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Tonight, November 30, in Cherokee County, the County Executive Committee of the Republican Party (CEC) officially censured and recommended state party sanctions for State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56).  Clardy becomes the second Republican State Representative to be #RULE44’d.

At tonight’s regularly scheduled CEC quarterly meeting, a Clardy #RULE44 resolution was not on the agenda.  Cherokee GOP Chair Tammy Blair told, “The only thing we really had on the agenda was to deal with election judges which has to get done before the filing window really closes.  So, I really had any idea that a resolution censuring Clardy was going to come up.”

However, when new business was called, Precinct Chair Josie Schoolcraft presented a #RULE44 resolution naming Clardy.  Blair said that normal Parliamentarian procedures were followed and two-thirds of those present and voting stated “aye” – meeting the threshold required by #RULE44.  The official tally was 7 to 3.  Blair did not cast a vote.

The #RULE44 resolution passed by Cherokee GOP on tonight is a completely new resolution – different from the one that was debated at two previous meetings filled with theatrics.  The last meeting was held on November 9 in which the Clardy censure resolution was the only agenda item.  The resolution went down to defeat with a tally of 9 to 9.

Ten days earlier, the first CEC meeting was held in which the Clardy resolution was on the agenda.  Clardy packed the room with supporters, including State Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville).  Rising to the occasion, Clardy put on a performance that was sincerely worthy of applause.  Texas needs more political drama like that.  We’d recommend Clardy give up politics and go into acting, in fact.

During his performance, which you may view here on this RERvideo, Clardy berates and browbeats Schoolcraft, and commands her to study his rebuttal.  Ironically, it’s Schoolcraft that moved the #RULE44 resolution, tonight.

The censure resolution tonight, by Republican Party of Texas rules, had to be a different resolution than the one that failed in early November.  Therefore, the precinct chairs behind this effort, discovered new violations of the stated party principles by Clardy.  The new resolution contained the minimum of three violations.

When asked just to give her general analysis of what happened and why did Cherokee GOP get to this conclusion, Blair said, “I think a lot of our members were frankly freaked out and intimidated, at first.  You have to remember, when you look at those videos, most of those people never come to a committee meeting.  I’m not talking about the folks in the peanut gallery.  I’m talking about the precinct chairs.

“We hardly ever see those folks.  Most of those folks that showed at the previous meetings, Clardy and his team personally stirred them up and got them out to those meetings to fight the #RULE44.”

Blair speaks about how most of the precinct chairs really do their jobs without all of the spotlight and no fanfare. “All of a sudden the gallery is packed with folks, a lot that are not from the county, and tensions are high.  Some of them really just needed a chance to take a breath and let things get back to normal.”

And that’s what bit Clardy, tonight.  Normalcy.

When the Cherokee County GOP got back to doing it’s normal business, and Clardy thought all that was left to do was sponsor a nice barbeque dinner, the people believed business was unfinished.

When things got back to normal — Nichols wasn’t around, Clardy was absent and not storming, and the Clardy-Nacogdoches storm troopers were home watching the Cowboys — Cherokee GOP did what should be normal for more County Executive Committees.  #RULE44 the RINO in your own backyard.

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She got dragged out of State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook’s State Affairs Committee room by her iconic red, white, and blue knee-high boots.  Why? Because RERcontributor Amy Hedtke dared video tape a government public meeting.

Cook ordered her to be forcibly, violently removed from the committee room for Hedtke exercising the right the every Texan has by the Constitution of this state.

On November 18, 2017, the Hill County GOP Executive Committee met with the hot topic on the agenda being the consideration of a #RULE44 censure resolution naming “Lord Byron”.  A hard-charging HillCo precinct chair essentially insisted that the Chair recognize Hedtke to tell her personal story of Pink Dome tyranny.


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RERondemand — RER BEST OF Claver Kamau – Imani Mon Nov 27 2017

James Quintero of the Texas Public Policy Foundation reminds Texans that new annexation protections go into effect on December 1.

Jared Woodfill reacts to the attacks on Judge Roy Moore and the failure of the Harris County GOP to #RULE44 State Rep. Sarah Davis.

Terri Hall of TexasTURF files a shocking report on how the Texas Department of Transportation is blatantly breaking the law and violating the Texas Constitution to continue the toll proliferation.

Amy Hedtke does a follow up report after being on the scene for Hill County GOP’s #RULE44 of “Lord Byron” Cook.

RERondemand Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani

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With the December 11 deadline to file for a place on the ballot in Texas statewide and local elections rapidly approaching, the emergence of two political attack websites sends a signal to candidates and the campaign consultants they employ to be on their toes.

On or around November 20th, 2017 the County Citizen blog published the story of an anonymous political attack website directed at Gregory Parker, former Comal County Commissioner and candidate for Montgomery County Commissioner Precinct #2. 

“A skimpy website built and published at bearing the introductory heading “A TALE OF TWO PARKERS” and  “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” has emerged as an early punctuation mark in the upcoming commissioners court election races. 

