Box: Political Correctness is Destroying Us – the San Bernardino Islamic Terror Edition

Box: Political Correctness is Destroying Us - the San Bernardino Islamic Terror Edition


When two (or three, as originally thought) masked, clad in all black, and heavily armed gunmen murdered 14 and mowed down another 21 at the Inland Regional Center, a San Bernardino, California state-run facility which serves individuals with developmental disabilities, most of us, especially when we heard there was more than one attacker, and certainly after the Paris attacks, thought: Islamic terrorism.

Most “workplace violence” incidents don’t involve more than one attacker, and certainly don’t have the earmarks of a coordinated, well-planned attack.  For hours last night, the world sat with bated breath after the murderers escaped and eventually were tracked down, on live television, and engaged in a deadly shootout with police which ended their pathetic lives. We kept waiting to hear: what race are these shooters? Any Islamic stuff going on?

The fact that the police and media waited most of the night to release the names of the terrorists is but one more indication of how far down the rabbit hole political correctness has taken this country, and this world. If we had been dealing with some white cracker meth heads, we would’ve heard about it IMMEDIATELY. The fact that we didn’t proves that the media (as the Obama administration orchestrated, I’m convinced of it) with their hyper-liberal agenda, was doing everything possible to convince the world that we weren’t seeing what we were actually seeing.

When the media started trickling out things like, “The shooters have weird names, foreign sounding names” or “they MIGHT be of Middle Eastern descent” but still refused to name the names of Syed Farook or his lovely bride Tashfeen Malik (she was Pakistani, he was American, and they were both devout Muslims), those of us whose suspicions were raised from the beginning were vindicated.

In addition to Obama and other elected official Democrats and leftists of all stripes immediately calling for gun-control, the Muslim Brotherhood front group known as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), trotted out Farook’s brother-in-law to denounce the attack and to claim surprise and shock that his devout and peaceful Muslim brother and his wife could be involved in such a dastardly attack. (I’m waiting for CAIR to say, as is their wont, that Farook and Malik were not indeed Muslims, but, I assume,  acted in some perverted form of Hinduism!)

This begs two observations. Family members and friends claim Farook was a kind, quiet, devout and decent man who had no issues with co-workers or his employer, and if this indeed accurate, that should scare the crap out of all of us. Like the “nice, polite” serial killer next door, a radicalized, ISIS-loving Muslim freak who doesn’t outwardly show any signs of being a terrorist, makes the argument that “most Muslims aren’t terrorists” (and, of course, they’re not) rather moot. Many, if not most, Muslims subscribe to the dogma of “taqiya” which in essence, allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims (infidels) if it promotes Islam. Lie, for example, about being a kind, decent, Allah-fearing family man.  (A family man who, along with his wife, decided to abandon their six-month-old child in furtherance of jihad and murder of infidels, by the way.)

Another way of looking at this is even more frightening. Perhaps outwardly, to us infidels, Farook and Malik presented as normal people, but what if family and close friends indeed knew all too well about their jihadist intentions? There have been reports that a few neighbors of the family had seen Middle Eastern men going into the house and garage at all hours of the day and night, bringing packages, doing Allah knows what, and that none of the neighbors reported these facts to authorities because they didn’t want to be labeled an “Islamophobe” or “raaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyssssis.”

Let that sink in. We have an administration that thinks climate change is more of a threat to Western Civilization than radical Muslims, who has turned the culture upside down, and who CLAIMS to encourage that aware and vigilant citizens “See Something, Say Something.” But not, it would seem, if we are talking about seeing something and saying something about Muslims.

Look how Obama and the collective Left leapt to the defense and screamed “Islamophobic Racists” to anyone with a functioning frontal lobe over the fraud, scam, set-up “clock hoax” perpetrated by Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year old budding scientific genius from Irving, Texas who brought what clearly looked like a suitcase bomb to school, while claiming it was a “clock.” Little Ahmed’s family is rife with Muslim activists, and the entire Left scolded the school and police for, frankly, doing their jobs. Supposedly Ahmed’s civil rights were so trampled upon that Mark Zuckerberg, Obama, and other leftwing miscreants gifted him with tens of thousands of dollars in electronics, computer equipment, and, presumably, cash. Obama invited him to visit him in the White House. In addition, he was offered a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to M.I.T. that he relinquished in order to escape horrible America and instead attend a lovely school, for free, in the Middle Eastern paradise of Qatar. Now, after his fraud of a family filed a bogus $15 million law suit against the school district and the city of Irving, he wants to come home to this awful, Muslim-hating hellhole and resume his life in Texas. (I guess living as a 7th-century barbarian wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for a teenager!)

Now: what if Ahmed’s teacher HADN’T reported said “clock” over fears of being called a raaayyyyyyyyyyysssiiis or Islamaphobe? And the what if said “clock” had actually been a bomb? She, and others at the school who saw the “clock” and didn’t insist on stopping Ahmed from carrying it from class to class, would have the blood of innocents on their hands.

All because of political correctness.

Decades of rampant political correctness shoved upon us by leftists have made martyrs out of illegal alien criminals and grifters, heroes out of welfare queens, victims out of felons, marriage into a joke, Christianity seen as foolish and oppressive while Islam is seen as superior, abortion into a noble necessity, inner cities into war zones and hellholes, fighting-aged Syrian Muslim refugee males into poor, pitiful asylum seekers, the English language into a racist construct, hard work as a throwback to slavery, actual education as a roadblock for social experimentation, deviance into normalcy, those who promote Western civilization and values into evil, colonizing warmongers, warfare into social justice, weather into climate manipulation, and all the other, myriad truly destructive outcomes unfettered liberalism throws up upon the world.

We have two choices in the face of evil—the evil of radical Islam and the evil of incessant political correctness. We can be like the neighbors of Syed Farook and say nothing when obviously something quite nefarious is occurring under our noses, or scream from the rooftops that not only do we “see something and say something” but that we’re not going to take any more of the radical Left’s destruction on our way of life and America as she once was.

Will Americans be lions, or sheep?

I am a lion.

Angela Box

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