Angela Box RERop-ed: Rep. Charlie Geren: Mean Girl

Angela Box RERop-ed: Rep. Charlie Geren: Mean Girl

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Oh, Charlie Geren (R—Ft. Worth, RER score 56.2).


(Charlie Geren R–Ft. Worth)

First you decide to rip down Jon Stickland’s (R—Bedford RER score 99.25) and other pro-life supporters “Former Fetus” signs they had individually placed out on their own Texas House and Senate office doors when the loathsome Planned Parenthood came to lobby in Austin, but last Friday you cemented your bizarre obsession with Rep. Stickland in a truly desperate, juvenile fashion.


Jonathan Stickland (R–Bedford)

The Texas House of Representatives finally—FINALLY!—was able to pass HB 910, or Open Carry, for Texans who have a concealed carry permit to publicly carry their weapon in a holster. Read more about HB910 here.

Several amendments were brought to the floor, most notably by Rep. Stickland, who pushed for so-called Constitutional Carry—the language of which is displayed in the official Texas GOP platform, which essentially would allow anyone with a lawful gun permit to open carry, regardless if the person first obtained a concealed handgun license (CHL).

Sounds innocuous right? Sounds like Stickland is merely attempting to follow the official GOP platform, right? Sounds like Stickland is seeking to follow the will of the majority of his constituents, and the majority of Republicans in the state, right?

Yes—and that’s why Charlie Geren came after him.

You see, like Ted Cruz nationally, Rep. Stickland is a perpetual thorn in the side to our RINO counterparts in Austin. Many men and women enjoy the power party, and enjoy the “show” of being a Texas representative, but not so much standing on the principles they claim to support.

Now here’s where Cookiegate comes into play.

As Stickland attempted to offer his amendment to the Open Carry bill, Geren took an oatmeal and raisin cookie, wrapped a string around it, and dragged it across the floor of the Texas House of Representatives in a feeble and mean-spirited attempt to “lure” Stickland away from the podium. Of course his Democrat and fellow RINO counterparts, in addition to the Austin media class, found this just hilarious. To men like Geren, whose votes speak for themselves, hence his abysmal RER Liberty Score,  poking fun at someone’s weight and appearance is fair game. It’s Mean Girls—Austin Style. Note: Stickland was not deterred, and finished his comments—much to the chagrin of Geren.

Haven’t we all been taught–rightfully–that attacking or mocking someone’s appearance, weight, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., in order to deflect from legitimate issues is wrong and just terribly lame? I guess the Joe Strauss adherents on both sides of the aisle didn’t get the memo.

What’s clear to me, and anyone else in the Liberty Movement, is that men like Jon Stickland and a handful of other Patriots are truly fighting for the values the voters of Texas have placed them in Austin to champion. They climb a proverbial mountain every day dealing with the phony conservatives and money-changer plutocrats in Austin. They are to be uplifted, supported, and promoted. Men like Charlie Geren and his lackeys embody everything that is wrong with the Republican Party–not only in Texas but nationally.

It’s truly us vs. them.

War, baby. #WAR.

Oh—have I mentioned that Geren will be facing a primary challenge next cycle? It’s time for this fraud to be booted out of office and let the adults take charge.

Step up, Patriots. Support Jon Stickland. I certainly do.

Rep. Stickland Twitter @RepStickland

Austin office:  (512) 463-0522


by Angela Box


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