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Hill County – What Happened?


Direct Action Texas has obtained a copy of a letter from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) summarizing the results of their investigation into the Hill County 2016 Republican Primary. “In short, we found that a series of negligent errors on the part of election officials caused the skewed ballot count.” It goes on to state “This case highlights that inadequate safeguards exist to prevent such errors in future elections.” The full letter can be read HERE.

Direct Action Texas broke the story in August of 2016 that the primary had nearly 20% more votes than voters who voted in the election. The OAG opened a formal investigation, impounded the ballots and conducted a criminal investigation recount in November of 2016. Now we have the results.



Dr. Vance Ginn is the leading economist for Texas Public Policy Foundation – the leading liberty think tank in the state.

For another fiscal year, Texas rocked the nation in economic growth. During the 2017 Texas Legislative Session, while fighting for the passage of the “bathroom bill”, State Senators Kelly Hancock and Paul Bettencourt stated on the record the strength of the Texas economy.

In the midst of a blistering beating of the Executive Director of the Texas Association of Business, the Senators informed us that the Texas economy is surpassing $1.7 trillion in GDP, and growing at a clip of 15% per year!

Already leading the planet in economic expansion, Dr. Ginn applies his professional expertise to create a forecast for what the Texas economy is going to look like after the Trump tax cuts begin to take effect in February.

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The’s RER Liberty Scorecard Average (RER LSA) is designed to give Texas citizens a more precise way to measure the dedication to liberty of their elected Texas legislators.

RER uses the three most prominent scorecards within Texas politics to calculate the averages.  The EmpowerTexans’ (ET) Fiscal Responsibility Index grades the most critical votes on matters of fiscal responsibility, only.

Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) take a more comprehensive look at the critical conservative/liberty votes during a session by legislators.  They may grade both fiscal, social, and other matters of governance.

Replacing Texas Eagle Forum in this year’s scorecard is Texas Values Action.  This organization advocates and activates primarily on social and religious liberty issues.  It seems that Texas Eagle Forum did not produce a scorecard this year.

RER’s formula is to compile the scores of legislators from the three scorecards over their last two legislative sessions and calculate the averages.  If a legislator has just completed their freshman session, having only served one session, the average is calculated for that single term.

The maximum score is 100.  The closest a legislator’s RER/LSA is to 100, the more liberty-driven they are.


5,000 to 6,000+ bills are filed every Texas legislative session.  On average, about 1500 make it the Governor’s desk.

With this volume of legislation being acted upon every two years, Texans literally have no idea the level of tyranny that’s being imposed on them from legislative session to legislative session.  Keeping track of the special budgetary and appropriations carve outs?  You can forget it.

Perhaps the best way to assist Texans in gauging the true political soul of their representatives is to rely on a grading system very much like parents and educators rely on to measure the performance of students.

What grades would you refuse to allow your children to come home with on their report cards?  Use that same measure with our legislators.

If you wouldn’t let your children come home from school with certain grades, why would you let your legislators come home with those same certain grades?

Find your legislator. Is he or she a stellar student?  Magna Cum Laude, perhaps?  Or, are your legislators flunkies?

You can always find the RER/LSA at the RERammo link.

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Pty = Party
Dist = District
ET = Empower Texans Fiscal Responsibility Index
YCT = Young Conservatives of Texas
TEF = Texas Eagle Forum
TVA = Texas Values Action
RER/LSA = Liberty Scorecard Average









By RERcontributor George Rodriguez

I have decided to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s office against the San Antonio Police and SAPD chief Bill McManus for releasing 12 illegal aliens without coordination with ICE for proper vetting. I believe the SAPD’s action, possibly authorized by the Chief or/and higher authorities, places me and other citizens in danger of illegal alien criminals. I believe it is also a violation of SB-4, the state Sanctuary Cities law.

Also, a few months ago I filed a lawsuit against both the City of San Antonio and Bexar County because they contracted with MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund), a private nonprofit liberal legal group, to represent them in a lawsuit against the state opposing SB 4 and the enforcement of federal immigration laws. MALDEF will receive a financial gift (taxpayer money) from San Antonio or Bexar County to prosecute this litigation against a law that was properly passed by duly elected state legislators who are representatives of the Texas people.

The Sanctuary City policy can be traced to liberal mayor Ron Nirenberg and certain city council members, as well as to the city manager, Sheryl Sculley, who I believe facilitates their actions in many projects.

