Box: #BlackLivesMatter – Making Martyrs out of Miscreants, the Sandra Bland Edition

Box: #BlackLivesMatter - Making Martyrs out of Miscreants, the Sandra Bland Edition

What is it about the #BlackLivesMatter grievance gang (and liberal Democrats) that constantly seeks to elevate common thugs, criminals, and troubled individuals into sainthood? Is it the rampant criminality? The violence against police and citizens? The hate-on for authority figures or people who actually work for a living? What is it?

I’m not sure, but one thing is certain: #BlackLivesMatter groupies sure do love to kiss and hug on criminals and losers in order to justify rioting, looting, acting a fool, and screaming RAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYSIISSSM every five seconds.

Like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray before her, Sandra Bland was no innocent bystanding little lamb when she was arrested  July 10, 2015 by Waller County police officer Brian Encina (who has been on administrative leave since the incident, shamefully). When she was pulled over for an improper lane change, Encina asked for her identification—twice.  Already Bland (who was a #BlackLivesMatter activist) was becoming belligerent. After he went back to his car to check her record, he saw that she had multiple run-ins with law enforcement: some serious, some not. He was ready to give Bland a warning, but instead she became aggressive and accusatory (no doubt lobbing “RAAYYYYSISIS” at Encina). Encina ordered her out of the car, and she refused. Did he use some “unkind” words to her? Sure. But here’s a little rule the #BlackLivesMatter folks who love rioting and looting other people’s businesses should learn: if a police officer tells you to do something, DO IT. Be polite, be courteous, and 99% of the time nothing bad will happen.

After her arrest, she was booked and asked about her background and medical history. She gave conflicting reports on if she was suicidal (in fact, in the past she had been).  Her family refused to bail her out of jail (I wonder if they’d been down that road before?) and three days later she was found hung to death in her cell. A toxicology test revealed very high levels of marijuana in her system.

This case is a tragedy, to be sure. Anyone committing suicide is a terrible burden—on the individual’s soul as well as their family’s well-being.  But there is no evidence that anyone associated with the Waller County Sheriff’s office (which presumably employs minority officers and staffers) had anything whatsoever to do with her death. This is why a duly empaneled grand jury refused to indict anyone involved in Bland’s death.

Bland was in town to begin a job at Prairie View A&M (whose board of directors inexplicably named a street on campus for her). I submit that with her arrest, her intoxication, and her history of suicidal thoughts and actions, as well as the lack of support she received from her family, Bland felt hopeless and thought the only way out was death. It is sadly an outcome for far too many people who have mental illness or depression.

As with Martin, Brown, and Gray, the extenuating circumstances surrounding the death of Sandra Bland speak not to an out-of-control police force and/or institutionalized racism, but to individuals who put themselves in criminal situations and refused to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Unfortunately, the Grievance Industry, headed by the pot-stirrers in #BlackLivesMatter, the Democrat Party, and professional Racehustlers like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson seek not to unite Americans, but to divide us based on racial lines. This is their bread-and-butter. If they can convince 30% of the perpetually duped among us that whitey is out to get them, that the police are evil, and that black people and other minorities can never get ahead in racist America, they will forever be a force in society.

Never mind the facts: that rampant gang violence, black-on-black crime, cities and states perpetually run by Democrats, an education system run by Democrats, the destruction of the black family and the black community by Democrats, and a liberal culture which promotes blame instead of personal accountability accounts for most of this cultural rot. Never mind the fact that #BlackLivesMatter says not a word about a little nine-year-old boy in Chicago lured to his death by his gang-member father’s associates or a young black football player who heroically took bullets and lost his life in a drive-by shooting—not to mention the scores of other black people murdered by other black people. This doesn’t suit their narrative.

Yellow journalists, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Grievance Industry, and various other nefarious sources are the ones with blood on their hands. They say nothing when thugs and criminals riot and loot and intimidate; they say nothing when there is a call for cops and whitey to be indiscriminately murdered; they say nothing when gang members in Chicago hold neighborhoods hostage; they say nothing when children can’t read, write, and function in modern society because of the abject failures of the Democrat-run education system; they say nothing when their degenerate cultural push mocks traditional American values and a basic concept of right vs. wrong;  and they say nothing when a President of the United States openly and repeatedly bashes the very people who elected the first black president.

The #BlackLivesMatter groupies are a dark force whose motives are laid bare in the most ugly, racialist terms possible. It is groups like these who hinder America from moving forward, and it is groups like these who must be mocked, pilloried, and exposed for the racehustling frauds they are.

They deserve nothing else.

Angela Box

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