Gregory Parker is currently seeking election as Montgomery County Commissioner Precinct #2 and is a former Comal County Commissioner, author and according to the IMDB database a  writer and actor. While is anonymous icann records reveal a very recent Nov 7, 2017 registration date via domain and hosting giant Godaddy of Scotsdale AZ.” 

Little Jolly Politics and recently learned of another anonymous attack website whose target this time is current Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick. Taking a swipe at issues on Craddick’s campaign website,Crooked Christi – End the Corruption hosts videos culled from Texas Railroad Commission meetings and documents alleging the current Texas Railroad Commissioner “gives oil and gas operators a PASS in exchange for campaign cash”.

The site also hosts documents claiming Craddick’s personal financial statements detail oil and gas companies from which she receives royalties and also votes (or gives a “pass”) on their items appearing on Texas Railroad Commission agendas.

While is anonymous, ICANN records reveal the website was created on October 30, 2017 with the registrant name Perfect Privacy LLC of Jacksonville, Florida.

Craddick is currently seeking reelection to the Texas Railroad Commission.

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The quarterly meeting of the Harris County GOP was held Monday, November 13, 2017 at the party headquarters.  The promoted and expected fireworks for the night was a #RULE44 resolution to officially censure State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-West University Place RER42).  However, that morning, the precinct chair organizers of the effort within the HCRP decided to “abort” their plan.

Unexpectedly, the only newsworthy event of the evening was a resolution presented by Precinct Chair Kelly Horsley to condemn the plague of pay-to-play campaign slate mailers that control the party’s voting primary in the county.  These campaign mailers, distributed by political action committees, are noted for taking money for the endorsements published within.

Since our inception in 2013, has been leading the journalistic push to inform Harris County and Texas voters about the practice seeing that the practice is spreading across the state.

After 20 years of success of the first “Big 3” slates, Gary Polland’s Conservative Review, Terry Lowry’s Link Letter, and Dr. Steven Hotze’s Conservative Republicans of Harris County (now of Texas), it’s turned into an arms war of slates in the county with a proliferation from every type of political group and wannabe political influencer flooding Harris GOP primary voters with check-marked sample ballots on full-color glossy card stock.

After Horsley moved the resolution on the floor for consideration by the County Executive Committee (CEC), the debated on the issue was robust and worthy of watching to see how the CEC came to consensus and finally achieved passage and condemnation.

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Early this morning, received a report from a member of the Harris County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) that some precinct chairs are starting to crawfish away from the #RULE44 resolution drawn up to censure and sanction State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston RER42).  The CEC is scheduled to meet tonight, November 13, at the Harris GOP headquarters and the contentious resolution is on the agenda.

While the rumor is that some chairs are losing their spines, Harris County Precinct Chair Clint Moore is itching for tonight’s debate.  After reading Davis’ rebuttal to the #RULE44 resolution, Moore penned his own rebuttal to the Davis rebuttal.

Davis, in sending out her rebuttal, submitted it to every precinct chair in the county.  Moore followed suit in his open letter.

Moore is a longtime GOP activists and officeholder, and is well-known around the state for his zeal for the Republican Party.


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State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston RER42) has been named in a #RULE44 resolution for censure and sanction by the Harris County GOP Executive Committee (CEC). The CEC meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 13 at the county party’s headquarters.

She’s being named in the resolution for violating (not allegedly) the Core Principles of the Texas GOP as stated in the 2016 Platform.

The approved and published 2016 Texas GOP Platform and Principles states:


“We, the 2016 Republican Party of Texas, believe in this platform and expect our elected leaders to uphold these truths through acknowledgement and action. We believe in:

Principle #2 — The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death.”


Davis has never been in agreement, or compliance with this Principle. She has publicly acknowledged her opposition to the GOP’s stance on life, and has taken action in opposition in her capacity as a Republican Texas State Representative.

A Texas GOP elected official may be censured and sanctioned, according to #RULE44 for three violations against the Principles within the two-year period of the current Platform’s adoption. In addition to her pro-genocide speeches and votes from the floor of the House – which easily exceeds the three-violation requirement – her acceptance of funding from the leading abortion provider in Texas and the United States brings her tally of unfaithfulness to flood stage.

The 2016 Texas GOP State Convention was held from May 12-14. Davis accepted nine campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood after the approval of the Platform and the new #RULE44. All the donation transactions were in November and December of 2016, getting her nice and lathered up for the upcoming 2017 session to crush anything dealing with protecting innocent life.

Appointed by pro-genocide Texas Speaker Joe Straus to the ultra-powerful Calendars Committee for several sessions, Davis has gleefully and effectively did the bidding of Planned Parenthood and was instrumental in killing numerous life bills.

Receiving perennial endorsement by the murderous Planned Parenthood is bad enough. Taking their blood money is inexplicable behavior for any orthodox Republican. RERresearch discovered that the financial sponsorship of Davis by Planned Parenthood began in earnest during the 2014 election cycle.

The cash and services awarded (or, rewarded) to Davis from Planned Parenthood for her legislative career totals $20,067.92.


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State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston RER42) has submitted a four-page rebuttal against the #RULE44 resolution scheduled to put before the Harris County GOP Executive Committee on tomorrow, November 13.