In June 2017, San Antonio became the largest city in Texas to sue the state over SB 4, and joined three civil rights organizations in arguing that SB 4 is unconstitutional, and asked MALDEF to represent them.

Then in mid-July, 2017, Marisa Bono, the MALDEF Regional Counsel, became SA Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s new chief of policy. She advises the mayor and oversee the implementation of his policy agenda, including public safety and the opposition to SB 4. 

I believe the City of SA is wasting tax payer money by paying MALDEF to further a political agenda against immigration law enforcement. The Constitution of the State of Texas puts parameters on such engagements, and I believe the agreement provides for MALDEF to receive a prohibited gift from the people of the State of Texas.

Thus, I filed a lawsuit against the City and County with the help of Civil Liberty Defense Foundation. They have litigated in the past against cities that tried to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans.

In releasing the illegal aliens on January 3, 2018 to a nonprofit without coordinating with ICE and proper vetting, the SAPD and the City put in action a sanctuary city policy, even though they claim they are not a sanctuary city. This is typical of liberals’ passive resistance in misleading citizens by claiming one thing, but acting in another manner.

Accordingly, I have decided to file a complaint against the SAPD for not enforcing SB-4 and for not protecting me and other citizens from possible illegal alien criminals. I ask your support in this complaint filed with the Texas Attorney General’s office.

I also ask your support in the suit filed against the City of SA and Bexar County that seeks to eliminate the possibility of MALDEF receiving public funds from San Antonio or Bexar County to litigate against a state law that was properly passed by the state legislature.

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Andy Prior is the former Chairman of the infant America’s Party for Texas (APT).  According to Prior, the hurdles for a third-party to get on the ballot in Texas is perhaps the most difficult in the nation.

APT is hoping that a lawsuit filed by a ballot access organization will open the way for them to be included on the November 2018 midterm ballot.  If so, Prior will be listed as a candidate for Texas Land Commissioner to challenge the primary winners of the two major parties.

The requirements are so stringent that it usually has been achieved by an expenditure averaging $500,000 by a third-party or independent candidate.  Additionally, Prior goes through the checklists of near-miracles that APT has to reach, currently, to make it for November.

More importantly, Prior introduces Texans to America’s Party for Texas, and articulates the differences between APT and generic Republican Party.

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Jeremy Blosser of Tarrant County is the author of #RULE44 of the Republican Party of Texas. And, he may go down in history as one of the most influential liberty movement activists of the first half of the 21st Century.

#RULE44 was the wrecking ball and final blow that reduced the tyrannical Straus regime to rubble.

For Blosser, and others, #RULE44 was a long time coming. State convention, after state convention of the Texas GOP, a really effective tool to hold Republican officeholders accountable to the principles of the Party Platform was fought for. What could rid the Party of RINOs?

Foreshadowing what could possibly come with the creation of such a rule, Blosser pressed the issue of accountability and censure during the 2015 third quarter meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).  Blosser threw the Texas plutocracy into a hissy fit when he introduced what we called at the time a “rebuke resolution”. And, he named names.

There was only one legislative priority passed by the 2014 Texas GOP State Convention.  Constitutional Carry.  The 2015 Texas Legislature had no problems finding willing participants within the ranks to block all attempts to restore full 2nd Amendment rights to Texans.  In his rebuke resolution, Blosser identified Speaker Joe Straus, Speaker Pro Tempore Dennis Bonnen, State Rep. Larry Phillips, and State Sen. Joan Huffman as the primary culprits of thwarting the will of the Texas people.  In Huffman’s case, she actually attempted to make constitutionally carrying a felony – 180 degrees opposite of the legislative priority.

Pink Domers not even mentioned in the rebuke resolution began bombarding SREC members with phone calls to persuade and pressure them not to pass it.  If the resolution passed, it would set a precedent that threatened every faux conservative in Texas.  They simply couldn’t have that.  And, led by then Texas GOP Chair Tom Mechler who was staunchly opposed to the rebuke, the resolution went down to defeat. Mechler and other party opponents fanned the flames of fear by screaming “party bankruptcy” if it passed.  The money flow would dry up.

Nevertheless, Blosser had achieved proof of concept.  If such a power was granted to elected party officials it could spell doom for the status quo.  The desperate reaction of the elected class was all that needed to be witnessed.

Finally, a few short months later at the 2016 Texas GOP State Convention, the battle was won, and delegates passed #RULE44 – allowing a single precinct chair to initiate the process of censuring and penalizing Republican officeholders for not adhering to the Party Principles.

