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February 28, 2014

Pro-abortion Texas Speaker Joe Straus, and State Sen. John Carona have been caught creating shell PACs designed to deceive voters that they are pro-life.

Claver welcomed candidate Howard Ray, running for HD59.  And, RER’s own, George Rodriguez reported live from the 5th Anniversary Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C.  Would you believe it?  The talk was about RER and the future independence of Texas.



February 27, 2014

In light of the decision of Federal Judge Orlando Garcia’s decision on same-sex marriage, Claver shares his reason why he will NOT be voting in any election for federal office.  Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values returns to give a report and opine on the judge’s ruling.
Claver plays audio from a candidate forum between Matt Beebe and Joe Straus surrogate State Rep. Lyle Larson.



February 26, 2014

Federal Judge Orlando Gracia in San Antonio, ruled that the Texas Constitution banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.  Apostle Claver expressed his spiritual lament.
Claver also welcomed candidates Dr. Stuart Spitzer for HD4, and Wayne Christian for Railroad Commission.
Claver shared the fundraising numbers of Wendy Davis and how much came from pro-genocide supporters, and a former W. Bush aide that’s spending a $1 million on the pro-homosexual agenda.



February 25, 2014

Claver welcomed Jonathon Saenz of Texas Values to update the listeners on the progress of the same-sex marriage case in Federal court in San Antonio and the several other challenges to the Texas Constitution currently in litigation.
Candidate for HD10, T.J. Fabby, called to give a campaign update.  From the CTxPAC conference, speeches from liberty candidate Mary Huls, and State Sen. Donna Campbell were played and reviewed.



February 24, 2014

After giving a speech heavy-laden with Biblical references at the CTxPAC in Austin, Apostle Claver approached State Sen. Glenn Hegar about his scandal-ridden campaign.  Hegar fled from the microphone and offered no comment.
He then played the speech from the conference of State Sen. Dan Patrick, who is now caught up in campaign scandals of his own — apparently potentially PROFITING in the pay-to-play endorsement scheme.



February 21, 2014

As predicted by RER and others, the pay-to-play endorsement scheme is spreading across the state.  The practice and misleading voters guides are causing outrage.  San Angelo is abuzz with the controversy.
But, more importantly, the reporting in San Angelo has turned up another previously unrevealed angle.  It’s possible that State Sen. Dan Patrick, candidate for Lt. Governor, could be PROFITING from the scheme through advertising buys by candidates from his Houston radio station.
Claver hammers the scandal for most of the entire program because of it’s despicable impact on election integrity in Texas.



February 20, 2014

Claver began the program by asking his audience, “Are you a conservative?  Do you want conservative officeholders?” He posed the question in light of some of the endorsements that are being handed out by Tea Party and grassroots groups across the state.
Claver welcomed State Rep. James White to RER for the first time to discuss Texas politics.



February 19, 2014

Sources from west Texas supplied RER with video documentation of State Rep. Drew Darby either supporting the CSOPE/Common Core “curriculum”, which is outlawed in Texas, or is so out of touch that he doesn’t even know what it is.
Claver announces  his endorsements for the 2014 GOP primary.



February 17, 2014

Who would believe it?  State Sen. Glenn Hegar has misled voters of Texas, AGAIN!  He was hiding family assets from the public that Texas law requires him disclose.  The Medina campaign responded.

Then, Claver had a conversation with African-Texan R.W. Bray, candidate for Harris County Board of Education.  The topic was black conservatives in Texas.

Claver closed his program with a conversation with James Quintero of TPPF, as he disclosed some eye-popping and disturbing dollar amounts that local school districts are asking voters to approve in future ballot initiatives relating to bond issues.  In some cases, the amounts surpass a $1 billion!



February 14, 2014

The pay-to-play scandal spreads!  It’s has now been revealed that state senate candidate, Paul Bettencourt of Houston, “donated” $3,000 from his campaign account to Texas Right to Life for “public promotion”.  Claver then had a conversation with his opponent James Wilson.
The San Angelo newspaper proudly reported that incumbent Straus-ian, Drew Darby, has received the endorsement of fraudulent slate mailer, Conservative Republicans of Texas.  RER warned that these deceptive endorsement slates would attempt to spread across the state. It has happened.  Liberty candidate for HD72, Shannon Thomason, joined Claver to discuss the issue since his race is directly affected.



