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San Diego, California family physician Dr. George Delgado is leading a medical evolution that could have unimagined positive results for the pro-life movement.  While important incremental victories are being achieved through the political machinery of the United States and Texas, medical advancements are offering new hope of actually saving the lives of the unborn, currently.

Dr. Delgado is the medical director for  He and his team have discovered a way to actually reverse some types of abortions.

“I think it’s something that everyone needs to know, because the medical-induced abortion – that Planned Parenthood has called the ‘pill abortion’ – is now accounting for thirty to forty percent of all abortions in the United States,” said Dr. Delgado.

The pill formally known as RU46 is still approved and being used in the United States.  Dr. Delgado explained what choice this provides for a pregnant woman. “It’s approved in this country up to 10 weeks of pregnancy.  So women who now want to have an abortion now have an option of taking a pill that they swallow by mouth, instead of having the surgical abortion.

“The good thing for these women, however, is that if they do take that first pill, and then change their minds, we have a way to reverse the medical abortion process.  Whereas, if they go for a surgical abortion, once the instrument enters the uterus then of course it’s over.” has established a hotline to assist women that do change their minds after starting the process of a medical, or chemical, abortion. Dr. Delgado said that valid evidence shows many women do change their minds, “Many women have expressed regrets immediately after taking the abortion pill.”

In this RERhotclip, Dr. Delgado explains how the hotline connects a woman immediately to a health professional to counsel them on how to start the abortion reversal process.  He also lays out the science behind the remarkable breakthrough – how good chemistry can defeat bad chemistry.

Dr. Delgado’s team was scheduled to have their latest paper published in a peer-reviewed medical journal in May. The paper chronicles approximately 265 babies lives saved through this new abortion reversal therapy.

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The candidacy of former Bell County Judge Ben Leman for the House District 13 seat has brought out the claws between prominent Roman Catholic organizations in Texas.

The Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB) took a wild swing at the work of Texas Right to Life (TRTL), the oldest and only legitimate statewide pro-life organization in Texas, in a Parish Advisory.  Recently in his campaign, Leman has echoed the attacks in response to his opponent, Jill Wolfskill, being endorsed by TRTL.

TRTL wasn’t going to take the allegations of TCCB laying down.  They composed a scathing rebuttal article entitled “The Bishops Lobbyist is Lying”.  And, in a teleconference that led up to the special election on May 5, TRTL President, Jim Graham hammered at the Texas Catholic Bishops for differing with the Texas GOP platform on a number of issues: gun control, welfare reform, health insurance, the travel ban, refugee policy, Cuba policy, global warming, border security, deportation, and immigration, capital punishment, and more.

In recent years, TRTL has been much more aggressive and on the offensive in their approach.  In the rebuttal article, they accuse the TCCB of not being in line with the directives issued by the Vatican.

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“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21 <NIV>

The Texas House District 13 contest is a confusing mess.  The runoffs (yes, plural) are between Jill Wolfskill and Ben Leman.

State Rep. Leighton Schubert’s (R-Brenham RER70) announcement that he would not seek reelection set off the anticipated mad scramble of filings to fill the seat with five candidates making the balllot.  When Schubert amended his decision to an immediate resignation after finding a new job, two elections were now required – one to fill his vacant seat for the 2019 legislature, and another to fill his unexpired term.  In both races, Wolfskill and Leman are matched against each other in runoffs.  The runoff for the vacant 2019 seat is Tuesday, May 22.  The runoff for the unexpired term will be later in the summer.

A former Bell County Judge, Leman has cultivated big money from the worst of the Texas lobby.  From where a candidate gets campaign donations is a distinct preview of how they will perform if elected.  Especially in this runoff cycle, Leman has received contributions that indicate that his allegiance if elected will be to the Straus agenda, and the Texas Plutocracy that rules the lower chamber of the Pink Dome.


Texas House Leadership Fund: This is the personal PAC of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus. Although Straus has decided to vacate his post as Speaker and a San Antonio state representative, he has flatly stated that he intends to remain a player in Texas politics. Straus is backing Leman in the HD13 runoff.  $10,000.

Associated Republicans of Texas: In this Texas Tribune article, ART leaders expresses their dismay over the culture war battles in Texas, and specifically the “bathroom bill”.  Beer kingpin, John Nau, is considered the dominant driver behind ART.

ART admits that they intend to be big players in GOP primaries, and will be backing the most RINO-cious of the incumbents and candidates on the ballot.  The Texas Tribune article reports to have discovered over $100,000 in donations from ART to the Leman campaign. The available spreadsheets available to RER shows a lesser amount at this time. $49,053.98

Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLR): An even more horrifying sign from the Leman campaign is the acceptance of financial help from TLR. TLR postures as a “conservative” money machine that is primarily responsible for the Republicans ruling the Pink Dome. But, TLR are deceivers of the highest order.

Dick and David Weekley, of Weekley Homes fame, are at the top of the TLR organizational chart.

Unlike ART that only donates to moderate Republicans, Texans for Lawsuit Reform routinely donates to Democrats. In the 2016 primary election, their biggest campaign contribution went to a pro-abortion Democrat that formerly sat on the board of Planned Parenthood in the Rio Grande Valley that was attempting to unseat a pro-life Democrat.

