his voting record states otherwise. While he did vote to declare Obama’s illegal alien amnesty illegal, he voted FOR fully funding the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees Obama’s illegal alien amnesty. Culberson swore to his constituents in 2014 he would NOT vote to fund DHS—and yet, that’s exactly what he did—and granted $2.5 billion MORE than what Obama asked Congress to fund. So, he voted the right way for the show vote—but when it came down to funding, he went along with the crowd.

On spending, John Culberson has never met an omnibus bill he doesn’t like. He voted “yes” on the Paul Ryan/Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama Omnibus from Hell, which fully funds the human butcher shop Planned Parenthood, the failed, family and business-crushing Obamacare, initiatives that continue the hoax of man-made climate change, all the Syrian refugees and refugees who come from countries that actively promote jihad and hatred of America and Israel, the quadrupluling of visas for foreign workers, and Obama’s illegal alien amnesty. He voted “yes” on all the massive budgets presented by Obama—with nary a peep as to why he betrayed his constituents.

On trade, Culberson voted “yes” on the disastrous TPA (Trade Promotion Authority). Normally, conservatives would support fast-tracking trade agreements, but as has been demonstrated by this lawless administration time and again, giving Obama and his henchmen the power to fast-track anything under the cover of night is disastrous. The amazing this is, both conservatives AND many Democrats actively fought Obama and the GOP establishment over this bill. It is Congressmen like John Culberson who helped deliver this major win for Obama and cronyism. In the past, he has also voted to raise the cost of imports, which conservatives actively oppose.

Want more?

Culberson voted to FULLY FUND Obamacare, after promising he would not. He voted to keep John Boehner as Speaker of the House (and voted for Paul Ryan as his replacement—which, sadly, seems to be a speakership of more of the same). On matters of the Constitution, Culberson voted AGAINST affirming the power of the Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizure. The bill also sought to extend Fourth Amendment guarantees to electronic communications and require special warrants to gather this intelligence. On the debt limit, Culberson has voted to increase it—which once again, kicks the proverbial can down the road for future generations to handle.

But probably one of the most egregious “non-votes” (and there are many—John Culberson is the second highest vote-skipper of the Texas coalition) of Culberson’s long career in Congress is the Planned Parenthood defunding vote. Culberson has long claimed to be a champion of the unborn. After the horrors of the Planned Parenthood baby organ harvesting and selling scandal that rocked America over the past few months, one would think that a representative, who vowed to cut off taxpayer funding for this private organization, would leap at the chance to follow through with his promise.

But he did not.  He skipped the vote. This, along with funding the latest hellish omnibus bill, should be the last straw for Culberson’s constituents.

We deserve more—we deserve a true, fighting conservative who will join members of the Republican Freedom Caucus—not the Republican establishment helping to flush America down the toilet.

Conservative Review has done the grunt work of compiling this list of John Culberson Horribles and I applaud them for it. But now, it’s up to conservatives around the country to make this primary of Culberson a MAJOR target—and defeat him.

I know it’s daunting and dispiriting to realize that we’ve rallied the troops in so many years, only to be stabbed in the back by the very “leaders” who promised to be a voice for change, American values, national defense, religious freedom, border security, free market capitalism, life, and the Second Amendment–among other issues.  But we cannot give up. If conservatives bow out, sit out, or throw up our hands in disgust, guess who wins? Liberals and RINOs, that’s who. And trust me—they WANT us to be dispirited. They want us to give up. They want us to stay cowed and ignorant of what they are doing to us.

One race—one patriot—one conservative at a time: we can and we WILL reclaim this great country for the side of good.

We have only just begun to fight.

Angela Box

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