February 13, 2014

On Wednesday, February 12, 2014, a federal court heard arguments to either uphold the Texas Constitution that defines marriage as one man and one woman, or the overturning of the Texas Constitutional definition.  This was on the same day as Kentucky’s definition and ban on same-sex marriage being overturned.  Claver spoke to Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values on what happened in the court and an update on the other several cases that are making their way through Texas courts dealing with the homosexual agenda.



February 12, 2014

The amount of money flowing into the bank account of one, Terry Lowry, in the pay-to-play endorsements scheme is phenomenal. David Jennins of Big Jolly Politics continues to follow the story and uncover the ugly truth.
The Medina Campaign is striking back. Being the only candidate with a relatively clean campaign and record of service, Natalie Arceneaux has a conversation with Claver about the latest revelations of endorsement buying and hoodwinking.
While Joe Straus travels the state to rescue his henchmen that are in danger of being unseated, Claver asks the question, “Where’s the legislative warriors that will come to the aid of insurgent liberty candidates?”  And, Wendy “Working Girl” Davis turns in to Wendy “Open Carry” Davis.  Well, not really.



February 11, 2014

Claver opened the program by discussing the formation of Accountability First PAC — a political org attempting to target Straus-ian state reps.
Terri Hall responded to the nonsensical article published by Paul Burka of Texas Monthly calling her focus on budgetary diversions that damages Texas transportation needs as a “mole hill”.
Texas Speaker of the House, Joe Straus, traveled to HD18 with a posse of subservient state reps to raise funds for Rep. John Otto that’s receiving a strong challenge from the Open Carry Preacher, Terry Holcomb.  Terry joined Claver to discuss what this means for the campaign.



February 10, 2014

Claver points out that State Sen. Glenn Hegar HAD to know that he was LYING when he told RER broadcast activist that NO MONEY had changed hands between his campaign and the Young Conservatives of Texas.  Then, Ed Hubbard, who has been battling the pay-to-pay corruption scheme for years, joins Claver to give a poignant example of how the pay-to-play scheme can hurt good governance and jurisprudence.

In the second hour, Claver welcomes Jess Fields of TPPF, to discuss the new buzz phrase, economic development.  It’s code for giving taxpayer-funded favors to corporations to move into a specific jurisdiction.



February 7, 2014

Some Glenn Hegar supporters are upset that we would call him a LIAR. Well, you listen to the audio of the interview that Heidi Thiess did with him, compare it to the actual evidence, and see if you come to the same conclusion.  State Sen. Glenn Hegar LIED about money leaving his campaign and going into the hands of a PAC to garner their endorsement.

Mark McCaig then blows the lid off the further spread of the PAY-TO-PLAY SCANDAL to the Texas Supreme Court! Sitting justices have broken Texas law by “donating” money to the Young Conservatives of Texas PAC.

What would be your legislative priorities for the upcoming 2015 session?  We bet it’s not the same priorities that Speaker Joe Straus has released.



February 6, 2014

The entire program focuses on the SCANDAL of pay-for-play endorsements from candidates to organizations like Young Conservatives of Texas.  State Sen. Glen Hegar lied directly to RER broadcast activist about money exchanging hands between his campaign and YCT.



February 5, 2014

Claver starts by revealing that Lt. Gov candidate Todd Staples pushed and voted for a payroll in Texas while he sat in the Texas legislature.  Then he introduces House District 12 candidate Timothy Delassandro.



February 4, 2014

State Sen. Glen Hager sounds like an idiot when Heidi Thiess puts tough questions to him.  Then Claver introduces liberty candidate for SD2, Bob Hall.  The campaign of State Sen. Dr. Donna Campbell released an internal poll that shows her crushing her opposition.

Claver goes through his weekly analysis of the capital markets and a tutorial dealing with market analysis.  And, he concludes with some thoughts about the controversial Cheerios ad that features an interracial couple and an inappropriate tweet by MSNBC.



February 3, 2014

Claver communicates a scathing rebuke of a black socialist columnist from NYU that calls Republicans sexist for criticizing Wendy “Working Girl” Davis. It’s a “War on Men’ that’s being prosecuted by the Left.



January 31, 2014

Claver says the power of the grassroots will be measured again in the special election of Texas house district 50.

Beginning his analysis of the televised Lt. Gov’s debate, Claver points out that all 4 candidates are in favor of the “Mammy State”.  He then pushes the notion that even in benevolence, liberty is the primary concern. The 4 candidates were then pressed on their positions regarding the legalization of marijuana in the state and Claver pointed out the courageous and sensible position of candidate Jerry Patterson.