The get the full story on the resolution, to view the resolution, and full case against one of the RINO darlings of the Texas plutocracy see the coverage here.


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After the 1,000-year flood that Hurricane Harvey produced in August, Texans from across the state came to the aid of their fellow citizens – just like real Texans.

Not every Texan could participate in the Texas Armada of rescuers.  Yet, they found ways to assist.

Two churches in the Houston area were impacted by the floods.  Crosby Church on the east side of the city, and Hosanna Houston on the west.

Chew Longview is an association of 10 family-owned restaurants that team up to promote their local businesses.  They set aside one day of business to dedicate 30% of their receipts toward helping these churches that are still helping in the recovery and were there when the Body of Christ was most needed.

Apostle Claver of was honored to work with Tina Moody Bryan, and Chew Longview in this project, and deliver the checks to the pastors.

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It’s been a longtime coming. Perhaps, finally, State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston RER42) will reap the fruits of her anti-GOP work from her first-day entrance into the Texas House of Representatives in 2010.

The Harris County GOP Executive Committee (CEC) is meeting Monday, November 13, and a #RULE44 resolution naming Davis is on the agenda. Sources tell that the resolutions campaign was spearheaded by four Senatorial District Chairs within the Harris County GOP.  Those same sources are not able to give odds on the resolution meeting the 2/3-vote threshold needed for passage.

A source within the CEC told RER, “I just don’t know if it’s going to make it, or not.  It’s just hard to measure with so many votes involved.”  The Harris GOP CEC is larger than the United States Congress.

A second member of the CEC stated, “I just don’t know what to expect.  Maybe more of the precinct chairs are getting braver from seeing what’s happening in other counties. But, I can’t call it.  All I know is that it should be hot in there, from the start.  I’ve got to believe she’ll have supporters in the joint.”

#RULE44 of the Republican Party of Texas was adopted during the 2016 state convention in Dallas.  It provides a process for Republican elected officials to be officially censured by first their county parties, and then by the state party.  It can also carry severe sanctions against an officeholder running a campaign for reelection.  For instance, being sanctioned by the state party permits the party to take sides in a primary.

State Rep. “Lord Byron” Cook (R-Corsicana RER56) became the first officeholder to be #RULE44’d when on Septermber 23, Anderson County within House District passed censure.  Just last week, State Rep. Travis Clardy (R-Nacogdoches RER56) escaped censure when Cherokee County GOP voted to a tie in their emergency meeting.

Davis is a notorious villain amongst the Texas liberty-driven base – and, for numerous reasons.

Not only was Davis the only Republican that voted against the HB2 2013 bill of the special session – the bill that placed a 20-week ban on abortions in Texas – she wrote a scathing article in the Houston Chronicle that was a personal indictment against the GOP for its pro-life stance.  Within the article, she compared HB2 to Obamacare and used the argument of “government intrusion” as a basis for her objection to the bill.

On March 3, 2015 during the battle to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood with the funds of the Texas Capitol, Davis appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on “MSDNC.  She appeared to defend the continued funding of Planned Parenthood and verbally oppose the legislative agenda of the GOP-controlled legislature.

The only Republican that has the “guts” to openly accept an endorsement from Planned Parenthood is Sarah Davis.  The latest endorsement came in 2016, of course. Don’t be surprised for a repeat in the 2018 cycle.

Davis may also boast of being the first Republican to ever be endorsed by the pro-homosexual movement Equality Texas PAC.

In their 2014 voter guide, Progress Texas had this to say about Davis:

“In the 2013 legislative session, Sarah Davis demonstrated independence as the lone Republican to vote against the house bill seeking to restrict abortion access in Texas. In standing up against the bill, she also stood up to her own Party. She supported the bipartisan Equal Pay law before it was vetoed by Rick Perry. And she has been endorsed by our allies at Planned Parenthood and Equality Texas. We don’t agree with Sarah Davis on all of the issues – she is still a conservative – but on two of our biggest issues she demonstrated an ability to transcend partisanship and exude leadership.”

It’s not just a matter that Davis is loved by the pro-genocide forces and she fights for them, she is funded by them, as well.


Davis is a darling of disgraced Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.  Announcing he’s totally leaving the Texas House in 2019, she should still be able to count on he’s deep pockets and generous hand to continue financially fueling her campaigns.


During his tenure as Speaker, Straus has rarely made public appearances in Houston.  But, attending fundraisers for Davis became an annual event he couldn’t miss.

Here’s the email announcing the swanky event from the last election cycle.  RER took the liberty to highlight a few of the donors that should raise eyebrows because of their high profiles within the GOP.

Strategically, Straus identified the beliefs of Davis and placed her on the Calendars Committee – the personal legislative assassination squad for Straus.  Pro-life after pro-life bill found their deaths in a Davis-occupied Calendars Committee.  Straus stacked nearly half of the committee with pro-genocide members.

The violations of the Texas GOP Core Principles and its Platforms are too numerous to catalog.

This is the #RULE44 resolution that has been officially submitted to Harris GOP and should be debated on November 13.



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