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Daniel Miller for Texas Lt. Governor Campaign
February 28, 2022

Contact: Sharon Macasil

PRESS RELEASE – Miller Proposes Major Increase in Texas State Guard Funding On the eve of what could be a historic Texas primary election, candidate for Lt. Governor Daniel Miller is proposing tougher measures to protect the Texas border. The first plank of Miller’s “Stop the Invasion” border security plan is the complete militarizing of the Texas State Guard (TSG).

According to the office of Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris, Texas Adjutant General, the proposed funding for the TSG for biennium fiscal 2022-2023 as recommended by the Texas Senate is to be $211,972,936. This would be a reduction in military spending from the current biennium fiscal of $234,396,109 – a funding reduction of $22,423,173. Daniel Miller finds this to be a move in the wrong direction for the safety of Texans.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick have boasted of their funding for border security of $2 billion dollars – which is .008% of on-the-books Texas government spending. Such a paltry appropriation for border security clearly indicates that current Texas government has no intention of securing the border with Mexico, in spite of the tough rhetoric that is currently thrown into the messaging echo chamber.

A statement from Daniel Miller:
“The Bible teaches us that where you put your money is where your heart is. At these funding levels for our Texas military, it’s obvious that Mr. Abbott, Mr. Patrick, and the Texas Legislature do not possess the heart or desire to secure our international border with Mexico.

“That’s why today, on the eve of Texas Primary Election Day, and just two days from Texas Independence Day, I’m proposing exceeding the appropriated $2 billion dollars by Abbott and Patrick for border security with an appropriation of $4 billion dollars to our Texas State Guard within the next approved budget of the 2023 regular session. Those funds will be allocated toward the beginning stages of fully equipping our Texas State Guard for the mission of stopping the Texas border invasion.

“Just last week, our campaign manager had a lengthy conversation with a chaplain of the TSG. He told our CM, ‘It would be nice if we could just get body armor, and our appropriations on time’. Mr. Abbott, Mr. Patrick, and the Texas Legislature are neglecting and disrespecting our Texas men and women that wear our uniform, and misusing them in a time of crisis.”

The Texas State Guard is the sovereign military of Texas, which unlike the Texas National Guard, cannot be federalized. It is a volunteer force in which members are obligated to purchase their own uniforms. They are currently being used essentially as a Red Cross in camouflage that’s called into action for humanitarian missions. Miller believes they should be deployed to the Rio Grande with the primary role of defending the Texas international border from the current unceasing invasion of illegal citizens from other global nations.

Segments of the Texas State Guard are currently deployed to the border region in exclusively support roles at the rear of the struggle. After being properly equipped, Miller’s “Stop the Invasion” border security plan would reassign them frontline duties with aggressive rules of engagement.



Daniel Miller has become known as the “TEXIT Guy” around the state.  But his depth of knowledge when it comes to governance and policy takes him well beyond just the issue of Texas independence. The AmazingDocGreene of explores how well-round Daniel Miller actually is in this in-depth interview ahead of the 2022 GOP Primary Election Day.

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What is a “real” Republican?  That’s what Don Huffines claims to be in his campaign branding. The AmazingDocGreene of puts the former Texas state senator to the test of his definition in this in-depth interview.

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Chad Prather created name ID through entertainment.  Now he’s running for Lt. Governor of Texas. by asking the tough questions, AmazingDocGreene gets to the bottom of whether a comedian can transition into a public servant.


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Allen West moved to Texas and made history by becoming the first black chairman of the Texas GOP since reconstruction. He resigned to take on Greg Abbott for governor. The AmazingDocGreene of puts the Lt. Col. through the paces with a probing interview ahead of the 2022 GOP Primary Election Day.

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Daniel Miller for Texas Lt. Governor Campaign
February 25, 2022

Contact: Sharon Macasil


PRESS RELEASE – CBRC Yanks Endorsement from Patrick, Gives to Miller  

In an astounding campaign development, the Coastal Bend Republican Coalition (CBRC) has rescinded its endorsement of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and issued it to top challenger Daniel Miller.

A very influential, liberty movement political organization of the Corpus Christi metro, CBRC awarded their endorsement of Patrick last January after deliberations by their endorsement committee.  However, Daniel Miller was already booked by CBRC to appear at one of their regular community meetings for February.