A recent poll reveals the true desires of Texans in dealing with marijuana.  Claver shares the astonishing poll results and discusses how the statistics should be used for the GOP to win elections and grow the voting base.



January 28, 2014

Claver began a series review on the televised Lt. Governor’s debate.  He started by making observations of the moderator and panelists, their inappropriate credentials to be posing the questions, and the political bent.  Then he took the candidates to task on their positions regarding illegal immigration in Texas.

A curious occurrence is the refusal by homosexual activists to endorse Democrat Wendy Davis, but they are rushing to endorse RINO state representative Sarah Davis.  How did the topic of secession get into the race for Texas Attorney General?  Claver still believes that if the Wendy Davis supporters want the Abbott campaign to prove he’s a paraplegic, they should prove she’s not a plastic surgery patient.



January 27, 2014

The best endorsement of the 2014 gubernatorial campaign has been given to State Sen. Wendy Davis.  There are now “Wheelchair Truthers” on the political landscape, demanding that AG Greg Abbott prove he’s a paraplegic.  Greg Abbott shares a story about a Cali biz man that moves to Texas and realizes how “free” Texas is.  Claver doesn’t agree with his observation.

Claver touches on the Maryland mall shooting over the weekend and how the Left immediately called for gun control, even as the event was unfolding and all the facts were not known about the tragedy.  And, he introduces candidate Leonila Oliveras to the RER listeners, who is being challenged in court by her Dem incumbent opponent for Justice of the Peace in east Harris County.



January 24, 2014

In the aftermath of the “Working Girl” Wendy Davis revelations and her gold digging, a new video reveals the disgusting remarks of her campaign workers in regards to AG Greg Abbott.  Claver wonders if Mr. Abbott has the aggressiveness to crush the “Working Girl” at the ballot box.

Apostle Claver interviews HD134 candidate, Bonnie Parker.  He also offers opinions on Gov. Perry’s new position of decriminalizing marijuana, the huge warchest of George P. Bush, and the plutocrats, TLR and Steve Mostyn are prepping to bang heads again in 2014.



January 23, 2014

“Working Girl” Wendy Davis gets the labeled a gold digger by conservative commentator, Ann Coulter.  State Sen. Dan Patrick and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro go at it on Twitter.

Claver has a conversation with HD58, liberty candidate, Philip Eby.  And, then, Claver breaks the disturbing news that State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston) has received the endorsement of a pro-homosexual agenda PAC on the heels of her being the ONLY Republican to vote against the 20-week abortion ban bill in the 2013 session.

Lt. Gov. candidate, Jerry Patterson’s campaign, attempts to mislead voters once again on the positions of opponent State Sen. Dan Patrick.



January 22, 2014

Claver shares the press release of Texas Values dealing with the Texas AG filing a brief in the lawsuit against Houston Mayor Annise Parker.  He then goes through the survey results from William & Mary that identifies the value gap between rank-and-file Republicans and the Tea Party.

Claver welcomes HD129 candidate, Mary Huls, to discuss the speaker’s race and the proliferation of toll roads in Texas.  And, then, he introduces the new campaign theme song for gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis.



January 21, 2014

Claver thinks we should reciprocate upon the comments of New York Gov. Cuomo that conservatives aren’t welcomed in his state. There should be a population swap.  He also proposes that business owners immediately fire any employee that supports socialist Democrats based on the firing of an actress that endorsed a Tea Party candidate in California.

Everybody else is talking about.  So, of course Claver is going to talk about the Wendy Davis scandal and labels her “Working Girl” Wendy.  He touches on the just-announced fundraising totals for the gubernatorial race.  He concludes by expressing outrage that Leftists are trying to shut down the Sweetwater, Texas rattlesnake roundup.



January 16, 2014

Apostle Claver traveled to Dallas to have a few minutes with Empower Texans’ chief, Michael Quinn Sullivan, to discuss their endorsement of State Sen. Glen Hegar for State Comptroller. MQS had no comment.  Claver ripped into him.  In light of another state’s ban on same-sex marriage going down to the gavel of a federal judge, Claver lament’s the future of the Texas constitution relating to the issue.