TLR has financially backed pro-abortion Democrats as they did in a 2013 special election with State Rep. Carol Alvarado (D-Houston RER16) over a black Republican, R.W. Bray.  Since their creation, TLR has donated millions of dollars to Texas Democrats.

Censured State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-West University RER34) is a perennial favorite of TLR.  They enjoy organizing fundraisers for her, with Joe Straus and ART leaders usually in attendance, and throwing into the pile of money. $32,115.22

Straus’ Bag Men: In this election cycle, it appears that the top money curriers for the Straus faction of the party are State Representatives Drew Darby, John Wray, and Chris Paddie. $4,000.00

Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA): The auto franchisees that are anti-free market and pro protectionism. They use their financial power to block auto manufacturers like Tesla from using direct sales to sell their cars in Texas. $1,000.00

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RERhotclip Candidate Cody Harris Is Straus’ And Cook’s Boy Toy 

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

Cody Harris is a candidate for House District 8 state representative. He’s facing liberty movement favorite Thomas McNutt in the May 22 runoff to replace disgraced and party-censured State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56). has retrieved his campaign financial reports from the Texas Ethics Commission for the 2018 primary election cycle. Studying his donor spreadsheet revealed some disturbing political connections.

Cody Harris is already bought and paid for by the Straus-ian faction of the Pink Dome offering a clear choice for HD8 voters. Do they want a “King Joe” and “Lord Byron” property to continue representing them? Or, the candidate that rightly won the 2016 primary that was stolen by Cook through voter fraud?

Straus and Cook nearly simultaneously announced they were quitting their reign of terror under the Pink Dome on October 25, 2017. Yet, in his exit interview with corporate media, Straus promised to remain a player in future elections. He, and the diabolical faction he dwells within, kept the promise and they poured in big dollars to the campaigns of Harris and others.


Texas House Leadership Fund: This is the personal PAC of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus. $92,500.00

LIFE PAC: As exposed in this RERfirst article, LIFE PAC is a fake pro-life group that has been bought by the Straus-ians to give the pro-genocide GOP faction pro-life cover. $13,284.99

Associated Republicans of Texas: One of the best-funded Plutocratic RINO PACS in Texas. You want to identify a card-caring Texas RINO, find out if ART is funding them. $156,575.82

Charles Butt & Texas Parent PAC: Charles Butt is the top guy of HEB, the grocery store empire. He a fierce opponent of school choice and is an anti-liberty force in Texas and uses two PACS to stifle education choice. One is the Texas Parents PAC. He has been a strong financial backer of Joe Straus since Straus’ entrance into the Texas Legislature. $17,727.59

TREPAC/Texas Association of Realtors PAC: This is an anti-property tax repeal or reform organization with massive bank accounts. $147,636.06

Texas Association of Business PAC (TAB): The lobbying organization against the “Bathroom Bill” in the 2017 Legislative Session and is pro neo-morality movement. $3,691.66

Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA): The auto franchisees that are anti-free market and pro protectionism. They use their financial power to block auto manufacturers like Tesla from using direct sales to sell their cars in Texas. $1,000.00

Straus-ian Disciples Returning to Austin in 2019 & Other RINOs: These are sitting Texas State Representatives that have decided to play in a GOP primary for the House. They are dedicated to the agenda of the Plutocracy and their master, Joe Straus. Zerwas has expressed his interest in being Straus’ successor as Texas Speaker of the House with scorecard grades that routinely sit at the bottom of the Republican House Caucus. $18,100.00


Houston Police Officers PAC: Wait. This race is centered in Corsicana. Anti-Constitutional Carry investment, perhaps? $1,000.00

Karl Rove: $7,429.34

Rob Johnson: Joe Straus’ political consultant. He handles Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, too. $1,000.00

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It was a “Praise, God” moment when candidate Lisa Luby Ryan defeated State Rep. Jason Villalba (R-Dallas RER  ) in the 2018 GOP primary for House District 114.

Since his first term as a state rep, Villalba snuggled comfortably in the nest of Joe Straus.  He earned the nickname “Attach Chihuahua” because of his vitriolic attacks on prominent liberty movement activists like RERcontributor Alice Linahan, former Texas GOP Chairwoman Cathy Adams, and others.  He debated in proxy on behalf of the Straus reelection campaign for Texas Speaker prior to the 2015 legislative session and called Straus “Reagan-like”.  That comment resulted in ceiling-lifting laughter from the debate audience. And, he challenged the liberty movement grassroots to “take him out”.

Through the candidacy of Lisa Luby Ryan, they did.

The liberty movement had Villalba as one of its top targets to eliminate from the Austin Capitol, but could never find a strong enough candidate to extricate him from office until this past election season.  Lisa Luby Ryan possessed all the credentials to do so with extremely high name ID and a long resume of political activism.

Ryan exploited Villalba’s skyrocketing negatives among high-info voters, executed an intensive ground game, and was able to raise a competitive amount of campaign funds from individual donors to vanquish the “Attach Chihuahua” by six points.  She’s expected to be an ally on most issues with the Texas House Freedom Caucus which is majority comprised of other Dallas and North Texas reps.

In this RERexclusive interview, Ryan explains what she believes were the pertinent issues and campaign tactics that led to her success in defeating a well-entrenched incumbent with heavy financial backing from the Pink Dome plutocrats, and the favorite attack dog of the disgraced, soon-to-be former Texas Speaker, Joe Straus.

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