Miller appeared to a packed house last night at Texas Mesquite BBQ & Grill in Corpus Christi. The result of his first and only appearance before CBRC was the immediate switching of their endorsement from Patrick to Miller in less than 24 hours.

DMC2022 woke up this morning to this communique from Suzanne Guggenheim, founder and leader of CBRC:

“Last night we were honored to have Daniel Miller, candidate for Lt. Governor, speak to our group. If we had heard from him earlier, we feel sure our endorsement committee would have unanimously chosen him to endorse.

He explained how Dan Patrick has ceded a lot of the Lt. Governor power back to Abbott – and how Dan Patrick played a role in ensuring our latest legislative sessions were set up for failure. He explained the property tax elimination plan in simple language, directly answered our pointed questions, and supports all of our interests. Mr. Miller’s insight, knowledge of Austin antics and his willingness to stop the political games is what we’ve been seeking.

We would like to ask the endorsement committee to rescind our endorsement of Dan Patrick and endorse Daniel Miller.”

Guggenheim then added:

“Daniel Miller is now officially endorsed by the Coastal Bend Republican Coalition”.

A statement from Daniel Miller:

“This may be one of my most joyous days in the entire history of my activism for Texas liberty. Everyone associated with the campaign is full of gratitude to Suzanne Guggenheim and CBRC. We cannot recall the last time something of this magnitude has occurred in Texas GOP politics.

“To have such a respected grassroots organization recognize within one presentation the superiority of our policies, solutions to the legitimate problems Texas is facing, and the viability of our campaign speaks powerfully to the momentum we truly have going into Election Day. Our optimism is parabolic at the moment.”

As of this morning, the activists of CBRC are literally gathered at their headquarters editing their thousands of printed area voters’ guide. They are scratching out the name of Dan Patrick from the guide and entering the name of Daniel Miller by hand.

The Dan Patrick campaign should be shaken to the core by this Texas-shattering development.




On the evening of Thursday, February 17 during the Lake Conroe Area Republicans Women’s Club candidates forum held at the Walden Yacht Club in Montgomery, Texas, candidate for Texas Lt. Governor Aaron Sorrells aggressively bullied and physically threatened a female member of the Daniel Miller Campaign staff.  Demonstrating mental derangement, Sorrells moved forward into the personal space of Daphne Armour, put his nose to hers, and violently pointed his right index finger in Mrs. Armour’s face while screaming at her.

The near scuffle at a public political event began as Armour exited the main event room of the yacht club accompanied by Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani, Miller’s campaign manager.  Sorrells, leaning against a wall of the hallway, began loudly taunting Kamau-Imani.  Armour then turned toward Sorrells to tell him to stop his boorish behavior.  Sorrells then came off the wall and aggressively charged at Armour.

Kamau-Imani, standing adjacent to Armour and Sorrells, then verbally and immediately attacked Sorrells for his aggression against a woman. A constable’s deputy, posted only a few feet away at the onset of the incident, then stepped between Kamau-Imani and Sorrells to de-escalate the confrontation.  With no physical contact between either Kamau-Imani, Armour, and the deputy constable, Armour and Kamau-Imani then turned and continued down the hallway on their original path.

Sorrells made this post to the RER Facebook page.

RER invites Aaron Sorrells to post his audio recording. Please send us the link?

An audio recording?  Was Sorrells plotting to start a public incident? Perhaps, if such a recording exists, it would explain Sorrells loudly taunting Kamau-Imani as he passed by him in the hallway without provocation.

Better yet, here’s the account from the victim of Aaron Sorrells’ out-of-control behavior and bullying, Daphne Armour. You be the judge of who’s being truthful.

Aaron Sorrells is beyond unhinged. He is deranged. He is mentally unfit to neither hold public office, nor even run for office. To physically threaten and bully a woman is a disqualifier for Aaron Sorrells. He needs to issue an IMMEDIATE PUBLIC APOLOGY for his near criminal actions.

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Republished by permission of

By Tracy Shannon, RERcontributor

Did Republicans Ever Have The Political Will to Pass Laws Banning these Barbaric Practices?

MadMommaBear reported in May of 2021 that top Texas RINOs were taking money from PACs affiliated with pediatric gender modification clinics in Texas. Border Health PAC is linked to Doctors Hospital Renaissance (DHR) which provides gender modification for minors, and the Friends of UT Southwestern PAC is linked to the Genecis Clinic (formerly of Children’s Health Dallas), the first and largest pediatric gender clinic in the Southwest. DHR provides pediatric patients “gender-affirming hormone therapy for patients under 18” according to this LGBT Resource List for the Rio Grande Valley.