January 14, 2014

State Rep. Scott Turner has announced his candidacy for Speaker of the Texas House. While the grassroots is excited, they all need to slow down and ask the question, “What’s going to be his agenda?”.  Current Speaker, Joe Straus, made a rare public appearance in San Antonio.  RER broadcast activist, George Rodriguez was there and filed a report on Claver’s program.
Claver once again focused the attention of the audience on the power giveaway by GOP leadership in Austin to the socialist Democrats that is an insult to the conservative electorate.  And, he closed by highlighting recent polls that vast numbers of Americans are in favor of the legalization of marijuana.

January 13, 2014

The top national story is the perceived political retribution done by the staff of Gov. Chris Christie. But, political retribution is standard operating procedure in Texas.  Claver gives some little-known examples.

HD10 candidate, TJ Fabby called in to give an update on his campaign.  Sources give Claver the 411 on the unexpected and sudden race for Texas Speaker, and the HD121 contest between Joe Straus and challenger Matt Beebe.

A federal judge (what other kind) has given another victory for the proponents of same-sex “marriage” in Texas.



January 10 , 2014

State Rep. Scott Turner shocks the world of Texas politics by entering the race for Texas Speaker.  Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values, updates the several legal cases dealing with the homosexual agenda in Texas — including Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s executive order to grant same-sex benefits.  Candidate for Governor, Lisa Fritsch, has a new TV ad.  She says she’s a “new” type of conservative.  Claver thinks that would be called a “neo-con”.  And, outgoing State Comptroller, Susan Combs, says the GOP focuses too much on abortion and thus can’t attract female voters.



January 9, 2014

The politics behind San Antonio being awarded a Obama “Promise Zone”. Claver reintroduces Clint Stuttes, who was part of a team that constructed legislation that would have protected Texans from Obamacare, but never made it to the floor for a vote after passing out of committee. Why?  Ron Paul has inexplicably endorsed Jerry “Amnesty”  Patterson for Lt. Governor.

Conservative blogger/reporter David Bellow shares the story of another illegal arrest of a Texan legally carrying a firearm.



January 8, 2014

In the 2013 Texas legislative session, State Rep. Charlie Geren introduced a bill that was targeted to damage grassroots activists and Tea Party groups as part of the Plutocracy’s efforts to kill all opposition.  On the 50th Anniversary of the Great Society, Apostle Claver teaches from Matthew 25 of the Bible about the true nature of Jesus, the absolute way out of poverty, a disproves the socialist claim that the proper Christian behavior is to take from those have wealth to assist those that do not.



December 31, 2014

Texas pundits believe that there is going to be wholesale changes in Austin after November and for 2015.  Claver doesn’t think so and shares why.  Drones are now going to be flown in the air space of Texas for commercial “experimentation” in regards to privacy issues.  Debra Medina says the Texas tax structure needs an overhaul — Claver agrees and suggests some replacements for the current tax code of the state.

Claver converses with Mark McCaig of #StopTLR on the campaign funding of State Rep Naomi Gonzalez after her DWI arrest and the death of plutocrat Harold Simmons.



December 27, 2014

Apostle gives his take on the new Hunger Games movie and how it has a latent conservative message.  Then he has a conversation with state house candidate Philip Eby.  How ridiculous are the nominees for Texan of the Year by the Dallas Morning News? Finally, Claver gives a capital markets update and speaks to the Bible teachings in regards to accumulating wealth.



December 20, 2013

After an exclusive media even with candidate Debra Medina, Claver discusses the 63 taxes of Texas and how it can be replaced by just 1. Then he introduces State House candidate Read King.  He concludes the program by reviewing emails uncovered by the website Red State that demonstrates the disdain for conservatives and the Tea Party by the Joe Straus political faction and Ag Commissioner candidate Eric Opiela.



December 19, 2013

Claver discussed the dirty tricks that are planned by the Drew Darby campaign against liberty candidate and challenger, Shannon Thomason. He then shines light on the fact that the socialist campaign, Battleground Texas, is targeting Tarrant County and is working hand-in-hand with the Wendy Davis campaign — out of the same office to be exact.



December 18, 2013

Claver introduced House District 134 candidate Bonnie Parker who is opposing the pro-abortion RINO Sarah Davis.  He then welcomes Terri Hall of TURF back to RagingElephantsRadio.com.  Terri exposes a land grab by the powers of Austin from a private rancher in order to give it to a private housing developer.