Then came 2017 and censure fever hit grassroots Texas.

A tsunami of censure resolutions was triggered by a “no confidence” resolution passed by the Bexar County GOP in the summer of 2017 calling for a change in Texas House leadership.  Bexar GOP was sending a message to their very own homeboy, Speaker Joe Straus.  By the time the tsunami had crested in the autumn, 60 Texas GOP County Executive Committees (CEC) had passed similar resolutions.  But, they were not official #RULE44 censures.

That all changed on September 23 when the Anderson GOP CEC passed the first official #RULE44 censure naming State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana).

With a #RULE44 attempt in the works in Bexar, it was as if the Straus-ians saw the writing on the wall.  On October 25, Joe Straus announced that he would not seek re-election.  Four minutes later, the announcement that Byron Cook would not be seeking re-election was posted to the Quorum Report. The Straus reign of terror suddenly had an end date.

On November 25, Hill County GOP finished the job they started and #RULE44’d Cook, as well.

On November 30, State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches) became the second officeholder to be #RULE44’d when Cherokee County GOP rebuffed his defense.

On December 2, the majority of the SREC voted to officially censure and sanction Cook at the state party level, although the vote did not meet the 2/3-vote threshold for passage.

On December 11, Bexar GOP finished the job they started and #RULE44’d Straus.

The spring of 2018 brings another Texas GOP State Convention.  You can bet that a major battle will be fought over retaining #RULE44 and its power to rid the Pink Dome, and the guts of the GOP, of plutocratic RINOs.

Thank you, Jeremy Blosser.

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RERfirst – STANART ISSUES STATEMENT ON TRTL ENDORSEMENT LOSS, “I’D VOTE ‘YES’ NOW” (AUDIO) contacted Gail Stanart via email to respond to the facts found that she lost the endorsement of Texas Right to Life (TRTL) because of her SREC “No” vote to #RULE44 State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana).  Stanart is a GOP primary candidate for State Representative House District 126 in Houston.  She is the State Republican Executive Committeewoman (SREC) for Senatorial District 15.

As first reported by RER, Stanart was initially tagged to get the precious endorsement of TRTL and probably big, cash sponsorship from the financially-healthy PAC after announcing her candidacy on November 14th.  However, before the opening of the primary election filing window, on December 2nd in Austin, the SREC debated and voted on the historic #RULE44 censure and sanction resolution naming “Lord Byron”.  The SREC’s official recorded vote on the resolution shows Stanart voted “No” – not to censure and sanction Cook.

TRTL is a strong supporter of having Cook #RULE44’d.  The organization has counted Cook as one its top nemesis, and labeled him a “Pro-life Fraud” in 2015.

Once Stanart’s vote on the Cook censure was official, TRTL made the internal decision to pull its endorsement of Stanart.  When TRTL’s list of 2018 endorsements were released, Kevin Fulton had received the checkmark for HD126.

This is the full statement received by RER from Gail Stanart:


As you know, I was not at the SREC meeting when the vote was cast. My SREC SD 15 counterpart, Vergel Cruz, had an emergency proxy from two years prior when I first was elected to the SREC. He thought he knew how I would want to vote. We did not discuss this vote prior to him casting the vote on my behalf with the proxy.  The previous day in the Resolutions Committee meeting, for which I am the Secretary, I did vote against sending the censure resolution to the floor as there was no time for discussion on the matter in committee; I felt it needed some discussion. I have spoken to people before about my concerns generally with censure and wanted the Resolutions Committee to have time to discuss it. That said, and as I have shared with others, I gained an understanding of the urgency of this vote following my Resolutions Committee vote. Had I been at the SREC meeting I would have voted in favor of the censure. I am completely in support of the censure resolution of Byron Cook and would support any effort to bring it back to the SREC and would vote in favor of it.

My SREC voting history is consistently conservative. A vote against this resolution was an aberration and one for which I am being held accountable. I accept that accountability.  This vote was a mistake. If the censure is brought forward again, I will correct the record and personally cast the vote for the censure of Byron Cook. This vote, however, does not change my long pro-life, pro-family work for the last 15 years.  My commitment to our platform and our conservative principles are resolute and will guide my voting behavior in the Texas Legislature. I was the first in my race to sign the Republican Caucus Speaker Selection Commitment Form. As a member of the SREC, I voted in September to create the form in order to hold House members accountable to a Republican Caucus vote and I am proud to make that pledge. I am committed to a Texas House that is not led by Straus lieutenants who have undermined and destroyed the passage of legislation initiated by our most conservative legislators. I am committed to championing that legislation and will be a front-line advocate in the fight, as I have for many years.

