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Spencer Golvach was murdered by a criminal illegal invader in January of 2015. Spencer was innocently sitting at a traffic light in northwest Houston, Texas.

Many other Texans have died at the hands of criminals that had no business even being in the country.

Spencer’s father, RERcontribuitor Dan Golvach, responds to the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbets. He also comments on the continued failure by government at all levels to secure the Texas border.

Golvach expresses a view that is growing among Texas citizens. He feels that the inaction of elected officials to secure the border and aggressively deport those here illegal is tantamount to treason.


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Big corporate media is hostile to the Christian faith and church. They have no reservation about attacking the tenets of Christianity and use any available opportunity to do so.

Following the revelations of the continued Catholic priests scandal in Pennsylvania, NBC’s Chuck Todd somehow equated the support of evangelical voters of Donald Trump to the pedophilia outrage.

Apostle Claver of RER responds to the attack upon the church.


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The kingdom of Big Corporate Media had a hissy fit when DJT called Omarosa a dog in a tweet. POTUS was responding to the outrageous behavior of his former White House staffer that was revealed in her new book. Can you say, “Benedict”? Can you say, “Judas”?

RER’s Apostle Claver has a few more names for Omarosa.

What Apostle Claver is amazed about is that POTUS didn’t rebut with the obvious after the media meltdown: Omarosa caller HERSELF a “dog”, years ago.


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Texas Schools Choose Shooter Detection Systems


ROWLEY, Mass.Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), the leading K-12 school gunshot detection solutions provider, today announced that Texas schools are choosing the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System as a part of comprehensive security upgrades to secure schools against the active shooter threat. The SDS system continues to be selected due to its proven performance history at other schools, its zero-false alert history and its proven, certified technology integrations with many schools’ current security technologies.

The company has had a presence in the state of Texas since 2016 with installations in schools and corporate spaces, yet this year marks the company’s largest expansion in that region. “We are experiencing a clear trend upwards in the K-12 school market, especially in Texas,” said Christopher Swanger, Senior Vice President of Sales for SDS. “Texasschools are prioritizing funds for school safety and they see the value of our zero false alert system to empower students, staff and law enforcement to respond. Would you send your children to school without fire alarms? Schools are now looking at active shooter detection in the same way.”

In response to the groundswell of support for the implementation school safety measures after the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, authorities are recognizing that an active shooter detection system is a critical technology for school safety. Alongside video surveillance, mass notification and access control systems, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has placed gunshot detection on the list of “products and technologies for consideration” in their recently published K-12 School Security Guide for Preventing and Protecting Against Gun Violence and in Texas, Governor Greg Abbottadvocates for gunshot detection in his May 2018 School and Firearm Safety Action Plan, citing “active shooter alarm systems” among his recommendations to reduce security threats and improve Texas schools.

“We are very pleased to see Government authorities advocating for gunshot detection systems for schools,” said Christian Connors, CEO for the company. “As a parent, it’s been painful to see schools that want gunshot detection unable to move forward to secure their schools due to tight or non-existent security budgets. It’s refreshing to finally see schools shifting budgetary priorities to focus on school safety, and Texas is leading the charge.”


Lupe Valdez’s pistol found, Dallas County Sheriff’s Office apologizes

By Allie Morris, Austin Bureau

AUSTIN — The gun issued to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez while she was Dallas County sheriff has been located after it was reported missing earlier this year. A search this week uncovered the Beretta 9 mm pistol in the department’s property room, according to a statement from the Dallas County Sheriff’s office.

The gun had been turned in on January 2, but wasn’t entered into inventory at that time, the release said. A previous audit had failed to locate the firearm.

“Sheriff (Marian) Brown and the Sheriff’s Department offer their sincere apologies to former Sheriff Lupe Valdez for any distress and hardship that was created as a result of the Department’s mistake,” the statement said.


Several Lubbock area movers and shakers withdraw from host committee for Governor reception

By Matt Dotray / A-J Media

Some big names are no longer hosting a planned reception honoring Governor Greg Abbott Wednesday in Lubbock.

As of Monday afternoon, at least three couples are no longer part of the hosting committee — a committee that cost $10,000 to be a part of. As of late Monday the event was still planned.

Linda and George McMahan were taken off the list by the governor’s campaign staff because of questions George McMahan was raising on social media about the retirement of Texas Tech Chancellor Bob Duncan, and the Texas Tech Board of Regents contributions to the governor’s campaign. Once word got out that the McMahans were no longer invited, Carolyn and Delbert McDougal, as well as Pam and Marc McDougal, asked to be removed as well.

That now leaves 15 names on the host committee, including three of the five regents who sources have told A-J Media forced Duncan’s retirement through a no-confidence vote during an executive session at a meeting earlier this month.


Gov. Greg Abbott: The ‘very best’ teachers in Texas should make six figure salaries


Some Texas teachers could soon get a raise if Gov. Greg Abbott has his way.

Abbott this week suggested that the best teachers in Texas should be on their way to earning salaries around $100,000.

“We want to structure the compensation plan that would be the very best educators on the pathway to earning a six-figure salary,” TV station KXAN reported Abbott as saying Monday in New Braunfels.


Texas Tech Chancellor Robert Duncan’s sudden retirement raises concerns in El Paso

Madlin Mekelburg, El Paso Times

AUSTIN — Texas Tech University System Chancellor Robert Duncan announced this month that he would be retiring from his post, raising questions about the circumstances of his departure and what it could mean for El Paso’s health sciences center.

Duncan, who has held the top spot at the system for four years, announced his retirement on Aug. 13, prompting an outpouring of support from his former colleagues in the legislature and education leaders across the state.

Some state lawmakers are considering launching an inquiry into the circumstances of Duncan’s departure. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reported that the Board of Regents had an informal vote of no confidence in Duncan and there is speculation that opposition to a veterinary school spurred Duncan’s retirement.


Abbott taps Nebraska official to lead Health and Human Services Commission

Courtney Phillips currently leads the Department of Health and Human Services in Nebraska.

Courtney Phillips is the new executive commissioner for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday.

Phillips is currently the chief executive officer for the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. She starts her role as commissioner Oct. 19.

In a Thursday evening news release, Abbott said Phillips’ “vast experience in health and human services makes her the ideal person to fill this role.”

“Tackling the challenges at HHSC will be no small task, but I’m confident that Dr. Phillips’ extensive background will help her lead the department to improve and maintain accountability,” Abbott said.


5th Circuit upholds campus carry law

by Wilson County News

Attorney General Ken Paxton commended a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit Aug. 16 after it upheld a lower court’s dismissal of a lawsuit by three University of Texas at Austin professors who challenged Senate Bill 11, the campus carry law. The professors claimed that the legislation passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015 would have a “chilling effect” and stifle discussion in their classrooms.