Box: Scalia/Espinoza Call to Action

Box: Scalia/Espinoza Call to Action

This morning, I was privileged enough to participate and ask questions during a conference call with members of the media and the great FreedomWorks—a grassroots, tea-party-leaning, conservative organization. The purpose of the call was to inform the media about conservatives’ goals and stance over President Obama’s inevitable nominee to the Supreme Court after Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden death.

In his death, Americans lost a great conservative and fellow human being.

The country mourns the passing of Justice Scalia, a Constitutional giant. He will be remembered as a firebrand originalist who never wavered from our founding principles.

His death has shaken up both the political Left and Right, with the clear understanding that several key Constitutional decisions hang in the balance. In addition to illegal immigration, abortion, affirmative action and voter I.D., the Second Amendment will be once again up for debate.

Just a few years ago, the Supreme Court heard arguments in District of Columbia v. Heller, which had the potential of essentially overturning the Second Amendment. In the case, the Justices had to determine if the Second Amendment applied to individuals or simply “armed militias.” Thankfully, but by the slimmest 5-4 margin, the Court determined that, indeed, the Founders wrote the Constitution to insure that all law-abiding Americans had the right to keep and bear arms.

Today, that intrinsic, purely American right is in jeopardy. Liberal activist jurists have shown they have no qualms in nullifying Americans’ Second Amendment protections—and today, more than ever, they will seek to effectively quash this sacred right.

Republicans in Congress have shown, for the last seven years, they will bend over backwards to accommodate the lawless Obama administration for fear of being seen as “racist” if they rightfully and forcefully oppose his dictates. They bend and sway far too easily as America sinks into tyranny. They care more about what the liberal media and their Democrat colleagues say about them than the voters who gave them power.

During the conference call with FreedomWorks, I asked two questions. First: what do Republicans in the Senate have planned for the knee-jerk and predicable Democrat and media (redundant, I know) attacks against them and will they invoke the newly-coined “Schumer Rule” when dealing with the blows? Secondly: how do conservatives know these leaders who have stabbed us in the back and have clear disdain for us will not buckle and capitulate to President Obama and Democrats yet again?

For those not aware, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is as far left as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayers, Code Pink, Daily Kos, Democrat Underground, Al Sharpton, and every other left-wing kook organization hellbent on “fundamental transformation” of this country.

When President George W. Bush had 18 months left in his last term in office, Schumer famously said, publicly, that he should not be able to nominate anyone else to the Supreme Court—that it should be left to the next president. Now, of course, Schumer is walking back his obvious intent in the statement, as are other Democrats who did nothing but obstruct President Bush and Republicans (who managed to capitulate to them even when in the majority). But hey—what’s good enough for the Left-wing Insane Society is good enough for us. Run out the clock, ladies and gentlemen: RUN. OUT. THE. CLOCK.

The crux of FreedomWorks’ messaging is this: they are mobilizing grassroots organizations throughout the country to insure the spines of often-vacillating GOP Senators remain firm, with the understanding that if they waffle and allow another Kagen or Sotomayor to even come to the floor of the Senate for a hearing, they will have holy hell to pay from conservatives who’ve had their belly full of betrayal from Republicans. For once, conservatives pray, Republicans will hold the line against the most blatantly lawless, unconstitutional president this country has yet endured.

As conservatives, it’s imperative we elect the most effective, Constitutional fighters possible. Every election counts. In Texas, early voting starts today, and you better believe I’m getting out there.

Voters deserve to know who will truly fight for them at all times, and not just during an election.

In the race for Congress (TX-7), my home district, conservatives face entrenched Republican Congressman John Culberson, who has an abysmal D-minus rating from Conservative Review, and two challengers. One challenger is James Lloyd, whose family is highly connected to several Establishment Republican figures and who very recently was still registered to vote at his parents’ home. James’ college buddy, who just happens to work at The Hill newspaper, wrote a near-endorsement for him while pretending to be objective in reporting the fact that Rep. Culberson has a true fight on his hands.

The other challenger is Maria Espinoza. 

Maria Espinoza is a full-spectrum, Liberty Movement conservative and, when elected, will immediately join the Freedom Caucus in Congress. John Culberson has never taken this action.

Maria has been on the front-lines against illegal immigration with her national organization The Remembrance Project, which highlights the terrible toll American families face when a loved one is killed by an illegal immigrant. John Culberson voted for the $1.1 trillion omnibus which fully funds not only President Obama’s executive order on illegal alien amnesty, but also sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood, and Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugee resettlement programs.

Maria is a grass-roots fighter who has personally faced down members of the Obama administration and ineffectual members of her own party over their lack of commitment to border and national security issues. She is staunchly pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, anti-amnesty for illegals, pro-free market capitalism, pro-religious freedom, and, on every other issue conservatives consider priorities, Maria stacks up in our favor.

We face a monumental choice this November: will we be a country actively seeking greatness once again, or will we be a country in managed, but purposeful, decline? If liberals in Washington, the media, and the wholly corrupted educational system have their way, it will be the latter.

I urge every American to do their homework diligently and send Washington a clear message that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

And do it NOW.

Angela Box

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