Border Health PAC is the PAC that is tacitly controlled by Alonzo Cantu, the democrat financial bundler who also built Doctors Hospital Renaissance (DHR). Texas Monthly wrote the following about Alonzo Cantu and BHP:

“Border Health has consistently ranked among the top ten most generous political action committees over the past decade, and though Cantu tends to lean toward Democrats, especially those who represent South Texas, he isn’t shy about giving to Republicans who vote the way he wants. Last year, when Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick visited the Valley, the Senate had just shortchanged its funding for UT–Rio Grande Valley’s new medical school. After Patrick met with Cantu, most of that funding was restored. That’s power.”

In 2020, Dan Patrick took $300K from Border Health PAC and $55K from Friends of UT Southwestern Medical Center PAC. Greg Abbott received $300K from Border Health PAC (BHP) and $15K from Friends of UTSW PAC in 2020. Abbott and Dan Patrick both received another $150K a piece from BHP since the beginning of 2022. House Speaker Dade Phelan has taken a combined $300K from both PACS since 2020. Those contributions from the pediatric gender clinic-linked PACs are enough by themselves to draw suspicion over whether these top Texas RINOs ever intended to pass a bill banning gender modification for minors. But latest campaign reports reveal that Abbott and Dan Patrick have taken even more money from the two PACs. Dan Patrick has taken another $200K combined from the two PACs and Gov. Greg Abbott has taken an additional $160K in 2022 with $150K coming from BHP. In total, the top Texas RINOs took $2.75 million from the two PACS since 2015. That doesn’t include money received from pharmaceutical companies who also have an interest in pediatric gender modification drugs such as puberty blockers and hormones.

Cantu has donated over $80K to BHP himself since 2015. Cantu has also personally contributed $134K to Dan Patrick and $80K to Gov. Abbott as seen here. All of that money buys a lot of influence from Texas RINOs. Greg Abbott has appointed Cantu to the University of Houston Board of Regents, and he was appointed by Abbott to serve on the Special Advisory Council for re-opening Texas after the Governor shut down Texas in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, it appears that this financial influence may play a part in why Texas children are not protected from the medical predation of transgender medical industry.

While the Texas Governor has been quiet regarding gender transitions for minors for the past three years he did tweet about the case involving James Younger (whose mother has been transitioning him into a girl) in 2019, giving the impression that the suffering to James Younger, his twin brother, and his father was going to be addressed.

However, the suffering of James, his sibling, and his father continues today. Due to the case being tied up in the 301st Judicial Court under Democrat Mary Brown and in the hands of court-appointed psychologist Dr. Susan Fletcher (who are both all in for child gender modification) the boys no longer see their father who is being punished for his refusal to refer to his son as a girl and dress him in girl’s clothes.

Dr. Fletcher is one of the abusers trying to transition James to be a girl and was appointed by Abbott to the  Texas State Board of Examiners of PsychologyTexas Behavioral Health Executive Council, and the Texas Safety Commission. Why has Abbott appointed a professional child abuser to these positions?

Judge Brown is up for re-election and is on the ballot in the Democrat Primary on March 1st. An update on this tragic case of parental alienation and child abuse can be found here.

Since Governor Abbott’s tweet in October of 2019, several bills were filed in the Texas house in two separate sessions. In the 87th session, six bills were filed to end the gender modification of minors. Governor Abbott certainly had the opportunity to encourage the passage of any of these bills. They all died, an autopsy report by MadMommaBear can be found here. Even with three special sessions that followed the regular session, the governor never added a bill to ban gender modification of minors to the call. So, what has the governor done?

Governor Abbott wrote a letter. This seems to be his trademark move these days. He wrote a letter to the Texas Department of Child and Family Protective Services to ask for a determination from the agency on whether surgeries for the purpose of modifying a child’s gender were considered child abuse. The agency took months to respond that the surgeries were child abuse. No law has been passed and the fact that our governor had to ask if cutting the testicles off of teen boys and breasts off of healthy girls is abuse is unsettling, to say the least.

Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has received $250K since 2015 from Border Health PAC alone, sent a letter to Texas DFPS claiming that existing law already considers puberty blockers and other medical acts attempting to change a child’s gender as abuse. State Rep Matt Krause has asked for clarity from the AG’s office on whether puberty blockers and hormone therapies constitute abuse. What we have not seen is strong leadership from top Republican leaders to end this abuse of Texas children and the subsequent parental alienation that happens when a parent disagrees with the transition of their child at the hands of the other parent and medical and psychological professionals who have abandoned traditional ethics and lost their way in favor of profits and ideology.

With all these letters flying around, MadMommaBear has a letter of her own for the top Texan RINOs and the Republicans in the Texas Legislature who failed to pass a bill banning child gender modification. That letter is an F!

James Younger’s mother had consulted with the Genecis Clinic in regarding future plans in regards to transitioning James. The Genecis Clinic was recently shuttered by UT Southwestern after the clinic and its board members were protested this past year and following previous exposure of its associated PAC’s donations to top Texas RINOs. UT Southwestern Medical Center/Dallas Children’s which encompassed Genecis Clinic has been under scrutiny for its practices by pro-family activists, children’s rights activists, and lawmakers in Texas since the case of James Younger made national news in 2019.

UT Southwestern has taken down the Genecis Clinic webpage devoted to pediatric gender transition, but it continues to offer transition-related services through multiple departments according to a statement released to media. So, they really just aren’t promoting their child abuse protocols online anymore. They stated that they are no longer accepting new patients for treatment with puberty blockers and hormones for the gender dysphoria diagnoses alone. A previous version of their webpage can be found here.

While the Genecis Clinic said it did not provide surgeries, it is worth noting that two of the staff of the Genecis Clinic, Dr. Ximena Lopez and Lauren Kuper PhD., have advocated for chest masculinization surgery or “top surgery” for teen girls who experience “dysphoria” due to their breasts. Dr. Ximena Lopez, who gave lengthy testimony in House Committee on Public Health against HB 1399, said that “transgender boys” with large breasts would be referred for breast surgery. The video can be accessed here and her portion begins around the 9:09:00 mark. In her remarks, she suggests that one of the male committee members has to imagine himself with really large breasts to understand why transgender boys may want to have double mastectomies. Kuper and Lopez partnered for a study mentioned in this article by Kuper for Mayo Clinic Library. Dr. Lopez gave an TedMed Talk in 2017, just shortly after founding the Genecis Clinic in which she tacitly admits this is all medical experimentation on children. At the 5:52 mark she says that a child’s parent told her “We don’t care if you experiment on our child”.

There are no long-term studies on the impacts of child gender transition and the long-range side effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children. The experimentation on minors continues in the United States and sadly in the State of Texas because Texas Republicans who had the power of both chambers of the Texas Legislature and every top position in the Texas government have not found the political will to ban the practice of transitioning children.

You can contact your top Texas RINOs and ask them to ban the practices of surgical and chemical transition for minors in Texas by calling the following numbers, demanding a special session from the Governor for this purpose. If the RINOs won’t ban these abhorrent practices in an election year they never will. Letters are not enough!

Governor Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000 and his Twitter handles are @GregAbbott_TX and @GovAbbott – Tell Abbott to call a special session to address his failure to get a bill passed.

AG Ken Paxton: 512-463-2100 and his Twitter handle is @KenPaxtonTX – Tell Ken Paxton to clarify that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are also child abuse in addition to surgeries for purpose of transitioning a minor being child abuse.

Dade Phelan: (409) 745-2777 and his Twitter handle is @DadePhelan – Tell Dade Phelan that he needs to get the Republican Party of Texas priorities accomplished, especially banning gender modification of minors and his appointment of Democrats to Chair committees is not serving the people who elected a Republican majority to office in Texas because they prevent Republican priorities from passing.

Dan Patrick: (512) 463-5342 and his Twitter handle is @DanPatrick – Tell Dan Patrick to press Governor Abbott to call a special session and pass the bill to ban gender modification of minors because Patrick failed to use his bully pulpit during the regular session to get it passed.

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This article is the forth in a series that will expose the questionable ethics of Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.  In this series you have learned that Dan Patrick is not a Republican or conservative but a PLUTOCRAT with the interest of Texas citizens as the least of his concerns. 

 Furthermore, in this report you will see how Dan Patrick has steered legislation for the benefit of his own wealth at the expense of your medical liberty.

