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RERaction – “Get to the Convention 2016!”

What the Texas Liberty Movement (LM) has learned since the close of the 2015 Texas Legislative Session is the power, authority, and influence that a group of 62 individuals possess that, previously, had gone unknown. The State Republican Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Texas.

The SREC is essentially the board of directors of the Texas GOP. We’ve come to understand that its ability to direct the affairs of the state party is broad and can be utilized for the benefit of Texas liberty.

Members of the SREC are elected at the state convention every even-numbered year in the spring – traditionally in the month of May. Any delegate to the convention may announce as a candidate for a position on the SREC and every committee seat is on the ballot at every convention. But, only delegates to the state convention are eligible to vote for the SREC members.

The SREC meets quarterly in Austin. In 2015, the third and fourth quarter meetings can only be categorized as knock-down-drag-outs. It’s hard to discover a veteran LM grassroots activists that can remember the last time the hot spotlight was glaring upon the SREC and its potential collective actions like it was in the last half of the past year.

In the third quarter meeting, SREC Committeeman Jeremy Blosser rocked the Austin plutocracy to its core when he introduced the “Rebuke Resolution”. The resolution literally named Republican legislators that were deemed active opponents to legislation in the 2015 session that was expressly endorsed in the 2014 Texas GOP platform – namely constitutional carry. At the top of resolution’s list were Texas Speaker Joe Straus (top nemesis of the LM), State Sen. Joan Huffman, and State Rep. Larry Philips. The resolution sent the plutocratic phones a ringing.

Texas legislators, not even listed in the resolution, began pounding their SREC members to kill the resolution. For them, the plutocrats, this was an enormously dangerous precedent.

Imagine a LM challenger being able to march around a Texas house district holding up an official rebuke from the Texas GOP of a sitting Straus-ian? Think of an incumbent having to defend being labeled as someone with an “R” behind their name, on the ballot in a GOP primary, and the party (through its board of directors) has declared that you’re an opponent of the GOP agenda? Panic stations!

The “Rebuke Resolution” was defeated.

This is the official Texas GOP link on how to become a convention delegate:

The fourth quarter SREC meeting brought more drama and international media attention. SREC Committeewoman Tanya Robertson (member of RERteam) introduced a resolution to place a non-binding referendum asking if Texas should consider being an independent republic on the ballot. On which ballot? The upcoming March 1, 2016 Texas GOP primary – the crown jewel of the new SEC Primary.

You read correctly. Texas independence. On a ballot.

The resolution cleared the resolutions committee and the overflow attendees to usually yawn-fest SREC quarterly meetings were on a buzz. That success would send the independence resolution to the entire body of the SREC for consideration. If passed, Texas independence would be on the ballot in just three months. Panic stations!

Although the independence resolution was defeated on the floor of the SREC body, one-third of the committee members voted in favor of the resolution to put the non-binding referendum for Texas independence on the ballot for March. And, the LM learned another lesson.

The SREC must have a majority of liberty-driven committee members. Currently it does not – led by a chairman that is not friendly to the cause of Texas liberty, is a proponent of the Texas Solution, and has openly made his decision known that he is a Straus-ian plutocrat.

The only way to change the composition of the SREC is to have a dominant representation of LM delegates at the state convention. In order for a LM Texan to be there, you must engage in the convention process. That begins with you attending your precinct convention on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 7:00 pm.

This is official Texas GOP link on how to become a convention delegate:

Keep your eyes on for more information on the “Get to the Convention” campaign.


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