December 17, 2013

Claver starts off today program by focusing once again on the pensions that state legislators are scheduled to receive and theorizes why it’s so difficult for them to represent the actual values of Texans — it could jeopardize their pensions.  Then, he exposes the national and Texas’ media’s attempt to put a optimistic face on the chance for Wendy Davis to win the gubernatorial race.  He closes the program by revisiting 1 Samuel 8 and the prophecy that wealth redistribution and confiscation of property by the government (which we’re living in currently) was foretold by the prophet.



December 16, 2013

Along with Ed Hubbard, Claver reveals the deception that is used in the three primary voter’s guides published and distributed in Harris County and statewide.  Two of the three guides are California-style pay-to-play schemes that have a 95% winning percentage.  Then Claver talks about the generous pension amounts that legislators in Texas enjoy and just voted to increase in 2013.



December 13, 2013

Claver warns of the oligopoly that has been created with the merger of Ft. Worth-based American Airliines and U.S. Air.  State Rep. Dwayne Bohac was Claver’s guest to discuss his “Merry Christmas” bill that has already worked to stop the anti-Christmas regulations of Frisco ISD. Claver offers a plan to nullify Obamacare much like what So. Carolina and Oklahoma.  He finishes the program going deeper into 1 Samuel 8 and the prophecy of government tyranny that we live under right now.



December 12, 2013

Claver welcomes Texas GOP Chair Steve Munisteri to discuss the 200+ Democrat officeholders that have changed parties.  He then discusses the coming financial damage that will be done to America’s and Texas’ economy due to exploding Medicaid enrollment.  Why are South Carolina and Oklahoma about to pass laws specifically to protect their citizens from Obamacare and Texas is doing nothing?



December 11, 2013

Claver opens the show with a conversation with Natalie Arceneaux, campaign manager for Debra Medina.  They discuss the advocacy record of Debra Medina and the baffling endorsements of Michael Quinn Sullivan and Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.  In the second hour, Claver responds to the nickname “The Purifier” , given to him by the Joe Straus Campaign in 2012, with Biblical scripture.  He then follows that with further delving into and teaching from 1 Samuel 8 on the prophecy of tyrannical government.



December 10, 2013

Claver continues to expose the intellectual dishonesty of Empower Texans/Texans for Fiscal Responsibility with their propaganda in favor of State Sen. Glen Hegar as they double down via an attack on another one of his opponents for state comptroller.  He highlights the campaign response of the Debra Medina campaign to the deceitful attack published by Empower Texans last week in their attempt to smear her as a Joe Straus supporter.  Claver then does a review of those that have filed to run for state senate, so far, and shares strategic tips to grassroots candidates on how to defeat entrenched incumbents.



December 9, 2013

Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani was on Heidi’s show today!  What prompted this unprecedented teaming on RER? A hypocritical and intellectually dishonest attack on Debra Medina, candidate for State Comptroller, from a very prominent “conservative” organization.



December 6, 2013

The prophet Samuel warned us about the coming abuses of government and its natural tendency to “take” from the governed.  The fists are flying between Houston City Council candidates Michael Kubosh and Roy Morales — both Republicans — in the final week of early voting in the election runoff.  Former state GOP chair, Tom Pauken, has chosen not to file for the governor’s race.  The political process of planting and reaping is explained.  Claver laments the lack of choice voters will have on the 2014 ballot and exhorts listeners to never let the plutocracy of Texas select who our public officials will be ever again.



December 5, 2013

Claver reads and reflects on the burial oratory of Juan Seguin for the Alamo martyrs.  With the firing of MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, Claver airs his appearance on Bashir’s show from the 2012 presidential primary.  And, he highlights political strategy executed by the surprise victorious



December 4, 2013

Claver assigns homework to “The Herd” to study those that have filed for office for the March 4 primary.  He then reminds listeners of who Rep. Dan Branch is, who is associates are, and his pro-abortion voting record as revealed by TexasGOPVote.com.  He then takes the position that permits should be removed from the firearms ownership process. A very wealth dentist from Dallas has filed to run for U.S. Senate on the Democrat ballot.  Problem is, he’s given hundred of thousands of dollars to Republicans AND Democrats and even made donations to Sen. Cornyn.



December 3, 2013

Claver talks about the power giveaway by Austin Republicans to the socialist Democrats.  The Establishment Republicans and plutocrats will continue to challenge the mythical viability of the Tea Party in Texas.  Claver begins to examine the current political philosophy and activism of the Catholic Church by reviewing an interview of Cardinal Timothy Dolan.