Keeping Texans free from Washington, D.C.’s unlawful war-on-employment vaccine mandates was never really a priority for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick as a review of his personal financial disclosure forms has uncovered.

RER previously reported how a Texas electricity grid reform bill known as SB 2 created the mechanism for Lt. Governor Dan Patrick to politically benefit by maneuvering two big-dollar donors into key roles affecting every Texan who turns on a light switch.

RER can now reveal Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has a personal financial investment in one of the key Big Pharma manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines which adds another layer of scrutiny to a bill the Lt. Governor let fail during the 3rd special session.

In his June of 2021 financial disclosure report, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick admits that at that time he had an investment in Pfizer – an equity position. This is exactly at the moment that the national conversation was beginning to rage about vaccine boosters, the expanded vaccination of children, and the continued bombardment by the Biden administration to “get vaccinated, or we’ll make you”. The Texas Legislature was also at the beginning of its series of 2021 special sessions.

It is impossible for RER to determine exactly when Lt. Gov. Patrick purchased Pfizer stock.

To be fair to Lt. Gov. Patrick, RER examined his entire financial disclosure statements to determine when he first reported owning Pfizer stock. We observed that Dan Patrick’s first disclosure of owning Pfizer stock was in the summer of 2017.

But, what has the stock done since 2017?

At the time of Patrick’s first reporting his ownership of Pfizer, the stock was trading in the vicinity of $25. The stock had a nice ride and into the first week of 2020 it peaked at $35.

Then “The Rona” hit.

Along with the rest of the U.S. stock market, Pfizer suffered a major and sharp correction that began in February 2020. At the market bottom Pfizer was trading where Dan Patrick assumingly purchased his shares in 2017, at around $25 per share.  This would have his position at even, a slight position loss, maybe only a paper loss, or still barely profitable.

Then, Voila!

Immediately after the November 2020 election, the grand announcement was made to the world that vaccines had been developed to destroy The Rona led by Pfizer. Pfizer stock shot up to a high of $40+ per share. After a brief pullback at the beginning of the 2021 Texas Legislature’s regular session, Pfizer began to move up to all-time historical highs as Sine Die approached and hit $50+ per share. During the third legislative special session of 2021, then certainly after the adjournment, Pfizer became a rocket ship to the moon making historical high after historical high and hitting its price summit of $60+.

As the New Year arrived, the entire stock market rolled over into a current correction condition and Pfizer followed the trend. As of Friday, February 4, 2022 Pfizer closed trading at an even $53 per share.

While Texas disclosure rules allow elected officials to only report the number of shares held in a range, as Pfizer stock price jumps the 100-499 shares owned by the Lt. Governor and his spouse could be now valued for as much as $26,477 with more than a 100% ROI for the Patrick couple since entering the position.

Texans may recall the Keep Texas Free from Vaccine Mandates and Medical Segregation bill SB 51 failed to gain traction beyond the Senate State Affairs Committee during the 3rd special session.

The bill was opposed by several business, healthcare, and governmental entities including Texans for Lawsuit Reform (endorser and funder of Patrick), Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas Association of Business (endorser and funder of Patrick), Greater Houston Partnership, Texas Association of Manufacturers  (endorser and funder of Patrick), and Texas Association of School Boards.

The bill would’ve stopped the “papers please” principle of vaccine passports, leveraged the principle of state pre-emption to prevent schools, municipalities and counties from imposing compulsory COVID-10 injections as a condition of employment, preserved every Texans freedom of conscience and state unequivocally that no Texan should lose their job over a one-size-fits-all federal mandate.

Then again, if the compulsory injections in Texas, the U.S. and countries around the world ended so might the big run-up in Pfizer’s stock price and the value of Dan Patrick’s Pfizer holdings. Every time a human gets jabbed Dan Patrick goes to the bank!

 RER has shown Texans how Dan Patrick stood to benefit both politically and personally by ensuring one piece of legislation passed The Lege and ensuring another failed.

The broader public policy question centers on Texans right to know if personal financial interests are a driving force behind the legislation Dan Patrick does and doesn’t push through the Pink Dome.

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In the first quarter of 2020, Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick followed like sheep as they indeed shut down the Texas economy over The Rona panpanic. Now, they are lying about their actions. Apostle Claver exposes their intentional deception.