My best to you, as always,


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RERfirst – TRTL YANKED STANART ENDORSEMENT AFTER COOK #RULE44 “NO” VOTE (AUDIO) has learned from sources inside of Texas Right to Life (TRTL) that the organization pulled the endorsement of state representative candidate Gail Stanart for Texas House District 126 for a vote she recorded as a member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).

On December 2, 2017, the SREC held their quarterly meeting in Austin.  The most anticipated debate and last vote of the weekend was a #RULE44 censure and penalty resolution that passed through the Resolutions Committee naming State Rep. Byron Cook (R-Corsicana RER56).  This would be the first attempt by the Republican Party of Texas to officially censure and apply crippling sanctions on an incumbent Republican officeholder.  Although the resolution received a majority vote of the SREC, it did not meet the rule requirement of a 2/3-vote threshold.

The SREC official record shows Stanart voted against the resolution to censure and sanction Byron Cook.

The Quorum Report posted the story on November 14 that Stanart, the wife of Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, intended to compete for the seat being vacated by State Rep. Kevin Roberts (R-Houston) who has entered the dog-pile U.S. Congress 2 race to replace Ted Poe. was able to confirm with two sources inside TRTL, one of the most powerful and best funded political organizations in the state, the decision had been finalized to endorse Stanart in the HD126 race and would be announced as such when TRTL released the full 2018 endorsement list.  We were also able to view an internal communique stating the reason for stripping Stanart of the endorsement was specifically tied to the Cook #RULE44 vote.

One internal source stated, “Yes, we were going to endorse Gail (Stanart). Everyone knows Gail.  She and Stan (her husband and Harris County Clerk) have been involved for a long time.  But, if you know anything about Byron Cook, and you can’t find it within yourself to censure him, then that sends up big red flags for TRTL leaders, especially if you want to serve in the House.  Think of the migraines they’ve had (Jim and Elizabeth Graham) dealing with House leadership over the last decade?”

The enmity between TRTL and “Lord Byron” Cook has a long and deep history.  In 2015 TRTL publically labeled Cook as a pro-life fraud.

Graham, and his wife Elizabeth, consistently claim that under the orders of Texas Speaker Joe Straus, Cook has purposefully, and in agreement with Straus, thwarted pro-life legislation grabbed up by the House State Affairs Committee to kill it. The Grahams believe Cook especially targeted TRTL legislation for extermination.

The Grahams and TRTL intently followed the proceedings within Cook’s district to have him #RULE’d. Anderson and Hill Counties’ GOP Executive Committees, did censure Cook. The SREC vote on December 2, after Stanart’s November 14 campaign announcement, would have completed the process of official party censure with penalties applied.

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Teachers having sex with minors a major problem in Texas

Bay City teacher was arrested last month after the father of a 13-year-old boy caught his son and the educator having sex in the backseat of a car. It wasn’t the only such case in Texas this holiday season.

Rachel Gonzalez, 44, was arrested Dec. 15 and booked on charges of “online solicitation of a minor and improper relationship between educator and student,” Bay City police said.

The same week, Nicole Marie-Faires Andrews, a former middle school teacher, was accused by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in an illicit sexual relationship with a minor she met at a local church.

The Texas Education Agency opened more than 300 cases into educator sexual misconduct with students in fiscal year 2017 — 32 percent more than the year before.


Brand new RERcontributor Yvonne Larsen is one of the most respected and talented Texas citizen journalist.  If the story is about Texas politics, Yvonne probably has some knowledge of it.  She specializes in government transparency.

Larsen, the purveyor of, critically looked at the announcement of the 2017 RAGE-EES and applied her experienced analytical scalpel to the roll of awardees.

Larsen generally believed the selections were on target.  Of course there were awardees that especially needed to be highlighted, in her opinion.

She gave strong marks on the pick of Dr. Laura Pressley as Raging Volunteer of 2017.  Larsen has watched the crusade of Pressley from up close and watched the vitriolic attacks Pressley had to endure in public from protectors of the elections status quo.

Yvonne was highly complementary of the selection of State Rep. Briscoe Cain (R-Houston) as the Raging Rising Star of 2017.

Enjoy more insights from Yvonne Larsen by listening the RERhotclip.  RER conducts the best interviews on Texas politics from a liberty perspective.

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