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After the 1,000-year flood that Hurricane Harvey produced in August, Texans from across the state came to the aid of their fellow citizens – just like real Texans.

Not every Texan could participate in the Texas Armada of rescuers.  Yet, they found ways to assist.

Two churches in the Houston area were impacted by the floods.  Crosby Church on the east side of the city, and Hosanna Houston on the west.

Chew Longview is an association of 10 family-owned restaurants that team up to promote their local businesses.  They set aside one day of business to dedicate 30% of their receipts toward helping these churches that are still helping in the recovery and were there when the Body of Christ was most needed.

Apostle Claver of was honored to work with Tina Moody Bryan, and Chew Longview in this project, and deliver the checks to the pastors.

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It’s been a longtime coming. Perhaps, finally, State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston RER42) will reap the fruits of her anti-GOP work from her first-day entrance into the Texas House of Representatives in 2010.

The Harris County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) is meeting Monday, November 13, and a #RULE44 resolution naming Davis is on the agenda. Sources tell that the resolutions campaign was spearheaded by four Senatorial District Chairs within the Harris County GOP.  Those same sources are not able to give odds on the resolution meeting the 2/3-vote threshold needed for passage.

A source within the CEC told RER, “I just don’t know if it’s going to make it, or not.  It’s just hard to measure with so many votes involved.”  The Harris GOP CEC is larger than the United States Congress.

A second member of the CEC stated, “I just don’t know what to expect.  Maybe more of the precinct chairs are getting braver from seeing what’s happening in other counties. But, I can’t call it.  All I know is that it should be hot in there, from the start.  I’ve got to believe she’ll have supporters in the joint.”

#RULE44 of the Republican Party of Texas was adopted during the 2016 state convention in Dallas.  It provides a process for Republican elected officials to be officially censured by first their county parties, and then by the state party.  It can also carry severe sanctions against an officeholder running a campaign for reelection.  For instance, being sanctioned by the state party permits the party to take sides in a primary.

State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) became the first officeholder to be #RULE44’d when on Septermber 23, Anderson County within House District passed censure.  Just last week, State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56) escaped censure when Cherokee County GOP voted to a tie in their emergency meeting.

Davis is a notorious villain amongst the Texas liberty-driven base – and, for numerous reasons.

Not only was Davis the only Republican that voted against the HB2 2013 bill of the special session – the bill that placed a 20-week ban on abortions in Texas – she wrote a scathing article in the Houston Chronicle that was a personal indictment against the GOP for its pro-life stance.  Within the article, she compared HB2 to Obamacare and used the argument of “government intrusion” as a basis for her objection to the bill.

On March 3, 2015 during the battle to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood with the funds of the Texas Capitol, Davis appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on “MSDNC.  She appeared to defend the continued funding of Planned Parenthood and verbally oppose the legislative agenda of the GOP-controlled legislature.

The only Republican that has the “guts” to openly accept an endorsement from Planned Parenthood is Sarah Davis.  The latest endorsement came in 2016, of course. Don’t be surprised for a repeat in the 2018 cycle.

Davis may also boast of being the first Republican to ever be endorsed by the pro-homosexual movement Equality Texas PAC.

In their 2014 voter guide, Progress Texas had this to say about Davis:

“In the 2013 legislative session, Sarah Davis demonstrated independence as the lone Republican to vote against the house bill seeking to restrict abortion access in Texas. In standing up against the bill, she also stood up to her own Party. She supported the bipartisan Equal Pay law before it was vetoed by Rick Perry. And she has been endorsed by our allies at Planned Parenthood and Equality Texas. We don’t agree with Sarah Davis on all of the issues – she is still a conservative – but on two of our biggest issues she demonstrated an ability to transcend partisanship and exude leadership.”

It’s not just a matter that Davis is loved by the pro-genocide forces and she fights for them, she is funded by them, as well.


Davis is a darling of disgraced Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.  Announcing he’s totally leaving the Texas House in 2019, she should still be able to count on he’s deep pockets and generous hand to continue financially fueling her campaigns.


During his tenure as Speaker, Straus has rarely made public appearances in Houston.  But, attending fundraisers for Davis became an annual event he couldn’t miss.

Here’s the email announcing the swanky event from the last election cycle.  RER took the liberty to highlight a few of the donors that should raise eyebrows because of their high profiles within the GOP.

Strategically, Straus identified the beliefs of Davis and placed her on the Calendars Committee – the personal legislative assassination squad for Straus.  Pro-life after pro-life bill found their deaths in a Davis-occupied Calendars Committee.  Straus stacked nearly half of the committee with pro-genocide members.

The violations of the Texas GOP Core Principles and its Platforms are too numerous to catalog.

This is the #RULE44 resolution that has been officially submitted to Harris GOP and should be debated on November 13.



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In a surprise emergency meeting called for tonight, the Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee failed to officially censure State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).

The vote was nine in favor and nine against.  #RULE44 of the Texas Republican Party mandates that an official censure resolution must past by a two-thirds vote.