December 2, 2013

Claver has a probing conversation with Mark McCaig about his following of Texans for Lawsuit Reform.  Why are there not a good collection of candidates for statewide office on the GOP side?
He speaks about the good news that Cognizant Technologies has decided to relocate its headquarters to College Station.  Claver laments the global assault on Christianity that has arrived in Texas.



November 20, 2013

Claver speaks against the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  He offers comments about the dropping of the lawsuit brought by RER broadcast activist George Rodriguez against the city of San Antonio dealing with the proposed light rail system construction.  He gives a passionate monologue on the subject of Texan-on-Texan crime committed by Texas officeholders.



November 19, 2013

Claver discusses the controversy over the planned YCT of University of Texas game of “Catch an Illegal Immigrant”. Claver has a probing conversation with state comptroller candidate Debra Medina.  Claver introduces HD 72 candidate Shannon Thomason to the Texas grassroots.  He discusses the impending economic catastrophe of America because of Fed policies and phony low interest rates and a skyrocketing stock market.



November 18, 2013

Claver likens the Benghazi tragedy to the war on the Texas border dealing with illegal immigration.  He has a discussion with investigative blogger David Bellow about the corruption-riddled Beaumont ISD.  Claver submits the question of why the budget was cut for border security.  He shares the immigration enforcement policy of Mexico.


November 14, 2013

The prophetic genius of Paul Harvey is discussed from a commentary over 40 years old.  RER broadcast activists discusses his lawsuit filed against San Antonio to stop a light rail system that was not approved by voters.  Shannon Thomason announces his candidacy to challenge State Rep. Drew Darby. State Sen. Donna Campbell discusses the controversial San Antonio light rail system.  Claver shares how personal info of Texans is being sold by the state.



November 11, 2013

Claver gives a breakdown of each gubernatorial candidate that participated in the New Revolution Now forum.  He shares figures on the births at Houston public hospitals to illegal alien mothers.  Mayor Julien Castro of San Antonio reveals his plans to run for statewide office in Texas and his desire to become POTUS.



November 8, 2013

Claver exposes the crony capitalism of state comptroller candidate Harvey Hilderbran.  Claver offers an opinion on Prof. Thomas Sowell’s conversion from being a student and Marxist to one of America’s champions of conservatism.  By the very words he speaks, gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott exposes his true motivation to seize more power for the office.



October 31, 2013

Claver converses with Bob Price of Texas GOP Vote about the revelations that AG candidate Dan Branch voted for the expansion of the 3rd-trimester abortions.  Houston’s city council votes to increases property taxes by 10.5%.
Straus-ian Mike Novak enters the SD25 race to challenge Dr. Donna Campbell while calling her a “strong, conservative” leader. Claver has a conversation with state comptroller candidate Debra Medina about the controversial Proposition 6 con job.



October 15, 2013

Claver implores Texas grassroots patriots to focus on raising funds for their political activity and the changing the power structure in Austin.  He also has a conversation with state representative candidate TJ Fabby.



October 14, 2013

Claver reveals the financial stake Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus has in the Prop 6 constitutional amendment election.  He has a conversation with Texas Senate candidate Tammy Blair.



October 11, 2013

Claver reveals polling numbers that prove that voters of color are naturally conservative.  He offers commentary on arguments made during the Lt. Gov’s debate dealing with committee assignments.



October 7, 2013

Same-sex divorce arguments to be heard by Texas Supreme Court.  Houston and Dallas in dangerous financial position like Detroit and Chicago. Lt. Gov’s debate opening statements.



October 4, 2013

Lt. Governor’s debate and the “Texas Solution”.



October 3, 2013



October 2, 2013



October 1, 2013



September 30, 2013



September 27, 2013



September 26, 2013



September 25, 2013



September 24, 2013


September 23, 2013

Claver likens the Benghazi tragedy to the war on the Texas border dealing with illegal immigration.  He has a discussion with investigative blogger David Bellow about the corruption-riddled Beaumont ISD.  Claver submits the question of why the budget was cut for border security.  He shares the immigration enforcement policy of Mexico.

Doc opens show with an interview with Joe Pool for Tex Supreme Court and then at the 2nd hour he interviews Bonnie Parker Live in Studio and her race to defeat Pro Abortion Sarah Davis in the River Oaks West U area.

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