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This article is the third in a series that will expose the quid pro quo tactics of Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and how he rewards his high-dollar donors.  In this series you will learn how Dan Patrick is not a Republican or conservative but a PLUTOCRAT with the interest of Texas citizens as the least of his concerns. 

In a press release posted on his campaign website, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick proudly announced record fundraising totals pushing his political bank account to $23.7 million dollars.  Patrick also brags that he hauled in $5 million dollars for the July 2021 reporting period and that his fundraising efforts are the most successful for any Lt. Governor in the history of Texas. 

The question that must be asked is how does Dan Patrick raise so much money? 

Dan Patrick’s first priority is to raise money to chase away any potential challengers to his office. 

TLR HAS DONATED $740,926.19 TO LT. GOVERNOR DAN PATRICK IN HIS POLITICAL CAREER. Patrick proudly announced on November 12, 2o21 that he had once again received the endorsement of Texans for Lawsuit Reform. 

Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) could be the most powerful political action committee in the state. It is not an overstatement to publish that they are financially responsible for scores of state officeholders being in office to this day. While TLR touts its conservative Republican credentials, what they don’t want you to know is their nefarious political donations intended to defy the will of a majority of Texans. TLR doesn’t just keep the worst of the RINOs in office under the Pink Dome in Austin, they freely donate to the worst of the worst of the Democrats, too.

If you’ve ever wondered why the conservative agenda of the Texas GOP Platforms never get fully enacted, you can start by paying attention to TLR and who they are backing financially.  They are the essence of the Texas plutocracy – the big-money donors dictate the agenda of Texas government.  The purest of plutocrats doesn’t care what letter comes behind your name as a candidate if once you’re elected you do their will.

The following list of Democrats have been anointed as PLANNED PARENTHOOD CHAMPIONS – whether currently in office or formerly.

Being Democrats that means they are proponents of the neo-morality movement that fights to eliminate Judeo-Christian ethics and governance. They are enemies of life, liberty, and prosperity. Can you count the number of socialist? The list includes the total amount of political contributions given to each by TLR for their political careers as of 2020.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) — $2,500
Planned Parenthood Champion

Former State Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) — $3,500
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) — $22,500
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Senator Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) — $308,720.40
Planned Parenthood Champion
Most of the donations were made during a 2013 special election for Texas senate with conservative Black Republican and National Guardsman R.W. Bray in the race. Bray finished third to the two top Democrats: Alvarado and Sylvia Garcia. Garcia was the eventual winner of the seat and is now a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

2016 Texas House Candidate Abraham Padron (D-McAllen) — $233,525.00
Former Planned Parenthood Board Member
For the 2016 primary election cycle, TLR’s largest campaign contribution went to this former member of a Planned Board of Directors versus a PRO-LIFE DEMOCRAT.

Former State Representative Naomi Gonzalez (D-El Paso) — $481,534.38
Planned Parenthood Champion
Convicted and jailed for DWI

State Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) — $20,000.00
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Rep. Eugene Wu (D-Houston) — $3,500.00
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Senator Jose Rodriguez (D-El Paso) — $5,000
Planned Parenthood Champion

Former State Rep. Tara Rios Ybarra (D–South Padre Island) — $259,110.33
Planned Parenthood Champion
Indicted for Medicaid Fraud

State Senator Jose Menendez (D–San Antonio) — $38,609.00
Planned Parenthood Champion

Former State Rep. Marisa Marquez (D–El Paso) — $242,867.95
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Sen. Eduardo A Lucio (D–Brownsville) — $291,646.82
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Rep. Ryan A. Guillen (D –Rio Grande City) — $62,525.15
Planned Parenthood Champion
Well, whataya know? Guillen just flipped to Republican. Hmmm… Don’t expect any liberty-driven legislation out of this newly-minted Republican.

Former State Rep. Patrick Rose (D–Dripping Springs) — $91,157.45
Planned Parenthood Champion

State Rep. Oscar L. Longoria (D-Penitas) — $21,000.00
Planned Parenthood Champion
Pictured with Texas Supreme Court Justice and candidate for Attorney General Eva Guzman. Not a good look for Eva, with a socialist Democrat.

State Rep. Alfonso “Poncho” Nevarez (D- Eagle Pass) — $3,000.00
Planned Parenthood Champion
Indicted for Cocaine Possession

Former State Rep. Rene O. Oliveira (D-Brownsville) — $14,500.00
Planned Parenthood Champion
Arrested and charged with DWI

Former State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-West University) — $387,483.56
Planned Parenthood Champion
Only Texas Republican Ever Endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Sarah Davis was officially censured by the Texas GOP in 2017 for Pro-Abortion Activity. Davis is the first Republican in Texas history endorsed by Equality Texas — a pro-LGBTQ PAC.


When such copious amounts of money are being donated to such awful political actors, it’s fair to say that TLR is directly responsible for their political advancement. The deep pockets of TLR continually increases the odds that the worst officeholders in Texas state politics remain incumbents and ensures that their ilk is on an election conveyor belt to increase the size of the plutocrat caucus under the Pink Dome.  For any candidate or officeholder to accept campaign contributions from TLR, regardless of party affiliation, means they have been accepted and initiated into the ways and will of the plutocracy – those that write the checks write the rules.

Knowing the TLR history of poisoning officeholders and candidates, and supporting the enemies of life, liberty, and prosperity, why would any person of conscious seeking office want any association with TLR?  Why would Dan Patrick do so when he postures as one that is enslaved by the will of the people? Patrick is not such a public servant.  He lives on the end of the puppet strings of his plutocratic masters.

Below is the record of donations to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick from TLR.

2014 was a good year for Dan Patrick when it comes to harvesting campaign funds from TLR. The 2014 cycle was Patrick’s first run for the Texas senatorial gavel.  TLR was very generous with total campaign donations of $522,926.19.