Naming Clardy, the #RULE44 resolution intended to officially censure and recommend Clardy for sanction by the state party which comes with severe penalties towards a candidate’s campaign.  The resolution was first debated on October 31 and produced entertaining theatrics by Clardy as he vigorously defended his voting record as cited within the resolution.

Clardy, brought his own crowd of supporters and character witnesses, also composed a six-page rebuttal to submit to the County Executive Committee (CEC).  Between the stagecraft and the printed rebuttal, the CEC voted to table the motion until a future-called meeting.  Chairwoman Tammy Blair alerted the CEC before adjourning, that the meeting would likely be called for the middle of November, before Thanksgiving.

On November 1, Blair announced the special meeting of the CEC would be on November 16.

However, a faction of the Cherokee County precinct chairs didn’t want to wait that long.  They raised a petition, presented it to Blair that compelled her to call the meeting for this evening, November 9.

Two dramatic moments were when Blair had to stand to her feet and put a member of the gallery in order and remind him that disrupting a public meeting is a Class B Misdemeanor.  The second was when a pro-Clardy chair moved that the vote be recorded and not a secret ballot.  The motion passed with only one dissension.  Thus, the committee’s roll was called.

At tonight’s meeting, Clardy was indeed in attendance along with a room full of Cherokee County citizens.  After the vote results were announced, they erupted in applause, and Clardy proposed hosting a dinner for the sake of unity.

Danny Ward has announced as an opponent to Clardy for the March 2018 primary.  How he exploits this turn of events will be fascinating to watch and a test of his political acumen.

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Tammy Blair is the Chairwoman of the Cherokee County GOP.  Right now her county executive committee (CEC) is at the epicenter of Texas GOP upheaval and reconstitution. Cherokee is  providing political drama that can’t be authored on a Holly-weird script.

On October 31, Cherokee County’s GOP CEC put on the floor a #RULE44 resolution for debate.  The resolution, which carries official party censure and recommendation of sanctions by the state party, named State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).

Clardy showed up for the showdown!  And, as one would expect, it wasn’t long before verbal jabs and stagecraft were on full display.

It was Blair’s job to try and keep order in the meeting, give all sides a fair hearing on the matter, and let the body deliberate to its consensus conclusion.  But, Clardy didn’t make that easy.

When asked what she believed to be the essence of Clardy’s argument against being censured, Blair said, “That he is a conservative. And, he is serving the county and his district well. And, we ‘don’t understand how things work’, and he had to balance principles with priorities. I’m not sure what that means.”

Blair, very in-step with her executive committee, shares their translation of Clardy’s performance that night.  It appears they didn’t take the entire dog-and-pony show with a lot of humor.

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This is the two-page #RULE44 resolution debated at the October 31 meeting of the Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee.  The resolution names State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).  Of the ten votes cited as violations of the Texas Republican Party’s Core Principles as published in the 2016 Party Platform, four were cast in favor of bills authored by some of the most left of the left in the Texas Democrat delegation.

Rep. Clardy appeared at the October 31 meeting ready to defend his record and fight the censure attempt.  When he was given the floor, he started by distributing the six-page rebuttal on his campaign letterhead posted below.

The conclusion of the deliberation for the evening resulted in the #RULE44 resolution being tabled.  Cherokee County GOP Chairwoman Tammy Blair announced on November 1 that a special meeting has been called for November 16 to finish the matter.


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You can say what you want, but what’s undebatable is that the new Texas GOP #RULE44 is creating some of the greatest political theatre this state has seen in a long time.  And, it’s happening at the grassroots level, in the backyards of liberty-driven Texans, and not under the Big Corporate Media blackout of the Pink Dome in Austin.

Cherokee County GOP has decided that it’s about had it with State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).  Not unlike most ATX, plutocratic, Texas RINOs, Clardy promotes himself as a “Christian Conservative”.  However, grassroots Texans are becoming fast learners and discovering that those that claim to be conservative are mostly not.  That would be the case with Clardy.

In this RERvideo, Clardy puts on a theatrical performance that’s rarely scene in Texas politics outside of the Pink Dome and the glaring cameras.  This is reality TV at its best!

So, the Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) is deliberating whether Clardy should be the second Texas GOP elected officeholder to be officially censured and sanctioned by the state party as provided through #RULE44.

Clardy, who inexplicably recently expressed his desire to become the next Texas Speaker of the House, now is fighting for his political life.  On October 31, Clardy did what #RULE44 was created to do – force GOP legislators to come before their constituents and the ruling body of the party and defend their actions that are counter to the core principles of the Texas GOP Platform.

Clardy is the first officeholder to come before one of his CECs and put forth a #RULE44 defense.  The first officeholder to be #RULE44’d, State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) announced his retirement from the Pink Dome on October 25.  Texas Speaker of the House found his home county, Bexar, close to fisticuffs over a #RULE44 resolution naming him, and he quit four minutes before Cook on October 25.

The Cherokee County GOP voted to table the #RULE44 resolution naming Clardy until their next meeting scheduled for November 16.

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Things got crazy and very personal at the Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee meeting on October 31, 2017.

The main attraction was a #RULE44 Resolution to censure State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).  State Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville RER70) was there to defend Clardy.

The Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) constructed a #RULE44 resolution that contained ten specific votes taken by Clardy during the 2017 legislative session that they argue violate the core principles of the Texas GOP, thereby qualifying Clardy for official censure and sanction by the state party.

Clardy put up a fierce defense and brought along Nichols as a “character witness”.  The Nichols approach was to ridicule the cited votes and just “get it over with”, inferring it was a joke to be there in the first place.

Out of nowhere, during his address to the CEC, Nichols ends up insulting State Rep. Jonathan “Big Stick” Stickland (R-Bedford RER99) who is a member of the Freedom Caucus.  Nichols declared he wouldn’t vote for pretty much anything with Stickland’s name on it.

The problem is, that with Nichols in the Texas Senate, and Stickland in the Texas House, the bravado sounds good, but it’s coming from an empty barrel. How often does Nichols get to vote on anything with Stickland’s name on it?

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Forget any of your favorite reality TV shows.  The video of the Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee meeting of October 31 is better than any of them.  There’s no comparison. 100% entertainment and 100% real!

State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56) put up a fierce fight to prevent the County Executive Committee (CEC) from censuring him and recommending that the state party officially sanction and penalize him.

Clardy basically fought the CEC to a draw as a motion was passed to table the #RULE44 resolution until the next meeting.  Clardy distributed a six-page defense against the two-page resolution that cited ten violations of the Texas GOP’s core principles by Clardy through votes taken during the 2017 legislative session.  #RULE44 only requires three violations for an elected official to be censure qualified.

To say the meeting was fiery would be an understatement.  Clardy seized the floor several times without recognition from the Chairwoman Tammy Blair.

“The devil’s at work here tonight”, said Clardy as he delivered his remarks, referring to the consideration of the #RULE44 resolution naming him.

Clardy brought along a posse of supporters that included State Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville RER70) to speak on his behalf.  The essence of comments were that the votes cited in the #RULE44 resolution were not consequential – they were unimportant votes that are not serious violations of the party’s core principles.

A supporter of the #RULE44 resolution said Clardy is guilty of “legislative malpractice”. While an opponent of censuring Clardy couldn’t come up with many more words than, “It’s just wrong.”

The CEC member that moved to table the resolution said that if he had voted on the resolution that night, “I’d vote for censure”.  But, he wanted to be fair and have ample time to review the six-page rebuttal of Clardy.

The meeting adjourned with Chairwoman Blair stating that she intended to call the next meeting sometime in the middle November, before Thanksgiving.  The next day, Blair announced that the next meeting would be November 16.

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RERcontributor Daniel Miller has been making back-to-back national and international media appearances over the last couple of months as the independence battle between Spain and Catalonia gains greater media attention.  Miller is the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, the world’s preeminent organization advocating for Texas independence based in Nederland, Texas.  He appears weekly on

Out of the clear blue sky, Miller has been having to interact with national law enforcement and media in connection to the Russia-Facebook sensation.

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is strong in social media and is a Facebook force.  How an apparent #Fake “Texas Pride” Facebook page led to national government law enforcement and media believing TNM was somehow linked to the disinformation campaign of Russia during the 2016 elections depicts an inept apparatus.

Miller debunks the entire #FakeNews poo-poo in this RERhotclip.

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State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56) could become the second Texas State Representative to be officially censured and recommended for sanction by a Texas Republican County Executive Committee.

The Cherokee County GOP Executive Committee is scheduled to meet tonight. The county seat is Rusk, Texas – behind the Pine Curtain of our state’s east. Cherokee County GOP Chair Tammy Blair has confirmed to that she has been informed by county precinct chairs that they intend to present a #Rule44 resolution before the body in tonight’s meeting naming Clardy.

The Chairwoman has indicated she has no intention of blocking any move by the body. “They do have a #Rule44 Resolution”, said Blair. “As a courtesy, I told Clardy.  He’s having a wall-eyed hissy fit and demanding all kinds of information.”

Just like Bexar County, hardcore drama has been taking place in Cherokee.  It exploded when the CEC unanimously passed an “anti-Straus” resolution this past August.  It was a strong telegraph to Straus-ian Clardy that he was on the target list.  Clardy wasn’t happy.

When broke the story that Bexar County GOP was facing a #Rule44 battle on Joe Straus, Clardy went ballistic.  Blair told RER on Friday, September 15, Clardy threatened to sue the CEC if the committee #Rule44’d him in a previous-day phone conversation.

Blair reported that in that phone conversation, Clardy said “the Platform is meaningless” and that “it’s the Chair’s job to keep censure off the agenda”.  Blair told RER, “What happened to ‘of, by, and for the people’?”

On Saturday, September 23, State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) was the first Texas GOP public officeholder to be officially censured and recommended for sanction by the state party when Anderson County of his district met the rule’s voting threshold.  Only minutes after Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus announced that he was leaving the Pink Dome, all together, “Lord Byron” did the same on October 25.

Potentially getting #Rule44’d couldn’t come at a worse time for Clardy. On Thursday, October 26, one day after the Straus and Cook announcements, Clardy told the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel that he was interested in the Texas Speaker’s position.

Danny Ward has declard as an opponent to Clardy for the March 2018 Texas primary.

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