RERassociates Private Site

This is the place where you should be able to get what you need to do the job you want to get


What you see is the beginning.  Still in our youth as an enterprise, just like every component of

RER, the RERassociates program is going to expand and mature, and continue to disrupt the

normal form of business in mass communications.  And, so it will be with your RERassociates

Private Site.



Order Your Business Cards

Wait!  Before you do so, you may want to consider a few things.

Email Address:  You’re starting a new venture and you may want to create a new email address

to go along with it.  Doing so will certainly assist in segregating your professional tasks.

We’d suggest creating an address with “RER” in it.  RER-Rob@________. Or,


Mailing Address:  Yep. It is still actually possible to need a receptacle for snail mail. Make a

decision if you’d like to have your actual home address on your business cards, or if you’d like

to secure a P.O. Box or a franchise postal center box to receive snail mail before you order your


Telephone Number:  Do you want your actual direct number on your business card, or would

you like to set up a front number (through services like Google or others) before you order your

cards? Perhaps you’ve already set up an entirely different mobile account just for business?

Ordering Options:  You’ll have the choice of selecting


  • 500 Count     $27.00
  • 1000 Count   $42.00
  • 2500 Count   $82.00
  • 5000 Count   $127.00

All cards will be full color with the official logo.  You will be

identified as a RERassociate.

We will have the printer mail your business cards directly to the address on the final receipt.

All business cards must be ordered through Raging Elephants Radio LLC to ensure trademark

security. Using the Raging Elephants Radio LLC logos without express permission in the

production of any materials shall be considered a trademark infringement.

To order your business cards Click Here!



Subscribe to the RERassociates YouTube Channel

Videos for your benefit are going to be produced on a rapid basis. Video really is the best

training and orientation tool for a business model like ours. Subscribe to the RERassociates

YouTube Channel  so you will be notified, promptly, of new videos.

The videos allow to you consume the information for as much as you like, or need, to grasp a

concept.  It’s all about your own pace.  It’s still all about your freedom.

The videos are designed to teach you the process, provide fodder for great ideas, keep you up

to date with the developments at RER, and keep all us connected to the original vision of the










Choose Ad Packages to Download

RERsales advertising packages are customizable.

Once you’ve downloaded your advertising package selection, you start by customizing the

“cover page” of the package.

You can customize:

  • The company name of your prospect
  • The proposed flight date (when ads will air or be posted to the site)
  • And, your personal contact information

You then “save as” the edited pdf by the name of the customer – “RER Proposal: Smith Auto

Group”. You can now print the package for a face-to-face, or email it anywhere on the planet.

However, with our packages, we’re trying to go an extra mile to help you close the deal.

Every page of the different versions of the advertising package are the same EXCEPT PAGE 5!

Page 5 is called the “pitch page” of the package. The ad packages are distinguished by the

content of the Page 5 “pitch page”. Pitch Pages are created to specifically appeal to certain

business-industry groups. The Pitch Page should prime the pump before you begin to highlight

the positives that come along with an advertising campaign on RER.


RER SALES Advertising Package Firearms Master


RER ADS Ad Package Texas-based Business Generic Master


RER ADS Ad Package Issue & Political Orgs Master


RER ADS Ad Pack Furn-Elec-Appl Master


RER ADS Ad Pack Church & Ministry Master



Order Your Sales Materials

Currently, you have a couple of options on additional sales tools.

Rack Cards are great for networking events and if you like to employ face-to-face strategies.  The Rack Cards highlight 5 great package choices on one side, and some demographics and selling points on the other.  It’s customizable to include your name and contact info.

Count Options:

  • 500 Count     $118.00
  • 1000 Count   $151.00
  • 2500 Count   $252.00


To order your rack cards Click Here!


Post Cards and direct mail may be your strategy. If so, we want to provide you with an “eye catcher” when it’s pulled out a mailbox. Post Cards are also customizable to include your contact info.

Count Options:

  • 1000
  • 2500
  • 5000

If you have a suggestion about other stuff that’s useful, let us know?



Standard Operating Procedures & Policies

This is How We Do It.

You’re out in the field and your support is in HQ.  To make sure the customer is thrilled, the connection between you and HQ has to be seamless, flawless, and fast.

If it deals with “how to get it done”, or “how does this work”, you should be able to find a process outline and instructions in this section.  This isn’t necessarily FAQ.  This section is about “how we do it at RER”.



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