For those that remember the nightmare days of Joe Straus being Texas Speaker of the House, TLR supported his political ambitions to the amount of $201,822.40. Thus, TLR has been more generous to some Democrats than to even Satan’s errand boy, “King Joe”. Straus was publicly thanked by the San Antonio chapter of Planned Parenthood after his first session as Speaker for advancing their agenda.

The Texas real estate magnate Dick Weekley of David Weekley Homes is at the top of the TLR organizational chart along with Houston businessman Dick Trabulsi, of Richard Trabulsi, Inc. With the deep pockets of their PAC, Weekley and Trabulsi are the for real powerbrokers of Texas politics.  Wherever they tread, bad governance follows.

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They are the darlings of so-called “right wing” regime media. Yet, for all the free airtime they are given nationally, the latest Quinnipiac poll shows that Texas elected officeholders Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton are in deep trouble going into the GOP primary.

Polling that truly matters to Texans, the statistics reflecting their Texans-only political opinions, are far and few between. Therefore, when a nationally-recognized polling operation does do a poll on in-state politics, no matter the source and its reputation, it’s a worthy exercise to analyze the results.

A Quinnipiac University poll contacted 1,224 Texas registered voters (not likely voters) that were surveyed from December 2nd through December 6th. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 2.8 percentage points.

Gov. Greg Abbott

Of the three, Abbott is in the best position. According to the Q poll his job approval rating sits at a precarious 53%-41% to the good. This is actually an approval from the Q poll of this past September when Abbott was under water in job approval at a 44-47 calculation.

Abbott has three legitimate challengers in the Texas GOP primary gunning for the mansion: Chad Prather, Allen West, and Don Huffines. With those three challengers lobbing grenades at Abbott until Election Day, the erosion of Abbott’s job approval going into the primary could be substantial resulting in a runoff for an Abbott consolation prize. However, a runoff would mean he’s toast and any personal aspirations of the American Presidency or being number two on the Trump ’24 ticket would immediately evaporate.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

Devastating. Mr. Patrick registers a job approval rating of 43% and a disapproval of 34%. With 23% clueless on the Lt. Governor, the poll results are more of a reflection of their lack of political knowledge and understanding that this office is more constitutionally powerful in Texas, and they should pay more attention to who holds the office.

At the conclusion of every legislative session Patrick and his lackeys of the senate loudly declare that “it was the most conservative session, ever”, but Texas voters no longer seem to buy in. Along with Abbott, Patrick has earned the reputation of being a “campaign conservative” that bends the knee to his big donors when it’s time to govern. Campaign promises that were made to get him elected in 2014 and reelected in 2018 have yet to be fulfilled. One primary opponent, Daniel Miller, repeatedly notes how silent Patrick has been during the tyrannical and draconian actions taken by Abbott during the Covid-19 panpanic following the lead of other left-wing governors from around the nation until getting into a veep nomination contest with DeSantis of Florida.

Five Republicans have filed to run against Patrick in the 2022 primary making his road to reelection extremely difficult. His saving grace could be his enormous war chest that surpasses the money raised by any Lt. Governor in Texas history. But, he may have to spend every penny of his estimated $25 million in order to survive beyond a primary runoff.

The greatest threat to a Patrick victory is candidate Daniel Miller of Nederland. Miller is the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) which is the largest and preeminent organization that advocates for Texas becoming an independent republic once again. Having established the TNM 15 years ago, Miller enjoys a single-issue voter base of 400,000+ with an organic volunteer corps exceeding 8,000 activists covering every region of the state. The TNM is the largest political organization in Texas besides the two major political parties. A source tells RER that internal polling within the Miller camp shows that GOP primary voters don’t like Patrick but need to merely be made aware that they have another choice in the race to easily draw them away from the camera hound.

The large field of challengers pretty much ensures that Patrick will also be drawn into a runoff in which he’s likely to lose. With his organizational supremacy, Miller is positioned the best to be in a one-on-one contest with the incumbent and is under less pressure to raise copious sums of money because of his ground game.

Attorney General Ken Paxton

Earthquake. According to the Q poll the Texas A.G. has the lowest job approval of all statewide officeholders at 39% except Sen. John Cornyn at 38%. 40% outright disapprove of Paxton’s job performance.

Unlike the United States Attorney General that serves at the pleasure of the President, in Texas the A.G. is an independent office and has the duty to keep other officeholders in constitutional check. Much like Patrick, Paxton has stood by haplessly as Abbott has played the role of King of Texas and apparently the voters have taken note. Many Texans expected Paxton to put the hammer down on Abbott when the governor went so far as to shut down churches, segregated Texas workers, and denied critical surgeries for months in the early days of the panpanic.

The popular Congressman Louie Ghomert has thrown his hat into the ring to replace Paxton. The multi-term east Texas representative possibly smells victory due the scandals that seem to continually swirl around Paxton. Being a member of the U.S. House’s Judiciary Committee it wouldn’t be surprise if Ghomert has some insight into the FBI investigation that Paxton is currently dealing with.

Poll Viability

Doubt about the poll results are understandable when one takes into account the track record of polling groups over the recent past election cycles. However, this Q poll shows Abbott holding a 10-point lead over Democrat favorite Beto O’Rourke 47% to 37%. Abbott also leads Beto on every critical issue put to the registered voters sampled within the poll and the numbers aren’t close. “Rigged” polls have a history of consistently reporting Democrat challengers within striking distance of GOP incumbents. One could consider the margin of error when predicting the outcome of a matchup between Abbott vs Beto in a general election, and the conclusion is that Abbott possesses a commanding lead. More importantly, the matchup could be considered a generic surrogate of how the Texas electorate feels toward the major parties, generally.

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