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Col. Phil Waldron (ret) reports that the United States embassy in Cairo, Egypt was decimated in an identical fashion as the better-known consulate of Benghazi, Libya.

Col. Waldron has spent the majority of professional career being “invisible”. His expertise is in counterintelligence and cyber warfare.  He’s become known to the masses — particularly to the grassroots liberty movement — through his prominent role exposing the fraudulent activities of the 2020 presidential election.

Accor5ding to Waldon, he watched the tragedy of Benghazi in real time as he was still on active duty. “I would bet that 98 and a half percent of your viewers don’t know that our embassy in Cairo was overrun that same day.”

In this interview with RER’s Angela Box, Waldon puts blame for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens at the feet of the Ambassador.  Waldron contends that Stevens opted for a light security force for the Benghazi consulate.  Then, as we all know, relied on the Hillary Clinton state department to come to his rescue, unsuccessfully.

Waldron also opined that political events that we are seeing today have a direct tie back to the events of the Arab Spring that led to the ransacking of U.S. diplomatic properties in northern Africa on September 11, 2012.

Houston schools report 40% more COVID cases overnight

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Houston-area school districts reported 2,929 active COVID cases among students and staff Wednesday. It is 40% more cases among school districts with at least two days of reporting in the 13 Investigates analysis. About two-thirds of the cases are among students, the rest from staff members.

The reporting comes amid continuing debates about mask mandates in Texas schools.

The rates of growth vary from district to district. For example, Conroe ISD reported 275 new cases overnight – a 62% increase. Fort Bend with more students reported just 94 new cases, a 17% increase. Humble ISD was in the middle with 91 new cases, a 32% increase.

While it is a big number, it is still a small percentage of overall students. It is important to note, some of the largest districts like Houston and Cy-Fair don’t open until next Monday.

Health experts have expressed their concern about how contagious the delta variant is as students return to the classroom, which is leaving many parents frustrated with what they say is a lack of safe schooling options.